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Actual length for rendering a 4 minute clip

Sony Vegas is an overpriced vlogging toolkit used by most YouTubers who can't use proper editing software. Its primary function is PiP (Picture in Picture) so that you can show off your pussiness, while you do a let's play. Since this shit is extremely expensive and overpriced people download it illegally, so they can publish copyrighted content while complaining about not being able to monetize their videos. Needless to say this software is completely redundant as even the YouTube video editor is better, as it doesn't need to render a 5 minute clip for 72 hours and it supports PiP.

Version history

1: amiga64 support an chiptune faggotry
6: does the things you need
7: no significant changes
8: no significant changes
9: no significant changes
10: added HD options which you can already specify by entering resolution dimensions for rendering or editing.
11: no significant changes
12: probably nothing new. I don't even bother checking anymore
13: same shit but requires 64-bit
14: no significant changes
15: no significant changes
16: no significant changes
17: no significant changes
18: no significant changes
19: no significant changes

Comparison of Vegas and WMM

Why Sony Vegas is superior to Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker always freezes and while it lacks everything, it always gets the job done ten times faster than Sony Vegas. This allows you to stack your vlog shit ten times faster and shittier than anyone with respectable economic status. Windows Movie Maker is incapable of publishing vlogs in High Definition before it is compressed to death by JewTube/Flash love sammich. Sony Vegas can do chroma key effects, add multiple video and audio tracks, and make you talk like you actually know what the fuck Video Editing is. This makes it is as usable as the shitty $10 video editing software that followed along with your crappy handycam, you bought for $299. It manages to be better than Windows Movie Maker, which is like winning the hundred meters dash against opponents without any legs.

Comparison of a Video made with Sony Vegas and a Video made with WMM

Video made with Sony Vegas

Video made with Windows Movie maker

The Things You Can Do With Sony Vegas

  • Uninstall it.
  • Create animated gifs.
  • Upload said gifs to Encyclopedia Dramatica.
  • Find out the max limit of 2mb files.
  • Crop the quality and size of the gif, so it becomes less than 2mb.
  • Upload it to ED.
  • Find out it has too many frames.
  • Realize you wasted an hour of your life for a gif nobody will ever look at.
  • Steal songs from vidz.
  • Cut copy paste encode decode rotate zoom and add gay music to your videos.
  • Use picture-in-picture to add a scarecam feature to your shitty let's play.
  • Encode your video to a time inefficient file format and wait for it to render it for the whole day.
  • Test the compatibility of the porn you made with your ex.
  • Resize the video of your cock or zoom it.
  • Open an effect window and see how annoying the docking feature is.
  • Convert your shitty 3gp and mp4 videos to a proper file format.
  • See that autopreview feature is not working because you don't have the necessary codecs installed.
  • Make funny videos of your friends using layers and pan-crop-move-alphablending etc.
  • Increase contrast of a video and wait for it to re-render for about the whole time you spend with you pc in a day.
  • Make music and combine it with stolen anime videos for better presentation of your music.
  • Learn it so that you can write it on your CV, so that you can be big in the film industry.
  • Get scoffed at because nobody uses this in the film industry.
  • Use the preview function for fast browsing. (not clever at all)
  • Import projects from EDL
  • Crop out the unfunny parts of assumed to be funny videos of you and your friends .

Not for Macs or Linux

Apparently, Sony Vegas is not compatible with Mac OS X, which makes Macfags bawww and whine over he fact that Sony Vegas won't work with their computers. In reality, Sony realized it would have tougher competition on that OS, but some would like to think Sony choose [chose] for Vegas to be incompatible with OS X and Lunix in order to troll Macfags and Linux fanboys. However, nobody gives a shit since Macfags can just use iMovie and Linuxfags can just use LiVES to edit their fucking videos. Or you could just use Final Cut Pro like every other fucking smart person on the planet. Video editing on Windows is fine, however, if you're just an amateur or novice user.

Even better than Vegas

Sony Vegas has been used to edit popular shitty films such as Paranormal Activity, but real movie makers use Final Cut Studio, Adobe After Effects, or Adobe Premiere. Apple and Adobe simply produces better software for IRL creative workers. Just like with Photoshop, people prefer downloading After Effects from The Pirate Bay because they love free software.

People who use Vegas:

It is a fact that many professionals and amateurs do in fact use Sony Vegas, but that doesn't prove this product is superior, only that retards do exist. The average Sony Vegas user is slightly worse than the idiot at the office who insists on using a Mac, they spend most their time trying to convince everyone Sony Vegas rather than actually getting anything accomplish. So be warned, Sony Vegas users will parade the list below to the rest of the internet, thinking that anybody gives a damn.

  • You
  • YouTubers
  • Porn directors
  • The people who aren't gay for Adobe Premiere.
  • Small companies that can't afford Final Cut Studio. Nope, FCPX is now cheaper. Suck it, Sony.
  • Oldfags who overrate the brand SONY.
  • The people who live in Las Vegas.
  • Youtube Poopers

People who don't use Vegas and use WMM instead:

Remember that Mac user at the office? Like a bunch of little children, Sony Vegas will point the finger at anyone who doesn't worship their product. If you hear one of the people below mentioned, that's just a butthurt Sony Vegas user crying, someone who can't accept reality.

PROTIP: Every time you resize or render the video in a different format, you lose quality


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