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The Colostomy Club. All are welkum!

At least 100 years ago, a university student named Adam Thrasher, who goes by the pen name of Mustafa Al-Habib in order to troll Arabs, created the sometimes batshit crazy comic Space Moose, which appeared in the University of Alberta's Gateway student news publication.

The comic, which began running in 1989 and ran until 1999, follows the adventures of Space Moose, a nihilist, pansexual, sodomite, and general lover of the buttsecks, along with his 3 friends: Bald Dwarf, Marlo Smefner, and Billy the Bionic Badger, through everyday life on the sunny beaches of Canada.

In the beginning

At least 100 years ago, Mustafa Al-Habib was sitting in high school trying to think of a way to make his BFF break up. He drew a character with all the intrinsically funny characteristics that he could think of: googly eyes, buck teeth, scruffy hair and a gigantic Jew nose that dominates the entire face. When it was all put together, it came out looking like a moose, so he added a couple of crooked antlers. Space Moose was born.

OH! the drama!

"Take Back the Night"
"Clobberin' Time"

In 97', Mustafa penned a comic that appeared in The Gateway entitled "Take Back the Night", which was a short series that featured Space Moose and his roommate, Billy the Bionic Badger, ambushing some feminists participating in a take back the night march. Many lols were had within the Space Moose fan base, but many people cried drama and the students cried to their own version of the internet police and had the Space Moose comic removed for two weeks while Mustafa faced punishment at the hands of the university administration.

It takes a special kind of retard to be offended by a cartoon.


—Mustafa Al-Habib.

This poster goes way beyond the implicit threats of the usual level of harassment women at this school face every day, and openly tries to intimidate and frighten people away from an event that is meant to help empower them to reclaim their sense of safety. These posters also propagate the destructive cultural stereotypes of those women who do stand up and try to fight this system of violence. By portraying anyone who wants to feel safe on their own campus as “butt ugly,” oversensitive, man-hating he-women, these posters further attempt to marginalize this very important event and to disempower and silence those organizing it.


—Some crazy faggot at MIT

The Internets: Serious Business.

On November 4th, 1997, was launched onto the internets and generated many lulz. The site was home to the entire Space Moose catalog.

‎Space Moose discovers porn on the Internets.

This was around the same time where Space Moose discovered there was porn on the internets.

The last Space Moose comic was entitled "Boner in Decades", and was penned in 2003. It would be the last comic known that Mustafa Al-Habib would produce. It gave Space Moose fans a small glimmer of hope to think that the comic would make its return, for it had been the first offering since Mustafa's Millennium Moose, which came out in 1999. Sadly, roughly 2 years later, after the release of "Boner in Decades", succumbed to Internet disease and went offline 4 evar. However, the site is archived at May 26, 1998 – March 21, 2003

Mustafa now pursues his career in Spinal Injury research in the city of Toronto.

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