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According to, srsly means the following:

Did you mean sr sly?
sr sly
rape bus

According to, srsly refers to:

taking vowels out of words doesn't always make the cool.


Oh, come on!

Of course, this article wouldn't be worthy of inclusion on ED if we, the lulz reporters in the field, didn't undertake any action to use our journalistic yet scientific fifth sense to determine what Srsly really means. A shrewd test on OKCupid hinted us towards Slashdot, where we posted a poll on what the possible definition of this word could be. We came up with the following answers.

  1. 87% - Internet speak for "Seriously".
  2. 13% - A malapropism of Lysergsäure-diäthylamid, supposedly it was secretly pluralized by W.
  3. 01% - Jews (only Cowboy Neal voted this).

Seeing as the internets is always right, it is obvious that definition one is correct and should be used when necessary and when absolutely unnecessary. Still, might someone interfere with your (by now) divine internet speak wizardry, point them to the fact that a. you did it for the lulz or b. the war in Iraq is justified. Either of these remarks will strike your nemesis with a grievable sadness and will most likely decrease the subject's e-points, a winnar is you.

A Dissection - SRSLY

Don't fuck with Srs-Cat

The first S

S is the nineteenth letter in the modern Latin Alphabet. In Unicode, the capital S is U+0053 and the lower case s is U+0073

The first S stands for the snake in the Garden of Eden. SSSssss ... That sibilant silky sound is remniscent of the hissing of a snake, threatening to snuff your life out in an instant. Snakes travel by undulating their body in a series of S shapes, too.


R is the eighteenth letter in the modern Latin Alphabet, and codes are one less than listed above. In science, the letter R is a symbol for the gas constant. It is called the DOG letter (littera canina). It is significant, therefore, that it is GOD spelled backwards. The divine power, looking back at the serpentine character behind it.

The second S

The second S stands for the satanic influence. It is the fallen angel, who tempted Adam through the agency of the snake, using the wiles of the pretty woman who had just been formed from the rib cut out from his side, and probably he was still hurt from that operation or he had not yet gotten out from the anasthesia enough so that he could bitch slap that bitch and so, unfortunately for humanity and the great big plan that God had for us to live for ever in the Garden of Eden, gave into that temptation, bit into that apple instead, and immediately said "OMG!1!1 My zip is borken!!11!!11.

Of course, he got pussy immediately after, so that was a fair enough trade. I guess.


Lrn2English, Retard

The numeric character references for L in HTML and XML are U+076 and U+108 for upper and lower case respectively.

L is commonly used in a form of an emoticon :L (laughing face.) It is often silent, as in "walk".fucking dead

will archive l8r This letter stands for the epic butthurt given to the human race by the action of Adam biting into his apple, and the mirth that Satan must have felt when his plans clicked into place like a well oiled key into a lock, and raping God's intentions into Hell.


The ancestor of Y was the Semitic letter waw, from which also come F, U, V, and W. Y first appeared as the Greek letter upsilon. The Romans borrowed upsilon first as the letter V, representing both /u/ and its consonantal variant /w/ — U and V in Latin loan words to English.

So it is an upside down letter - lambda rotated 180 degrees - and it finally indicates, if you have been following the line of argument, that it represents the finally fucked up state of all Humanity. Seriously.

Things to take srsly

Example Usage

The adverb

Prima: LYKE, OMG, My bf totally just broke up with me!
Secunda: OMGZ! srsly?? that sucks!
Prima: yea it does, srsly!

The proposition

Prima: There are some very good reasons to launch a war on terrorism, just take a look at the 30s appeasement politics and all that.
Secunda: Omzg, how cud you sayy [email protected] Bush is just liek this stupid shite who wants to finnish his daddis job. Srsly, are you THAT naieve?
Prima: Uh.

The ironic backlash

Prima: That guy cracked his head open after falling off that building.
Secunda: lol!!
Prima: No, srsly, he's dead.

Usage Note

The word Srsly has gone through an profound evolution since its inception. This word once meant something to people, you could say it out loud and you'd have people's attention, and would verbally satisfy them with soft tender words of wisdom. Nowadays though, it is only used by 13 year old emo kids and generally any kind of people that are incapable of producing well-versed sentences. Srsly supposedly adds a witty edge to a statement, but in all honesty, it has grown an old meme. It's a disgrace to yourself if you choose to use this word, though the adverb version can be tolerated in some situations but even then, try to write it in its normal full glory, so you won't be noticed that fast by (the genuine) internet police. People who, notwithstanding the shocking etymological history of the word, have used it, have fallen, and they've fallen hard. Using Srsly the way emo kids do, will disqualify you from participation at ED. Also, there'll grow tiny crusts of stalactite on your behind making your ass an autonomic physical region of your body, sucking itself onto any rectangular object that lurks in its surroundings. Srsly.

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