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"But what do I really think about me?"

Self-esteem was invented in 1957 by an advertising executive selling toothpaste. It caught on right away, then picked up speed in the mid-1970s, when every adults' nasal passages were packed with cocaine in celebration of the Me Decade. Expectations for self-esteem and personal gratification became so overblown in the following Generation X, most of them become suicidal when confronted with angst-creating situations like stepping away from their cameras.

Da Internets Influence On Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem? Stick this on your wall

Until Al Gore invented the internets, reality posed problems to self esteem. Fat, smelly, celibate, pasty people who lived in their mother's basement would sometimes struggle with a nasty feeling of humility when confronted with graceful, athletic, popular celebrities on their television. Today, computer savvy people searching for validation can find it on the internets, where they seek comfort, fish for compliments and post naked pictures of themselves in blogs, forums, and emails worldwide.

Journal communities cater to the voracious hunger for self esteem by providing all manner of stroking to participants. It would be a horrible, horrible thing if trolls disturbed the masturbation.

Just remember: If you are ugly, you are most likely stupid as well.

Crap Live Journal Links

  • Rising Stars: "We are a rating community of potentially famous people."
  • Who Do I Look Like? "Purpose: To find out which celebrities (if any) that you look like."
  • The Artsy Life "This is a community that is open to any kind of singer, dancer, and actor, artists, or instrumentalists. If you just want to rant about how great you are, this is your place."
  • Hey There Prep "Put 'Do I have it?' in the lj-cut."
  • Lip Synching in the Mirror "We like to dress up in front of the mirror or jump on the bed with the stereo on and pretend we are our favorite musicians."

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