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The Spanking Art Wiki is a wiki dedicated to depicting children's asses in a sexually arousing manner. This pedophilia-filled wiki is noteworthy as it used to have Jimbo Wales' stamp of approval. As the founder of Bomis, Jimbo was already comfortable with supporting pornography, so he hosted the site on Wikia servers from 2005 to 2008. Eventually, an angry mob of Internet watchdogs attacks the site and urged advertisers to pull ads from Wikia. Jimbo didn't want to lose his easily-swindled Jewgold, so he deleted the entire wiki. Suddenly, thousands of fannies images were lost, and the pedophiles rioted.

Eventually, the wiki's content was recovered and moved to a new server at AnimeOTK, which is a forum about spanking anime characters (Hint: "OTK" stands for "over-the-knee spanking"). Things would've worked out happily were it not for interference by CarlB, who is a top Uncyclopedia patriot. CarlB had a personal vendetta against Wikia, since Wikia placed ads on his precious Uncyclopedia. CarlB decided to strike back at Wikia by recreating the wiki at Unfortunately, CarlB didn't realize that the Spanking Art Wiki already moved to AnimeOTK, so he inadvertently created a competing wiki and added more salt to the wound. After realizing the mistake, CarlB shut down the fork and redirect to the AnimeOTK site.

After AnimeOTK's demise in April 2012, CarlB and finally became the Spanking Art Wiki's new hosts.


A prime example of SAW's blatant sick-fuckery.

Most functioning human beings perceive spanking as a shameful punishment, but there are a few people who view spanking as something to be admired and portrayed in art. One of these special few was a person calling himself "Spankart". One day, Spankart decided to create a spanking-themed wiki on Wiki (then known as "Wikicites"), and Angela and Jimbo gave the project the okay (wikis, especially sexual ones, needed permission to be created back then). The wiki opened on May 8, 2005, and it quickly grew. By the beginning of 2008, there were over 1,500 articles (apparently, there were a lot of wiki users who were in to the fetish).

The Wikipedia Review attacks

The image that started it all

The Spanking Art Wiki had a liberal image policy. Basically, anyone could use any free or fair-use image for any purpose in any article, which meant that most users simply stole images from the Wikimedia Commons. One of these free images was a seemingly harmless Commons image known as ScoutFun.png. On January 10, 2008, a troll known as John Russ Finley appeared on Wikipedia. John Russ Finley is something of a mystery, but most believe that he's actually one of Gregory Kohs' many sockpuppets. Whoever JRF was, he certainly has a vendetta against Jimbo, Wikipedia, and Wikia.

On January 21, 2008, "The Joy" of the Wikipedia Review discovered ScoutFun.png image. The post apparently caught the attention of JRF, who decided to tell Jimbo all about it. This warning later turned into a tl;dr argument with JRF making superb personal attacks in a true Gregory Kohs fashion. "Peter Damian" later created an entire thread on the argument.

On January 22, 2008, "Privatemusings" of the Wikipedia Review decided to bring the fight to the enemy. Privatemusings removed the image, some text, and then a link. Unsatisfied, Privatemusings later decided to blank the entire article. This led to an edit war, and even Miltopia decided to get involved ([1], [2]).

Wikia deletes everything

Eventually, the boy scout drama grew to the point where Wikia staff members had to become involved. On January 23, 2008, CatherineMunro removed the controversial material and protected the article. On January 25, 2008, CatherineMunro unprotected the article and declared the issue revolved. The Wikipedia Review, however, refused to back down, and the edit war continued.

On January 26, 2008, Wikia decided that the Spanking Art Wiki would cause too much trouble (to their advertisers), so they shut it down without any warning. Needless to say, this provoked much confusion, anger, and drama. There was so much chaos that Wikia CEO Gil Penchina had to step in and explain Wikia's reasoning (and he even apologized).

Enter CarlB

Wikia almost succeeded in ridding the Internet of Spanking Art. Unfortunately, the troll's remorse kicked in, so Wikia provided SpankArt and AnimeOTK with an up-to-date data-dump (backup). While the new site was being set up, an Australian and major Uncyclopedia player named CarlB decided to take action into his own hands. Without consulting the any of the users of the original wiki, CarlB set up a Spanking Art fork at on February 2, 2008. CarlB anonymously announced the new fork on February 3, 2008. CarlB had a grudge against Wikia ever since Wikia began to place ads on their site (CarlB is apparently oblivious to the price of running a wiki farm). Needless to say, SpankArt was far from amused.

Qqwoeiritu quickly discovered that CarlB did it, and he even revealed CarlB's IP address. In the course of the disaster, an Uncyclopedia fanboy attempted to defend CarlB, but he only succeeded in sounded like one of CarlB's bitches.

On February 6, 2008, the "official" Sparking Art Wiki was launched on AnimeOTK, while CarlB's wiki was closed.

AnimeOTK dies

On April 23, 2012, AnimeAi, AnimeOTK and, by extension, were shut down due to financial issues.


The Spanking Art Wiki relocated to, which was still owned by CarlB. CarlB apparently became the new proud owner of a fetish wiki, restoring from February 2012 archives before May 18. CarlB has even provided Spanking Art with access to the Uncyclomedia Commons image repository (WebCitation).

AnimeOTK was also re-launched before July 9 at

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