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A Sob Story is a tactic used by emotionally needy attention whores to pry undeserved sympathy out of the general public. It can be many things from how you were raped, your latest failed suicide attempt, how horrible your life is, how you hurt yourself, how your friend died and how you almost died to name just a few. With the stupidity-nurturing effects of online teen-ruled forums/communities; use of the tactic has skyrocketed just as fast as the amount of jackasses self-diagnosing themselves with Asperger's syndrome.

The truth of the matter is that almost all cases of sob stories are blatant lies. This is because people with real deaths and tragedy usually have the maturity to move on with their lives instead of being a blubbering cunt on the internets crying for attention. Another reason is despite the "tragic events", the person complaining always seems to have a perfect alibi for covering up any evidence it really happened such as "they never found the body" or "the rapist is still out there/dead" or any other TOTALLY CONVENIENT cover.

Oh and of course if you call them a liar, you are a horrible insensitive cock... I mean, like, how DARE you question it!

Why do they do it?

  • Attention
  • Being able to cry on someones shoulder; so they can feel like someone cares.
  • Pageviews on their DeviantART profile
  • To try to get unbanned from neopets
  • Begging for money or E-money in such games as Gaia & Second Life
  • To win America's Next Top Model

Examples of Sob stories

Not raped

Mexicanicepick being not raped

Mexican icepick whines on Livejournal about her tragic story about not being raped, and constantly uses triggers.

For moar see article Mexicanicepick

Examples from Art Hugbox Central

Drug Addiction, Poverty, Incest, Rape, Incest Rape, Alcoholism, Suicide, emo, Pedophilia, all in the same person.

It should be no surprise that the wapanese-sonic-furry-fan girl "artist" social networking site known as DeviantART is a breeding ground for this type of behavior.

Why daddy?

Summary of the whole jark situation

The former Co-creater of DevianTART becomes a victim of the site he tried to build by having his ass fired. After being fired he decides to milk the tartlet collective of as many hugs and emoticons as he can by posting an image of an anguished kid with quotes about "why daddy?": [1]

For moar see full article Jark

Argentina is Rape Central

As if a failed suicide attempt wansn't enough, you can add even more tragedy by mentioning the fact that your parents beat you for it! Then cry about being told to 'STFU!' WOW! She sure knows how to pull your heartstrings! Here is a suggestion: if you want the E-abuse to stop, why don't you just UNPLUG YOUR INTERNETS? Oh wait, that would compromise your flow of hugs D:

Apparently this furry from Argentina has been raped again and again by the same guy, but would sooner post the details on her deviantart journal rather than contacting the authorities. Other activities include using excessive emoticons when threatening to kill herself, but of course she doesn't do it for the attention:

PS (AND PLZ READ IT) : when I post a journal is for my friends cuz they would know me and they knew the situation,im'e not searching for help in the web as some retards think, and im'e not ashamed to say nothing, if you don't like what you see then don't say nothing, is simple, if u just wanna suggest or put an opinion, will be very welcome I aclare this too cuz ppl is srsly thinking i want attention.....if i wanted attention i would say other kind of things, as some users I know and I wont name them



Yeah, keep telling yourself that. Oh, and she has witnessed at least 100 murders, so show some sympathy plz!

im depressed for this lost, is the 3rd time i see someone dying!!!!! my father was the 1st, my other uncle was the 2nd and i had to see his dead body in the floor with a shoot in the head!!!!!!



For moar see full article: Firedarkdragon

Sonic Fan girls Try Pseudocide

He parents beat her to death and she had just enough time to tell her friend "Take care of my neopets" before she died.

In one of the worst examples of what is wrong with the internet were the events that unfolded in the early days of 2007: When a gigantic group of 13 year old furry sonic fangirls decide to make a fake suicide pact for attention and pageviews. Imagine how much these girls will lie and manipulate their way through life when they get older? Unless they are all forcibly sterilized, truly humanity is destined for failure.

For moar see full article: The Great Sonic-cide of 2007


lol lies

Even more proof that the tartlet community encourages girls to become lying cunts that use sob stories for more page views or attention:
[16:23] Capricornian: So I heard from Darkness that Rosa died IRL from a gunshot wound to the head?
[16:23] Diamonds: No..
[16:23] Capricornian: So she's still alive?
[16:23] Diamonds: Yeah I went to school with her.
[16:23] Capricornian: So Darkness is a lying little bitch?
[16:24] Diamonds: Correct
[16:25] Diamonds: I don't know how she gets away with all those lies
[16:25] Diamonds: -shakes head-
[16:36] Diamonds: i cant believe she lied about thattt
[16:37] Diamonds: Rosa goes to school with meee
[16:37] Diamonds: I see them walking togetherrrr

For moar see full article: Darknessthechao333

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