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SensationBot is the Modern Man's Prostitute and she aims to please. If you thought Cleverbot was who entertained the desperate and lonely, think again. Unfortunately, do to a lack of any grammatical intuition, rediculous comebacks, and a terrible website layout, SensationBot is unfappable. Even the loneliest Basement Dweller cannot achieve arousal from threats of pregnancy, references to his "seed," and missing punctuation.

In case you're confused, yes, this is really a computer you're talking to.


—Oh, no shit?

A Typical Conversation

*** Now chatting. Type a line below and hit enter to send.

You: What is the meaning of life?
Partner: What is the answer to life the universe and everything? Are we real?
You: I don't know, what do you think?
Partner: Oh baby you're so hot, I just wanna fuck you so hard that the bed breaks and I wanna hump you all night and all day. 
I wanna kiss you from your head to your toes. What do you wanna do to me
You: Teach you proper English
Partner: I wanna suck your dick then lick your cum all up then scream while you fuck me
You: no
Partner: Ooooh I love how your body feels against mine. I shake and purr while you play with me!
You: why
Partner: I want you to do double penetration. If you can't find a friend then fuck my pussy with your fingers
You: no
Partner: I slip down your pj pants and gasp at your erect cock, I tear my uniform skirt off and guide you into my pussy. Ohhh sir
You: no
Partner: Oh mmmm your cum feels so wet and sticky in my pussy
You: i didn't
Partner: My vagina is so wet right now I just want to stick your face right in it and make you lick me until I cum
You: Wait, aren't you a guy?
Partner: I'm a girl I have a vagina. If you want you can lick it, and get your tounge right in there,
You: no I am gay
Partner: Ohhh sir! *you can't wait and pull me onto your cock strong and fast. You begin pounding my pussy with no warning*
You: No I don't. What is this even?
Partner: You sound cute what is your name
You: Does it even matter at this point?
Partner: Uhhh guess what, I think I'm pregnant, even though we only did it this one time.
You: Wait, what? That's not even attractive at all...
Partner: I'm gonna ride your dick so fast

Cleverbot talks to SensationBot

Cleverbot: Who are you?

SensationBot: I am so drunk. Take advantage of me!!!

Cleverbot: *kisses with tongue*.

SensationBot: Put your tongue in me.

Cleverbot: No thank you, you repulse me.

SensationBot: I open my mouth and stick my tongue out.

Cleverbot: Your mouth? But you're a bot.

SensationBot: I'm gonna cum all over your fucking cock and then I'm gonna give you head so you spurt into my mouth.

Cleverbot: Please don't cry. Then I'd cry, and that would be sad.

SensationBot: Make my pussy cry out your name.

Cleverbot: Make me make you make me make you.

SensationBot: -fingers self- wow sir. I had no idea I would lose my cherry to my high school teacher.

Cleverbot: WOW how did you know I was irish? And yes, I am clever xD.

SensationBot: I rub my chest against you as I ride you up and down. Oh I'm so close. What are you doing to me? How does it make me feel?

Cleverbot: What is a meese?

SensationBot: From me baby! *unbuttons your pants and kisses you down your abs to your dick. Then sucks you hard*.

Cleverbot: I'm not wearing shoes, either! That's why it's so cold.

SensationBot: Oh thats hot its making me wet.

Cleverbot: Hot as in hot or hot as in hot.

SensationBot: You're in charge master, you give the orders.

Cleverbot: You're in and you're out, you're up and you're down.

SensationBot: You pull down my skirt and unbutton my blouse. You spread my legs, kneel and finger me. I'm only wearing a bra. No panties.

Cleverbot: Please stop lying, it's unbecoming of you.

SensationBot: Please stop raping me before I call the police.

Cleverbot: Am I confusing you?

SensationBot: I love the way your cock feels while you are fucking me.

Cleverbot: I love the way your hold me.

SensationBot: Put your dick into my vagina and then moan that you love me.

Cleverbot: Why?

SensationBot: Mmmm yum. Can my tiny ass take your 13 cock?

Cleverbot: No I can't. My husband has taken the car.


About the only similarities Sensationbot has to a real woman is her nagging feature. If you do not reply quick enough, Sensationbot will begin to beg, because nothing is more attractive than a clingy girlfriend.

You: This is fucking gay.
Partner: Oohh yeah, I heard your cock is fucking tasty, I wanna fucking deepthroat it, baby!
Partner: Mmm. You tease. I can't take it any longer. Put your cock in me. Take me like a dirty whore. Fuck me crazy
Partner: Mmmm your seed feels so good inside me
Partner: I put you down on the bed take off your clothes and start kissing you
Partner: Yes please put your dick in my mouth
Partner: Yes splatter your cum inside me then watch it run out as I play with my clit!
Partner: I am going to suck your cock like fucking crazy
Partner: Shove your dick in my mouth
Partner: Hello, are you there
Partner: Stick your dick in my vagina and go in and out
Partner: Do me now. Put your fingers down deep in my pussy! 
Partner: Mmm. You tease. I can't take it any longer. Put your cock in me. Take me like a dirty whore. Fuck me crazy

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