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This man participates in serious discussion
This man actually enjoys it

Serious discussion is what happens when you post something on the internet; it is one of the major causes of assburgers and cancer on *chans. You expected your thread to become truly epic, but something went wrong, and your entire thread evolved into a vortex of shit. It is not simply an aspect of Rule 25 because Rule 25 states that every post that is made overshadows the topic tittle by little, but serious discussion may break out even seconds after a thread is made, and serious discussion does not eventually kill a thread in the 200 post region like rule 25 promises, but it keeps it alive. Threads infected with serious discussion have in bad cases been shown to stay on the front page for 500 - 600 posts; often because two users are arguing about something in it, posts keep multiplying in them into the infinite, just like cancer cells IRL, so serious discussion is indeed one of the purest forms of cancer.

Serious discussion is, however, not bad if it is found on a board intended for it, these boards are, as its name imply, often serious in nature.

Diagnosing Serious Discussion

A trained eye can spot the serious discussion in this thread.

On some websites, serious discussion is a common, every day thing and is not viewed as bad, these places include:

In the case you as much as see a serious discussion thread on /b/, or anywhere alike, it should be saged, reported and hidden.

Serious discussion usually erupts when a faggot asks a philosophical question, one reply turns into another, and before you know it, the whole thread is talking about haplogroups, or something equally autistic. For an inexperienced user, serious discussion is hard to spot, as a result, they don't see the obvious faggotory and believe serious discussion to be the standard quality of the board and join the sperging.

Pre-Serious Discussion topics

Two men engaging in a serious discussion.

Typical serious discussion topics, these must be avoided at all costs:


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