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Mad Skills, an inner-city orphan who invented skill and gave it his name.
I would write something clever here, but I just don't have the skills.

The plural is skillz, often used to refer to someone's ability or, ironically, lack thereof to work a computer game or program. Skillz can also be used to pay the billz.

Usually the people who talk about their skillz the most (easily identified, as they use this spelling in particular) have only one: skillz at being really fucking annoying. Only males are required to have skillz, as skillz are necessary to attract females.

Many times, a person's prowess may transcend the realm of ordinary skillz and become m4d skillz. These skillz differ from ordinary skillz in that they are only obtained once reaching the 9th circle of celestial power (a.k.a The Realm of Utter Pwnage). Those who are possessed of m4d skillz are, quite naturally, imitated by the general populace of internet fuckwads to the point where anyone who describes themselves as having m4d skillz is probably either lying or stupid.

Occasionally, what may appear to be troo skillz are, in fact, something entirely different. This masqueraded ability, which little is known of, is called "hax". Sadly, it is impossible to discern true skill from simple haxing unless you are one of the few and fortunate n00bs. If not, always pay close attention to the judgment of other n00bs, for they know all things and never lie.

Some postulate, by extrapolation, the existence of something tentatively called m5d skillz. The debate is still on as to what, exactly, these skillz would pertain to, but the safest guess is that it's something gay.

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