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Michael Jackson commissioned this picture.

Shotacon, like lolicon, is a child-pornographic sub-genre of hentai featuring underage boys (aka shota). It typically focuses on prepubescent boys having wild gay sex, though in real life, this would never happen because they're more busy playing X-box than playing with their shriveled penises. Essentially, shotacon is yaoi, only younger and with fewer pubes.

Shotacon should not be confused with 'Shotokan,' a form of karate, except when (carefully!) trolling boards frequented by practitioners of that style. If you do this on an Okinawan Goju-ryu board and they might give you a fucking black belt, at which point you should become an hero.


Kawaii AZN schoolgirl shota artist

Despite what thousands of fer real AZN schoolgirls will tell you, Shota is not harmless art of kawaii little boys. Instead, shotacon is an attempt to mask pedophilia, often with homosexual tendencies, by tossing a cutesie anime art style over top the disgusting and decidedly creepy subject matter.

Shocacon is lolicon's evil twin only instead of delicious lolis to exploit there are little boys instead twisting what was once a sacred /b/ institution into something disgusting.

Only a sick, perverted country like Japan would have different words for child porn featuring girls and child porn featuring boys. Bothering to use any terms to differentiate between kinds of kiddie porn makes you a sick fuck as it means you actually pay attention to child porn.

Both shotacon and lolicon are illegal in a fuckload of countries. There is a reason it is banned over much of the world.

Kinds of Shota

Shota fans know it's awwriightt!

In shotacon there seems to be three main themes: Kids fucking kids, rape, and incest.

Regardless of the flavor of shotacon, it's all gay and yes, fapping to it makes you a pedo. Imaginary children are still children and you are getting off on kid rape you sick fuck. Now, collect your porn and follow pedobear to the party van- a certain Chris Hansen wishes to speak with you about your "hobby."


The most popular of the three, by far, is rape because nothing is hotter than watching a grown man force his giant throbbing cock into the clenched and bleeding asshole of a little boy as he cries and begs for mommy to save him, amiright? Another popular version is to have a "fantasy" creature forcing itself onto the child in order to educate him about sex. For some reason the sick fucks like to pretend all little boys are asking for it and enjoy the raep, though any real man will tell you this idea is a blatant lie. Only women are asking for you, you fucktards.


The second most popular form of shotacon is incest ... I mean, "special childhood education." In these comics, for some reason, it's Awww Right for a parent to encourage their kid to blow them, a mom to ask to be filled with "her little boy's spunk," or for parents to tell kids that fucking adults is A-ok! Sometimes, this incest piles up into a multi-generation gangbang of disgusting proportions filled with "full young lips" slurping down "precious mature seed." By the way, those quotes aren't made up.

Kids fucking kids

But what about kids fucking kids? That has to be alright, right? Well, if you like the idea of 12 year old parents birthing mutant inbred offspring, then you are a sick fuck. Sometimes these kids even have their parents encouraging them to fuck like stray dogs for their own personal amusement.

Which is funny as shit.

"Straight" shota

There is no such thing as straight shota as shota is only drawn by ugly, fat, otaku neckbeards I mean REAL AZN SHCOOLGIRLS!

You are masturbating to me....

See that imaginary MILF fucking her four year old son? There's a fat old man behind it. Seriously, why would a real MILF want to fuck something with a cock smaller than yours? Everyone knows real women love delicious cock and will want as much of it as possible. Only fags want tiny, shriveled little boy cock.

And what about the little girl fucking the little boy? That my friends is the sad case of an overweight, smelly, otaku who wishes he was a little girl. The reason he wants this is because his own cock is too tiny to actually get laid. Skeezers laugh at his tiny cock. Furfags have seen Chihuahuas with bigger cocks. Not even desperate imaginary MILFs want his tiny AIDS-filled cock. So he imagines he is a little girl and draws sick fuck child porn of it for you to masturbate. Look at that face. You are masturbating to him.

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Shotacat is a response to Pedobear from those who like to rape little boys rather than little girls. He can be found wherever little boys have been foolishly abandoned by their parents.

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