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Sharisasweetie is an internet troll who enjoys posing as a 12 year old girl and writing horrifically bad Fanfiction on She is well known for her fan fiction, We Used to be Friends which is basically a Veronica Mars fan fiction, crossed over with 10 other fandoms. Being the master troll that he/she is, they've managed to fool the entire Fanfic writing community into believing that they're a real person.

Sharisa, knowing that fantards can't help but bash terrible fanfics, decided that it would be the perfect ploy to write terrible Fan fiction about a series that nobody gives a shit about. Sure enough, someone eventually stumbled upon her fic, and plastered it all over insignificant LJ communities, causing a giant stir, and likening her fic to My Immortal.

To further strengthen the illusion that she's a real person, the troll has created an entire universe in which she has a BFF named Katrina, who she constantly fights with, because she's a lamer who reads Harry Potter. Sharisa has stated many times that she is straight, and 'not a lesbo', but continually writes lesbian sex in her fanfics. This should be one of the many revealing factors that shows that Sharisa is indeed, just a troll. If you want to experience a conversation with her, contact her on AIM at sharisasweetie. Big shock, we know.

Two LJers talk to Sharisa

Two LJ users by the names of Sarah and Livie contacted Sharisa during their cold, lonely reading of their friends list. During the conversation, Sharisa dropped an SoS in the form of this message:

Sarah (3:24:21 PM): do you like chuck norris?
sharisasweetie (3:24:35 PM): i know endykeopeddia rattica lykes him
Sarah (3:24:48 PM): what is that?
sharisasweetie (3:24:57 PM): a website
What will happen to Shari.

It's obvious that the only words those could be are Encyclopedia Dramatica, the site you happen to be browsing right now. OSH-

Of course, this flew directly over their heads, and the conversation went on. You can read it here if you need some lulz.

Shari Goes to Boarding School

Sometime Last Thursday, Shari went to her BFF Katrina's house, and together they want to a party was being served. Conveniently, Shari's arch nemesis han't been invited to the party, and informed Shari's parents of where she was. Then, in an oh-so convenient matter, her parents walked in on her making out with another girl. As a result of this, Shari has been shipped off to Catholic boarding school, where they apparently don't have the internet. If this story sounds in any way like a bad episode of Dawson's Creek, you'd be right.

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Don't bother clicking this, I have an excerpt.

Suddenly my dad bursted into the apartment. His eyes were wide with excitement. “veronica, I have huge news!! I got a new job!!!”

I was so sexcited that I dropped my bowl of ice cream. “OMG! What is it??”

“Well, I have become the official mystery solver for the president! I am going 2 be getting paid a million dollars for every mystery I solve and were moving to washington dc!!!”

That might be the most awesome job EVAR!!!

[...and then there was a gay orgy.It was a dark and stormy night...]

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