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Seunghwan Lee IRL.jpg
Seunghwan "Onjoh" Lee
Born February 2nd, 2006
Nationality Americunt  MiniflagUSA.png
Residence Ellicott City, Maryland
Ethnicity Gook
Gender Male


Occupation Being an absolute fucking retard and contributing nothing of value

Se (Powerword: Seunghwan Lee) is a very butthurt bratty fatass insurgent homicidal retarded bloodthirsty autistic rebellious gook back at Miraheze's kitchen. He is best known for months and months of constant bullshit drama and petty warring across several social media platforms along with his outrageous and autistic behavior. Se likes drama and flame wars that he won't stop doing peace shit. In summary, Lee is evidence that stillborn fetuses can achieve semi-sentience, along with providing evidence that they should not be allowed to live. While many people thought he would finally be rehabilated or at least kept as a manageable lolcow in Discord, this all ended when he decided to post his dick online, leading to a Downwards Spiral that led to further spats of degeneracy and further influencing and associating with other lolcows such as Engelbash.


Deep in the radioactive wasteland that is Miraheze itself, a shitty wikifarm filled to the brim with various cow shit wikis of numerous varieties such as crappy fanon wikis, rejected porn or hentai fetish wikis that were once booted off Wikia/FANDOM and most notably, the Reception Wikis; was where Seunghwan himself came into existence. Once he made his account there, Se would constantly post unfunny or even downright disturbing comments on random pages while producing edits of little to value or even made the page worse. Despite the massive amount of downvotes he would receive for his spergery, Se wasn't banned at all due to the crappy moderation but was instead tolerated as one of the "outcast" or "clown" users there, but little did the receptards knew he would soon morph into something much worse.


Spam this image at him if you want to make him rage.

Like every autistic tard with severe anger issues, Seunghwan Lee also has many assorted hateboners on many things due to them triggering him in one way or another.

  • Blocks and Bans - Oblivious to his completely and utterly retarded behavior online along with having negative self-awareness, Se gets extremely triggered whenever he gets blocked or banned by someone on social media. He would often rage, cope and seethe for hours on end while plotting the untimely demise of whoever dared block his sorry fatass despite failing (most) all the time.
  • Youtube Rewind 2018 - Where his infamous "SMOSH THAT SHITTY-ASS VIDEO!!!" quote from after Se tried and failed hard when hopping onto the YT Rewind 2018 hate despite every bit of hate it gets being well-deserved.

The Drama Trilogy

The reason why this obese and acne-ridden fat fuck has a page here is due to the sheer amounts of drama he managed to singlehandedly cause not just on the Reception Wikis, but Miraheze, Twitter, Discord and many more as well. This entire section here will basically summarize and document his antics and spergery.

Miraheze Drama

A classic from Se.
Mar didn't take his block as well as Se did.

Seunghwan originated first on Miraheze during 2019 where he mostly got downvoted to oblivion for his retarded comments, especially ones where he A-Logged on SSSniperwolf or made some godawful comebacks along with deliberately bastardizing his English by saying "Smosh" instead of "Smash" and "Onjoh" instead of "Enjoy" like a moron. Se later one day sperged out too hard and then earned his first block from none other than Vicious187, a moody, Bipolar and grumpy Reception Wiki admin that rages 24/7 and has severe anger issues along with godawful mental health. While Se has always been a menace and lulzy lolcow, he earned the block with an unholy combination of sending rape, violence and death threats to various users and telling K9 Aversion, a pro-dog abuse and anti-dog JewTuber about her page on the now-deleted/banned Atrocious YouTubers Wiki for some retarded reason. This was not only against the recepfags and their shoddy rules, but also triggered a good chunk of their userbase due to how much they hated K9 Aversion.

Se got massively butthurt from this and sperged out at another lolcow, Mar9122 about how much he hated Vicious and how his wiki blocks were unfair. Mar foolishly believed him and later made a page out of Vicious on Horrid Reception Wikis Wiki, one of the first and most toxic user wikis first created on Miraheze. Vicious later discovered the page and had a nervous breakdown as a result, he later dropped the B&Hammer on both Se and Mar across various wikis without showing a single bit of mercy for them other than letting them say their last words. Mar got extremely furious at this as a result and banned Se from yet even more wikis that Vicious and his fuckbuddies didn't moderate. Now it was Mar's turn to deteriorate as he went completely insane and betrayed the wikis he worked for. He was then last seen shitting up the old 2019 ED Forums where he tried rallying them to raid Rotten Websites Wiki. This was an epic fail for him and the users turned against him, giving him a well-deserved page. While ED was destroyed back in 2019-2020, the page was later reconstructed by the Fun Shitposting Wiki task force.

Se and Mar were thought to have left the internet, but they came back soon to cause yet even more drama and deteriorate in more ways previously not known to mankind...

Seunghwan VS Zenko

Se begging yet even more recepfaggots for another chance which he will promptly blow away in just a day.
The Zenko drama spans as early as 2019.

Next year in 2020, Se would be getting up to more shenanigans on Miraheze with his new account: TheInterneto, clearly showing he hasn't learnt jackshit from his spats with Vicious and Mar. Se would constantly get into fights at the wikis once again. His spat with Zenko in particular actually started in 2019, but only got really serious and major in 2020 as it begun spanning several wikis and caused tons of disruption. The worst of their autism happened in the now-deleted/banned Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki where Zenko begun raging over Bunga from The Lion Guard, who is some retarded honey badger with severe gastrointestinal issues from the show. Se later got pissmad at her and started a ton of edit wars with her along with sending her various threatening messages. Their disruption and pettiness later earned both of them permanent bans from the shitty wiki and its butthurt admins themselves.

Another one of their slapfights happened at the now-baleeted Atrocious Deviants Wiki, where Zenko begun A-Logging on some furfag artist known as AnthroArtCreations and tried making a slander page on him for no valid reasons other than cherry-picked claims and nonsensical schizoposting. Zenko is oblivious to the fact that because she hated AnthroArtCreations for drawing yiff and furry porn, she might as well have to make pages on many furfag artists out there due to most of them being degenerates of some sort while as for Se, he was just being the retarded overgrown asswipe he is as usual. After some admins discovered how Zenko managed to fuck over the wiki's reputation by making pages on innocent people she hated, she and Se were later given the banhammer and permabanned from the wiki. The wiki would later be destroyed by none other than GalaxyRailways2199 itself, though it would later earn a page here and Kiwi Farms mentions due to his terminal autism.

Discord Shenanigans


At the end of last year (2019), Mar later got exposed for doxxing OldDirtyFoamer and some other autist's faces all because Foamer hated Mar's body pillow degeneracy, driving Foamer to keep a low profile online at all times. Mar currently runs a hideout and has gotten back with Se, due to degrading into nothing but a pathetic outcast with only fellow outcasts to lean on. And in that same year, Mar has also grown addicted to lolicon and became a pedophile, starting to formulate his plans to groom minors and enforce a new order where cp would be legalized. Seunghwan had no where else in the wikis to go to, though he somehow managed to get a brief stint at Amazing YouTubers Wiki together with an assortment of spergs such as Pacsonic9000, DuchessTheSponge and more during the end of the 2020 using his SoloPatriot7890 account while also having a few surprisingly civil conversations at the now-baleeted The New Reception Wiki with his SaintPaul/DualKnightDos90 account during 2021.

With the wikis now completely vilifying him except for yet even more of his retarded slapfights with Zenko in which they actually supported him, Se turned to Discord as his primary source of entertainment and a place to safely sperg out in. Se got banned from many Discord servers as a result of his autism, but some enterprising people and servers have decided to keep him in, but as a pet where they constantly trolled, spam-pinged, locked him up in prison channels and basically used him as a punching bag. Se one day had the bright idea of telling people he somehow went to the "Dark Web" and saw "Child Porn" and as expected, the entire server he said it in went batshit insane. Se got trolled and mass-pinged on a scale before and his crappy retorts including using the word "Onjoh" were instead memed to death and Se became even more of a clown than he already was. Se would later then get banned on-and-off though he always remained as a server jester. But his career as a Discord clown would soon come to a screeching halt once Se decided to pull of a stunt he had never done before in his life.

The Dick Post

Play stupid games, win stupid prices.
Even DarkMatterFaggot wants a piece of him!

After helping Mar escape and snitching out people spying on him after this pedophilic shitrat was exposed once again, Se was mass-trolled once again and subject to many spam pings for his punishment while getting banned from yet even more servers. Se begun deteriorating once more despite his hardest attempts to redeem himself and during the start of 2021, decided to surprise the last servers he remained in with a New Year's Present: His Dick Pics. After posting it, he got instantly permab&nd from almost every server he was in except for Mar's new secret hideout server while everyone started hating on Se due to this abominable antic. Se later went to the Miraheze wikis on SoloPatriot7890 to post his dick on various wikis before DarkMatterMan got disgusted and gave him even more permabans. The dick pictures were later baleeted for good.

Discord Shenanigans 2: Electric Boogaloo

Seunghwan's Legacy.

After his exile for posting his dick on various Discord servers and DMs along with some of the wikis themselves, Se deleted his Discord account as a result due to the massive amounts of well-deserved backlash he got. Later, Se decided to come back to Discord on a new account and was immediately found and banned. With no one left from the other communities that exiled him, he decided to join Engelbash's Meme Shack due to them being some of the few people degenerate enough to accept people as retarded as him. Seunghwan, Engel, Dylan, Chuck (Cuck) along with many more were later weaponized to help raid and nuke Geoshea's servers as the Anti-Ficreation Alliance begun growing massively in power and the aforementioned sick fuck begun losing all his fans due to grooming a girl.

In a poetic twist of fate, Engelbash would soon be exposed for one last time and finally exiled for good like Pedoshea was after it was revealed he nearly drove Funny Man With Jeans to suicide. Engel grew completely insane, turned into a huge pervert and now has degenerated into a troll that regularly impersonates and trolls former members of his Meme Shack that have decided to cut ties with him. During New Year's Day on 2022, Engel decided to send a dick picture to Onion Mastori in his DMs despite being underaged, much like what Se did. Some say that his time with Se may have contributed to Engel's deterioration and making him the next in line of dick posting underaged lolcows. As for Seunghwan himself, he later decided to delete his second Discord account (the one created after the dick post) due to him saying he had "Suicidal Thoughts" and "Stress" and made its pfp an icon of a wojak hanging itself. However the sick fuck still has an Instagram where he posts nothing but crappy ramblings about his shit life and random porn pictures.

How To Troll Seunghwan

  • Call him a pedophile, he hates that.
  • Repeat "onjoh" many times.
  • Remind him of his countless antics across his internet history.
  • Bring up Zenko, Vicious or basically anyone that managed to piss him off.
  • Spam ping and raid his shitty servers and DMs.
  • Tell him that his penis is only 3-inches and before he accuses you of peeping on him, show the screenshot of him admitting to it himself.
  • Mock or taunt him in any way.


Mental Retardation About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


  • It took a total of 3 blocks to drive Se completely batshit insane to the point he turned Vicious just as insane as him, if not even more.
  • His jokes were very cringeworthy, like when he joked he wanted to piss on SSSniperWolf on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki.
  • Se now claims that telling K9 Aversion her Atrocious YouTubers Wiki page was a joke even though at least 10 of her white knights have most likely vandalized their shitty wikis and overworked the recepfaggots to death.
  • On his archived Atrocious Deviants Wiki page that he created himself, he admits to many things such as:
    • He has an older cousin named Leah Han that married a nigger that would constantly beat her up till she divorced. Se has a half-nigger nephew that is now 9-years-old.
    • He has considered become An hero a few times.
    • During Art Class, he had a moment of tard rage and flipped a table.
    • He can't take any sort of criticism whatsoever.
    • He is a NEET, neckbeard and basement dweller whose godawful communication skills is the result of not talking much to others.
    • His left thumb is double-jointed.
    • He called the niggers of random Pacific islands "Pacific Niggers" and called himself racist due to it.

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