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Shroomjak will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

Shroomjak, also called Mushroom Wojak, is a stupid "meme" from 4chan created on /b/ in early 2021, and fermented until mid-2021. What happened, is that some retard decided to try his hand at drawing a new form of Wojak, since apparently autists who post on 4chan have too much time on their hands and there seemingly isn't enough Wojak memes already. This "original character" of a Wojak image was posted to a 4chan thread and /b/tards' reactions ranged from telling OP to kill himself to posting a few variations, before the thread died to make space for more trap and BBC posting. Like most of the shitposts on this post-ironic era interwebs, it quickly took off as a meme. This meme is dank "in moar ways than one", but will likely lose its "potency" soon, if you get our gist.

Moar on its Origin!!

The original screenshot of the shitty thread is shown below. This should never have become a meme, as it was properly dismissed by the common internet-nomenclature of "KYS." But keep in mind, this is also an internet that encourages low quality content and lack of creativity.

Shroomjak origin 4chan 2021.jpg

Alleged Occult Connections

Some folks would argue that Shroomjak is a demonic entity, fueled by the art of meme magic. If we think about the current state of modern society, who can really know for sure?

Occult Shroomjak 1.jpg


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