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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Sony-Mae -- also known as Keshia Anders -- is yet another illiterate, annoying brat on deviantART, and serves as further proof that the only good thing that the site produces are lolcows to milk lulz from. Like many tartlets, Sony-Mae enjoys the company of her undeserved fanslaves who will throw a BAAWWW fest on you if you so much say she's anything other than awesome and forget to kiss her ass. Unlike most of these fangirls, instead of focusing on Sephiroth or Sasuke, Sony-mae is a closet furfag that prefers to prey on the Looney Tunes (or to be more specific Animaniacs and Loonatics Unleashed!). Sony-Mae's behavior is as follows:

  1. Draw Mary-sues.
  2. Get criticized for making Mary-sues.
  3. Block people that criticize her.
  4. Make a big BAAAAWWWful journal, defending herself and insulting those that critique her.
  5. Block anyone who disagrees in such journal.
  6. Give characters who already have existing female counterparts new ones, because she's obsessed with retarded crossovers.
  7. Make another big BAAAAAAAWWWWful journal, ranting about everyone who hates said couples.
  8. ?????

Sony Mae IRL. Worse than we ever could have expected.

Well, Rev first met Bia while he was saving her from falling off a collapsed building when Swackhammer the 45th [Swackhammer's (from "Space Jam" ) descendant] and the Monstars were invading Avery City (a brother city of Acmetropolise, and where Bia lived) and terrorising the citizens. it was love at first sight when Rev looked into Bia's eyes. Re was speech-less after he put Bia down safely to ground (all he could say was "Hi" ), and Bia thanked him, and she sort of reconized him from somewhere that she has seen or heard about but couldn't put her finger on it. Then the second time they met, Bia finally reconized Rev when she found a new paper with the Loonatics on the front page, and she told him that she always found him cute. Then they kiss.




It should also be noted that Sony-Mae does not like shows like Drawn Together, South Park, and Family Guy.[1]


Just admit that you're a furfag
Sony-Mae's mary-sue abominations

Made with the combination of a 16 year old girl's desire to pair up everything that has ever existed and penchant for bestiality, not to forget a shitload of tracing paper, Sony-Mae has created tons of characters to pair up every happy bachelor Warner Bros. character and fag up the Warner Bros. with more faggotry than Space Jam ever did. Looking through her art gallery makes crucifixion look like an appealing pastime as her art looks like it was drawn by an 11-year old twat with ADHD who just discovered Mountain Dew or Red Bull-Vodka. Despite this, she has amassed well over 100,000 page views, mostly because the only comments she ever leaves on other people's work consist of "OMG NICE JOB LOL BTW COME TO MY GALLERY AND SEE ALL MY ARTS TOO PLZKTHX!!1". Her favorite OC, named Bia (more like Biatch) is a blatant self-insert and is paired up with Road Runner in an obvious display of her bestiality fetish. Something about a cartoon roadrunner going BEEP BEEP turns her on, but what she doesn't know is that BEEP BEEP is censored, and what he's really saying is "FUCKING SHIT" after learning of her existence.

Bia mabey sweet and kind-hearted, but she HATES stupid people who sepread awful rumors about Rev (and Tech), especially about he's sexuality (like Spongebob). So that pushes Bia's peeve buttom when they say stuff like that, and she gets embrassive and starts attacking those jerks for saying stuff like that.

Plus, she's acting like a potty mouth in this one, hope that will shut the idiots up.


Sony-Mae, insisting she's not a suethor.

sony mae stop trying to deny it


Yeah, and Bella isn't a sue because she's clumsy. That doesn't count as a flaw, silly lolcow.

That fucking animu style If Sony-Mae finds a cartoon interesting, she will rape it by drawing it in animu style, because on top of everything, she's a weeaboo. Lol she's actually trying to deny her weaboo faggotry [2]

Human ized Tom n Jerry by Sony Mae.jpg

No exceptions.

The Mary-sues

Sony-Mae, being both a notorious sue-artist and an arrogant fanbrat, believes that the female characters in her cartoons aren't good enough to be any of the main cast's love interests, so she has them replaced by her sues in her clearly traced art.

1. Princess Sony-Mae Dolphin-fucker is Sony-Mae's original mary-sue for the Sonic fagdom. Despite being a human, she can transform into a hedgecat or a mermaid, because that's adhering perfectly to Sonic canon. What she transforms into depends on whether she is on her period or not. Sony-mae is also a slut that wants penor from both Manic and Sonic. Note that she looks exactly like Biatch.

2. Kikko Warner is the TROO WUV of Animaniac brothers Yakko and Wakko due to her her UNIMAGINABLE BEAUTY, despite clearly being related to them. Since she's a complete jealous slut, she gets mad at Hello Nurse and Minerva Mink if they so much as stare in her direction. Her weaknesses include sleeping with a teddy bear and being called toots.

Weakness omg.jpg
Why don’t you ask a certain Warner in khaki pants and find out yourself?


—Kikko, after being asked if she was a virgin.

3. Biatch Jetstream is Sony-Mae's favorite sue, being that she is exactly the same as the Sony-Mae sue. Bianca means "beautiful" in Italian, but everyone calls her Biatch because, well, it's true. Everyone fucking loves her in Sony-mae's fanfiction, but canonically the characters wouldn't give a shit about her. Bianca thinks feathers and beaks are sexy and is often on the run from the police because bestiality is illegal. Like Sony-Mae herself, she is a slut.

Well, in the future (at least in the Loonatics world) females (including humans) seem to have developed reproductive oragins of a playtapus (can be either pregnet, lay eggs, or both), but it depends on what species is the husband either an anthro or human.

Since Rev is an anthro bird, while Bia is a human, Bia will first be pregnat, then lays an egg, and after a few days of enquibasion the baby is born.

It's weird, but that's how it works you mix an anthro bird and human (at least how I imagine it)


—Sony-Mae, on how is babby formed.

4. Jared Jetstream: "at first, Jeri and Rip couldn’t be together because Rip’s parents didn’t like her for being human, but when they saw how much Rip loved her, they accepted her. Oh wait, that was Biatch and Rev."

5. Melina Buck is the only OC that comes close to not being a sue, but she's still sooo much bettar dan dat wether lady!!1

Sony-mae is clearly a sex starved fantard.

6. Laura Jane Coyote was created because none of the canon characters seemed to match up with Tech. She is Tech's PURFEKT LOVARR!11 Her weakness is that she's a klutz.

7. Agnes Devil was always destined to be Slam's pity fuck. She's never drawn unless her other suesluts are there too.

Sony-mae will do anything to draw her lovely OCs in skimpy outfits, since no one will pity fuck her.

8. Yumi only exists because Sony-Mae couldn't stop at being a zoophile; she had to be a technophile as well, so she made Yumi for the small but vocal minority who think fucking Transformers is hot. Yumi is both Megatron's and Optimus Prime's sister and cannot decide who to join, but I doubt either of them would give a shit about a Volkswagen bug. The only things she does are rape Bumblebee and fantasize about Megatron and Optimus Prime having sex.

9. Serena Dino-fucker is Sony-Mae transformed into a super special snowflake that ends up living with the anthro dinosaurs. She ends up dying of salmonella poisoning from fucking reptiles. Despite being 14 years old, Sony-Mae thinks that Dinosaurs, in their fat and tiny-brained glory, could still be living.


10. Vagessa is yet another blonde clone of the original Sony-Mae. When she died she landed in the toon world, which makes absolutely no fucking sense. Thanks to the boys' tears from having to endure this shit, Vagessa came to life as a toon like them. She's the ninth Cosby Fat Albert kid, which DOESN'T MEAN SHE'S A MARY-SUE, GUYS!!!1 She's also blindingly white, because apparently Sony-Mae takes issue with so many members of the canon cast being black.

Of course they don't look alike! ... If you're completely fucking retarded.

This rant video by Xepher2010Returns contains one of Sony-Mae's Sonic Mary Sue fanarts; pause right at 2:07-3:00. O LAWDY!

Sony-Mae pretending she knows how to write

Like Warner Bros would want anything to do with her creepy, shitty art.


Eventually, Sony-mae decided to try her hand at writing a complete rip-off from Night at the Museum, starring her sues (but of course!). In doing so she shit all over the (already shit) movie. Since her fantards can't do anything else, they patted her ass and called it "creative".



Her writing is absolute crap. Whoever heard of including DESCRIPTIONS and learning English? Her language skills are roughly equivalent to those of a fourth grader. Since the death of Harvey Pekar, she is now the most famous and profilic cartoon writer person in her home state, which is a sad and scary thing. On top of it all, she has the balls to make a journal asking if her fanfiction is better than the movie itself, followed by "I need You're opioion." Of course, any comment that tells her that her stupid fanfiction is complete shit even by fanfiction standards is immediately hidden, so the only thing that appears on her journal is "YES YOU'RE COMPLETE AWESOME!!1111". Clearly much lulz will be had when she realizes that outside of the basement people are not going to be as willing to bend over.

I need Youre opioion.png

Go here to troll her and tell her wtf.

Of course, Sony-Mae has the arrogance to think that her silly childish Mary-Sues are better than canon characters, and she honestly hopes that some day WB will see her art and deem it good enough to put it into their cartoons. Sony-Mae uploaded an image comparing Margot Mallard from the Tiny Toons to her badly drawn Road Runner sue Kia. When enough people pointed out how she's an egotistical whore and defended the character's actual flaws OMG!1 Sony-Mae put up a BAAAAAAAAWWWWfest journal and deleted the picture.


Of course, when you're an arrogant dickwad like Sony-Mae and bash a character, you need someone to defend your e-honor. Instead, Sony-Mae got hit by the reality that not everyone's going to kiss her ass all the time. The lulziest part is that her little ass-tappers then complain about "crazy fangirls", often mentioning twitards. As if their hypocrisy wasn't blatant enough.



What Sony-mae doesn't want to see
Sony-Mae being a biatch
It's Fuck, Not Freak
Sony-Mae pissed off that someone OMG LOVE HER PAIRINGS!!11 Also more Bawwwwww. Also grammer errorz DURRR.

Sony-mae, being the kind of tartlet that always has to have her ass kissed by her fanturds, hates criticism. If she gets criticism she will rant about how she hates it like in the image above, because this is obviously a site to kiss her ass, and not for art. Sony-Mae will also hide your comments, so BEWARE. She will also delete journals if she realizes she's being pwn3d hard, SO GET TO DELETING, ANON.

Her art portfolio conveniently deleted.

Upon discovery of this article, Sony-mae made a BAAAWful journal saying that she would improve and apologizing - in which sources confirm she has done at least 100 times before...


Only to hide several of the comments. It also appears that Sony-Mae has forgotten that Anonymous never forgives or forgets.


On her reaction to this thread, which is where she was discovered as a lolcow, one of the twiantis feigned caring about it so that Sony-Mae would not immediately hide the comment decided it'd be lulzy to link her to the thread that started it all. As always, Sony-Mae throws yet another BAAWWWWWFEST journal:

Sony-mae bawwbawwwanti.PNG

Sony-mae comments anti.jpg

She forgets that most of this ED article is made up of screenshots.

Loonatics Unleashed

Sony-Mae being peeved at any pairing that doesn't have anything to do with her Mary-Sues.

Sony-mae's mary-sues are mainly geared towards the Loonatics Unleashed crowd, which was a gay ass way to appeal to merge Looney Tunes and animu to appeal to the weeaboos, while ripping off X-men all at the same time. This had nothing to do with the original cast, but with their descendants or some crap like that. When original LT fan Spootay made a deviation mentioning, but not even giving a well-deserved bitchslap mention, her slaves and hoardes of fans decide to attack in a way resembling piranhas and Twilight fans.


But in a twist of hypocrisy, Sony-Mae was the one who originally decided to BAAWW about Spootay on a separate forum, complaining that she needed to "grow up" because her drawings made her want to cry. Srsly. And then she starts defiling everyone's childhood with Rule 34 on something that already defiled everyone's childhood. What a mindfuck.

Who's the one that needs to grow up?


Who's the one throwing a BAWfest over slash?
Biatch being a biatch.

Like any retarded sue-tartlet, Sony-mae has to get overly-defensive about her precious imaginary boyfriend's sexuality. She harbors a deep hatred of slash fans, whom she will often BAAWWW about in her journals. When slash fans defend themselves and prove to her that she's an immature little bitch she deletes her journals and runs to cry in the corner until she gets enough courage to resume her biatchy little activities. Often she will apologize for being a whiny bitch about criticism or hating slash fans -- which considering this is DevianTART is pretty rare to come by -- only to do it over and over again. Why she just plain won't GTFO the Internet and spare us the constant headache of her online presence is a mystery to all, because she is clearly hated by anyone having an IQ over 5 points. While most people agree that slash fans are horny mind-raping 16 year old girls, Sony-mae takes it personally because HOW DARE THEY portray a cartoon character as being anything other than straight?

When I submited the pic of showing some flaws that my LU OC Bia has, AkiraCat and Twilightgirl12 were being too sensitive that they think that Bia should get arrested from hitting those two slashers with a mallet.

Well, I'm NOT turning my sweet Bia into visuious monster at all! Bia is STILL nice, just closed minded.

The whole mallet thing is just for comedy, so those two girls are okay but still hurt!

And the Loonatics would NEVER arrested her for doing that, they should thank her for cause I can definetlly imagine that the boys were getting so fed up (as in mad) that all of these slashers keep making too much of those yaio fanfics/pics about them when those people don't realise that they're straight!

So those two girls deserve to hit with the mallet cause they're suppose to represent some of those overly obsessed slashers who won't shut up about all of these false things about the Loonatics' sexuallities


Sony-Mae, pretending she knows the characters better than other fans

NO cartoon character would actually give a shit about fanart, seeing as they're incapable of doing so. That, and Tex Avery is already rolling in his grave just from the existence of Loonatics Unleashed, so it's unlikely Sony-Mae's constant invoking of Rule 34 would win her any more points with him than slash.



Sony-Mae the lolcow has been since discovered, several trolls have targeted Sony-Mae's loli-wannabe-ass under the guise of pedobear. This has also been accompanied by general troll spamming. Of course, since Sony-Mae is a little sheltered brat (no wait, she's actually 18, my bad) she makes another BAAAAWWWfest to milk lulz from.

  • Another common way to troll Sony-Mae is to tell her you wrote a Biatch/Rev fanfiction and then link her to Tech/Rev slash. Preferably with porn in it. Delicious lulz are guaranteed to ensue.


Sony-Mae, being a furfag, suddenly decided to BAWWWWWW about how we reprimand her for being into "human/anthro" pairings. This was clearly an effort to distract her fanturds from the obviously false claim of getting into art college, which was conveniently deleted. Of course, she needs her fanturds to defend her because she can't even do anything and she's a poor, defenseless victim.

The worst kind of fangirl by weasel girl.jpg

Of course this was accompanied by more hiding comments to those that happened to say something different than I AGREE U ROCK LEMME KISS UR ASS!!11

Sony Mae claiming she has other reasons for making sues other than fantardism.

Sony-mae fakereasons.PNG

Of course, since she blocks anyone that says otherwise, all she gets are asspats on this journal.


I was getting tired all of thes dumb internet trolls picking on me no thanks to that false article they wrote about me on ED (it's NOT funny), and they actually believed that all of that stuff they wrote about me is true (which it really isn't).

And believe that I want have s*x with the characters, which I do NOT want to, and I DON'T claim any them as my boyfriend cause I know they aren't real.


—Sony-Mae in denial

Tristart Porkass

Deviantart-favicon.png Malak1147 used to be one of Kessie's bestest friends in the whole wide world, but eventually he grew up and realized she was nothing but an immature brat.

An example of Malak1147's glorious artwork.

Aside from sounding like a complete newfag and constantly bawling about how he was the sole protector of Sony-Mae, Corona Kamikaze was mainly guilty of creating a bland original character for the Loonatics Unleashed universe, which is hardly suspicious at all considering it's Sony's favourite fucking fandom. This character, named Tristart Porkass (Mispronounced Tristan Portgaz), is an obnoxiously homosexual version of Biatch that likes to fuck Rev's best friend Tech E. Coyote in the anus, thus (bizarrely) ruining any chances of Sony's Tech-specific OC Laura shacking up with him. Possible explanations include: a) Sony's fear that Laura will die of mange if she fucks Tech, or b) the whole thing is a setup for a future story arc where Tristart and Tech die of AIDS, furthering Sony's argument that all gay people should suffer slow and painful deaths.

Having no talent whatsoever, Kazuma painted over ugly pixel bases and called it "art". Some argue this can be taken as further evidence that Sony-Mae's fanbase is made entirely of people who are more pathetic than she is (provided he isn't actually a sock puppet). Yes, it is hard to believe they exist.

Yes, he has sucked Sony-Mae's cock, and he liked it.

I Am A HUGE Supporter/Defender Of Sony-Mae, And I Believe That You Should Not Troll Her Just Because Her Believes Don't Match Yours!



Malak1147 being an epic fantard

WTF Are You Such A Bitch To Diss Someone Like That? What's Your Problem?

If You Don't Like My Homosexual OC Then Go Away!


Malak1147, when someone actually had the balls to insult his "fanart."

Eventually he got fed up with her bullshit, kicked her out of the Loonatics club, and stopped being her friend.

Sony-Mae's (Ex) Internet Boyfriend

The lucky gentleman himself, I assume he's the kid holding the sword.

Because no one in their right mind would actually want to tap this IRL (and because she's a lonely Autistic fuck who spends more time fantasizing about cartoon animal dongs than socializing), Sony-Mae has what she likes to call her "DA boyfriend", Dalek1965.

It is not widely known how or why they got together, or whether Dalek1965 is as easily butthurt as his more popular internet girlfriend. Still, quizzing him about the subject might be the most proactive way to find out more (and whether he's suitable LOLcow material).

Actually they have never seen each other in IRL, because she is is afraid of contact from actual human beings.

As of Last tuesday and turning down his offers to visit, she decided to just be friends because we all know she prefers cartoon cocks.


Just when you thought Sony-Mae couldn't be any more of a spoilt lolcow, it turns out she's also an art thief of sorts.

Sony-mae plagiarism.png

As for her actual "art", most of the work in her gallery looks like it was drawn on tracing paper, although it's up for debate whether she's actually tracing over other people's work when her art is so rigid and ugly.

Oswald the Unlucky Faggot

Yes, Charles Mintz was a toon absoser. The bastard.

Last Thursday, Disney released a game for the Wii called Epic Mickey in an attempt to do the impossible: make Mickey Mouse interesting again. Also featured in the game is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a slightly-less unfunny Mickey prototype who spent most of his early cartoons contracting AIDS from anything wearing a skirt. Up until recently, no one besides animation students and Japanese people gave two shits about Oswald, but the game's release has prompted furfags like Sony-Mae to jump on the character and claim they were his fans all along.

Sony-Mae's re-imagining of Fanny as a mild-mannered purity Sue (notice the generic 'Bia' hairstyle).

Since becoming obsessed with him, Sony-Mae has treated Oswald like her own character -- that is, she feels self-important enough to start making up shit about Oswald's non-existent backstory and insisting that it's canon. Like many Disney fans with less than half a brain cell, Sony-Mae has taken Warren Spector's in-game story to heart and considers Oswald's departure from Disney a tragedy rivaling the Holocaust. She now entertains herself by demonizing the man who "stole" Oswald from Walt Disney -- who was in fact just a greedy Jew who refused to renew Walt's contract -- and rallies her fantards to call for his death. Ignoring the fact that this happened over eighty fucking years ago, and nobody cares.

Oswald is not amused by Sony-Bitch.

Sony-Mae reportedly refuses to play the game that has made Oswald popular, though, because his girlfriend (who barely appears in the game at all) is a cat. And everyone knows rabbits and cats don't go together, even if humans fucking anthropomorphic birds is A-OK. Instead she has dredged through Disney's cartoon archives for an even more obscure character, Fanny the rabbit, or, as Sony calls her, Fanny Cottentail, and insists that she is Oswald's only true love. And in true Sony-Mae fashion, she supports her argument by waging holy war on Oswald's in-game girlfriend Sadie, calling her a whore and finding other ways to prove that Fanny is the "better" character. This mostly consists of Sony-Mae referring to events that didn't fucking happen -- imagined off-camera love affairs and other bullshit -- and basically making an ass of herself. It's also worth mentioning that Sony-Mae believes this pairing is not canon just because of the fact that Oswald and Sadie have only appeared in one game together, despite the game being CREATED BY DISNEY. Because people are expected to care that much about the love life of an unsuccessful Twenties-era cartoon rabbit.

Here's a song-pic of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

The poem/song is the lyrics to the song "Now and Then" the good-bye/love song Frosty sang in "Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July."

This song really suits Oswald's feelings for Fanny, and how much he misses her when Universal took him away from Walt Dinsey.

Story: After being locked up in the Universal vault for so many years, and finding out the truth about Sadie's secret affairs and that she lyed about loving him for who he is;

Oswald realised that he was all blinded by love that hide lies, betrayl, and hatered all along.

The only reason why Oswald fell for Sadie is because Mintz lied to him that Fanny died by being splashed with thinner.

But when Sadie told Oswald that she never loved him, she also said that if Fanny was still alive, she won't remember him or why she loved in the first place with Oswald being nothing more then a "has-been."

So Oswald spent most of his years in the vault feeling gulity that he fell for the wrong person, and broken-hearted that he'll never see Fanny again.:( And the only thing that Oswald had left to remember Fanny is the picture of him and her that was drawn by Diane and Melissa.



—Sony-Mae, spouting nonsense yet again

More recently, the active Epic Mickey fandom on DA has been vocal in denouncing Sony-Mae as the arrogant fanbrat she is, fed up with seeing her ugly inflammatory art clogging up their clubs and searches. As is usually the case, inane and short-lived flame wars have been springing up in a number of places on DA in response. This is a fairly new devleopment, so the lulz are still slow in coming, but you can help by keeping your eyes peeled for incriminating screencaps and the like. Go to work, gentlemen.

File:Sony ship war batshit.JPG
At the height of a fledgling ship war, Sony-Mae makes a statement so breathtakingly stupid that it left this ED editor momentarily speechless. One person is at least willing to call her out on the amount of crazy pills she's been taking.

If these delusions don't prove beyond a doubt that Sony-Mae is wrapped up in her own little world (aka completely BATSHIT CRAZY), then nothing else does.


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