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Avery Dilbert
Born 4th December 1996
Nationality Australian
Current Residence Adelaide, Australia
Occupation Youtuber Sucker of a Million Cocks
Alias(s) Avery Dilbert, Snackycakes2008, MonkeyGameGuides, Stephen McTouchBags, Joseph Young

Avery (AKA Avery Dilbert) is a WoW fanboi and a self-admitted successful troll who latched onto the anus of Jared Milton in order to gain internet notoriety. Despite the fact that his unveiling as a troll is old news, he continues to make videos as his Avery persona, which gullible wannabe trolls still get butthurt over, despite the fact that his status as a troll is more obvious now than it ever was, and that he's barely even trying anymore. However, amongst the more distinguished connoisseur of the lulz, Avery's videos are a treasure trove of endless flaming and requests that he should become an hero. However, last Thursday Avery announced that he would be making his final video detailing everything about Avery Dilbert, furthermore, ending the tale of the sucker of a million cocks; but because we know Avery can't resist the alluring idea of attention, has decided to make a feature length film with all his buddies.

Avery Dilbert Savior of Jared Milton! aka SnackyCunt2008

"You sounded like there's a penis shoved in your nose and in your throat."



—-Youtube Commenter, Telling it like it is

On July 5, 2011, a kid named Avery Dilbert decided that he would stand up for Jared and all his beliefs. He agreed with the delusion that Justin Bieber is a good singer, and was so butthurt about Jared having an ED article that he made numerous threats to people hating on Jared and Bieber, even going so far as to threaten contacting the FBI and CIA.

Oh yeah, he's steamed.


  • It should be noted in the above video that Avery performs a fabulous facepalm 16 seconds in.

He later found out that his WoW guild actually kicked him out for his video defending Jared Milton. Because of his hilarious voice and witty catch-phrases like "Immature, childish, douchebags!", and timeless classics like, "I'm really, really steamed!", he is sure to become a meme himself sometime in the near future.

Avery Dilbert's will to voluntarily swallow some of the piss and hatred blasted at Jared, however, does not and on July 11 Avery uploaded his supposed final video defending Jared.


Once I saw that Encyclopedia Dramatica page I just snapped with inside me myself


— Avery, making Porky Pig look eloquent

In this episode of thundercats, Avery claims to have known all along that all his threats were baseless, and was just trying to scare us. Not only does he know that but Avery, in his own words, is smart and Knows everything; Everything except...

  • Threatening haters isn't how you get them to leave you alone
  • Continuing to make videos isn't how you get left alone
  • Flip-flopping on your ideals for the hope of mercy from Anonymous doesn't work. Now, not only are you a fag, you're also a coward that has abandoned the only person who might give a shit about you.
  • There is only one way out
  • Threatening ED is neither original, nor effective.

We know you're reading this, Avery, squinting at these words through your dashing glasses, trying to hold back your steam. We hope you enjoy your permanent place on the internet. Come at us, bro.

LOL Just kidding, I'm back

Leave me alone!


— Avery, between mouthful's of steamed up cocks



—A summary of the above video.

Just when everyone thought he was gone, he made a video mostly of himself butthurt over the fact that ED never took down this very section, the video is nothing but him saying he had a deal with ED and that we broke his promise. The sad part is that he blames Jared for is problems and says it's all his fault, rather than his insatiable urge to swallow as many cocks as possible. It turns out this boy is completely sensitive to any haters. He also uses some dumbass words like "I'm fucked off" or some other shit.

Avery for some reason believed that ED would actually live up to the "deal".


Avery The Barbarian

Avery finally manned up and took his problems into his own hand and gathered up an army to storm into the city of Stormwind and take down his old guild as they prepared for an important raid He described it as an epic and intense battle leaving Blood, Sweat and Tears, in the midst of the chaos, he spotted his old guild leader and ran straight toward him to deliver a final and crushing blow, that would determine the future of the world (Cool Story Bro)

He also mentions the edit war he got into with Encyclopedia Dramatica admins but how he was trying to make himself look stupid in the edit war Avery seemed awfully happy in the video. He constantly laughed and snorted as if he finally lost his virginity. Maybe all that talk of 'Steam' was actually his subminimal message of weed.

He says he got revenge on his dumb guild, and he's never had haterz. well i deffinately think he's still got haterz and always will as long as these videos are up. We all know he's trying to push the fact aside that he sounds like hes got two dildo's submerged in his face.


It's not funny!


— Avery, denying the fact that it is.

On Aug 14, 2011 Avery uploaded a video of himself crying over the fact that people won't leave him alone. He also mentions that He was punched in the stomach and that he is sick of websites posting information about him, he then continues to talk about people coming up to him and saying SNARF SNARF and talking shit about him in front of his family while they are having dinner. After all that nonsense he begins to start laughing and crying all over again not like it's a surprise. The then video dose a pointless cut to Avery trying to be normal but fails with the timeless classic line It's not funny! knowing himself it is and always will be.

This video is obviously not his last and by chance his next video may feature him saying something like "OK i'm really really steamed right now! Or something on the other hands like LEAVE ME ALONE!!! But no matter what Avery if you're reading this we hope you don't have a Steamgasam of Rage.

Avery rejoins Jared

I'm taking sides with him, and I'm going to defend him to my death.


— Avery, being a hypocrite.

On August 21, Avery uploaded his longest bitch-fest yet (over ten minutes!) announcing that he was rejoining Jared after someone apparently sent him a message and told him that he should stick up for his beliefs no matter what. While this person was obviously a troll trying to inflate Avery's ego and get him to make an even bigger fool of himself, Avery took the advice seriously and made a video where he backpedaled on his previous claim that he was never going to have anything to do with Jared again. He claims that he'll defend him "no matter how much hate or responses I get" and has regained his cocky attitude from the WoW revenge video (although he is still a gigantic coward and will never act on his threats of consequences). Notable points in the video include 1:43 where he accidentally admits that he loves Justin Bieber, and 5:49 when he uses his nasal spray, saying that "when I get mad, SNORT SNORT SNOOORT I get a bit nasally." Observe how even after using the spray, his voice sounds exactly the same.




Avery Avery, paraphrased.

On August 29, Avery uploaded his supposed "final video" in which he acted extremely smug and displayed massive levels of unwarranted self-importance. He also abandoned his snarf snarf voice for his IRL Ausfag voice. He revealed that his real name was actually Avery, he never liked Jared Milton, and that he was trolling the trolls all along. He seems to think that accomplishing this makes him some sort of internet god, but he fails to realize that no one gives a flying fuck if he was a troll, he is still a pathetic nerd, and that being a successful troll still won't make him fail less at life. Avery is now yesterday's news, his fifteen minutes of fame are up, and he has become yet another entry into the long, long list of shit nobody cares about. Good fucking riddance.

Avery Looses the Plot

Our hero Avery returned after months of retirement after the faked death of Jared Milton to finally express his feeling for his recently deceased whale. Unfortunatly, Avery completley lost the plot and raved on about his sexual and carnal lust for Jared Milton's large whale arse, Avery also describes of how he wants to lick the very poo-nuggets from the hairs of Jared's warm arse. Troll or no troll, Avery manages to keep a straight face through it all, he even proceeds to eat a fruit tart after he finished describing a scene that would make most vomit. This does hint that prehaps he was speaking from the heart, and not just from his tiny cranium.

Sir Robin Snarf

They say Avery's heart grew three times it's size that day, as Avery returned with a series of two videos where he promotes a cool stream raising money for cancer. Avery also implies he may be Doctor Manhatten as he threatens to give a nasty and noisy construction worker that he'll give him cancer if he does not keep his noise down. It is quite clear Avery is using his old popularity as a clear chance to get himself some free money of a furfag charity event. Oh Avery, when will you learn.

Jared Returns

When Jared Milton made his return, Avery Dilbert rushed in with his sowing machine to once again sow his mouth on Jared's arse to give it an eternal kiss of love. Avery starts off with another gay expression of his love and fantasy's about Jared and he continues to go on a rant about Pokemon (just like Jared did) where he spouts information he knew nothing about furthur proving that Avery loves the sweet nectar of Jared's sweaty arse.

Encyclopedia Dramatica is NOT down

Avery went into another few months of retirement only to return as nothing but a lesser fag. When Encyclopedia Dramatica changes from to, Avery Dilbert believed that Encyclopedia Dramatica was finally down for good where he begins the biggest celebration of his life. Wearing his dashing glasses (Please note: His glasses are broken and missing a lens)he spouts shit like an internet tough-guy and try's to act intimidating which further proves his virginity. At the end of the video, he once again tries to lure his fans into his scam charity. Also note that he ends the video where he gives a shout-out to his pals from Reddit and pulls a box of 'Le Monkey Face'

The War Begins

Avery returns only to learn that Encyclopedia Dramatica was still up, and had only changed URL's. Avery spouts his many opinions about how he's never latched his mouth to Jared Milton's arse where he corrects it saying 'It was the past' as if he really did do it. He bitches about his Dox and attempts to act intimidating, because the internet is SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS but fails as he cries and whimpers straight afterwards. A majority of this video is of Avery whining like a mutilated puppy. He attempts to make himself look better by getting several sock-puppet accounts to back his war up in the comments. Note that the song 'Where there is a whip, there is a way' from Lord Of The Rings the animated movie is playing in the background to further prove his internet toughness.

Reddit vs 4Chan

A proper title is not needed, the video is very self explanatory. In Avery Dilbert's months of absence, he has been lurking 9gag and redditwhere he has most likley been cackling himself to unfunny rage comics, over-used memes, old memes and anything that fits under the category of plain shit. As Avery lurked the internet, he stumbled across 'Le Reddit Video' a rant made by a britfag weeboo whom went on a long rant on why reddit is a terrible website. Avery staring at it with his dashingly broken glasses was enraged which caused the birth of this video. In the video, Avery rants about how 9fag and reddit apparently create memes, have alway's created memes and how 4chan is an old website with nothing but porn and gore. Towards the end of the video, Avery's voice completely breaks causing him to sound like a buzzing mosquito. Never fear Avery, as we shall swat you like the bug you are.

Official Pony-Faggot

I thought the show was stupid and for little girls, so I decided to watch Episode 1 of My Little Pony on Youtube and I was changed forever. I became a brony, joined the MLP community and forums and now I even attend official Brony meet-ups. It's fantastic


—Avery, Saying how awesome he is

Avery, already succeeding in achieving maximum faggotry has done the impossible feat of increasing his faggotry levels by becoming a Brony. Before he accomplished this seemingly impossible task of increasing his already maximum faggotry, he claims that he was such a Troll and that assumed that all My Little Pony fans were just obese, mongoloid basement dwellers who masturbate over plastic figures of Pinkie-Pie, but after watching My Little Pony, he has converted to 'Bronyism'. Avery also displays his comedic genius by doing his own personal spin on the ever so hilarious meme, I Took an Arrow in the Knee.

My Little Pony Rant

Avery Dilbert has returned from his daily session of 17 hours of World of Warcraft while furiously masturbating to pictures of My Little Pony to bring us another video talking about the infamous clan/cult known as bronies, this time he goes on a rant about how not all bronies are obese, mongoloid basement dwellers who masturbate over plastic figures of Pinkie-Pie and they are a respectable and clean community of young ethical youths who have came together the lead a life of love and compassion because of the one interest they have in common, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Although, Avery speaks of the My Little Pony Community as if it's a religious cult that is set out to convert people to their little 'loving' money-scamming organization. Avery also admits to going to brony meet-ups where he has met nice people and girls. Avery expresses his love for the show and claims that he also throws his money at Lauren Faust's little scammy toys and merchandise. What Avery does not realise behind those bewildering broken glasses of his, is that he is furthurly pushing the stereotype of bronies and honestly acting no different then our autistic friends such as Chris-Chan and Alternatekennesaw. Avery, you've done us proud.

Avery's Vlogs

Avery decides to finally lay off the topic of 4chan, 9fag and Reddit and talk about his life and his 'second-life', because everyone wants to know about that. Avery first talks about his epic battle with his old guild and then making his own guild, but complains how he always has to be online all the time, even though he already is, probably in an attempt to make us think that he does something else apart from play World of Warcraft and suck cocks. Avery also describes his experince on 'The Road To Hana' in Maui where he got to sit next to a hot girl for twelve hours straight and admits that it made him feel sweaty and nervous. In a short summary, the video is him talking about how he will remain a greasy virgin who lives in his mother's basement for the rest of his life.

In his second Vlog, Avery shows us his new basement dweller toys 'collectibles' and talks about his video games, including his artistic building skills on MineCraft with his real-life friends. He also talks about his love for Sonic the Hedgehog, making him a sonicfag, his attention grabbing, interesting tales of Diablo III, his stories of World of Warcraft and his new guild, full of other Losers like him. Avery goes on to tell his camera about Star Wars: The Old Republic and his strike team going against one of the hardest world-bosses. He also talks about his school, which included a painfully unfunny story about his shit Diablo III joke he made in maths, him skipping school on an athletics day, moving houses, his hate for Physical Education and other shit no one gives a fuck about.

The Adventures of Anders Breivik

Removed by Jewtube

It is unknown to of why these videos were created and uploaded, but all that is known is that the video is totally Breivik. The video is pretty much a small cartoon made on Microsoft Paint and Windows Movie maker and is about the tale of our favorite Norwegian hero, Anders Behring Breivik. Unfortunately for this video, whether it be on purpose or not, the jokes are painfully unfunny and relies on the same unfunny joke on Breivik, a cheese burger and Muslims. Never the less, this has still been able to attract the odd one or two butthurt Europeans. Since then, he has continued to make the videos at a much slower rate after he realised that they wouldn't make poor Avery super popular.

Avery's War Against 4chan

The War Begins

The Propaganda posters mentioned in the video.

Avery, fed up with those dang, dirty Trolls over at 4chan, was bestowed with a sudden gift of cosmic genius and came up with his most amazing plan yet and announced that he was going to wage a war against 4chan in the name of his beloved pile of shit, 9fag. He says that him and his circle of friends and the entire 9fag community are sick of 4chan treating them like they're little kids and raiding them, so he wants to unite together to raid 4chan. Avery also claims that he visited his friends at Reddit to tell them of his heroic cause by using persuasive and logical arguments, however Redditors turned poor Avery away after his unsatisfying act of fellatio on them. Avery now suffering extreme butthurt, decided that he wanted to raid Reddit as well as 4chan and the event is to take place on September 30th 2012, but most of us know that it will never happen. In addition to all this, to let everyone let everyone know that this is serious business, he is going to report any nasty comments on the video that will hurt his feelings, so everybody back the fuck up, 'cause this guy's not messin' around. The master plan of the raid is to flood 4chan with porn and gore in the hopes that the site will lag out, even though he already mentioned that 4chan is full of porn and gore and doesn't seem to realise that his plan is equal to pissing in an ocean of piss. Avery then finishes the video by acting like a total badass by waving around a knife he got from his mother's kitchen drawer and stabbing a cardboard box which used to contain his plastic figurines of My Little Pony characters. In reality, we all know that Avery must be awfully desperate for attention because his parents never did, for being so ashamed of the living abomination they've created.


Avery, now realising that mostly everyone has seen through his shallow act, has decided to refute the claims that he was a troll by dressing up in a Wizards Outfit and proclaiming himself to be 'High Wizard Avery Dilbert'. His videos about these claims mostly contain him Bawwing about how he wants people to take him seriously and that he will take down 4chan and Reddit. The video then goes on to him explaining how he's not a troll by saying he is a Human High Wizard, and not a Troll, before moving into the topic of World of Warcraft about his Guilds and how much he hates the Horde. It then ends with him saying he is not a troll, but we can all see that poor ol' Avery is now desperately trying to get people to pay attention to him.

Avery's War Against 4chan 2: Electric Boogaloo

Not surprisingly, when the day finally came for the raid to happen, no one but Avery was actually "raiding" 4chan, but there's no evidence to provide that he even did. However, we here at ED believe that Avery was alternatively ploughing his Lyra fuck toy. Avery then proceeds to bitch and whine about how no one helped his cause and then calls his viewers "Incompetent Monkeys". Avery then continues to bitch an whine some more and summarising his heroic actions against the evil forces of 4chan and how he valiantly spread his posters across the internet, but alas, his effort was wasted after he was banned where ever he spread his cause for great justice. Avery, now sure of his victory this time, is preparing for round 2 to wipe 4chan off the face of the internet on October 20th, 2012. In addition to all of this, he also made a FailBook Page for the raid. Make sure to spam Goatse all over the screen.

Avery's Inspiring War Speech

As the date draws ever clearer to raid, Avery released another video to show those evil, nasty trolls the unstoppable force he has gathered for the attack; that being, nobody. Avery then follows the same procedure he has been doing for the last few videos against 4chan and Reddit in which he whines about it and blames his fans. But instead of continuing his butthurt rant, he instead begins his inspiring speech to the internet, in which he starts by playing a song he got a Jewgle search result where he typed in "Inspiring Music". He then says that the tyranny of Encyclopedia Dramatica, 4chan and Reddit has been around for too long and that it could be a historic event if we were to unite together and DDOS the sites and bring them down for good. He then goes on to say that you could be historically remembered as the brave few who stood up against such tyranny and that your name could be on a plaque on the remains of Encyclopedia Dramatica. He says that it could just be more than a raid organised by a nerd who was butthurt and that it could be history to be written about and taught in schools. But with only a few days left until the raid, all of Avery's efforts would've been wasted and will go back to trying too hard to troll people and sucking cocks.

The War Ends, Not With A Bang, But A Whimper

On October 23, 2012, the exciting conflict between SnackyCakes2008, sucker of a million cocks and 4chan and Reddit comes to an end, having lasted for a long one and three-quarters of a month. To announce this fact, Avery, releases another video involving him whimpering to start with before saying that he's calling off the war and that his expectations to take down 4chan and Reddit were unrealistic. As he is performing his video, Avery begins to break character by salivating and being unable to talk properly, passing it off as being upset, but in reality, we all know that Avery's urge to suck cock had arisen. This continues until he moves onto the subject of Encyclopedia Dramatica, blaming us here at ED for causing all his problems and goes on to whine about how his disease ridden face face was featured on the front page. Avery continues to whine about this fact until his urge to suck cocks grows too large to control as he salivates uncontrollably and abruptly ends the video to fellate large burly black men. And so ends Avery's war against 4chan and Reddit causing absolutely nothing to happen, with the sites still up and him still threatening to take down ED. Now only time will tell what Avert will do to get people to pay attention to him in between his time working as a male prostitute in arms of a large bubba.

The End of a Clusterfuck

I've decided to 'stop' making videos as the Avery Dilbert character. If I do make any more videos, they will no longer be attention whoring 'Wars' against haters or websites like ED.


—Avery, Finally quitting his act so he can spend more time sucking sock

Avery, finally succumbing to his hunger for black cock finally getting bored of his 'Avery Dilbert' act, has decided to release another supposed "final video", except for the fact that he said the same thing last year, nonetheless he uploaded another video on November 30th 2012 detailing his plans to stop making Avery Dilbert videos and also tell us how his Avery Dilbert character was conceived. In the video, Avery admits to being a douchebag, an attention whore and hinted that he is also a male prostitute although we all knew that all along. And so ends the story of Avery Dilbert, sucker of a million cocks.

Live Nasally or Die Selling Out

Since we all know that Avery is an attention whore who needs constant attention; it should come as no surprise to anyone that his next greatest idea would be to make a feature length film with his group of friends based solely around his character, 'Avery Dilbert'. Though his shitty film is yet to release, it can expected to be an unwatchable clusterfuck that only serves as Avery's masturbation material in knowing that other people out there are paying attention to him. For a brief while not very long after uploading this, he made all his videos unlisted. Regardless, you could still view them here making it ultimately pointless. Although recently he listed them again.

Into the sunset

And on May 25th 2013, Avery Dilbert, sucker of a million cocks made each and every video of his private or deleted them, a mark to end his time on Youtube. Avery Dilbert later the next day, answered on his 'Avery Dilbert Facebook account' the reasoning behind his choice. He claims that he has matured and that he actually realizes how embarrassing and stupid those videos are. He claims that those days are over, and that he'd rather not be reminded of them. Knowing Avery, he could always be bullshitting us, but for all we know, maybe Avery really has walked into the sunset never to be seen again. If that is the case, we salute you sweet prince, we salute you!

Another Ending. The proper one

Just like Lord of the Rings, Avery's channel seems to be full of endings. When you think it's ended, another ending comes up. Avery sometime during 2014, deleted his account. The legacy of this mediocre troll died. All his boring and mediocre attempts to troll, lost forever. With no sign of Avery, not even a formal announcement to rub it in (which is surprising considering how much he likes to rub in his ego) then it is safe to assume that someone may have actually changed! He will no longer attempt to troll! But for now, his legacy ends here. R.I.P Avery, I hope ISIS treats you well.



Though Mr Cakes had a plan to keep his Dox a secret, Bitch don't know about my internet Cache.

Known Associates

Avery seems to be part of a joint community of Let's Players

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