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Officer Butthurt, reporting for dooty!

SpleeNfat (terrorist IRL), the self-proclaimed "video game police," is the posterboy for failure to lurk moar. On June 3, 2008, he decided to "start an organization" that he believed would take down ED and Anonymous "like a plane crashing into the twin towers." A closet furfag, SpleeN named this organization for his fursona, THE WOLF. THE WOLF was to be typed in all caps, because caps lock is cruise control for ramming planes into the twin towers. However, his plan was full of fail to begin with. His knowledge of Anonymous came strictly from the FOX news report, which he saw on this very website... and yet miraculously failed to notice the rest of the article. In addition, he clearly did not have enough experience on the internet to know that the internet is not his personal fucking army... or that the internet is not a democracy, but a series of tubes meant to deliver porn to the very people he fought. Oh, the irony.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

SpleeNfat was once well-known for his amazing artistic abilities, which consisted of taking sprites from old Sonic and Doom games and making sprite sheets for his friends (of which he has an amazing total of not many.) However, this legacy was short-lived, as shortly after he declared war on Anonymous, all his deviations were mysteriously reported for copyright violation. DA reacted swiftly by deleting his shit. SpleeN reacted swiftly by BAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWing uncontrollably. Not only does shit come out of his ass, he also shits out of his mouth, not to mention that he spread even more shit than there is on DA. He still writes shitty fan fiction, and his literary talent is truly on par with his artistic abilities. Some of them are worth a read for some quick lulz.

Also, he looks like a sand nigger, and his name does little to prove otherwise. Therefore, he is definitely a terrorist and should be handled with caution.

The Boy Who Cried "Troll"

One day, while young SpleeNfat was surfing the interbuttz for furry fap material, he came across a really cool new site called Encyclopedia Dramatica. Now, being a nigger, a Muslim, and a Jew, SpleeNfat was offended and decided to take action. He began by posting an article on DeviantART about the cruel and racist nature of ED's terrible comments. DeviantART responses to the article were muted (guess he gave up), but eventually several cancerfags and a handful of EDiots discovered the article. At first the comments were rather tame, but SpleeN would have none of that. His reactions prompted the EDiots to argue fiercely in defense of their opinions, which SpleeN of course considered "trolling". His response was to fight imaginary fire with real fire, and began trolling anyone who made comments on his article that he didn't approve of. Anonymous supporters and Tartlets alike facepalmed at his hypocrisy, and the flaming continued.


"There's no civil penalty for making racist remarks." Are you that stupid? There ARE penalties for racist remarks. It's called a HATE CRIME.



The thing about their jokes is that it is really moronic, meaningless, and made by n00bs. If you want to make jokes, make it funny and meaningful. Like "'I still didn't get my birthday wish' (why?) 'your still here!'"


—Spleenfat, regarding his superior vision of lulz.

YOU don't know about me. Don't act like a tough guy and point at people at a cowardly way. If you want to talk shit to a person, don't say it on the internet like a pussy, say it at their fucking faces.


—SpleeNfat, saying it on the internet like a pussy.

ED is always attacked by people and i'm here to support it. Taking people from DA and fueling the internet revolution. The reason why I don't actually do this because I know we're winning this fight.


—But... how can you be winning if you're not doing anything?

Yea, but I get afraid of ED posting phone numbers, home addresses and other personal information. and they also encourage spanking, hacking, erotic humiliation, and butsecks.


—SpleeN, planning to invest in dog curtains.

I found the definition from an EDUCATED dictionary (Not retarded sites like ED or trolling sites.) and this is the definition. "Furry: An anthropomorphic animal who has human characteristics."


—SpleeN. Lol, I gave him that definition.

Many deaths from the internet were caused by trolling, stupidity, harassment, and many others. Apart from 9/11 which was obviously done by Jews.



Trolls are poopy heads!!! :D


SpleeNfat, demonstrating his mental age.]

I already banned over 20 trolls. Don't think I can't ban you.


—On a related note, SpleeN later linked to all the DA accounts he'd gotten b&. There were six.

Nope. I don't fail. I never fail.


—SpleeNfag, failing.



—SpleeN has excellent grammar.

Yeah, it's offensive to muslims... Because the maker of that game rapes hamsters!


—On his Anti-ED page devoted to Killhamster and his Muslim Massacre page. Makes me glad i dipped my bullets in pig grease.

he, he, he... It takes long and careful planning to reach this stage... But it was worth it! Who do you think donated to ED? Who do you think was it's biggest supporter? You see, the whole thing was really to achieve the most epic lulz of all time. Thanks to the trolls, I achieved it, and everyone fell into my trap.

Yes. I like some ED articles, but most of them are just plain boring. I want to have a little fun. So I disguised myself as a person who wants to end ED. I planned long to make this joke so big, that I would be self proclaimed "master of the lulz." Encyclopedia dramatica is only the beginning...


—SpleeNfat, explaining how it was all part of his plan for world domination.

I clean my house by myself. you know. I'm 18.


—But SpleeN... last week you were 16.

[Warning! Spleenfat's ultra pwnage rant!]

Wow... this is a sight to laugh at. Well, time to get your ass kicked. First off, why the fuck are you saying that I'm special? You always attack me left and right, about me being a "Furfag" or other bullshit. I reported you because I don't think it's fair for you to report me for something you did. Anyway, the report didn't work for you because YOU started the flame war.

Why are you always calling me kid? For your information, I'm 16. Even though I am a kid, I seem to know more that YOU DO. Calling me a kid is stupid, irrelevant, and hypocritical. Just calling me a "kid" won't get you jack shit.

It's funny that you always call me a "furfag" and always say "yiff in hell furfag", because I can point out your stupidity on that statement. Furries were around before you were fucking born. Hell, look at the Minotaur from Greece or the houris god in Egypt. Trowing in bugs bunny, mickey mouse, pokemon, sonic the hedgehog, and your fucking avatar. The reason why we like furries, is because we grew up with them. Most of the furries are nonsexual. I don't like yiff but just because it's furry, doesn't make it yiff.

Finally, the jokes. The jokes make no meaning at all. "GIVE ME YOUR POKEMONS!!!1!!" or "SO I HEARD YOU LIEK MUDKIPZ!!!11!". They don't make any sense, whatsoever. Remember Kraimer from Sienfield? He was being racist not nearly as bad as ED, but he got into HUGE shit.

I rest my case on retards of today.


—For the last time, kid, "GIVE ME YOUR POKEMONS!!!1!!" is not a meme.

SpleeN and Friends

A while ago, several DeviantART have come to SpleeN's aid; SpleeN, of course, overreacted and now claims his "legion" is bigger than Anonymous. Word on the street is, they have dogs and curtains, and plan to use them. Oh noes! Several of them already show promise as lulzcows...

Annonymous is just a bunch of drongo oo-ibaris who do pistoozas.


MarkyVigoroth, showing his support for SpleeN in fluent faggot.

Finally! A way to fight lulz!


MarkyVigoroth, championing the cause of srs bsns.



—Mastersarge, to ED. Clearly a logical argument.

MarkyVigoroth is a religious fanatic who claims to be 16 and also claims to be a Vigoroth. At least he's polite enough. UPDATE: MarkyVigoroth no longer supports SpleeN. He is, however, still a lulzcow.

Mastersarge (Shane Regalbuto IRL) calls himself "the ultimate SpyroXCynder paring fanboy" and claims to pwn you at Halo. His profile is off the charts on the gay scale. I wonder if the people he frags in Halo know that?

The Truth is Revealed!

After a while, young SpleenNfat decided that he couldn't go on living a lie and revealed his true plan. In truth, he was only posing as an "anti-lulz" to find out Anonymous' secret plans and expose the lulz as "fake." Way to go, SpleeN... you could have just LURKED MOAR. However, he apparently failed miserably at this, as he still thinks Anonymous is a terrorist organization, and still claims not to know what "lulz" are.

SpleeNfat also claims responsibility for ED's recent financial troubles, but sources say he's just looking for attention.


After this article was featured under "good new articles" on the main page, SpleeN was faced with an onslaught of trolls. At first he reveled in the attention, but soon realized that he was actually in pretty deep shit. He began insisting that he was not really anti-lulz, instead claiming that he was actually a member of Anonymous and had been trolling ED all along. He also claimed to have made many donations to ED in the past, and also that he made the single largest donation ever. All of this is highly suspicious, considering that he still doesn't know shit about ED or Anonymous, and insists that knowing about the ORLY? meme is enough to qualify one for status as an expert on the internets.

You see, this is real. I am trying to achieve epic lulz. You think it's not funny? Well you're a disgrace and a newfag. I was right all along. ED has so many crybabies. They ride on ED's cock all day, all night. It frightens me. Now the newfags won't let any new lulz in and call everything they see dumb or a failure. As a veteran from anonymous, I learned the glory days. They make new lulz and original ones too. Nowadays, we are stuck with the same fucking thing over and over again. Doesn't it help to have an idea. And the fucking journal title. IT'S SATIRICAL. Meaning that everything I've said were untrue. I respect people's artwork. Problem is, they don't respect me. And it's bullshit. Instead of "try a better lulz next time" or "I have a better Idea to make this better," you go out on a flame war on me. I have much right to be a member as you do. So who's the poser? YOU'RE THE POSER!


—Your newfaggotry frightens SpleeN.

...Or not.

After a full day (it was a very hard day, understand,) SpleeN came clean and confessed that he is not a troll. In his defense, he claims that his insistence that he was a troll was merely satire. He also claims that he is sick of flame wars and wants us to stop... but he, of course, is free to continue flaming and drama whoring like a douchebag.

Lulzcow Get?

I wanted people to troll me. It's part of my plan!



...Hear that? Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and help him out!

Though he finally decided THE WOLF was retarded and wasn't going anywhere, SpleeNfat's personal crusade against lulz continues, and he continues to show potential as a lulzcow. Feed this troll and you will be rewarded with milk, though be warned that after a couple days this will still be the same redundant shit milk you tasted the first time, recycled over and over and over again because he's DeviantART. Also, he has a tendency to post your personal information on other sites, but this is easily avoided by LURKING THE FUCK MOAR and staying anonymous. He does not liek mudkips, and still insists that "GIVE ME YOUR POKEMONS!!!1!!" is a meme. Calling him a kid produces truly epic butthurt, because he is a teenager, not a kid... BAWWWWWWWWWWWW.

SpleeNfat regularly switches from claiming to be the lulziest troll evar to being the defender of all oppressed internet peoples... okay, Tyler Durden.

It should also be noted that SpleeN has been made aware of this article and nearly came when he realized that people may actually read about him and admire him.


His faggotry has also leaked over into Youtube! (suspended) Just like on DevianTART, he claims to act out of satire while insisting that ED is not satire, further proving that he fails at reverse psychology.

The theory that he is a furfag gains even more momentum by looking at his actions on YT. Nearly all of his friends are furfags themselves, and he often attacks trolls who mess with his fuckbuddies... and at the same time he says that trolls don't bother him. His complete lack of reasoning capacity is incredible. Also, he often tries to "troll" the trolls with witty retorts like "Aww.. does the wittle troll wanna cry?" and "we will never give up... i am going to troll you on your channel until you block me... you can't win haha." This is a paradox, though, since he blocks all trolls on sight. For best results, troll him mindlessly. When he is offline, spam his page with bullshit comments. Or just try to debate with him... just don't expect anything even remotely logical in response, since he is devoid of any.

An interesting observation: he claims to be 23 on his YouTube profile. He also claims on this page:

|"Note: please excuse my racial slurs. I'm not racist but I sometimes do this when I'm mad at something or someone. Normally, I don't do this."

He also has no life, coping only by spending endless hours BAWWWWing and fapping to furry porn.

DevianTART Updates


After seeing his wiki vandalized one too many times, SpleeNfat tried to win himself some USI by pinning the blame on the Queen of ED, Girlvinyl. This was, according to SpleeN, not a joke... genuinely thought it was her. He later refused to delete his journal entry even after he discovered that it was several other EDiots who vandalized his page, as our beloved mistress wouldn't give a flying fuck about this deluded camel-cocksucker.

In a more recent journal, SpleeN demonstrates the full extent of his delusions by proclaiming victory on account of having survived two weeks of light trolling.

No one can realize this, but I am a perfect troll. Know why? I flame, repeat, and use the "no U." Don't try to make any bullshit because I won't listen to them. I am the unstoppable perpetual lulz machine. Just look at how long you were fighting with me. It lasted months with no end. The only time I do end it is when they lick my balls(metaphorically). Again, look at the months of your flame war against me and tell me that I haven't trolled the shit out of you.


No, SpleeN, you haven't. Lulzy journal entry, though, considering how flaming, redundancy, and the consistent use of old memes are generally newfag techniques.

At one point, SpleeN challenged Angelinriotgear to a match in Soldier Front, some generic military game, under the conditions that if he won, we'd have to leave him alone. Needless to say, that generous offer was declined.

Lol Sock Puppet

Note his favorite pictures.

SpleeNfat now has a second DA account, Potatosex, which he uses to play make-believe and pretend he actually has friends who support him. Nice try, SpleeN, but perhaps you recall posting a journal about this new account back when Angelinriotgear reported you and you thought ban was imminent? (EVIDENCE SCREENCAPPED IN GALLERY - OH SHIT SPOILERS!)

SpleeN's argument against he and potatosex being the same person is essentially that he shares both of his accounts with an unnamed friend who he trusts unconditionally because he just happens to agree with everything SpleeN says, and actually goes out of his way to say everything exactly the way SpleeN would.


Anti-Encyclopedia Dramatica.com

At some point, SpleeNfat had the bright idea to combat a wiki on which trolls make fun of lulzcows with his own wiki, on which lulzcows make fun of trolls. Enter Anti-Encyclopedia Dramatica.com, widely believed to be the worst wiki ever created. Where ED's jokes and insults are drawn from actual occurances on the internet, Anti-ED was mainly filled with articles about how all trolls are fat, ugly retards who like to fuck hamsters. His wiki has since achieved coma status, thanks to the efforts of T-elos789.

After the death of his wiki, SpleeNfat returned to his roots to mock those who contributed to its downfall. As his accounts were repeatedly subjected to the b&hammer, he continued the lulz via email.


SpleeN finally tastes the b&hammer.

After sitting around ignoring the evidence against SpleeN for way too long, some noble admin has finally taken the initiative to get up and ban the faggot. Credit reportedly goes to Biggamerjh1, Sensit, and Evil Stan for compiling the information and issuing the reports which led to this fantastic feat of lulz, but really, it was a team effort and everyone played a part. SpleeN's other account, Potatosex, is still active. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, POTATOSEX IS NOW B& AS WELL!

The next day, SpleeN made another account, Spleenxfat... which was promptly b& as well for a triple b&hammer combo. His wiki was also deleted by T-Elos789. Things are indeed looking grim for SpleeNfat... so show him what a caring individual you really are by fucking around with him even more.

The Return of SpleeNfag

Although he is known for never giving up, because his wiki is now dead SpleeNfag has now turned to irritating the people who are busy laughing at him. Join the club.

Lol Wut?

Lately, SpleeN appears to have gone completely and totally fucking batshit insane, demanding to be named "Master of Lulz" and setting a 72-hour ultimatum, which was ultimately ignored because nobody really gave a shit. Realizing this, SpleeN brought out the big guns and spammed "LOL FAG" fucking everywhere. At the same time, he declared his opposition to be nothing but furfags and decided to take it upon himself to rally Anonymous against them (ironic, since several months ago he was defending furries.) Anonymous said no.

A day later, he posted a journal entry in which he claims to seek forgiveness for his faggotry. Could this really be surrender? And if so, what could have possibly caused such a drastic change of heart?

Troll's Remorse

SpleeNfag takes the final step of failtrolling - making a public apology.

As of Dec. 16, SpleeNfat is still trying to apologize. We have yet to confirm whether he is truly sorry for his failtrolling.


There has been some form of confirmation that he is 'truly sorry' for what he has done. In other words, some EDiot emailed him for the lulz and got a reply from him.

I hold many apologies to many other people. Including Anonymous and ED. I think it was stupid to make anti encyclopedia dramatica and I regret everything I've said on anonymous.



Several months after his 15 minutes of e-fame plummeted like a suicidal New Yorker, SpleeNfag returned briefly, after observing Deviantart's latest lolcow Dreadz. It appears he has been following ED's tartlets like that strange man who likes to watch small children undress.



His "Art"

Fan Art

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