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Certain elements within the Wikipedia Review (i.e. Selina) don't value Silver Seren's contributions.
Silver Seren's self portrait. That's him making out with his "boyfriend" Kin, his other fursona
That may or may not be a penis
A horribly disproportionate perception of reality is not uncommon among people suffering from Asperger's Syndrome
Judging by his partner's grasp around the collar, we can assume he is always the submissive type.
Another crudely made drawing showing his constant struggle to grasp the concept of value.
If it's going to create drama, then it's going to create drama. So be it.


—Silver Seren

Silver seren (Sterling Ericsson IRL) is a typical gay republican agnostic furry jew living in Texas. Seren, is known for being a butthurt Wikipedia aspie and cockblocking useful edits to the ED and GNAA articles, as well as being a prominent member of the Furluminati. Silver Seren fancies himself a wiki guru when infact all he is good at is shitting up articles with useless templates. He is very similar to WPFavicon.png Bongwarrior in the sense that his unemployment allows him to spend most of his time editing Wikipedia. He also claims to go to art school, although his "work" is what you might expect to see hanging on a refrigerator.

He has two fursonas, a white wolf named Izael and an Asian tiger thing named Kin. He is also the author of many lovely fanfictions, including one for Twilight. His primary fursona was infact Mary Sued from one. His fanfics are usually about family values and getting into heaven despite being a giant faggot, displaying guilt and self hatred typical among gays in the south. They are also cross bred with insects, forming cockroach/megawolf baby monsters that grow up to have incest on Christmas.

I'm a rather avid editor, as you can tell, and i've been on there for around four years. I like editing and my furry friends kept bugging me to bring my editing skills over here to Wikifur to help out the fandom.


Religious Beliefs

People always try to conform agnosticism with atheism and they're two very different subjects. The latter refuses to believe in any heavenly power, while the former does believe, but just says it can't be understood. And i'm really not even an agnostic.

I can myself a theo-agnostic, which is a more religious form, but i'm not even that. The closest you could possibly describe me would probably be a non-orthodoxical Christian, which is pretty close. I don't believe in the tenets of the church or how they've managed to ruin and desecrate religion time and again.

I believe in God, but it's not the church's god, not even close. But I do believe that He's out there and is a part of my life. I don't think He directly influences things, but I do believe He speaks to you time and again. I know that it seems like such to me.

It might come about from a book falling open and a line catching your eye, seeing a billboard sign while driving, passing a stand and noticing some line in a million of words that makes you feel better, and I also believe the radio is His medium.

I've been a little depressed lately for various reasons, one major one dealing with what I really care about and what I should do in regards to that. It's a hard subject, but I did receive a reply to my questioning. As I was thinking deeply about the topic yesterday, I got into the car and absentmindedly switched on the radio.

What was playing at the moment was Separate Ways by Journey and the immediate first lines to come out of the radio were, "True love won't desert you You know i still love you." While others might call it a freak occurrence, I know what it was and it made me feel better.

While I might not be living the way I want to at the moment, holding myself back from things I want to say and do, He, at least, gave me some advice that made me feel better. And i'm happy that He's there for me.fucking dead

will archive l8r



Do you expect anyone who labels themselves with this image to be mentally stable?

Silver Seren will do whatever he can to make sure the only people editing the articles he watches are him. This means using any of TOW's contradictory policies to his advantage. Although he attempts to come across as a fair, understanding person by discussing things in a calm matter and always assuming good faith, deep down he is no more than a passive aggressive asshole looking to do what Phaedriel could not. Reverting him will immediately get you a warning on your talk page for "edit warring". Similarly, calling him out on anything will cause him to run to his admin friends and ask them to do something about your alleged personal attacks. At that point, he will try to find any possible way to have you removed and file an AN/I complaint, hoping you will now be out of his hair. For example, here he attacks two different users that had never spoken to each other on the site.

I didn't know NPA had a section on Off-wiki attacks. I guess that is pretty straightforward then. I am presenting this attack article made by previously stated user as evidence of a large personal attack against me and I am asking for the proper administrator action to be taken.


—Silver Seren acting like a manipulative child while trying to get a user banned.

His issues with ED

Atomic.gif Warning!
Where is your NPOV now?
Seren takes his concerns to AN/I

Although Silver Seren has never experienced personal interaction with Encyclopedia Dramatica prior to the founding of this article, he has taken it upon himself to attempt to keep ED off of TOW as long as possible. This is partially because of his close relationship with Phaedriel, however quotes from WikiFur reveal his blatant non-NPOV.

...I thought I was on Encyclopedia Dramatica for a moment. This is one of the most non-neutral articles i've ever seen on Wikifur, even more so than any vanity page. Though I suppose that the language makes it quite clear who wrote it and also makes it clear that they don't know how to write a wiki article. At all.


Here he compares an article to ED, showing that he sees this website as no more than a collection of poorly written attack articles.

For now, it is highly believed that this was a raid, considering that multiple places, including Wikifur, were attacked. It is unlikely that it is something Jessica did herself. It is because we do not know whether it was 4chan or Encyclopedia Dramatica (or perhaps some other group) that were involved that the language in the article is hesitant to say which it was as well.


—And here he accuses ED of organizing a raid, despite the fact that we are a mere encyclopedia. It is also noteworthy that he does not call out the numerous attacks made against ED on that talk page, as he would with any other subject.

Despite his obvious hatred for ED, he is still known for watching this page and cyber stalking ED admins.

Yeah, you actually learn a lot looking over his account and page.


—Silver Seren, admitting to looking into an ED admin who had no previous interaction with him

Rather than defending himself against the above section, he chose to make further off-site attacks on ED and its users. It is unknown why Wikipedia continuously allows him to edit articles that he deserves to be topic-banned from.

I mean, there's "showing that he sees this website as no more than a collection of poorly written attack articles"...I mean, that's pretty much what I think, yeah.

And this just made me laugh.

"he accuses ED of organizing a raid, despite the fact that we are a mere encyclopedia. It is also noteworthy that he does not call out the numerous attacks made against ED on that talk page, as he would with any other subject."

Of course ED has never been involved in a raid, everyone there are upright internet citizens.


—NPOV, attack, COI, assumption of bad faith, and not to mention failure to read our basic policy.

Unwarranted Self Importance

A lot of things get to Silver Seren's head, most notably, his rollback privileges. While thousands of users are granted this feature, he sees it as an excuse to appoint himself as a Wikipedia representative type on external sites. For instance, here he commented on some sort of tech site to provide contact information in hopes that they actually would speak with him and he would get his name published in a scarcely read blog, guaranteeing his 15 minutes of e-fame.

If you have any further questions about the process, feel free to contact me on my talk page here ( ). Ive also bookmarked this article, if you wish to respond to my comment on here. I'm going to go and see what other information I can find in sources in order to add to Matthew's article and also add that number 11 factoid you garnered for us (thanks for that!).


Whiteknighting for Brandt

I thought it was decided to not add any info about Brandt in the section? I mean, other than that, it discusses the issues with keeping the site up, which I guess you could put in a sentence for. SilverserenC 03:01, 7 September 2011 (UTC)


Silver Seren supports known e-stalker Daniel Brandt until the end. He claims to be assisting in solving corruptions within Wikipedia, the ED article being one of them, regardless of the fact that Brandt aims to destroy Wikipedia altogether. This is all done because of Sterling's outrage at ED and anyone who would dare question his Wikipedia editing abilities. He is also known for whiteknighting for Jimbo Wales in the comments section of any old media article that is critical of Wikipedia.

Mirrored Dreams

Mirrored Dreams is the novel Seren spends his free time working on when not occupied with juvenile video games or making an ass of himself on the Wikipedia Review. Like any god-awful story scribbled down by a lonely man in desperate need of human affection, critiquing it would only be a waste of time, however his synopsis and an excerpt can be read below.

Synopsis: Mirrored Dreams: Book 1 of The Convergence Saga

Mike is a fairly normal human being, though he has an incomparable obsession with wolves, fantasy-based anthropomorphic wolves to be exact.

Mark is a fairly normal anthropomorphic wolf, though he has an incomparable obsession with humans, fantasy-based creatures with no fur to be exact.

Mike is in the middle of writing a novel about another world, a parellel universe, where humans don't exist and where animals of all types have evolved to become the dominant life forms on the planet, with the same countries and level of technology as in his world.

Mark is in the middle of writing a novel about another world, a parallel universe, where anthros don't exist and where humans, a hairless form of animal, have evolved to become the dominant life forms on the planet, with much of the same countries and level of technology as in his world.

What neither of them know is that they aren't just writing a story, but living it, side-by-side, often in the same exact spot, but across a dimensional divide.

And when science goes too far, they find out that their novels are more than just fiction and that it's dangerous if they stay the same and deadly if they try to become different.

Excerpt: Mirrored Dreams: Book 1 of The Convergence Saga

Faint patters echoed through the leaves as the light sprinkle fell from above. The overcast sky cast a dreary gray tending toward darkness over the woods, the rough evergreen canopy lightly intertwining. As I leaned against the bark, a dribble of moisture worked its way down my paw, no, my hand. It was all getting so clouded, what was and what wasn’t. But I knew that time was running out. I had to keep going, I had no choice. To stop was to die.

A flash of lightning illuminated the forest in one bright, brief moment, thunder crackling from every direction. Energy filled the air, more energy than could be contained in the sky alone. My steps crunched beneath my feet, the crisp leaves shattering into pieces. The brush swayed in front of me as it was buffeted by the growing winds.

I had no way of knowing if I was going in the right direction other than the vague feeling of rightness. That feeling was coupled with the sense of time running short, that I had to be there now, even though I had no idea where there was. I picked up speed, letting my shoes slap on the ground in growing frequency. Bushes parted in front of me in roiling waves of green.

The howling current in the air kept me off balance as I ran, my tail pressed tight against the back of my leg to resist the rudder-like effect. No, that was wrong. Shaking my head furiously, I ran faster after I took a moment to run my hand over my tail-less backside. Seconds ticked past swiftly, each gone as if it had taken a quarter of the time it was to pass. Time was outrunning me, even as I hurtled dangerously between the trunks of trees.

Stumbling, my legs losing their consistency beneath me, I collapsed into the gathering muck of the forest floor. The increasing spread of rain had squelched the mixture of dirt, twigs, and leaves into a thick mud, with the excess water either pooling near trees or running off in miniature streams. I coughed out the liquid that had washed into my mouth in a spatter against the root of a tree.

Further cracks echoed from overhead, the occasional lightning burst having formed into an all-out thunderstorm. Struggling back to my feet, I panted briefly over the rush of weariness that caught me by surprise. The past few days were catching up with me, so much stress and worry coupled with my heavy exertions in the past hour were not doing favorable things to my health. But I couldn’t allow any of that to matter. There wasn’t any time.

I cursed at the lightning that so blinded me every time it flashed in the almost pitch darkness. The light was so bright that I had to shield my eyes in frustration. It took a moment for me to realize that the light was constant and not the aftereffects of a flash. Squinting through the glare, I managed to glimpse the amazing glow that was filtering through the treetop leaves from somewhere up ahead. I had no doubt that that was my destination.

Carefully, I disentangled the gun I was carrying on a holster on my hip. I wasn’t sure if I would need it, but it was better to be safe than sorry. Cocking the old-fashioned handle of the gun, I slowly wiped off the moisture of the falling rain from it and held it covered against my chest. There was still time left, if only a miniscule amount.

The hairs on the back of my neck rose as I approached the glow. In a moment of seeming omniscience, I knew that there was someone up ahead. The person I had worked so hard to finally meet. I walked forward toward the light to meet him, once and for all.

Dodgy Writing Style

Silver Seren comes across as one of those pseudo-intellectual poseurs who actually think they can write, but whose blindness to their own lack of talent leads them to spew bilious logorrhea every time they place their fingers on a keyboard. Whereas others are content to use fairly banal prose together with threadbare sentence structures, Silver Seren is one of those irritating cunts who thinks that he has a mastery of English grammar when, in fact, he has no such thing. His sophomoric grasp of English grammar leads him to write single sentences that are far too long, contain two or more actions/thoughts/ideas that do not follow on from one another and which would have been far more appropriately split into two sentences.

His other manifest failing can be observed in his raging thesaurus addiction; that is, his frequent usage of pedantic words where more straightforward ones would have been perfectly acceptable and far more legible. This usually indicates that a person, while they have had no formal training in writing, nevertheless think themselves to possess an innate, self-taught ability to produce perfect prose. The end result is simply that they come across looking like a stinking, self-aggrandizing prick. He also tends to explain his verbs and adjectives, which is just weird. In short, he has an enormous ego without the talent or discipline to back it up.


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