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An EDiot finally gets some shut eye.
Didn't go in time, got burnt.

A fine example of mankind's continued efforts to delay the inevitable arrival of its full dependence on computers and the internets is its primal necessity for rest and temporary brain shutdown. On many forms of intarwebs media such as online RPGs and FPSes, MUDs and text-based Roleplaying, this final submission to the needs and desires of a weary spirit is epitomized by the line: "g2g i need sleep".


This phrase is most commonly used and feared on many of the aforementioned pasttimes that require a group effort between groups of basement-dwellers. Internets lore holds that as soon as a group of CSers, Runescapers, RPG fags or Furries is put together, one critical member of such a group will inevitably state that they have to discontinue their participation. Oftentimes, this is due to a feeling of tiredness caused by a long time without entering the comatose state. Trolls will often use this phrase as a means of escaping from a debate they are losing, once they have no argument.

However, some argue that this phrase is used in too much abundance, and that “g2g, I need sleep” is often simply used as an excuse for contributors to depart on grounds of boredom or simply dislike for his comrades. This is most often pointless though, as at any rate the user of the phrase will be flamed as a furry, gay or Jew for his premature departure.


Other forms of the line have been recorded, but they all boil down to the same meaning: “I wouldn’t spend any more time hanging around with you brainless losers if it got me a lap-dance from all of your moms, who, incidentally, are all whores.”

  • “gtg i need sleep”
  • “g2g I need sleep”
  • “Bye, all, I’m tired.”
  • “Fare thee well my esteemed colleagues, my heart is heavy with fatigue, and my shoulders droop with weariness, but my spirit will remain by your side in this venture. Adieu!”
  • "Alas - with night come fallen, Moon ascendant at expense of Waning Sun - I loathe-depart thee all with tidings of departation and a promise of a 'BRB' - perhaps minus the 'R'..." (pwnt)
  • "Fgsfds!"
  • "I just killed two cops. Goodbye."
  • "TIME TO FAP."
  • "I came. Goodbye."

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