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It's funny because the OC is shit too.
Your tears over this hot tamale. Nope, the picture isn't even shopped. Impressive, isn't it?

When something goes from relatively entertaining to overdone bullshit in a hurry, it's become stale. This is generally due to young children reposting extraordinary OC until all the life has been sucked from its limp lulzy frame, effectively ending any chance it had at blooming into a beautiful meme.


4chan. Teh Interwebs. The exact opposite of OC. Every maymay in existence. Every member of the Republican Party. Every gentleman in every Lemonparty. All copypasta ever. That crusty sock at the bottom of your dirty clothes bin. The jarred Harlequin Fetus in your basement that you failed to preserve correctly. The masturbatory tears wept over Sherrod, and the tears of rage wept thereafter. Nicholas Cage's acting abilities. The end slices of bread nobody ever fucking eats. Racist jokes. Jew humor. Your corpse in sixty years.

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