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Oh dear lord someone take this cat to a vet, I think its legs are broken...



SmoreKitty97, more commonly known as Alena or Deviantart-favicon.png Alena-The-Furry, is your typical Furfag with an amazingly creative fursona whose colours go great together. She claims to be fourteen, is almost as bad as Superpeeps101, and has an ego as big as thejewelkitten. She enjoys baaawing about her abusive ex-boyfriend. Her hobbies consist of ass kissing other famous furries and trying to make them feature her incredibly bad videos on their Youtube channels and then trying to hack them.She is probably the best ass kisser you will ever come across, and probably the most annoying one at that.

She strives for originality and to be the best artist ever, so she creates a fuck ton of sparkle cats just to prove her faggotry. Yet, she is surprisingly straight; but a homophobic, but she has at least 20 gay friends. And that's AWW-RIGHTTT. Alena has the tendency to get mad or upset over the tiniest little things. Like her abuse and family issues, and how her best friend committed suicide.

Art and Anatomy

Alena's art just screams of correct anatomy, it's so hard to believe she only has 212+ subscribers with those awesome skills! She draws and animates on MS Paint, and she makes incredibly choppy animations that will literally make you cry the second you set eyes on them. Despite being so horrible at art, she suprisingly has a shit ton of fan art, that is probably by force of course. She traces sometimes and claims that she referenced instead, and will block your sorry ass if you say otherwise. Alena has a zero tolerance any constructive critisism, you're lucky if you even get a reply, but after that she will block you. She uploads crappy two-framed memes every day that nobody even watches.

She was pretty much an annoying jerk to me, my friends, and many others. So, I'm making fun of her. She can't do much about it, though, because she blocked me.


— RenochiCatsune

She thinks she will become ultra famous by drawing in a kawaii desu chibi style and will hang with the cool kids one day. Reality check: She won't. She loves to make a jourrnal about every single video she posts on YouTube, I shit you not.

But heres something that will make you laugh, her idol, YouTube Favicon.png kay2036 herself, had actually blocked Alena for being an annoying and dumb faggot. Alena thinks okay to give any creature she draws cat ears, bangs and cheek fur, even if it was a turtle. No srsly, take this lovely picture of a unicorn she drew for instance...



Yea, I blocked her because she was beginning to get on my nerves, she has been taking art, hacking, not giving credit, over dramatic at times, can never take a criticqe, not even an opnion, I just like to not even deal with her, she might just be young and not knowing what shes doing, but whats shes doing right now is not the right way, she is really not making a good impression on herself, sad too, i really like the design of her character.


— Kay2036, being straight-forward.


What was said before the hacking began.

As if nagging your friends to feature you everywhere to make you well known wasn't enough. Alena began to try hacking her friends and manipulating them, after she was accused over 9000 times she stilled denied all of it. Either she doesn't know what the fuck she is doing because she is not really fourteen and is probably some six year old girl on her period, or she simply would get a kick out of hacking the famous furries to enrage the fans.

Then, oh shit. The person who she first tried to hack, who was Deviantart-favicon.png Silenced-Lullaby, luckily got their ass saved by Kay2036, who told her about the hacking. After this, Alena got fucked in the ass by her friends, which was mildy funny, but it only took a matter of seconds before she blocked them. But that wasn't enough, she still wanted to sympathy of her adoring fans because she was being treated so badly. So she claimed she was leaving forever, just like your typical drama queen on the internet, she came back a day later saying that her friend pulled her through.

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After the little buttmunch came back, shit hit the fan. Some guys on Youtube started telling her she needed to learn some god damn anatomy, but shortly after the comment got deleted because she blocked them of course. Then she started to make shitty vent art because she was being trolling so harshly. Deviantart-favicon.png RenochiCatsune proudly presented the article to Alena at least a few days ago, not only did Alena start blaming her for creating the article, but she refused to fess up to any of the things she's done, she claims: "NONE of this is true"...Oh, seven minutes later: "I'll change my ways guys!!!!!" Then some faggot called HellGirl brought in the over-used "haters gonna hate" saying, making Alena feel proud of her haters. She was so proud she decided to draw Alena with Kanye West glasses and troll faces in the background, this makes her instantly cool, guys.

Gallery of Amazingness

This here is Alena's wall of fame, showing of all of her wonderful art!

Her amazing art. About missing Pics
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To Alena, With love. About missing Pics
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