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Brain full of shit, boots full of lead, straight from Hitler's ass, it's the Nazi skinhead!



A typical punk skinhead

Skinheads are exactly like punks, except they vote Libertarian, and instead of drinking box wine, they drink Pabst Blue Ribbon. Also unlike punks, they rightly believe a woman's place is in the kitchen. Skins frequently pride themselves on taking up the mantle of blue-collar work and as such will go out of their way to get shitty landscaping jobs, if they even choose to be employed. They accomplish this by polishing their workboots to excess, dressing up like the Village People, and uttering their rallying cry "Working Class Pride", despite then going on to get drunk and beat up tramps and nigras.

A further difference between punks and skinheads is noted with the skins' lack of hair. Where a punk may have a colorful mohawk, or some other awesome style of hair, skinheads will remove all of theirs as a show of solidarity.

Types of Skins

Skins are easily identifiable by hinged crania and large Nazi flags.
Also available in leftard flavor.

Skinheads fall into one of a number of categories.

  • Skintard - These terribly confused creatures are the result of being socially disabled in high school. They were made fun of so badly by niggers in high school that they decided at 25 to become big tough skinheads. They are proud of their race, despite being sub-human examples of it. They normally have terrible halitosis, and may become "well known radio hosts".
  • Hitler Fanboyz; Proud "Aryan" Probably your dumbest skinhead who actually think that "Aryans" belong to the white race. When in fact Aryans are the people of Northern India (So technically, Gypsies are Aryan).
  • Fence sitters; The ones that can't decide if they want to be raped by Aryans only or all races.
  • Queers; just like the big stompy boots and tight jeans. The existence of queerskins really irritates the shit out of the racists.
  • Trads, or "traditional" skins, who pretend not to be racist so the wetbacks and black person on their construction crews don't kick their asses... but they are still not racist.
  • SHARPs; anti-racist "punk" poseurs who dress like skins, but in actuality are British hippies from the 80's that whine about working and music. Underneath it all, every one of them is red as a damn barn and secretly hates themselves for it.
  • Redskin; SHARPs without the commie-guilt. They love Marxism and you do, too, motherfucker!

Truth is, there are about four or five skinheads who fit into the above two categories in the United States. However, these few aren't to be fucked with, since the '80s blood feud between racist and non-racist skins still runs deep.

Trolls' Delight

PROTIP: Skinheads are one of the easiest subcultures to troll, as imbibing cheap beer and laying bricks all day gets them pretty irate. For instant lulz, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Bring up skinhead fashion in general, or specifically:
  • Ask what color laces to wear, presuming that the color has significance.
  • Ask whether "boots and braces" refers to orthodontia...or perhaps Dom/Sub.
  • Ask what color and/or thickness your braces ("suspenders" in 'Merkun-speak) need to be to convey the proper WP image.
  • Post a thread asking whether to go with black or "oxblood" Docs.
  • Say you just watched Romper Stomper and ask advice on how to be more like Russell Crowe's character.
  • Tell them "white pride" and "white power" are the same thing.
  • Mention that ska was invented by black persons, and point out the irony in that rude-boys were the progenitors of skinhead culture.
  • Inquire why, if they're beholden to "tradition," they don't listen to any ska bands.
  • Remind them that Desmond Dekker was a nigger.
  • Request that someone explain the difference between Oi, Hardcore, Thrash, et cetera.
  • Proclaim PBR, Newcastle, Guiness, or the local swill to be the "worst beer ever."
  • Ask them their opinion on Nicky Crane.
  • In SHARP / RASH forums or social networks denounce them as fake skinheads as only the National Socialists are the real skinheads.
  • Ask how long it's been since they fought Antifa and didn't run away. (If they're 1488ers)
  • Ask how long it's been since they fought American Front and didn't run away. (If they're Antifa Sharps)


Skinheads are the internet tough guys of "real life". Most of them are retarded and spend their leisure time working out and trying to become a UFC fighter. Since you are here reading this article, you likely fall into the pasty basement-dweller category and would likely be pwn't by a roid-raging skinhead. If you ever see a bald-looking, NASCAR watching faggot say "WHITE POWER!", it should be obvious that he is a skinhead. Skinheads usually live with 40 of their Aryan brothers, in the same cramped trailer. EXTREME caution should be exercised when IRL trolling skinheads, as their dickery knows no bounds.



— Common argument in the skinhead household.

LJ Skinhead Communities


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  • Nukeisrael is a website owned by the National Socialist Movement. It seeks to inform white America of evils such as the international political stranglehold of the Jew and Mexican. It contains many lulz-worthy articles, including the nigger owner's manual and the nigger job application.
  • Zog's nightmare is a FPS made from a shitty game engine by some albino furfag. The primary goal of the game is to kill niggers and Jews, after minorities take over society and enslave whites.
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