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Rugby League players enjoying a mantrain
A bullfighter enjoying a deep anal probe
One of the most popular sports in Japan.

Sport is the terrifying and pointless act of exercising by choice.

Something that you will never be good at, sport was the most popular, and often homosexual form of entertainment before the internet came along. Barbaric tribes would select an alpha male, or a team of alpha males, that would compete against other tribes for money, fame and sex. In these modern and civilized times, sports are generally seen as a grouping of conservative retards by its superiors. Every four years The tards have a mega-gathering that is far larger and even more retarded then a nerd gathering. It is known as the Olympics.

How to Work Out


Sport was invented at least 100 years ago by a small group of Greek jocks (the first frat boys). They competed nude and greased down with olive oil, and some learned to protect their balls by learning to pull them up into their bodies. The hobby quickly rose in popularity after the Jocks combined their tiny brains to create an ingenious advertising technique. They immediately began calling everyone who doesn't play sports a fag and promptly beat the shit out of them.

Many of the sports that were invented were either re-hashes of children's games, or based on pointless "skills" which can never be applied anywhere else in life. One suck example is Basketball, where "let's see if I can get this paper ball in the trash from here" snowballed into a big nigger-fest. However, these "skills" are said to be desirable to females, who believe that swing a bat is "THE BEST".

Boring Sports

Various Sportsball games:

Faggot Non-Sportsball Games:

Entertaining Sports

Why Play Sports?

A common occurrence in the world of sports.

Why Not To Play Sports

  • It's difficult
  • Possibility of injury
  • On first glance, it may look cool - but it's really not...
  • Possible risk to your African American ego
  • Nobody fucking likes you, and you're a pansy-ass.
  • Surprise Anal sex in ta shower.

Sporting Gallery

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See Also

  • Jim Rome
  • /sp/ – The 4chan board on sports,very easy to troll.

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