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A typical internets shout out from a typical girl. Note specialized font and obnoxious color.
Standard urban shout out. Notice how the brothers incorporate various gestures and postures.
Shout Out Guru, Vanilla Ice, taught white people how to give respect.

The term shout out refers to the practice of properly according respect to one's friends on some type of available media. This includes television, radio, and the internets. It is used by 16 year old girls, religious people, black person, wiggers and weev. Its internet form often uses altcaps or specialized images made by the one shouting out.


It is believed to be a bastardized form of the urban slang props, a practice wherein one black person properly accords respect to another brother, usually in the form of hand-clasping, rap lyrics, or not shooting them.


The Bible mandated obligatory shout outs to God, incorporating various hand gestures and postures involving submissive stances and offering easy anal access. You are considered a bad Christian if you do not offer God your ass at least twice a day. Many fundamentalist Christians decry modern Christian rock forms of shout outs (incorporating J.C. into their lyrics), citing lack of anal exposure.

Muslims adopted the most vulnerable of positions due to their inherent homosexuality. The terms prayer and assuming the position are interchangeably used in modern times.

Various uses

  • After winning a fight, a boxer will give a shout out to God for allowing him to be victorious. This is immediately followed by a shout out to whatever criminal (i.e. Don King) promoted the fight. Shout outs are immune to hypocrisy.
  • Hip Hop lovers will call their local radio station to give shout outs to their friends. These friends will normally be named after cartoon characters ("snoopy") or hair care products ("aqua net").
  • White people will call news shows and wait two hours so they can give a shout out to Howard Stern and giggle like a school girl with two fingers in her lap.
  • Nerds will give shout outs to lame operating systems and RPGs in internet forums to help increase their street cred with nerd hags

Types of shout outs

  • Big ups
  • Props
  • Holler
  • Whatever the hell a medieval town crier did (cried probably)
  • Romanian impalings

Aussieintn's shout outs

Figures 1 – 9.
when bad gifs attack.
Missy Tazz

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