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The SWFanon Wiki Recent Changes. Very lively indeed
The number of users and articles tripled in the last few months. So did their stupidity.

Imagination is greater than knowledge. Riding spinnaz helps our imagination.


—SWFanon motto

The Star Wars Fanon Wiki is a Star Wars wikia that like Wookieepedia is a wiki for non-canon or fanon Star Wars information. The main difference is Wookieepedia is a parody site run by people who hate Star Wars and pretend their site is canon, whereas Star Wars Fanon Wiki is a serious site for fan-fiction garbage. Ironically, no one takes Star Wars Fanon Wiki seriously and everyone takes the parody Wookieepedia seriously.

Users come here to:

  • Write some pointless fan-fiction (20%)
  • Spam (20%)
  • Vandalize and troll (mostly these are long-term editors and admins from Wookipedia) (40%)
  • Feed the trolls (20%)


Many furries died to defend the wiki from the evil edit warriors

The site is often visited by trolls and vandals, because it is run by a bunch of immature kids who believe that placing Vader on a userpage really blocks a user. Not surprisingly, most long-term Wookieepedians and all Wookieepedian administrators vandalize the site because it really sucks. The trolls force them to fight a fictional "war" against a non-existent organization, the International Society of Vandals.

SW Fanon Wiki has been active since August 2005, but the founder, Neomessiah, left the site that month, leaving no one to manage it. A long term contributor of the site is a somewhat retarded kid (who joined SW Fanon after being banned from Wookieepedia around November 2005) who, not surprisingly, calls himself Wikimaniac. This interesting fellow contributes with horribly mangled English and seems not to know what grammar is. He is mostly known for his absurd creations (like 99999... AROTS2, or Iznican), who make users think he is addicted to some kind of drugs, or simply retarded.

The average SWFanon user will often get owned by a random troll or vandal.

Other users display some kind of weird creativity as well.

There have clearly been many cases of Sockpuppetry, where users claim to be someone's brother or sister, and cases where a user betrayed the community and vandalized to show loyalty to the ISV. Waves of vandals have seriously damaged the wiki, forcing the Staff to revert the garbage for several hours. But the Staff is not as powerful as the ISV Sword, and in at least one occasion the site had to be shut down partially to perform a database rollback, in what was called the worst case of vandalism SWFanon ever suffered as of now. Wookieepedians sometimes help the users fight vandals, but they can't do much, since they would much rather throw more garbage instead of fixing it. Sometimes they just join the vandals for the sake of fun.

Many Wookieepedians have expressed doubt regarding the future of this particular project. The founders of Wookieepedia see SWFanon as a weird extension of Uncyclopedia, where other administrators see it as a possible garbage collector or a big sandbox, where persistent fanon posters and vandals are redirected to continue their work.

Until the 10th of August 2006, no bureaucratic fucks were present. Bastard Neptune was elected that day, and many kiddos expressed their happiness. On the 9th of October 2006 the wiki got three more of them: an aspie, a Jedi Master, and Homestar Runner.

The site remained under siege until January 2007 after Jew Aardvark stormed the site with his sockpuppets. As of 2008, the old admins have all been replaced by dudes from by use of brute force.

Ewoks you can find

The oldest editor of this wiki. Hey...wait a minute...

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