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Police.gif Sibe got v& for third degree sexual abuse, recklessly endangering another person, contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor, and endangering the welfare of a minor and sexual misconduct!!!!111!!!1
Captain Jack Sparrow caught reading furry pr0n purchased from Sibe.

Meet Sibe, (Powerword: Ross Herbert Reddick), but now going by John Herbert Holmes (Twice the fun Googling his sex crimes), a neckbearded butthurt diaperfur slash pedobear who was recently v& for loving a child. Besides his local loli fondling, Sibe has gained notoriety and haet almost everywhere he goes, both irl and online. Previously in his life, Sibe has received charges for coercion, assault, and copyright infringement From furry porn artists. He has also gained raeg from furries by being a banhammer swinging lunatic on, as well as an irl troll by being a MASSIVE butthurt faggot at furcons, stealing money from other furs and repeatedly going to the same cons that he was banned from in order to sell his haxd furry pr0nz.

A staunch proponent of the notion that "information wants to be free", Sibe has dedicated substantial chunks of his life energy to collecting furry porn from the Internet and then making it available to the masses for a substantial chunk of change. It is believed that most, if not all, of the proceeds go to defray his legal expenses, including thousands of dollars incurred by a successful antipiracy lawsuit. A wonton and widely-beloved "pimp daddy" (fitting all too disturbingly into his 'husky fursona'), Sibe is well-known for his regular flaming attacks on virtually any Internet forum he comes across, having the distinct honor of actually having been banned from Portal of Evil on grounds of abusive behavior. Given the standards of PoE, one can only imagine that it must have entailed skinning one of the admins' kittens with an unshorn yak's horn.

Unfortunately, he fails at being truly lulzworthy.

Simply mentioning his name in any Furry community can produce lulzy effects, however.

Banned from furry FUCKING EVERYTHING

Nice neckbeard Ross.

Sibe tends to get b& no matter where he goes. For example, he's been banned from several conventions, including Anthrocon. Did this stop him from attending? No.

Other places he's been banned:

Sibe is also probably/certainly the identity of woof the puppy fucker. Adding 'animal mutulation' to his resume of 'I Want to be a Dean Koontz Villain.

On HIV Disclosure

Sibe, like many disgusting perverted furniggers, is HIV positive. He believes disclosing this information is "doxing", and that the privacy of the person with GRIDS is more important than the life of the person he is anally injecting it into. He doesn't think it is important to disclose that you have HIV when having sex with someone, even though this is a felony in many states punishable by life imprisonment and that it sentences your partner to a lifetime of pain, ostracization and having to take over 9000 medications a day or else you will die in a year.

So, if you ever meet Ross Herbert Reddick aka John Herbert Holmes aka Sibe in real life, don't fuck him. YOU WILL GET AIDS AND DIE A TERRIBLE, LONELY DEATH!

But telling someone I have AIDS might make them not want to fuck me, I'd rather just take my chances with THEIR life -Sibe
Yeah you stupid asshole, me not having to tell you I have AIDS is SO much more important than you not getting it -Sibe

e_sibe vs ED_Updates

In response to these irresponsible and frankly disgusting tweets, the Twitter-favicon.png Encyclopedia Dramatica Twitter account called Twitter-favicon.png Sibe out on his "radical opinions" towards thinking it is AOK to be a walking HIV dispenser. As soon as Sibe noticed that the above tweets were not being as revered as he hoped they would, he deleted them all and reported all of Twitter-favicon.png ED_Updates replies to Twitter. Twitter forced ED to delete the tweets, but you can see them in their entirety below.

Facebook 1
Facebook 2

Sibe said that ED removed the tweets about him because they were cowards, and when ED called him out, he deleted more of his own fucking tweets.


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Sibe admits unapologetically to being a child molester with HIV

On July 15 2011, Sibe was found by the fuzz to have at least 100 pix of a minor in a sexual manner. Facing multiple charges of having cp on top of the previous charges that he's faced during his life, it was fairly safe to assume that he'd be v& forever. However, after intimidating his underage victim into lying to the cops and prosecutor by saying that she told Sibe she was over 18, this sexual predator still walks the street to this day as a one man HIV distribution center, depositing AIDS into whoever (male or female, overage or underage, literally ANYONE) he can con into putting his tiny dick into.

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