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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
The dependent look and neckbeard are common signs of Asperger's Syndrome, I'm not sure about jerking off to the Lion King though...
He takes great pride in this.
Adding your own video to your favorites is a chronic sign of USI.

HOW DARE YOU CALL ME STUPID AND SAY I'M NOT BRIGHT, EVIL BROSEPH! YOU ARE A LIAR AND THAT IS SLANDER! I AM VERY INTELLIGENT, HIGHLY EDUCATED, AND HOW DARE YOU CALL ME STUPID ALL BECAUSE I GO INTO DETAIL AND YET YOU DON'T! I'm sorry, people, if I yell, but this guy really hurt my feelings with this disgusting lie of his about me being stupid and not bright!


—Yes, he actually responded like that to Evil Broseph

Sirius Orionis (Powerword Timothy Michael McHugh) is a gay aspie neckbeard furfag known for his YouTube videos defending the Lion King fandom, as well as attacking Star Wars and Christianity in the style of a typical atheist bigot. He emulates Wise Beard Man and Epic Beard Man, but he is neither wise or masculine by any means. His beard looks like he clipped the pubes off of a nigger, dyed them, then glued them to his face. But we all know it was lion fur.

His fursona is a bald, scarf-wearing male lion with excessively large breasts, he has made numerous crappy depictions along with a clay figure that appears in almost all of his videos. He is known to defend the Star Trek and furry fandoms like a nigger defends his turf (not to mention welfare check, but they both have that in common). Several blogs were set up by him in an attempt to prove how terrible the Halo and Star Wars series are, even though most of their content is made up of Mary Sue fanfics. He also believes that anyone who attempts to reason with him is a troll, and he will proceed to go on a 14-minute sperg rush "exposing" their evil deeds.


His main fursona (also known as "Breast Man" and originally introduced as "Dog Man") is a male transgender drag queen woman's rights activist with large breasts that has a penis (note that his sexual orientation is changed every five minutes, making the task of identifying it impossible). He claims that it constantly exposes its breasts as a means of protest against entities such as the army, Christians, and Encyclopedia Dramatica.

He's not a transgender, he's an effeminite drag queen.


—Sirius, talking out of his ass

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A Day in the Life

One day a shirtless Furry drag queen named Rendel Fox was hiking when he was set upon bu a walking object that was shaped like a Lunar Module asecnt stage from the Apollo Program. Rendel truned his head towards the walking Lem and was curious about the two people who were in the weird contraption. Then he heard a voice from that Lem saying, "Stop there furfag, we know who you are, you are that pony-tailed red head fox furvert who plays tons of Star Fox. I HATE Star Fox more than anything that non-furfags have." Rendel asked, "Is that Billy Hanson speaking in the Lem, because I recognize your voice." The voice answered, "Of course I am Billy Hanson, who did you think it would be in this glorious Master Lem! I was bread on Halo, a sci-fi video game that taches us to fight for humanity, and that is why I attack furverts like you! My buddy Poland Ball will hand me the supplies for my slingshot that you see in the place of the hatch. I have a load of spitballs that will be flying out of the straw that you see above the slingshot and there is a window above that. Right bove me in the fromt middle is a catapult that is the "dish" for stoning you!" Rendel ran away and called out for help.

Inside the Master Lem, Billy said, "Poland, after him!" And the two trolls began their pursuit of Rendel. As Rendel ran, he felt little wet wads hitting his back and his hair and screamed, "Stop throwing spitballs at me, spitballs are gross!


Closet Jew

A proclaimed atheist, he is in fact a Jew and wants to hoard all your monies. Der Fuhrer would be proud of his anti-Christfag spewing. This is due to the fact that as a Jew, he has regrets about how his people murdered Jesus and so now is butthurt. He is also equally against Islam, and has drawn Mohammed many times, as a trap furry. All who are not Jews, are in fact niggers to him. Most of his religious spewings have 0-100 views, proving how important his views are to the central tenants of Judaism.

He believes all religions are in fact lies and that Christians, Muslims, and Scientologists are responsible for all the world's problems. (Two outta three ain't bad.) Unlike YouTube Favicon.png Thunderf00t or other closet Jews, his arguments are completely based in bullshit and are completely incoherent. In fact, according to the Not So Wise One creationists are in fact zombies. Being a Jew, it is a known fact that he did WTC.

Religion is responsible for all wars and mass murders throughout history.


What is TRUTH: REAL SCIENCE! 1 + 1 = God.



I'm 26 years old and act more mature than my age




I'm liberal because I'm educated


Sirius Fights the Fursecution

At one point, Sirius found himself face to face with a lulzmonger by the name of Fursecuter. Ignoring the cardinal rule, our bearded friend fired up the ol' webcam and presented his case. The results were less than stellar.

You have Nazi symbols, Swastikas, two swastikas.



REPORT ED!!!!!11111

Krystal can't enjoy her sandwich because ED is a hate site.

Nobody really paid attention to his faggotry until he decided to make a shittastic video. It is obvious he only went to the Star Fox article to see Krystal nude. He believes ED is the devil, probably because momma said so.

<garrett> this guy seems really upset, I think we should take the site down.


<katsy> This guy is as gay as a catholic priest at a Vienna Choir Concert.



On August 14, 2011, Sirius uploaded another video expressing his rage at the "abuse" he has been forced to live with. He credits all of it to his undying devotion to the Star Trek fandom, and that Star Wars fans deliberately target him because of that and not his neckbeard, homosexuality, or naked lion trap doll. For some unknown reason he has personally memorized every time his parents (who are allegedly also members of the Star Wars cabal) confiscated his various Star Trek dolls and hentai.

Done with the internet

A few weeks later, Sirius' butthurt was spread farther across the tubes than Kirk Johnson's asshole. His crybaby tantrums were even mentioned in WikiFur's ED article, along with numerous YouTube videos criticizing him and his sick fuckery. He has yet to provide a reason for his absence, as he has not surfaced since the purging of his many YouTube accounts. Fortunately, all notable videos had been backed up and reuploaded.



—His final statement.

UPDATE: He's still active on deviantArt and Facebook, and he's posting his videos on the latter. He's still the same old sperg.

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