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Alexis, totally asking for it

Setsuna Toushirou (Powerword: Alexis Jacobs, born April 17th, 1994) Is a 16-year-old, plagiarist attention whore from Missouri, with gums the size of Phar Lap. Not content with merely pissing off the artists she admires, she will not stop until all of her friends hate her.

The Setsjewna Toushitrou Saga

Once upon a time, in a sleepy basement of the internet known as Shittyart, a porn-tracing appreciator of Japanese culture was born. Venturing into sites where she was clearly not permitted to travel, she gathered up images of rape, scantily-clad lolis and pictures of pink-haired anime chicks with the tits she wished she had. Her breast-envy having reached critical mass, in an envy-fueled rage she began to transpose her own desu-eyed likeness onto them. But the story did not stop here, oh no...

Sheezyart Shenanigans

After completing several of these obviously-traced bastardizations of the works created by Creayus, Carnelian and Kurimomo, Setsuna wondered what to do next. The answer was obvious: Post them on the internet and complain about how big her non-existant tits are. Following the natural order of this slippery slope, she began to latch on to several fandoms, including Code Gayass, Bleaugh and D.Gay Man, pairing her traced, self-insert mary-sue characters with every male character ever. Not feeling that she should cover up the fact at all, Setsuna saw fit to give all of these characters names which highly similar to her own. The end result was a plethora of characters whose names began with "A".

A few brave souls caught on to what was happening and began the purge, only to be met with countless oblivious white knights, hooked by the promise of huge tits that would never be delivered, like so many before them.

Screaming innocence all the way, she was ousted and felt the sting of the banhammer - permanently.

Retreat to Deviantart

The reality-breaking gums are contagious, they must be quarantined and purged with fucking fire

Crying as she fled in search of a new hugbox, Setsuna finally arrived back on the muddy doorstep of devianTART. She was beaten and broken, but not deterred from trying again. Still fueled by the anguish over her flat chest, Setsuna began tracing and posting her mary-sue loli self being raped by characters from various animu franchises once more. This time, she decided to add Pokemon to the mix.

Unfortunately for Setsuna, since devianTART is much larger, this exposed her to many more people. Many of which were far more unforgiving than her previous assailants.

First Sighting

Some time ago, Setsuna's antics were observed by EDiot FuckThatShit. Not realizing that the game was up, Setsuna decided to instead start tracing overtime and compensate by deleting any and all comments which might endanger her cunning plan.

Isolation of Friends, Apparent Mental Challenges

Alex's BFF, Nate, helping the state of those gums with a well-placed foot to the head!

Not heeding the warnings of many of her IRL friends, or even that of the outraged tartlets online, Setsuna continued her parade of self-degradation. Even after her friend Ariel, an apparent failure of a goon posted this beautiful ode to friendship, Setsuna continued on, oblivious that her kingdom of traces, rips and whiteknights was crumbling around her.

Setsuna and her best friend will rape your dog!

Because she is oblivious and unchanging as fuck. Christ, you've been banned on one website for this, yet you keep doing it? For at least a year, too! You have actual artistic talent and nothing to show for it when all your posted stuff - even the sketch dumps - are traces. I ask you why you never post your cute, actual-drawn stuff and you just shrug. This isn't a matter of 'well, if they don't like it they can just stop looking', this is a matter of you realizing that this is seriously bad for you to be so damn constant and ignorant. I'm your friend! I won't stop looking! Hell, I can't even tell you in words because last time I politely asked you to draw something other than what you do draw, you got upset. And you pointed out a picture you did for you favorite movie months back as a savior to say that not all you draw is egostroking/wish fulfillment/couples. Good god, girl.


—Ariel, beating her head against a wall

Before long, the devianTART situation reached critical mass, prompting a call-to-arms in order to find out more about Setsuna, with aim to troll her off the face of the internets, and possibly real life as well.

Gallery of Shit and Failure

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How pissed did she make other users?

Spread the word people spread the good word.
Baaaw you all are so mean to me. Gonna go trace an emo art.

So after people being noted on what a lying tracing whore she is, some defended her and some ranted at her for it. Like most tracing tartlets she thought it was best to deny everything. Blocking anyone who spoke the truth on her page and hiding their comments as well. Causing more and more people to rant all over her page. Not too long after this she created a journal entry asking people to be civilized with her and to not drag her friends into her shit infested tracing drama. Believing that people would only pamper her ass for being brave with this journal entry, many others responded with only the truth to tell. But as usual she hid their comments as spam. So now she hides her hideous traces on a tumblr blog which you can find below.


Her response journal from being called out asking for people to talk to her, privately of course. Below is a sample of how one of her many whiteknights respond with the truth.

Tell anyone of these idiots below that she's an attention-whoring tracer and they will still defend her. Interestingly she makes a journal telling anyone who accuses her of tracing to not bring her friends into the issue but to speak to her about it and yet what happens? They're blocked and their comments hidden cause she doesn't need anything bad on her page. With the names she's given to her closest friends I think it's fair to say she's closet lesbian who enjoys fucking mothers.

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