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Snugglenets IRC: Now available in Chocolate!

Originally called Dong Escrow (yet still the name of it's largest channel), Snugglenets is an IRC network that was started after the second death of ED IRC when Sherrod had shut everything the fuck down because of some drama between her and oclet. Chatters needed a place that was snuggly to get their chats on, thus Dong Escrow IRC was born.

The term Snugglenets was coined by weev in a chat between him and ajt years before the network's inception. Dong Escrow adopted the name when it began linking with bantown affiliates and the name stuck because the chats in #dongescrow are hard gay.

After a while many notable sysops and editors began idling in the channel and it became a fallback network during the second, third, and finally fourth death of ED IRC. With's network being unpredictable was still a chill place for many sysops.'s chat server has been rock solid for a few years now but snugglenets is still a great standalone server to chat with cool faggots like yourself.

Despite all of this, Snugglenets is an autonomous entity and you will find just as many people there that don't really give a shit about internet goings-on.


The history of Snugglenets is ever-changing. Various people have attempted to link with snugglenets IRC. None have succeeded in STAYING linked to Snugglenets.

Standalone Network

The first incarnation of Snugglenets, this era saw Snugglenets through its inception. As the founders of Snugglenets searched the depths of other IRC networks to find Encyclopedia Dramatica expatriates, a core user base was established, and the snuggling had commenced. During this era, DongBot made his first appearance, scraping and displaying Craigslist personals ads for max_enjoyment.

Part of Klulz

Over 9000 years ago, Snugglenets and Hardchats joined together to make a network where snuggling and chatting hard would live in harmony. Thus was born KLULZ. Eventually Glob decided #dongescrow was "too gay" (as a channel called #dongescrow should be) and killed his Ziplink. During this time, DongBot was in his prime, spouting Craigslist personals at an astonishing rate into #dongescrow.

Standalone Network

In this transitional phase of Snugglenets' history, the focus was mainly on securing the Snugglenets hub amidst flood attacks and DDOSes from Klulz. garrett had the brilliant idea to link up with Ezbake, mainly as a source of protection against the Klulz Pumpers. During this time, Snugglenets changed hosting companies, losing such wonderful bots as Dongbot in the process.

Part of EZBake

In what was possibly the shortest era of Snugglenets, the EZBake phase was a huge disruption to the snuggling experience. Services went away in favor of Starburst services which went down more often than Hoveround does on Cocks. Eventually some Drama unfolded and EZBake was dismantled in the middle of the night, leaving Snugglenets all alone once again. This era introduced snugglers to IRC Uno and Trannies.

Standalone Network

After the overnight delinking and implosion of the EZBake Network, snugglers had to get used to regular services again, as Starburst got everyone used to such wonderful commands as .int nick, while sacrificing such important things as Operserv, Chanserv, and Nickserv. Then along came Relentless.

Relentless Era

Relentless linked up a server to Snugglenets, set up statistic gathering and all that other crap that tiny irc networks don't need. After he got everything beautifully set up, Snugglenets decided Relentless was Just too gay and delinked.

Standalone Network

So stands Snugglenets today. Drama-free for the most part (lol garrett). NeoBot keeps track of our twitters and tweets, and #dongescrow lives on even now that ED IRC is back up and running.

Notable DDoSes

(It's you!)

Only retards would DDoS


Quite a few people have tried to DDOS Snugglenets. Here is a recap of a couple of the most memorable attempts.

The great DDoS of 2009


The great DDoS of 2010

Angry Computer is Angry.

Nay Quits With Style

See: Logs

Notable Inhabitants

The beloved dong mosaic.
Snugglin' it up at the hotel dongafornia

Notable Ex-Inhabitants

Bishop Day

Thursday is the day of mourning over the loss of our beloved Bishop. There are no snuggles allowed on Thursday... Only cuddles and kicking PunaKone for his treachery.

   16:46:11 -!- punakone was kicked from #dongescrow by Neo [snow nigger]


City/State Metrosexuopolis, #dongescrow is a place where many EDitors, Dramacrats and Philolsophers go to chill out. Dongescrow is responsible for maintaining the Dong Mosaic. Dong Escrow is a gay-friendly chat, because it's maintained by a bunch of fags. Chat on the 'nets comes in both Soft and Hard varieties, with varying levels of hate depending on day and seasonal conditions. As elsewhere, Jew are generally discouraged from attending.

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