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Mr. Rogers, infamous psychopath.
Karl Rove, Machiavellian campaign coordinator.
Sigmund Freud, a psychopath who killed his victims with skullcrushing brainbreaking paradoxical enigmatic mindwaves (also: fellatio).
How to spot a psychopath!

Psychopaths (also known as sociopaths) are people like me. They feel misunderstood and maligned by society because, in contrast to their reputation for atrocity, they have done a lot of really good things. Among their accomplishments are taking up the task of bringing peace to the Middle East, championing faith in God, and removing the undesirable elements from society. The diligent reader should take care not to confuse most teenagers with psychopaths. Teens are responsible for a plurality of automobile accidents, angst, and lame music; except for a couple noteworthy individuals.

According to online psychometric surveys, readers and users of Encyclopedia Dramatica are wildly more psychopathic (and/or autistically gifted) than the general population, which doesn't understand our special talents and insights into the human condition. Recently, Encyclopedia Dramatica has been a subject of controversy due to mainstream (i.e. bribed) psychiatrists pointing out its nature as a networking and breeding ground for psychopathic personalities.

Sociopaths and the Internet

I would like to say though, Sully, if this helps at all, that I think the people who make the best trolls or do just generally troll shit are the same people who either got bullied at school or just ignored everyone at school.


—-Some loser on the PVCC forums(AKA The Chris Chan trolling hub)

Most trolls consider themselves sociopaths. They think all those years being bullied and ignored at school have hardened their soul. The years spent in their bedrooms with no social contact have turned them into cold hearted nihilists, no longer capable of feeling emotional pain. Only they understand real pain, and it is therefore them and only them that can really hurt people. As a defense mechanism, they malign the whole of the human race. Bitter and introverted, they find hope on Encyclopedia Dramatica. A Typical ED forum topic.

Ironically, the misanthropic troll always jumps at the opportunity to talk about himself. A topic like 'do you have sociopathic tendencies' is always guaranteed to net pages and pages of replies on the ED forums. This is why you as an encyclopedia dramatica user will need the following guide.

Trolling the trolls:

- Suggest that the reality is that everyone hates them, and not the other way around.

- Suggest that it was their fault that they were bullied at school. Point out that most kids that are bullied tend to be cocks anyway.

- Say you don't like the works of Chuck Palahniuk or Charles Bukowski.

- Tell them their cynical insights into the human psyche are pathetic.

- Point out that ironically, it is them who cannot take criticism. Otherwise why would they be riling internet users rather than immersing themselves in life itself and dealing with all the pain and setbacks it entails.

Identifying Our Psycho Friends

Psychopaths possess numerous personality traits that set them apart from everyone else.

  • Characteristic open honesty about themselves and their past.
  • Kindly willingness to help out. They're so nice and helpful, so next time one of them asks you for help, please return the favor.
  • High achievement. You will be amazed that someone who has accomplished so much is willing to talk to little ole you.
  • Psychopaths possess the remarkable talent of being able to keep cool in the fiercest of situations.
  • Bold vision. Psychopaths are ready to think outside the box, no matter how radical their ideas may seem to others.
  • Fun loving. Join one on an outing; you'll be sure to have an unforgettable time!
  • Many psychopaths have high leadership potential. Whether it is their way of words or their friendly demeanor, they attract groupies like flies to honey(& shit). There is also a web-community called Sociopath-Community created specificly for sociopaths and the discussion of sociopathy in general. The community is unmoderated, but quite functional. Interestingly, the community gets a lot of empaths as well.

Psychopathy's Bad Reputation

Unfortunately, some in the psychiatric and criminological professions have termed the valuable personality traits of psychopathy a personality disorder because they're jealous. The American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders calls it antisocial personality disorder, and the United Nations World Health Organization's International Classification of Diseases calls it dissocial personality disorder. All the diagnostic criteria for these personality disorders are false and misleading.

In many cases, the diagnostic signs of so-called psychopathic personality disorder are the exact opposite of how psychopaths truly are. <- (wut) Again, the crusty old experts are just jealous that they can't mack beautiful women all day too.

The Psycho in a Relationship

Occasionally a woman finds herself in a relationship with a psychopath; in this case, she is incredibly lucky. Sadly, these women are often not ready for a real man and become doubly aware of their personal inadequacies when attempting to love a psychopath. This woman, when facing the harsh reality of herself, may break down and blame all her shortcomings on her significant other.

When the psychopath finally breaks off his relationship with his "lover," he can breathe a sigh of relief and continue to live his life independently. Being the endlessly giving and forgiving people that they are, psychopaths too often end up with callous, controlling mates.

Of course, never thinking of himself, the psychopath may try to help his former lover by initiating contact again. Can she make it without me?, Is she safe?, Is she heart broken that I left her? are the thoughts that dominate a psychopath's mind after he ends a romantic relationship. Thus worried, the psychopath may then call her to check up on her every so often or follow her to work and home to make sure she's doing all right. He may even offer her a second chance.

Many people seeking sociopath related relationship advice use the Web Community

The Psycho at the Helm

Psycho Kid Niggers can't be psychopaths

Sometimes psychopaths are chosen to lead a team, corporation, or even a whole country. Since psychopaths are bold visionaries and superb leaders, change will rapidly follow their ascent. Some sticklers will always be more concerned about details like procedure and caution, and these people just get in the way when a psychopath is about to revolutionize things! As with relationships, the subordinates to a psychopathic leader may sense their personal inadequacies for the first time. They may spread rumors about the psychopath's taking sadistic pleasure in firing the obstinate employees and forcing busywork on others. They are merely projecting what they would do if they were in charge onto the kindly psychopath. They can see neither the big picture nor the subliminal messages.

The Psycho Child at Risk

Psychopaths don't just come out of no where. Psychopaths were first children. The shocking truth is children showing promise as psychopaths are at an increased risk for delinquency of all kinds. At school, the superior intelligence of the psychopathic child is easily bored because the teacher focuses his or her efforts on mere mortals. This child may act up, earning him nothing but punishment. Of course, the child is still bored with the useless facts school offers him, so he continues to act up. He may torture the class pet or the teacher's pet, tell jokes while the teacher is droning on about something, or pick on some stupid kid who's actually paying attention to the lesson. The psychiatric profession may intervene at this point and slap one of their fancy labels like attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, oppositional-defiant disorder, or conduct disorder on the poor boy.

At home the child who shows promise as a psychopath may be punished needlessly for things that aren't even his fault. His father may beat him mercilessly; and his mother, who's probably too busy fucking somebody else's dad, doesn't even notice. Sometimes a psychopath is lucky enough to have a good family; this makes his behavior all the more surprising because some experts believe psychopathy is the result of triumph over adversity.

Trolling Sociopaths

Typical psychopath behavior

You want to troll WHAT?


  1. Go to a forum with sociopathic members A great example is
  2. Insult and mock the psychos for all you're worth.
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!

Luckily for you, sociopaths can't be trolled, since they just don't care enough. If you're lucky, you might attract ones attention and be stalked by them for a while, but that's the best you're gonna manage. There are a couple of forums that exist for sociopaths, each with about three actual sociopaths and 200+ nubs. On PsychForums, (scroll down to the "Antisocial personality disorder" subforum), you can find open and frank discussions of cannibalism, while on there is a more general range of discussions. is unique in that it's an unmoderated forum. Remember, if you get an irl sociopath really pissed with you, you win the internets.

Sociopaths IRL

irl, anti-social personality disorder is characterized by black person, trouble coping with societal norms, or violating people's personal rights or lives.

So basically, whatever the fuck people say it is.


Do not copy my description. It is rude and disrespectful. IF YOU EVER TRY ME BITCH I WILL MAKE SURE YOU DIE IN COLD FUCKING BLOOD. I know were you and your family live. I am not fucking kidding. You dont see me fucking with you and your life so dont fuck with mine. If I ever see that you do this again I will have you hacked.



—A death threat from MeganLeeHeart as MeganSpeaks

I don’t think I feel things the same way you do. It’s like… at my first job. I was stealing maybe a thousand bucks a month from that place. And this kid, he was new, he got wise. And he was going to turn me in, but before he got the chance I went to the manager and pinned the whole thing on him. Kid lost his job, the cops got involved, I don’t know what happened to him. And I guess something like that is supposed to make me feel bad, right? It’s supposed to hurt, right? But instead, it’s like there’s nothing... Nothing.


—Frank the psychopath

Hey Paul! AAAAAAAAAAA! *plants axe in his head* Try getting your reservations at Dorsea now, you fucking stupid bastard! AAAAHHHHHHH! You FUCKING BASTARD!


— Christian Bale in his natural habitat.

How to deal with a psychopath.

  • GTFO!!!333!!!333

List Of Real Psychopath People

This is a list of real psychos roaming around the earth and the internet.

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