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Shay Carl Butler aka Shaytards is a seriously disturbed, fat, moonbearded, closet-case vlogger whose attention whoring puts 16-year-old girls to shame. Instead of getting a real job, Shay exploits his family and children on a daily basis, placing them on YouTube for profit. He continues to do this with complete disregard for their safety, well-being, and reputation. Some viewers have even gone on to suggest that the authorities and YouTube/Google be contacted over the legality and ethics of his actions. In more common terms, CPS.

Today, Shaycarl sits in the same basement as other YouTubers like Sxephil, HotforWords, Charlestrippy, and Ray William Johnson. All Tubers who continue to pollute and degrade YouTube for their own profit by flooding it with videos that have deceptive/hot women in the thumbnails/titles. When deceived and deprived of tittays, tube rage is imminent.

As a hack radio DJ, Shay Carl started making comedy skits and put them on YouTube "for the world to see." He claims to have held 20 different jobs before settling down with his DJ and YouTube whoring gigs. According to TOW, "Prominent residents of Venice include Youtube sensation, Shay Butler.."

A few of his more rampant fantards are on a blanking rampage, desperate to continue viewing this spectacular display of parenting unabated. Apparently they don't understand the rules or logic here yet.

This whole article is a bunch of BS!! You give out a lot of personal information that could be used by your so called PEDISTALKERS!! If anything happens to his children YOU ARE TO BLAME because every body is posting his address on his comments and saying that this is where they are getting their information!!! Hope you are happy!!!


Jsells left on Shaycarl talk page Talk:Shaycarl , further proof his fans are totally nuts.


A clip of abuse footage that was uploaded.
A clip of recent abuse footage that was not accidentally uploaded.

If cancer was confined to just one part of the body, sat down, STFU, and ceased to spread; it wouldn't be nearly as bad for the host. Maybe you could even live with it. But cancer spreads like fire through California / scandal amongst girls, and eventually the beleaguered host is forced to amputate his own dick. The same can be said about the ambitions of Shay Butler: human dick cancer.
Shay feels the best way to be funny and get noticed is with not one, but many youtube accounts, social networking profiles, and a slew of dumb family photo-holes (for maximum profit of course). Apparently lacking any sense of irony, Shay becomes irate when his dox are posted online, even by such reputable news sources as ED. His jug-headed, horse-faced wife, too, has a youtube account; as do the kids, who are frequently put in soft-core situations, and abused for ratings; forming an amorphous, portuguese manowar-like entity of utter failure.

Given his streak of personal failures, it comes as no shock that Shay used to work as a daytime DJ for Idaho's Z103 -- THE FAGG -- in one of society lamest professions. But, has since quit to focus on his inevitable, online stardom, pairing up with such comedy powerhouses as the Station, and the hugely famous, take180.

I am absolutely sick and tired of seeing their faces in my featured videos they are really spoiling my YOU TUBE experience, i have already blocked them, they inundate the site with so many postings that for some reason they keep appearing ..... please what can i do to block them off - from seeing them on my home page - I JUST HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT - I FIND THEIR IN YOUR FACE POSTINGS WHICH ARE SOME KIND OF ADVERTISING MOTIVATED PLAN - its JUST TOO MUCH - THEY KEEP APPEARING MAYBE AS MANY AS 30 times a week on my home page i dont subscribe to them - dont you feature anyone else???? why the hell do i get them all the time ??????!!!!!!


—a fan

His main channel, YouTube Favicon.png Shaycarl, and his second channel, YouTube Favicon.png Shaytards are where most of his shitty warez and advertising can be found. On his second channel, Shay makes daily vlogs which get at least 200,000 views on average; some amassing more than one million views. Every video consists of him whoring out his children to the pedos of Youtube, where he always refers to his children as (re)tards. His wife, Colette, also goes by the alias of Katilette or "Fuglytard," because she has an alien face and terribly small bat fucked titties.

Shay hails from Pocatello, Idaho, but has apparently moved out to California for the summer to be with other tubers to make videos, money, and hopefully become famous on the internets. Of course, that will never fucking happen. While they were in California, Kaitilette announced through a daily vlog that she was pregnant, and the baby quickly picked up the name, "Fetustard.", which ultimately become "rocktard." This only proved that the family beats jokes to death harder than a wooden club at a seal party

He has also mentioned that he is staying in Idaho because most of his family lives there, so he won't need to pay for a babysitter, although he still flies back to California sometimes to film unfunny videos with TheStation.

If you want to stop Shay and his child abuse to over 9000 children from minorities, a petition can be found here: [1]

Mormon moron

Most Mormons don't drink alcohol, smoke or drink coffee - but Shay does. Shay worries if he got any fatter then he'd probably be heavy enough to break the space-time continuum. Shaycarl describes himself as a "devout Mormon" - which means he thinks that it's perfectly acceptable and within his 1st Amendment rights to abuse his kids and perform incest with his family members.

By this point in the article, it should come as no surprise that Shay is a member of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, where child abuse is required because they think God said so. Shay proposed at Mormon Temple Square in Salt Lake City and even went to the tabernacle to sacrifice a goat to his Holy Masters. On Twitter, he posted this, which links to a Youtube video by a channel called "MormonMessages". The reason Shay has never said it directly is because he's afraid of alienating people, offending people and generally coming across as a bible-toting stereotype. He doesn't want to lose any of his precious views on Youtube, or else he may have to get a real job.

The (Re)tard Family

Shaycarl in his normal habitat.
previous address :556 N 10th Ave, Pocatello. Current: 700 Marr St Venice, California 90291

Katilette or Mommytard

  • Real Name: Colette Butler
  • Description: "Loves" Shay's fat ass, so must not be that smart, whiny as well, possibly also a "Mormon", though unconfirmed as of yet, doesn't seem to have a problem whoring out her kids, or even herself, whatever shay says!


  • Real Name: Gavin Butler
  • More Accurate Nickname: Fattytard Jr.
  • Description: It doesn't take a hereditary scientist to see that this kid is the result of his dad's fat genes and a severe beating from the ugly stick. Seems like he gets fatter every video, probably from the fact his daddy don't love him as much as his sisters, you know, they make more money on the streets.


  • More Accurate Nickname: Favoritetard
  • Real Name: Avia Butler
  • Description: In addition to being Shay's favourite fuck, Princess-tard is the family cash cow, dragging in a steady stream of filth from 12chan. After all, her dad spends all his time making Youtube videos instead of getting a real fucking job. Actually seems like she is the smartest in the family, that she actually seems to understand that you have to actually work to get money, not sit on your fat a$$


  • Real Name: Emmi Butler
  • More Accurate Nickname: Boringtard
  • Description: A dumb fuck who does nothing but spit out shit from both her mouth and her ass, the way daddy likes it.


  • Real Name: Brad Butler
  • More Accurate Nickname: Exploitard
  • Description: Abused from the womb, Shay took it upon himself to mock his own infant. In 2010, Shay and his wife pretended to throw their new born into a crowd of nerds at something called the Vidcon. Brad can also be seen getting his umbilical cord cut on youtube. Probably the most "innocent" of the kids, though that don't mean he doesn't have his callers.


  • Real Name: Daxton Butler
  • More Accurate Nickname: Purely-Economic-Decisiontard
  • Description: Announced in early 2013, this new spawn realizing that there is only so much money left in the other 4 kids.


  • Real Name: Logan McKay Butler
  • More Accurate Nickname: Douchetard
  • Description: Shay's brother. This douchebag has a channel called LoganMckay55 where he posts gay videos of himself sucking cocks of other males while swallowing their cum.

Shay's Mother

  • Name: Laurie Udy Butler

Shay's Dad

  • Name: Carl Butler

Carlie Style

  • Name: Carlie Butler, had her own youtube channel called "Carliestyle" in order to whore out the system much like

her "BIG" (Pun Intended) brother Shay so she could make some money. It was going to be a channel about how she loved style and would give fashion tips. When the truth was she never really had any, and closed her account within 3 months realizing it was nothing more than an epic fail.

Update: As of June 20, 2011 she has a new youtube account YouTube Favicon.png CarlieStylez


Sontard almost gets run over in a stupid Shaycarl stunt.
Shaycarl "accidentally" punches babytard in the face.

shay is a fucking piece of shit who needs to take his goddamn retarded family off the internet. It's his fault people know his personal info. Dumb shit.



Shaycarl? That dumbass piece of shit? I fucking hate that guy. He always talks and acts like a retard, probably because he is one. All those years of incest in his family has really taken its toll, and Shaycarl is the result. His kids are fucked up even worse.


—Jesus Christ

I'd say he spends ~10-15 hours AT THE VERY MOST a week editing his videos. The rest of the time he has a camera in his children's face. His kids can't consent to being plastered all over youtube for millions of people to watch every day, yet Shay Carl doesn't hesitate to exploit them daily to keep this as his 'job'. It's unethical. Spending 15 hours/week editing some videos isn't a 'job' - it's a hobby. Instead of getting an actual job that contributes to society, he does this.


—a fan on youtube lol

@shaycarl it would be funnier if you had a retarded baby and called her normalface


—@AndyMilonakis via twitter

Let me read you something that was posted on our message board who claims to be from a known pedophile network (TheStation), He said this: I'm a mormon, I like women, his group has over 9000 penises and they're all raping children.



Parenting Skillz

He treats his children like circus animals. It is only a matter of time before he puts one of them into a wheelchair for the rest of their life.

Shay's faggottry self-obsession leaves his children fighting for attention. From birth, they know only the lens of a camera, and the severe sexual assaults that result from fucking up good vlog footage. Already, Shay's children show signs of severe psychological trauma. This is especially true for his oldest daughter, whose daddy issues convince her to dress like a slut and wander off with strangers. In addition, there is no telling what goes on off-camera. As his spawn mature, they will suffer the same issues as other childhood performers and more, because they are brick-dumb and butt-ugly. Did I mention that they are all American?



Shaytarded Stalkers (Fans)

Fearless Fantards

An example of the kind of "man" Gaycarl attracts.

Click-thru to watch: robertscooliphone actually disimbedded this video

The fans of the Shaytards are always running to the defense of the poor, helpless victims known as the Shaytards. They can be frequently seen typing up paragraphs of rage and butthurt in youtube comments which no one will ever read. The majority of these are pedophiles waiting for their turn at the kids, but even those who aren't are just fucktards who think that the shaytards are so LOL RANDUM and CUTE LOLZ, instead of being the pure faggotry and exploitation that it actually is. They also don't seem to grasp that Shaycarl does not care about them at all, and that he only uses them to boost his own ego, much like he does to his family.

Related Videos


While Shay is rumored to make over 100k a year; other theories suggest that the numbers are sad and pathetic. Thus, If you think he earns huge cash, watch [2] from that, you can estimate what Shay and his tards has realistically earned overall.

  1. 8793 (shaycarl)
  2. 27227 (shaytards)
  3. 302 (shayloss)
  4. 1008 (katilette)

So that's $37,330 and that includes all the money he would've made if his channels were revenue enabled from the start. That's over 3 years, about $12,000 a year, more likely $10,000 a year after taking out the non-revenue views. Most likely, he's probably living off relatives and welfare checks (lots of cash because of all the kids he has) because being a Youtube partner probably isn't considered a real job.

This, of course, is a very rough guess as the video is quite old, and the economy effects how much money Jewtube makes. So [3] most likely complete fail.
It's important to note this topic is highly debatable. Thus, if you have evidence and information, drop those docs now!

According to SocialBlade, He actually makes much more than predicted and necessary. If its glitches could be believed, his SHAYTARDS channel alone is predicted to make $200K a year at minimum with help from his partner company and will likely join PewDiePie in the Youtube Millionaire Whore Club.

Shay Carl's formula to success

  • Make crappy vlogs daily
  • Name them totally sexy things like 'And we do it on top of the house'
  • Make sure its obvious you want to whore your children by hurting them on camera, getting them nearly naked, and make sexually suggestive comments about them on your vlogs
  • ???
  • PROFIT (literally)

Exposed by Britfag presenter

Even Graham Norton thinks Child Protection Social Services should do something

Future plans

If YouTube dies out, or all the teens that watch his exploitation videos grow up and see what a sick fuck he is, Shay has other plans to exploit his children. That is assuming they haven't lost custody of them yet, as getting a real job is not even a possibility.

Evidence points towards the following happening, placed in chronological order:

  1. Modelling
  2. Porn actresses/actors
  3. Prostitution
  4. Drug smuggling/dealing, other illegal activities etc

In essence, Shay will go from pimping his children out in the digital world, to actually pimping them out in real life.

We here at ED hope that Shaycarl's kids get taken away to foster homes where they can live their lives in privacy, and that Shaycarl dies of cancer - a suitable death for such a cancerous human being.

Cheating Scandal

Normally, cheating on your wife is a cool thing to do, but of course Shay had to do it in the lamest way possible. For months, he sent sexual messages via twitter to cam girl Aria Nina. It is speculated that this was done out of sexual frustration due to his wife's frigidity, but this remains unproven. What is certain is that he did this, and through his verified account (because he's too dumb to cover his tracks), and the messages are downright cringy.

All was going well for the repressed Mormon and the dime-a-dozen camgirl, until the fateful day when Aria complimented his 15th kid and joked about wanting to breastfeed him. This led to Shay calling her "disgusting" and warning her to never speak of his family again. This, of course, was in accordance with the Doctrine & Covenants verses on how to deal with hoes. Aria responded by posting the DMs publicly, to the shock and dismay of his fans and the lulz of everyone else. Shay proceeded to cry like a bitch, BAWWing on Twitter about his alcoholism and how he's only pretending to be happy and wholesome to conceal his inner Pedobear.

Aria Nina has also threatened to release his nudes, though nothing has come of that yet. As a result of this turn of events, the Shaytards have finally STFU and stopped posting videos for the past 4 months (at the time of this writing). The relevant images are to the right, but be forewarned: the DMs reek of desperation.


  • Shay is Mormon, but does not tithe (give money) to his church because he's too busy spending it on new flip cams.
  • Has several different lame channels involving a channel on weight loss, which he gave up on, because he's a fat fuck[4].
  • Will do anything to exploit his own children for money.
  • Shaycarl was removed from Wikipedia and marked for deletion; because he's barely notable.
  • Shay doesn't have a real job and lives off of Youtube partnership paychecks, meaning that his kids financially support him.
  • facepalm fact: for some lame reason a shaytard appears on the cover of a James Blunt album entitled "Some kind of trouble". Then again, James Blunt always was a douchebag whose music sucks.
  • According to Shay's deleted TOW article, his birthday is listed as March, 5 1980.
  • in 2010 vlogger Onision had got upset that Shay uploaded a video about his sons' circumcision. This drama was battled out on twitter, and ultimately no one cared other than basement dwelling fantards.
  • Moved to 700 Marr Street Venice, Calfornia in 2011.

Epic Win Video Summary of ShayCarl

The above video by GusMonkeyTV satirically exposes ShayCarl for what he is and is thankfully over 9000 times definitely more lulzy than anything Shay Carl has ever produced!


Pimpin' ain't easy About missing Pics
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