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In the fields of psychology and psychoanalysis, Shortman or Napoleon syndrome is the recognised term used to describe a type of inferiority complex suffered by people who are short. The term is also used more generally to describe people who are driven by a perceived handicap to over compensate in other aspects of their lives. Medically, it is at the opposite end of the spectrum from Tall bitch syndrome, which impacts chiefly women who are 5'9" and above.

Shortmans multiple exponentially.
If you can't grow up, grow out.
All shortmans look the same.



They often make candy and get thrown.

If you were to say to a shortman ‘isn’t the sky a great shade of blue’ you would get a response along the lines of ‘the sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the ...’ or even that ‘the sky is not blue, is just a side effect of molecules in the air scattering blue light from the ...’ At work they spend 95% of the time trying to be best friends of any authority figures or trying to manipulate himself into positions of control.

A favorite pastime is to always try to take credit for other peoples work and ideas by changing one obscure sentence in a 500 page report, then state that they have put a new swing on it and made it a winner.

Control is a big issue for them. They have ways of doing things and feel that way is the only correct way of doing something. Subordinates will have to follow it to the letter as any deviation. Things such as having the mug handle pointing left instead of right when making coffee, is seen as a direct challenge. This leads to their only redeeming feature of somebody suffering with shortman syndrome; they will not take crap from women and will always beat them into a subservient role back in the kitchen.

If you have ever been in a situation where you are being attacked for some unknown or minor issue, there is a shortman manipulating all parties, as shortmen are all cowards (unless you are a wife, child or dog) who don't fight their own battles (except by referring to the rule book).


  • A shortman will try to make the content on this page positive or destroy it.
  • When challenged they always answer referring to the rule book, which should it fail them, will then explain why the rulebook is wrong.
  • They always win, not because they are right but because they don’t let things drop until they do, no matter how many years or what a loser they have become.
  • Normal women do not date short men.
  • Small men have small penises.
  • If you use any word that could be associated with small, no matter how obscure, they take it as a direct attack at them. This has lead to the game where people of normal height see how many sentences they can use a ‘small’ word in during the conversation.
  • They help you by pointing out any negative aspects that you may have. (More often than not this will be something that nobody in their right mind would worry about, giving some indication of just how fucked up they are).
  • All have profiles on Don't Date Him, Girl
  • Constantly petition the medical board to have the height for shortness reduced to 4’2.


Short bastard

Known Shortmen

Becoming Short

You can’t, they hold the shortman club in such esteem that they can not even join themselves.