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LOLCOWEPIC.jpg Sonmanic is an Epic Lolcow
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Left the Sonic community to join the Brony community. Perfect depiction
You can't unsee it, no matter how hard you try.
Sonmanic is caged for the public's safety.

DISCLAIMER: You'll want your time back after you finish reading this article for any period of time.

Do you remember the story of Yaminoeyes, the anorexic manbeast who thought she was going to sell Final Fantasy VII BACK to Squaresoft? They said it could never be trumped. Call the man from the Guinness Book Of Lulz, though, because Sonmanic has come up with the goods. An aspiring film director from Pleasant Hills, California, he is a confirmed furry, infantilist, diaperfur, camwhore, attention whore, con artist, video pirate, thief, liar, crybaby and emo. He's also not very likable.

He plans on letting none of this detract from his master plan: To single-handedly reinvent the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise without Sega's permission, grinding anyone useful or talented underfoot along the way while complaining bitterly about how jealous a community is of his talent and how ungrateful they are for his hard work. Anyone would think that Sonmanic is a batshit insane 13-year-old girl upon first meeting him — he is, in fact, a 30+ year-old man.

Also known as A Knothole Resident, Mr Chipmunk Mobian, Diapered Chipmunk, Alex Lost Four, and DigiBrushstroke.

Drama on FUS

Backstory : Ali Bawww-Bawww and the Forty Alts

DiC pwns Sonmanic.

It all began in 2002 on a Sonic cartoon fansite, Fans United for SatAM (FUS), when he was caught bootlegging; to wit, using eBay to sell low-quality SatAM episodes and free fansubs of Sonic X. Previously he had made a name for himself in the community by contacting DiC and Sega trying to get them to air their crappy furfag show again. So like any other humble, hardworking, fanboy, he threw a royal bitchfit, whining about how ungrateful and unappreciative the community was, and ANYWAY, HE NEEDED THE MONEY TO GET THROUGH COLLEGE! After a dozen or so tantrums, the community got tired of having to deal with his shit, and decided to ban him.

After his initial ban, Sonmanic, being the clever little man that he is, created alt after alt pretending to be someone else, getting caught, asking why he was banned and then getting banned yet again. It was already clear that he was a busy man with a full life and schedule, but eventually the ritual became so well-worn that a special banned usergroup (entitled "Sonmanic is a loser") was created for the sole purpose of sticking him and his alternate accounts in. He was also caught a second time bootlegging Sonic cartoons, only this time promptly getting served with a cease-and-desist order from DiC themselves which shut down his honest business practices for good.

Fast-forward a couple of years. Sonmanic manages to contact the owner of FUS, Quexinos, then known as Sonique. After hours of what can only have been him RolePlaying as someone from Kingdom Hearts, since that's all she cares about, along with much e-fellatio and brown-nosing, Sonique makes the smart decision to let the fucktard back into the community. The stage was thus set for the faggotry and lulz to begin.

Sonique's Question, the responses and the verdict About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Truly... an achievement to be proud of!

While records on the forum of his Sonic cartoon piracy and ban-jumping have been lost to the sands of the internets, the 'Sonmanic is a Loser' group remains as a stubborn testimony to his stubborn testicleheadedness (one which Sonique was willing to ignore if it can get her more Sonmanic cock).

Make Way for the Self-Proclaimed King

Even Quexinos is sick of it. White Knight fail.

As soon as he was allowed back into FUS, Sonmanic began yammering on about how he had been commissioned by SEGA to produce a feature-length Sonic movie. When in fact, he had done nothing more than commission a few Tartlets to draw the character sheets for him. Later investigation with the tartlets involved revealed that his "Commission" process actually involved little more than whining at them for a really, really long time. He also enjoyed harassing several SEGA employees about the idea. One, tired of dealing with the retard mentioned Sonmanic's movie idea on one of his visits to Japan. This was the response he sent to our brilliant furry friend:

I just returned from Japan and we did discussed the Sonic movie, either for theatrical release or straight to DVD. Sega Japan is considering several options on how to develop a Sonic movie or new TV show and it's a decision that will not be made quickly. They do feel that a new project should be developed in the West as Sonic is considered a Western property; it's never been that popular in Japan. However, they have placed your idea in the pre-green lit stage until you can submit the details regarding your place in this project.

In order for them to seriously consider a proposal for Sonic, they will need information on you and your group, what experience or background you have, what approach you would take (2-D vs 3-D, storyline, etc.), financials on the production, what financing you have, who would do the production, production timeline, possible voice talent, and any details to give them a complete picture of your group and your expertise.

I realize that's a lot to put together, but they tend to ask for a lot of information and take a long time to make a decision. Good luck!


Upon being told this very statement, Sonmanic shit his diapers and began parading around claiming that SEGA had "pre green lit" his movie not stopping when anyone tried to talk sense into him, or even when his good friend Quexinos turned against him. It took SEGA themselves to get him to STFU.

I was contacted by our European office as they recently came across and your own website I just want to make it clear that Sega has not “relinquished legal consent” to you in any way to pursue the production of a Sonic movie and it’s not appropriate for you to suggest that Sega has done so. We have merely spoken about your interest in securing financing and producing a Sonic movie. You cannot represent yourself as the Sega sanctioned producer of a Sonic movie. I want you to correct this situation immediately on both the animation forum and on your website and in any either forum where you have posted. This is not acceptable.

As you have yet to even submit a proposal, we are far away from any production of a Sonic movie.

After being throughly pwnd by Sega themselves, it was the last anyone had to hear of his bullshit for a while. That is, until Christmas Eve.

I Saw Bullshit Come Sailing In, On Christmas Day, On Christmas Day

TL;DR : Sonmanic is sad.

On Christmas Eve 2007, Sonmanic announced the terrible news that his team had been rejected by SEGA in favor of an undisclosed third party. He made sure to express how depressed he was over the matter.

In other words, game over for me and the arduous journey that I've traveled in the last 2 years. So I guess, be happy that a Sonic movie is happening? I dont know, Im really depressed


—Sonmanic, Fishing for pity.

Cionex's design (left), compared to Sonmanic's released character sheet of Robotnik (right). The resemblance is uncanny.

The FUS members were initially sympathetic towards his plight; that is, until he released the concept art that he had begged from his lackeys. One artist, by the name of Cionex, came forward and claimed that the design for one of Sonmanic's character sheets was quite similar to a design he had been using in one of his projects and posted a side-by-side comparison.

True to Sonmanic's honest character, he vehemently denied having any prior knowledge to Cionex's design idea. This set warning lights flashing, as Sonmanic was clearly visible lurking around an earlier thread in which Cionex posted his designs. When presented with this crucial contradiction in his testimony, he immediately changed gears and pointed the finger at his hench-tartlet Rogferraz, his character sheet artist: his unshakable arrogance left him in no doubt that Rog would take the fall for him.

As can be seen by the court, Rog wasn't as stupid as he looked.


Having had his own team bare to the world that he had instructed them to copy the designs of others right from the start, any doubts in the minds of FUS members that he was a lying plagiarist were chased away like ants before a vacuum cleaner (or furries before a carpet-bombing).

Of course, never one to admit his mistakes or fuckups, he immediately dug around his ass desperately for an excuse. The best he then came up with is "I honestly forgot!" Which, even by his own hallowed standards, was frankly laughable. All though lying is nothing new for him as Sonmanic was apparently abused as a child and only lies because he's afraid of getting hit.

Banned for good

...and then there was much rejoicing.

Fortunately for the community, FUS soon after came under the management of people who were not too wrapped up in masturbating to Kingdom Hearts Yaoi and constant attention whoring (Seriously WTF?) and could make reasonable decisions. RockyRaccoon & Sonicus Prime, having their bullshit quota already filled to the brim, decided that Sonmanic's shit was more work than they were prepared to weather. For the next several days his bawling sockpuppets assaulted the castle walls, before all being detected and banned as well.

Because running to another community to play the victim automatically makes you innocent, amirite?

The whole thing was taken to the next level of hilarity when Rocky made a public post on the site frontpage announcing Sonmanic's ban for plagiarism. This triggered a major shitstorm on Sonmanic's DA page as he tearfully protested his innocence. The post and journal have since been taken down but a screencap of the journal was taken, thus preserving the lulz for posterity.

Gimme Shelter

Sonmanic, being butthurt as usual.

Next, Sonmanic took refuge in another Sonic community, Saturday Morning Sonic, the owner of which had witnessed Sonmanic's outing but was retarded enough to take him in with open legs. It was later found out that the owner (PorpoiseMuffins, seriously, what the fuck kind of retarded name is that?) was his butt buddy which put one or two things into perspective.

His first act was to whine and bitch about how malicious, stubborn, close-minded and unforgiving FUS members were. Sonicus Prime decided to register on SMS as InstrumentOfDestruction and call Sonmanic on his bullshit, and much lulz were to be had until PorpoiseFuckmuppet locked the topic in a desperate bid to derail the lollercoaster stop the retarded flame war.

Damage Control; Also, Cocks

A couple of weeks later, PorpoiseManfaggot decided to "Interview" Sonmanic about his involvement in the Sonic fandom. The interview is little more than a gratuitous session of him lapping up Sonmanic's bullshit compiled into a failed damage-control article for Sonmanic to whore around in order to assert his non-existent credibility.

I Think SEGA Is A Pretty Racist Guy

Lollercaust started!
Several months later and he still can't get over not having the attention and praise he wanted.

There was then a period of relative calm from Sonmanic that lasted a few months. This led everyone to believe that he might just have fucked off from the internet and everyone could forget about him. He was, in fact, busy sinking his claws into Sonic fans who were naive enough to take him at face value. Investigation into the matter revealed that he was poised to use their pet projects as springboards to launch himself into the fanfame he so desperately fapped over. Predictably (and as usual), he fucked up and gave himself away as the lying, deceptive scumbag that he is AGAIN.

Eventually, Sonmanic was fired a friendly warning that any further faggotry from him would result in this article being written. As you can surely guess, the warning was clearly not heeded. Instead of deciding to grow a pair and fuck off for good, he decided to make another pity-party post on SMS about how the Sonic fandom is filled with horrible people and how he never gets the respect and gratitude that he "deserves."

At this point, your humble author and another person involved decided to come to the topic to clear things up and reveal the truth of the matter. This inspired a lot more faggotry from Sonmanic, until PorpoiseMongler got pissed and made a post that can only be translated to "BAWWWW LEAVE SONMANIC ALONE!" and "HOW DARE YOU THREATEN HIM WITH ED!" During the course of the thread, Sonmanic played the Race Card on SEGA of Japan for rejecting his Sonic movie proposals. He claimed that SEGA of Japan rejected his proposal because he is a gaijin rather than the fact that the script he wrote for said proposal is pretty much just another fanfic that sucked ass.

This bloomed into a beautiful rose of lulz in a later thread, in which Sonmanic reported that his second attempt at pitching his shitty-ass script to SEGA of Japan resulted in still more fail. Not only did he accuse SEGA of Japan of being xenophobic, he threatened to drop dox on the SEGA employees involved and attempted to rally the Sonicfags at SMS to spam their inboxes. Predictably, his attempt to turn SMS into his personal army failed miserably.

Sonmanic the Amazing Adult Baby

Lulz were already raining from the heavens by this point, but then out of nowhere the discovery of his diaper fetish came like the big cream cake that drops down at the end of a screen of Bubble Bobble. His Diaperspace profile has since been baleeted. However, images from his profile, as well as blog screenshots, have been archived for posterity (and to frighten small children and the elderly).

Like a real baby before shitting his onesies, he went into hiding and pulled everything down. However, thanks to the internet, the Streisand Effect eventually takes its natural course to inform the innocent...

Diaperspace and Fetlife Blogs


OK Cupid Fail

A hilarious journal post whining about the evils of Valentine's Day.

As anyone could have guessed, Sonmanic is also single, so ronery and desperate to find a mate. In fact, he's been a member of OK Cupid since 2004 (though his account has since been deleted) and is still single. Get him while he's hot, ladies! How is it possible that a self-employed, backstabbing, video-game obsessed babyfur could go without a girlfriend for so long? He naturally conceals his sick furry perversions from potential mates.

I havent been successful in the dating department and never really been in a long term relationship that lasted over 2 months. I sometimes contemplate that I'll end up being alone and never finding true love.


—Sonmanic, forgetting that nobody could love him

You should message me if: youre interested in being with a man whos inteligent


—Sonmanic, master of irony


His faggotry can also be found within the putrid depths of MySpace. Here are some examples of his blogs wherein he yammers on about his involvement with the Sonic fandom.

Other faggotry

When he isn't repeatedly ban-jumping message boards for an old cartoon, or shitting his adult diapers to get off, he can be found furiously masturbating to pictures of Princess Sally from said programs.

Sonmanic has an odd obsession with the character of Princess Sally from the Saturday Morning Sonic the lolhog cartoon, he spent over $500 on a plush doll of the character and rarely passes up an opportunity to mention that fact (as a true testament to his devotion) or post pictures of himself with said cumrag.

The Next Project

After SEGA rejected Sonmanic's brilliant script, he decided to teach SEGA a lesson for their racism in the most hilariously pathetic way possible. That's right, he was going to heroically make a film, starring their intellectual property, without their consent, and with no funding. That'll show'em!

Anyone who has read the aforementioned script, whose brilliance was such that he refused to alter it, will know that it would be payback indeed. Fortunately, you can't, because the link we had on before is as dead as his brain.

Donation Drive

Of course, prices of baby powder and wet-wipes being what they are, Sonmanic couldn't afford fantardery and obsession of this magnitude alone. Thus, he began begging for donations to fund his life's vision; a movie about a small blue rodent that runs really fast... even though hedgehogs are insectivores, not rodents.

Things were about to backfire REALLY badly.

Part of his plan involved hiring the artists who helped him to draw the character sheets for his previously failed fan project. Yes, the VERY PEOPLE he'd tried to shit on in order to clear his name. As if this weren't proof enough of his magnificent intellect, he actually forgot that he had promised them payment for the last project. Needless to say, the artists gave a big fat "NO" this time around and so he is stuck looking for unsuspecting artists who previously had not been acquainted with him or his thieving faggotry.

Sonmanic Made A Bad Future In Act 1

TLDR: the artists involved who were never paid decided to threaten to tip SEGA off to his current operation for lulz in lieu of payment if he did not pony up. The immediate response from this sad diaper-soiling fuck was to hurriedly take down all traces of his operation from his blogs. As you can tell from this article, the internet never forgets.

Desperate for praise, he decided to spread his faggotry and AIDS to the Nintendo fandom by anonymously tipping off a Nintendo fan blog to his own failed project. As you can see from this blog entry, Sonmanic (aknotholeresident in this case) will still not tell the truth about his plagiarism. He insists on coming up with story after story blaming everyone else but himself, this time reaching a new level of assholery actually trying to pin the blame on the artist he tried to rip off. Fortunately after Cionex came in there and told the truth of the matter, the baby fur fag actually shut the fuck up for once. This might just be the most attention he will get in his pathetic, miserable life.

Teh ironiez.

Desperate last ditch attempt to molest real artists via craigslist

In May of 2008, a craigslist ad appeared titled "Calling all 2D animators". In sonmanic-language this means, "furfag wants to shit up your inbox with pitiful ploy to get you to work on his sadfag fanmovie". This led to lols from the unsuspecting artists who replied to the ad and got sonmanic's form letter, then discovered this ED page.

sonmanic's form letter:

After combing through your resume, you certainly seem like an appropriate match for this project.  Your resume certainly has an
impressive track record ensuring that the quality of your work will reflect in this animated film.  I also noticed that your
proficient in (REDACTED) which is another position I need to fill.  So heres the elaborate details regarding the concept.
I'm in search for animators to assist me in producing a 2D animated feature for a fan-made internet distribution.  This
will be a non-profitable film that involves no physical release, but only through download or stream via Newgrounds or Atom
Films. I feel this method will usher in a new era of film as its currently doing for the music industry.  Before I
begin, I would like to give you a more insight on my background. By introduction, my name is sonmanic; writer and
film maker from the SF Bay Area in addition to being a long time fan of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. I’m anxious
to deliver a proposal that will sure to turn heads at your headquarters.  I want to entertain the idea for a SONIC THE
HEDGEHOG feature film that I have been developing for the last 3 years.  

What’s the current status?  Character model sheets have been designed, and treatment, a trilogy outline and a 2nd
draft script has been written.  As a multitalented artist in the entertainment industry and veteran Sonic fan, I've
dedicated my life in one day contributing to this popular video game franchise.  Here’s a brief layout of my vision.
The film will borrow an array of elements from the Sonic buffet including the comics, video games, tv shows (90s ver), and
something new to the table. It will deliver massive appeal to Sonic fans worldwide and a general audience by telling
an original; cohesive story.  

By using this formula, it would avoid alienating the fan base by incorporating everything associated with Sonic from his
17+ year career into an epic, adventurous trilogy.  Plus the purpose of this film would tie together multiple continuities,
bring back elements from the past, refine the Sonic universe, and give the characters real personality, emotion,
and widespread appeal. This could have an incredible effect on his worldwide image and popularity, and set the whole
franchise on a new course in a positive way.  The goal for this film is to aim for a 2011 release date to coincide with
the 20th Anniversary of SONIC THE HEDGEHOG; delivering that nostalgic experience to the audience from when they first picked
up a Sega Genesis in 1991.  Though if the production is completed early, it wouldn't harm anything.  

We live in a fascinating and an endearing era where nostalgia has become the new trend in reviving old franchises such
as TMNT, Transformers, Alvin in the Chipmunks, and Speed Racer which seems to capture that childlike innocence in today’s
movie goers.  With the addition of Spyro the Dragon, Castlevania, Earthworm Jim, Prince of Persia and other upcoming
game-to-theatrical releases, Sonic would defiantly satisfy.  I will certainly compensate you for your time and cooperation in
producing this epic masterpiece.  Is there a ball park figure you can lay out for me?

The materials are all laid on the table; it just needs the right people to create something way past cool!  I appreciate your
time in considering the proposal, a pleasure making your acquaintance, and I look forward to your reply.


sonmanic, Writer/Director

sonmanic's sadfag attempt to hype himself screams "wannabe", as do his egotistical delusions of being a "film maker", "director", owner of a "design firm", "artist", etc. Trying to sucker real professionals into taking him seriously makes him a piece of shit, and makes them want to beat him like a red-headed stepchild.

Panhandling fail

Most inept of all is the way sonmanic earns the "wannabe" title with his own shitty presentation on the front page of his website. The first thing any visitor will see is a "paypal donation" button. (Do real artists pay their bills by begging on the internet instead of getting paid for their art?) This makes sonmanic more lazy and less successful than junkie trash who go outside and panhandle in public.

Update, January 25, 2009: Sonmanic's head is still so firmly wedged up his soggy-diapered pooper, that he is STILL spamming craigslist with sadfag panhandling beggary for donations to make his wannabe "movie". So what if brown people die in Darfur, this genius has a better cause!! Dipshit. Dipshit. Dipshit. Get off the internet.

Seeking donations to help fund an animated fan film

I'm a writer/director seeking donations or someone willing to invest in a non-proft animated feature fan film 
I've been developing for 4 years. I specialize in graphic design, video production, screenplay writing, and 
visual FX. Pre-production has been completed and we require the funds to proceed with the animation phase. Listed 
below is what I have completed thus far:

-Character Model Sheets
-Concept Art
-4th Draft Script
-Voice Recordings

This epic adventure will chronicle the journeys of a young hero who rises up to power in conquering his 
mental/physical demons while overcoming his obstacles and eventually defeating his malicious adversary. The style
of animation will be 2D handdrawn implemented with CGI FX, harkening to the classic era of Disney films of the 
90s. In addition, we're launching a viral marketing campaign to hype the film while its in production. Elaborate
details of the film will be disclose upon response. I'm really passionate about this film considering that I've 
invested my time and money into the pre-production stage and its been idly sitting around for a couple months now.

If you'd like to see a sample of the animation, you can view it at - (REDACTED, the demo reel of a poor sap.) -  
I'm planning on having 8 animators involved with this project including myself. This 
includes 2 keyframers, 2 tweeners, 2 background artists, and 2 3d artists. The studio we're collaborating with 
has been very generous and shares the same emphatic zeal in delivering a modern animated classic that I can 
confidently attest will be nothing short of awesome. The amount required to procede with the animation phase is 
$9,000. I really appreciate your financial assistance and hope my talented group of artists can finally proceed 
with the animation. With all the dedication and passionate people aboard this project, it would really mean a lot 
to me if we can finally get this film produced. The motivation is fueled inside me and I'm willing to do anything 
to get it made. I have recently set up a paypal account so I can recieve donations. If you have questions, feel 
free to ask. Id be more than happy to expound on the premise of the film and the struggles and sacrifices 
regarding its development. Thanks for your time and charity!



They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha Ha

During the creation of this article, our friend Sonmanic decided to inform us that after a full year and a half he still has not gotten over being banned from a message board based around a cartoon show. In a hilarious e-mail that was sent to FUS admin RockyRaccoon, Sonmanic whined yet again about the hostility in the Sonic fandom which he is mysteriously unable to avoid and warned how SEGA and FUS will come to regret rejecting him from their communities.

Realizing that the day was pretty much lost, he proceeded to swear revenge on SEGA's evil conspiracy to make Sonic products without his involvement and vowed never to stop until he got his epic vision made into film. In closing, the Sonic community envies him because he "accomplished so much" while the rest "have a few cracks in their foundations that have yet to be fixed."

BAAWWWingest email ever written.

Like a lost dog, Sonmanic always comes back. Unlike a lost dog, Sonmanic isn't wanted.

As you can see, Sonmanic means SRS BIZNS. According to him, recording oneself for twenty minutes wanking about their own tall tales of achievements in a Sonic fandom is ttly contributing guise. As if that wasn't hilarious enough, you can find him obsessively joining the IRC chatroom on FUS.

Another Board Another Life

Screencap from Sonmanic's camwhore diary of epic fail

In June of 2007, Sonmanic nearly made meme status when he could no longer take the taunting of a local Weezer fanboard troll and decided it was time to let everyone know what he thought of the whole group.

Sir Sonmanic Addresses His Public

He posted a video to his youtube account in the style of one of his other lame internet heroes, the Irate Gamer, with such classic lines as:

Sadly, after being linked on Digg and who even knows what other corners of the internets, perhaps realizing his poor judgment, he removed the video. Then in another ironic twist, this bootlegger had remixes and reposts of his video removed from the internet for copyright violations. Unfortunately for Sonmanic, videos like these never get completely removed from the internet.

Department of Internet Accounts, Protocols, Evaluations and Reprimand

Sonmanic didn't realize this spelled out DIAPER for almost an entire week.

After an intense phone conversation, Sonmanic was convinced he was being hacked/spied on by someone in England. Sonmanic then received a mysterious e-mail from "Mark Jackson" of the "Department of Internet Accounts, Protocols, Evaluations and Reprimand," a supposed government anti-online bullying organization so secret, they don't even have a website.

For almost an entire week, Sonmanic began his pursuit to "officially shut down" the Weezernation message board. However, his crusade with "Mark Jackson" came to complete halt after Sonmanic discovered this government agency had a questionably hilarious acronym referencing his past interests.

Save Sonic Stupidity

Somewhere in 2007, our fellow shithead decided to try another Sonic forum. This time, it was, a shitty board that is dedicated trying to get Ryan Drummond, Sonic's awful voice actor from 1998-2005 to voice the series again. (Spax3 used to run the place, so that should say enough about it). Sonmanic promised everyone that he would make a Sonic movie, but to appeal to the Save Sonicfags, he said that Ryan Drummond would voice act in it. Everyone except for like three people believed him. Seriously Faggy, an admin, read his "script", and said it was the best he ever seen.

However, Quexinos, the same dumb bitch who jills off to One Piece/Kingdom Hearts yaoi, found out about Sonmanic's plans, and made a tl;dr post about how he is a lying piece of shit. She was banned moments later, as Save Sonic will ban anyone for anything. However, Sonmanic left Save Sonic shortly after Quexinos called him out. Coincidence? I think not!

Game Over for Sonmanic

Christmas comes early!

Even SEGA got so fed up with Sonmanic and his constant harassment with his inane and vapid twat proposals of a Sonic movie that they sent him a formal letter telling him to fuck off or get sued. Apparently, he didn't get the message the first time they rejected him and kept hammering them with his proposals. As if getting rejected for the billionth time wasn't funny enough, he actually took it upon himself to record himself opening up the rejection letter.

This can mean two things, either Sonmanic is no longer able to inflict to the world his painfully stupid ideas regarding Sonic, hopefully becoming an hero as a result. Or, he will try something stupid and drastic, getting himself V&. Either way, it would most likely mean more lulz for the masses.

Unfortunately, later on, after discovering that his latest failure came to light on ED. Sonmanic has deleted the video in question and pointed the blame squarely onto Sonique (Apparently Shishikabob on ED) for the creation of this section.

It makes me question our recently amended friendship. You betrayed my trust, you are the epitome of evil and now it will be impossible for me to forgive you for this malice behavior.


—Sonmanic, Spilling his impotent nerd rage

In addition, Sonmanic, who has been obsessively stalking this page all this time, flew off the fucking handle as this section is being expanded. Delivering yet another "Fuck you! I'm leaving the fandom!" rant and pointing the finger of blame at the dumb cunt Sonique. Sonmanic proves that he can still be milked for the lulz even a year after the article's initial creation. This makes at least 100 "leaving the fandom, back in 5 mins" rants that he has made to this day and he shows no sign of stopping.

Yeah....I lost count too.

Doctor Sonmanic's Stunning Diagnosis!

Sonmanic even got banned from Saturday Morning Sonic forums. The white knight PorpoiseMuffins, sick of his manipulation and bullshit, laid down the banhammer.

After promising to change yet AGAIN, and being told to fuck off yet AGAIN, he decided to leave the fandom, yet AGAIN! He decided the best course of action would be to IM his good friend Quexinos and pass along the message to her. After baaawing for a while, he finally came to the amazing conclusion that all Sonic fans, and all of his enemies, must have autism and that's why he can't fit in anywhere.

just remember Nique, all I wanted to do with help but you and other Sonic fans got the wrong idea... cause im the only one that doesnt have some type of mental disorder like autism which sadly most Sonic fans have


—Sonmanic making a stunning diagnosis. Full conversation can be read here.

This gives doctors around the world a new test for autism: if you aren't Sonmanic but you are on the Saturday Morning Sonic forums, you are autistic.

The Quest For Attention Continues

Not one to give up after being repeatedly banned and emasculated in front of his peers, Sonmaniac decided to plague another forum with his butthurt. He hoped that perhaps the Sonic fans at ScrewAttack would want to get in on the cock sucking fest that is his project. He proceeded to upload several YouTube videos showing his "progress".

These appear as if they have been ripped out of SatAM and the Sonic Movie. He even claims in his intro to have permission from Sega of America (see cease and desist order above). Will he have his asshole ripped open by DIC and Sega again? Only time will tell.

Update: In a recent bid for sympathy and perhaps a realization of fail, Sonmanic has declared that he might make his movie with flash. Despite the fact that this is clearly him trying to get out of doing IRL work, 98% of people on SMS continue to suck his e-penis and are convinced that this shitty fanfic will revive the whole fucking series and give them new Princess Sally porn to fap to.

Update 2: He has uploaded a new trailer on Youtube that strings together what he had posted before. This trailer is probably the total of his work over the years since it makes no fucking sense, shows no sign of a plot, and looks like something that was left in Sonmanic's diaper.

Update 3:

Quitting the fanbase forever!

Prank calls are such serious business to Sonmanic, that quits his fan film again.
Sonmanic entertains a forum with tales of his personal life (yet again)

After bitching about how no one cares about his attempt to revive a children cartoon from 10 years ago, Sonmanic has decided to quit the fanbase again. He screams that the fanbase no longer cares about the "TRUE" Sonic from the 90's and therefore does not deserve it. That and how no one has given him a large sum of cash to shit in his diapers with. So with relatively little effort from the trolls, the three people out of his two man fanbase caused Sonmanic to kill his dreams...again.

A 15 Year Old Makes Sonmanic Cry

Recently, TSSZ news, who keeps fans up to date on the latest Sonic news did an exclusive on our furry friend and revealed the real reason Sonmanic had to quit the project. Apparently, a 15 year old was harassing, stalking and prank calling his family. He decided the best course of action would be to quit his project yet again, to keep his family safe from the danger that is 15 year old boys. Although, not much is known on the evil 15 year old except that he has a phone that he uses to prank families with. One would advice those out there to stay inside, buy some curtains, and purchase a dog to keep the life threatening juvenile away. But be warned, he is known to be sexually explicit when calling and chances are, he has no life.

Sobmanic on the other hand, as per usual is now spending his time, whining and crying to every Sonic site that hasn't ousted him yet about how immature the fandom is and warning them to stay away from deadly 15 year olds. His recent plea for attention is located here. Trolling is encouraged.

Sonmanic vs Green Eyed Sonic

In early 2010, the babyfur reached a whole new level of pathetic when the trailer for Sonic The Hedgehog 4 was released. Sonmanic's response? A 360 degree bitchfit. The cause? Sonic having green eyes. That's right. He started a flamewar over the eye color of a cartoonish videogame hedgehog's eyes. For some reason six seconds of game footage left Sonmanic wailing that Sega has betrayed him. He treats the absence of the 16-bit Sonic sprite as if he's just been dumped by his boyfriend. Theres a thread of over 9000 posts of Sonmanic's endless whining and crying non-stop about how "Sonic 4 doesn't belong in this world!!!" and how Sega doesn't care about him. Well, his own family doesn't, so why should the people who sent him a restraining order?

He also made another video starring the sick little diaperfur cuddling his Sonic doll and then going into his 9002nd "BAWW! SEGA DOSEN'T CARE ABOUT OLD FANS!!!" rant, ending with (of course) "FUCK YOU SEGA!!! I'M QUITTING THE FRANCHIZE!!" Like we haven't heard that one before...

Oh, and it didn't stop there. Two more rant videos followed, with a truely AWESOME string of comments and video responses from Youtubers telling him to fuck off and/or grow up. Butthurt once again, he deleted the videos, leaving this message.

I removed the string of rant videos cause apparently, this generation is devoid of intelligence and would rather drink the SEGA Kool Aid then rather think for themselves


—Sonmanic, Butthurt that no one agrees with him about the eye color of a cartoon hedgehog.

Oh, yes. Not nitpicking about the fucking color of Sonic's eyes makes us devoid of intelligence. Why don't we complain about how the next-gen consoles have no "blast processing", or how the game is on digital download and not cartridge based? You know what we SHOULD be worried about? We need to worry about what fucking shade of white Sonic's gloves will be!

Have fun watching old episodes of SatAM every night alone in your bedroom.



So, let me see if I've got this straight. Because people aren't as fucking pathetic as you are, and don't mind the graphical upgrade, you are saying all of us are stupid?

Well, a thousand fucking pardons if we aren't willing to live in the fucking past like you, you whiny little bitch.

You can delete your videos and pretend they never existed, bu we all know that you spent four goddamn videos bitching about three seconds of gameplay footage. You have shown how childish a Sonic fan can actually be.

Go fuck yourself.



Apparently, anyone who doesn't think Sonic's eye color is a matter not to be taken lightly (for example EVERYBODY) is a retard without an opinion of their own. Sore loser much? Altogether, these things solidified his position as the single most hated person in the Sonic The Hedgehog fanbase.He later faked an apology via yet another video, only to later prove himself unable to stop whining about his obsession for the 16 bit Sonic.

When Sonic the Hedgehog 4 was finally released, Sonmanic decided to try and get the acclaim he so desperately wants by making a review. Claiming this to be "the review the fanbase has been waiting for!". Of course, he lied about the whole thing. He still hates the game. Then again, Sonic is produced by those mean people who wouldn't make his fanfic into a cinema-release feature film and pay him lots of money for it, so once again, he thinks that his childhood has been raped.

He is not Eggman (or the Walrus)!

As if the big bitchfit he threw over Sonic's eyes wasn't enough, Sonmanic then started crying about Eggman not being called Robotnik anymore.

I'm a Knight In Shining Armor because I whine about videogames!

Sonmanic's next claim to lame was stating that only the brave and wise complain about the Sonic series. He claims that anyone who likes any Sonic game released after Sonic & Knuckles is a cowardly fool, and that he himself is a wise couragous soul for acting as though everything Sega does is an afront to his childhood.

I think so much damage has been done from Sega and the fan base in the last decade that it will take years to rectify the franchise to its glory. The problem is that the next gen fans essentially control the communities and they refuse to research Sonic's past cause they always say "times have changed, move on." Plus while the old school fans try to encourage the younger fans to at least read the comics, watch SatAM or play the old games, they of course gloss over them and assume were retro purists. That's not it at all. We just care about GOOD material. Then these morons think demanding for quality products is considered pretentious. I feel like I'm in that movie Idiocracy where the future is full of lazy, apathetic retards that live in their filth and blindly accept crap. If people aren't courageous enough to call Sega out on their BS, that's where we're headed. The games will continue their downward slope cause nobody was either brave or smart enough to acknowledge the imperfections.


—Sonmanic, Whining as usual.

Relevant Faggotry About missing Pics
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Sonmanic "quits" the Sonic fanbase in 2010

Long story short, after making a huge drama-filled exit, he returned about 3 weeks later. Realizing that without making a fan film devoted to a blue anamorphic hedgehog, his life has no purpose

Sonmanic Is Up for Adoption

Once again showcasing his epic case of Unwarranted Self-Importance, Sonmanic has now put himself up for adoption. Unlike most adults who would lower their standards and take any job that pays until they can get back on their feet, Sonmanic has instead opted to beg random strangers on the internet for housing. But not just any stranger will do, they must be female, and they must be willing to not only partake in his diaper fetish, but pay all his living expenses as well. Sounds like a fair deal right? At this point in his life, Sonmanic should seriously consider joining the Sea Org. They will give him shelter for one billion years and he's already got many of the qualities that they look for in members.

In the end, he went back to live with his mother. There goes his fantasy of having a mommy he can fuck. Or does it...?

Sonic Fan Film: The Faggotry Strikes Back

Never one to give up on his endless quest to be the center of attention, our least favourite furfag returned to working on his beloved fanfilm, having finally found an animation studio, that will animate his fanfic and still let him take all the credit for their work.

The Fundraiser of Fail Returns

Of course, since animating an hour and a half of Sonic-Shit takes time, the animators in question needed to be compensated for their trouble. So, Sonmaic, thinking that no one would turn down such a noble cause, decided to beg stangers on the net for the cash. Yes, he actually believes that very same people he denounced as "Sega Kool-aid drinkers" will fund his movie.

Warning, high levels of pretentious nonsense.

New animation team, same old Sonmanic

He later claimed that the restraining order Sega sent him was just a silly misunderstanding.

Sonmanic Sinks to a Whole New Level of Low

This entry could have been a sub-section of Sonic Fan Film-Faggotry, but the unforgivable nature of what Sonmanic did next merits its own section.

On August 31st, the Sonic fandom learned that Ben Hurst, chief writer for season 2 of the SatAM Sonic cartoon and one of Sonmanic's many harassment victims, had passed away. Sonmanic, being the selfish little fucktard that he is, saw it as an opportunity to advertise his precious movie. He tried to advertise the fanfilm in the thread, where the news was announced, claiming that his fan wank movie will be dedicated to Ben Hurst's memory. Then he announced the same thing on his movie's donation page, thinking that if he dedicates his crappy fanfic to Hurst, fans will think him heroic, and pay to get it animated.

Furthernote, Im dedicating this project to the loving memory of Ben Hurst; writer of the SatAM cartoon show. He was a continuing source of inspiration growing up and the reason I wanted to pursue animation and multimedia. Even though he never saw his Sonic movie come to fruition, I feel that the torch has been passed to me in order to complete his unfinished tasks.


—Sonmanic, crossing the line.

Sonmanic's Unemployable

Because of all this drama she caused, shes the reason why Im not socially acceptable or and why I'm rejected from job opportunities.


—Sonmanic, His evaluation of why he's an unemployable outcast from society

Apparently he has been having some problems finding friends, or a job. The reason for this is the forum drama caused by Sonique. Not the bootlegging, his compulsive lying (or "forgetfulness" as he puts it), his ridiculously unprofessional behavior, his temper tantrums, his posting of private communications between himself and Sega employees, his receipt of a cease and desist order for harassment of Sega employees, his self-confessed harassment of a cartoon writer whose death he then tried to use to promote his film, the accusations of racism he made against Sega, his intention to use somebody else's intellectual property without permission, his panhandling, his copyright infringement, the fact he posed as an officially sanctioned producer of Sonic media, or his mass-sending of unsolicited messages to artists asking for their help while posing as such. And it definitely isn't the smell of baby powder and stale urine that accompanies his job applications.

Sonmanic Eyes become Green with Envy

Upon discovering that not only did someone else have the nerve to make a Sonic fan film of their own, but they dared to get Jaleel White on board to voice Sonic, Sonmanic burst into tears and his boyfriend Nicochi burst into narcissistic rage, trying to put down the competition, so that people will donate their money to Sonmanic's diaper fund movie instead.

Reflections of a Wannabe Hipster

How could this happen to Sonmanic? He's made his mistakes, got nowhere to run...

Oh wait, this isn't a video by Simple Plan. Although after watching this video, one can see why that's an easy mistake to make.

This video is a wonderful mix of delusions, whining, and contradictions. One would think that if Sonmanic was tired of being lectured he would leave the internet. But seeing as how his massive ego needs constant praise from people half his age this is very unlikely to happen. Hopefully Sonmanic will at least be able to afford some shampoo that he desperately needs soon.

Sonmanic quits again

Even Sonmanic can't stand his nazi bitch-buddy.

After creating a blog on DeviantART, showing off his massive ego and thinking that people care, he wrote a lengthy article on how he came to Sonic, and of course tried to twist the reality of his previous misconducts and his case on the green eyed Sonic bullshit. He was trying to paint it up like it wasn't the green eyes that bothered him, saying the complaint was metaphorical to the whole Modern Sonic. This soon evolved into a flame war between Spax3 and Nicochi, Sonmanic's epic knight of failure, who was trying to defend against him with pathetic insults.

This overgrown baby also can't handle situations where he's uncovered, and like he's been done over 9000 times before, he closed his DeviantART and YouTube accounts. Unfortunately nobody screen-capped the lulz-fest, but seeing as how his My Little Pony faggotry influenced him to restart his shitty Sonic fan film, again, we can expect him to come back, despite being humiliated at least 100 times by now.

However, he re-opened his DA account just to put the finger on his own butt-buddy Nicochi, according to Spax3 even Sonmanic got sick of his batshit crazy attitude, but we all know it's just him trying to divert blame from himself. In a tl;dr blog, he bitches about Nicochi destroying his friendships, and bitches about leaving the fanbase, yet again.

But don't worry dear readers, for we all know that Sonmanic's ego just can't live on without the praise of fellow babyfurs, 12 year old little kids and rabid Sonic fans. Seeing as how he even backstabbed the only person who ever truly seemed to have liked him sucked his e-penis just to whore for more attention, nothing will ever change. The cycle shall begin again.

He's back... AGAIN

So as we've all expected, the babyfurfag is back in his tracks and unleashing horror on YouTube with his gay diaper fetish, and his newfound love of My Little Pony. If you can bear to visit his new YouTube account and you have the stomach to actually watch that shit, go ahead, and then troll the fuck out of this diaper humping faggot.

Oh and if you thought Richard Kuta's previous videos of his diaper humping faggotry were bad enough, watch now as he tries to make your eyes bleed by showing you his diaper covered, disgusting hairy ass hole or shows you how he molts his skin like the disgusting alien lizard man he is. Truly this time he's really hit the bottom of the internet, and is just about to become an hero after his next impending emasculation. He literally achieved being just as pathetic as Chris Chan.

ATTENTION! Sonmanic will now hire the worst hitman ever known to mankind, he will go after SegaKoolAid, Spax and SolidSnakeProductions, and molest them with pacifiers and diapers before killing them with a toy water gun filled with Robotnik's corrosive semen that they stole from the raped assholes of his victims! Be very afraid people, hide your undiapered bums! LOL


Post-Sonicfaggotry Reformation

Sonmanic managed to stay out of the public eye for several years after the failure of his Sonic Fanfic movie and his damaged reputation in the Sonic community. But who knows what hes being doing since. Some say mostly lurking on My Little Pony sites, but confirmation surfaced that hes hosting low-budget album review show. As of Jan 2015, he has risen from ashes and had that long awaited epiphany on how much of a colossal ass hes been. A long winded post was made on SegaKoolAid's Sonic 4 video that provides information on what the fuck hes been doing after he left the internet 4EVORZ!

Hi guys, its me. The assclown from the video. Its been a long time hasn't it? Nearly 5 years to be exact. Im still in awe how I posted this atrocity and thought at one point of my life, that it was actually a good idea. But shortly after, I promptly removed it but was immediately uploaded to this troll account which to this day eternally broadcasts my past failures. In hindsight, I dont know WTF I was thinking with this, but perhaps I can shed some light on the subject matter. At the time, I was still an obsessive Sonicfan brat that thrived on Sonic related message boards. Constantly hounding for attention and projecting outlandish claims on why my sub-division of a franchise was more superior. Yeah, immature internet drama. You can could say I was delusional, or perhaps an insane egocentric douche. I prefer all of the above cause watching this half a decade later, is surreal to me. Not cause it still exists, but how its like watching a completely different person. Anyway, I thought it would appropriate to inform you guys on what my status is and how the last couple years have panned out for me.'

First off, lets address the user SegaKoolAid. Such a delightful individual that invested his leisure harassing and crank calling people. But you know what they say, karma is a bitch and he got what deserved. For those who are unaware, he was arrested in 2012 for vehicular manslaughter, serving a 15 year jail sentence. How did it happen? Drunk driving and rear ending a vehicle instantly killing a 10 year old girl. LOL and you guys thought I had baggage.

As for me, I officially left the Sonic community in early 2011 and pretty much disconnected myself from online fan bases in general. The only venues I post at are either facebook, twitter, deviantart, and tumblr. Nothing outside of my personal networks basically. I wouldn't say I became more reserved, but more social and extroverted. Basically, getting my life back together. I moved out of my moms, I landed a successful career, and became much more active in a myriad of activities. Even though people will still flock to this video and post insulting comments, understand that said video does not reflect the person who I am in 2015. With that said, I hope I added some clarity since I honestly do regret ever filming this shit.


Closing Notes

Some images speak for themselves.

Sonmanic is a pathetic, socially-broken, shit-eating babyfur with moronic followers who have either fallen for his lies, or who simply don't care and hope his ectopic community fame will rub off on them like the musty smell of spunksocks.

He is also part of the reason why Encyclopedia Dramatica exists in the first place. Or rather, people like him. Every corner of the internet has a special somebody in the community's history, that sooner or later, it's not going to be easy to tell the younger generations their story again and again before the somebody can get to them. And so, it is our sworn duty to retell their tale for all to hear. It's kind of like the very end of James And The Giant Peach. But with more hatred.

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