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Jump to navigationJump to search is a website where 25-year old virgin losers post gay pictures of themselves and expect others to rate them and either gasp at how beautiful they are, or shame themselves with terms such as "retruded maxilla" or other bullshit nobody gives a shit about. The website has gained quite a bit of internet infamy recently due to the drama with Kiwi Farms around mid-March 2015 and its alleged sheltering of pedophiles. They even have their own wiki, which is basically just used to ramble about how they'll never get laid and stay virgin losers forever.

Average lifestyle of a Sluthate User

Maybe nobody likes you because you're a sick fuck pedophile that jacks off to child porn all day! Too bad he's too much of a retard to figure that out.

The majority of Sluthate users there spend most of their time on the website bitching and moaning about how they'll never get a girlfriend no matter how beautiful they'll get, and ask to be rated by other guys which is likely evidence of closet homosexuality. They also whine about how other websites think that their behavior is stupid and never take a fucking hint that they will never get girlfriends, but continue to cry so they will (which is obvious will never work). There is a lot of inner-site drama too, mostly between the pedophiles and the rest of the userbase.

Drama with Kiwi Farms

Around mid-March 2015, the Sluthaters decided to "go to war" with another internet forum Kiwi Farms for making a thread about mocking them. The whole thread at Kiwi Farms had exploded to over 500 pages due to the mass influx of new Sluthaters posting there about their virgin bullshit nobody cares about and even made some threads back about fighting Kiwi Farms. To this day the drama still continues but at this point even other Sluthaters consider the people who want to continue the drama pointless, which is saying something.


A notable amount of the users there are pedophiles, such as MRZ, Brian Peppers, and OmegaKV, and will often go into 20 fucking paragraph essays trying to justify why it's okay to fuck a 14 year old girl or watch porn of them, or why it's not pedophilia to be attracted to someone that age. No, we're not fucking joking you. These users are often hated by the rest of the userbase, but some are equally as loved by the other virgin losers that post there for various reasons, such as "hacking knowledge" or something typical you'd expect of pedophiles.

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