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Test your "sex by association" detection skills. Which one is the character? Which one is the cosplayer?
This cosplayer looks just as beautiful as Sailor Moon.
Miss Piggy as seen by Furries

Sex by association is an internet disease technique extensively exploited in cosplay. Like alcohol and drugs, costumes impair the human mind and make sex seem exciting and worthwhile with ugly fat freaks you would normally avoid. In the old days dressing up was reserved for Halloween and naughty role-playing sessions. Today, thousands of nerds parade through conventions dressed as anime, comic book and movie characters using their costumes the same way frat boys use roofies.



  • The process begins by selecting the costume of a hot, large-breasted female character from an anime, movie, comic book or game.
  • The cosplayer then makes a homemade version of this costume out of brightly colored bedsheets, duct tape and cardboard that will resemble a hippie after a brutal mauling by polar bears rather than the original costume.
  • The cosplayer then pours themselves into their abomination (costume) and may choose to add a wig and tin foil accessories.
  • Wear it to a convention or post pictures on the internets to lure in unsuspecting nerds. Most cosplayers do both to get attention of more fans.


  • Although cosplayers are typically the exact opposite of the fictional voluptuous vixen, the visually dependent mind of male nerds is short-circuted by this optical illusion and accidentally re-allocates sexiness from the character to the cosplayer.
  • Depending on the con being attended and the character selected, the power of sex by association will vary.


  • Mary Sue attends an Anime Con dressed as Cat Woman: +1000 sex appeal.

Mary Sue will have to be mildly attractive or she will not be fucked.

  • Mary Sue attends a Comic Book Convention dressed as Cat Woman: +5000 sex appeal.

Mary Sue could be plain and still get fucked.

  • Mary Sue attends a bar near the comic book convention dressed as Cat Woman and her date drinks 10 beers: +20,000 sex appeal.

Mary Sue could be an obese gorilla that escaped from the zoo or Girlmecha and still get fucked.

It should be noted that Cat Woman is possibly the sexiest costume a cosplayer could chose as it appeals to comic book nerds, anime nerds and furries, while Cat Girls only appeal to anime nerds and furries, and Miss Piggy only appeals to furries.

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