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Sebastian Bosse
Nationality: German  MiniflagGermany.png
Highscore Killed 0, injured 37
Top 50? Fuck No
Style Single player
An Hero? Yes
Motive: Autistic Faggot

November 20th, 2006. Another shitty day in a notable, yet shitty year. Another day of extreme bullying, isolation and alienation for the nerds, geeks and losers of the world. One of them, however, would try to take revenge against the savage masses - by perpetrating a school shooting at his former school, Geschwister Scholl-Schule, in Emsdetten, Germany. The shooter, Sebastian Bosse (Alias, ResistantX), had the genius idea that if he was going to aim for the high score, that he'd do this shit 18th century style - by gearing up with several caplock pistols and sawed off bolt-action 22lr rifles. Needless to say, this faggot only managed to shoot a janitor outside, smash a pregnant bitch in the face with a pipe bomb and shoot 4 students in the ass and arms. He managed to gas 17 others with one of his many smoke grenades. Fearing Prison, he did the right thing, and rid the Earth of a loser - himself. Despite not even managing 1 frag, his gay ass massacre scared the shit out of Germans everywhere, as politicians called for the banning of violent video games. It took almost 10 years for this little dweeb to get his own ED article, and for good reason. He shall serve as a prime example of YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG.


Sebastian Bosse was born on April 29th, 1988. He graduated from his school shortly before zerg rushing it. He had numerous problems in school; mainly the typical Bullying. He failed so hard at sk00l that he had to repeat two classes. He loved Death Metal, all black clothing, camo / military style, and guns. He went hunting with his dad over 9000 times, giving him much needed training, that seemed to never kick in. His faggy little diary revealed severe bullying. He had a few good friends, whom he made several videos with; some still survive to this day. He had a site that the fucking Poleizi shut down immediately after his attack. He got fucked with by the cops a few times before NBKing.

The guns he used were sawed off by him, converted into single-shot pistols. He allegedly made all the smoke bombs himself. His car had 4 more nades, 3 incinerate bombs, and a shitty machete. His house had a gas gun, airsoft guns, an air rifle, and some chemicals. Some of the rifles were bought online. His bolt-action 22 was purchased from a relative of his. The shooting caused the German media to freak out and try to ban violent video games again, because Bastian spent most of his free time playing Counter-Strike all day.


Class Setup
Item Accessories/Bonus
  • Primary: Sawed off Single shot .22LR Rifle
  • A shitty rifle sawed off to the length of a pistol, chambered in weak bullets, with a very slow rate of fire. x48 ammo 5~9 Damage
  • Side Arm 1: Sawed-off Percussion Rifle
ATS RM870.png
  • Better used by pistol-whipping people to smash their skulls in. 7~13 Damage
  • Side Arm 2: Caplock Pistol
ATS Glock 22.png
  • A single-shot pistol that takes 20 seconds to reload, and is only usable up to 50 feet. 10~12 Damage
  • Side Arm 3: Makeshift Pistol
ATS Glock 22.png
  • A shitty single-shot zip-gun he made; only usable point-blank range, and might explode in your face. 3~8 Damage
  • Side Arm 4: Knife
  • Some gay ass knife he stole from mommy's kitchen cabinet. 5~10 Damage
  • Side Arm 5: Machete
  • Normally, Machetes can hack a limb off in a single swing, but this was probably some shitty dull one manufactured in china, hence why he never used it and why his kill count was non-existent. 9~13 Damage
  • Thrown: Pipe Bombs & Smoke Grenades
ATS Smoke Grenade.png
  • Two homemade pipe-bombs, with a 60% success chance, deadly at very close range.
  • A few smoke grenades, useful for evading detection and inflicting enemies with the Poison status ailment.
  • Perk 1: Gas Mask
ATS Tactical Mask.png
  • +500% Oxygen points when in thick / poisonous environments. 80% reduction chance of receiving Poison status.
  • Perk 2: Sleight of Hand (Rank 2)
ATS SOH Pro.jpg
  • Reduces reloading time for all weapons by 30%
  • Definitely needed considering the single-shot / bolt-action operation of said weapons.
  • Perk 3: Inventory Management (MAXED)
ATS Warlord Pro.png
  • Allows the player to carry the maximum amount of weapons allowed in the game.
  • Spell: Creativity
Magic Exit Bonus.jpg
  • X3 Score bonus rewarded for creativity.


The "weapons" (if you can call them that) used in the attack.

November 20, 2006; the day of the attack. Bastian reached his school at 9:20 AM, snuck through the schoolyard into the school, wearing a Trenchcoat and a Gas Mask. On his way into the school, he fired randomly, injuring the janitor who was critically injured from a gunshot wound to the stomach. A woman who was following the janitor was knocked out when Bastian threw a smoke bomb, hitting her right in the fucking face: Epic lulz. After 10 minutes, the Polizei were informed of the attack and quickly Zerg Rushed the school. Meanwhile, Bastian continually set off numerous smoke / pipe bombs, turning the hallways into a gas chamber which injured dozens of students. SWAT eventually reached the site 30 minutes after the shooting spree began. Bastian became an hero by shooting himself in the head with one of his shitty flintlocks. Luckily, the weapon worked wonders as he died quickly and avoided a fuckload of pain like Dylan Klebold suffered when he an hero'd. Explosives experts came to the school to defuse the explosives found rigged on Bastian's body, along with other bombs scattered throughout the school.

Despite all of his efforts, Bastian was the only fatality, despite injuring 37 NPCs. Five people were shot, but considering all the weapons were .22lr or shitty flintlocks, they easily survived the injuries. Bastian did manage to send 16 pigs to the hospital through his makeshift-gas chambering of the building via the smoke bombs.

Video Rant

His last video; a warning to the world. lol.
Info non-talk.png Script of his rant

I want to make clear, that nobody has a fucking clue about what is going to happen on Monday. This was my plan, my work. I did this alone. Completely alone. Since 3rd grade, people picked on me. And I was a loser. I wanted to have friends, I wanted to have clothes with the brand name on it in big letters, but all that fuck changed in 2003/2004. I learned that there is more in life than just consuming fuck... like that, like clothes, or hip hop music, or.. I never listened to hip hop music! Don’t believe that. And in 2003/2004 my life changed and... I wasn’t a human anymore. I was God-like. And I began planning this.. this massacre. And I wanted to kill them all, because they ruined my life. Because they, they changed my, they changed.. the people, who are like that, who are just... fuck consumers! The people change how you think. You are alone and you want to have friends, and they change completely how you think. The more you are with them, the more you become like them. And I said, “Fuck that. I’m not in this.”

And it was my thing, I made the GSS massacre. Life has been beautiful, until I went to school the first time. There are two main reasons for that massacre. First reason, school. Teachers, students, everything in that fucking building. Second, the politics. On one hand I see ... it is .. the only thing where you are really, really free, nobody has to tell me, nobody has the right to tell me what to do or not to do. It’s my life. Not the fucking life of my parents or fucking fat Angela Merkel or any fucking teacher in the fucking whole world. It’s my damn life.

Humans are a sickness. This earth is sick. I can’t fucking wait until I can shoot every motherfucking last one of you. Fucking damn bitches. They punched me, they spit on me, they knocked me down, they laughed on me, and I will shoot them. “Where’s the problem?” “There is no problem.” I can shoot whoever I want. It’s my life, my gun, and I can do with it whatever I want. One time, some dude out of my class heated a key. He take his lighter and heated it, and then the fucking moron just come to me and pressed it on my, on my, on my hand. What the fuck? Every kid in school who is different from the majority is a loner. And why is every kid who is different a loner? Because the fucking media tells the people, tells the majority of the people what is cool and what is not. So baggy pants are cool, yeah? I bet you can’t run in it. But it would be better if you can run, on Monday, because I got a gun, I got bombs, I got Molotov cocktails. You are in war. This is war.

Graded Score

Graded score
Kill count: 0/20 Epic Fail
Accuracy: 3/20 0 kills out of 37 injuries
Style: 15/20 Trying to sh0t sk0l with pirate weapons
Butthurt: 8/20 Germans freaked out for a few months
Bonus: 18/20 Bonus for creative carnage
Total score: 51/100 (F)
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Wanted Level:

Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png



Police Force



Sick jump dude

RIP :'(

Some video



Video of his

Video of his

Video of his


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Bastian Bosse

Here's the fag in the flesh. Laugh at him and spit on his grave!


Images of the crime scene evidence, taken by the pigs during their investigations.


Some shitty gifs made from his videos / footage.


His shitty school he went to.


These are the pathetic excuses for "Weapons" used in this epic failure of a school shooting.

Suicide Note

If you know for sure that you can not feel happy in your life anymore and the reasons amass from day to day, you do not have another choice than to escape from this life. This is the choice I made. There are certainly people that would have carried on, that would have thought ‘’It is going to be alright soon.’’, but it is not. I was told I have to go to school to learn for my life, to have a convenient life, but what to have the most expensive car for, what to have the greatest mansion for, what to have the most beautiful woman for, if eventually everything is useless because your woman begins to hate you, your car needs gas that you can not afford, and there is nobody who will ever visit you at your fucking house.

The only thing I intensely learned at school was that I am a loser. I concede I was a loser during the first years at my high school, I had a propensity of consume, I wanted to get friends, friends that do not consider you as a person, but rather as a status symbol. Finally I woke up! I recognized the world as I imagined does not exist at all, it was an illusion, mainly created by the media. I recognized what kind of world I am living in, a world ruled by money, even at school. You have to have the newest cell phone, you have to have the newest brand clothing, you have to have the right ‘’friends’’. If you do not possess, you are not worth to receive attention. Those people are called ‘’Jocks’’, a Jock is everybody who thinks to be better than others because of more expensive clothing and a more beautiful girlfriend. I abominate these people, no, I abominate people in general.

During the 18 years of my life I learned that you can only feel happy in your life if you go along and adapt to the society, but I could not and I did not want to. I am free! Nobody has the right to take hand into my life and they have to be responsible if they do so. No politician has the right to pass a law that bars me from something, no cop has the right to take away my weapon when he is carrying his own on his belt. What is it all for? What should I work for? In order to break myself, to retire when I am 65 years old and to pass away five years later?

Why should I try to achieve something, it is useless and I have to die anyway. I can build a house, I can have children and I can do whatsoever, but what for? My house will be demolished sometime and my children will die sometime. What is the meaning of life? Life has no meaning. You have to give your life a meaning and I will not do that by sucking up to an overpaid boss and I will not listen to fascists that try to tell me we are living in a democracy.

No, there is one way left to give my life a meaning and I will not waste it like I did before. My life might have been completely different, but there is no acceptance for individualists in our society, for people who think their own way and not ‘’I am wearing a blank-bracelet and I am alternative!’’-idiots. You began this battle, not me. My actions are the result of your world, a world that does not let me be how I want to be. You made fun of me, now I am making fun of you, but my kind of humor is different.

From 1994 until 2003/2004 I tended to have friends, to have fun. When I began attending high school I got into the vicious circle of status symbols, brand clothing, friends, cell phone, etc., but I woke up. I recognized that I was the dumbass to everybody, everybody made fun of me and I sought revenge! The recklessness and brutality of this revenge will make the blood in your veins freeze. I will teach you a lesson before I go and nobody will ever forget me.

I want you to recognize that nobody has the right to take hand into any lives under a fascistic disguise made of law and religion.

I want my face to be imprinted to your brains!

I do not want to run away anymore!

I want to make my contribution for the revolution of the otherwise minded!

I want R.E.V.E.N.G.E.!

I thought it over and I am aware of the fact that the most students who humbled and put me down already graduated and left the school. I want to say two things concerning this.

  1. I was not just part of one class, I was part of the whole high school. The students at the school are not innocent by no means, nobody is innocent. The same software is running in their heads and I am the virus that is willing to destroy them, no matter what or who.
  2. I will particularly take revenge on the teachers because that are the people who took hand into my life against my will and who took me as far as I am right now, on the battlefield.

The life as it continues from day to day is the most pathetic thing in this world. S.E.W.P.D. - school, education, work, pension, death. The life of a normal person, but what is actually ‘’normal’’? ‘’Normal’’ is what the society considers as normal. Therefore Punks, beggars, murderers, Goths, homosexuals are considered as abnormal because they can not adapt to what the society considers as normal, or rather because they simply do not want to. I give a shit on you! Everybody is free! Give a weapon to everybody and everybody solves their problems by themselves. If somebody dies, they are dead. So what? Death is a part of life. If the relatives can not deal with it they can commit suicide, nobody will keep them.

S.E.W.P.D. begins at the age of six here in Germany when you begin attending school. This is the beginning of the personal path of socialisation and during the following years you will be forced to adapt to the society. You can not reject it, if you do so teachers, parents and the police will intervene. Compulsory school attendance is what they call the force to go to school, you are forced to go to school. You lose your freedom if you are forced to do something. You are forced to pay taxes, you are forced to follow the speed limits, you are forced to do this, you are forced to do that. Consequently: No freedom! This is what they call democracy. It would be called anarchy if the people ruled.


A soon as my act is done you will hear some fat politicians say ‘’We have to stay together!’’ or ‘’We have to try to get over this together!’’ and they do this in order to receive attention, in order to make themselves to the solution. It was the same at my high school. This fat fucking piece of shit of principal never showed up anywhere, but at a performance in the auditorium she was the first one smiling on the stage to present herself.

Nazis, hip hopper, Turks, state, servants of the state, believers, you make me puke and you have to be annihilated (I use the word ‘’Turk’’ for every would-be hip hopper, for every would-be gangster, they immigrate to Germany because the conditions of living at home are worst, because of war, they immigrate to Germany, the social welfare office of the world, they misbehave in an unimaginable way and they have to be gassed. No Jews, no Dutchmen, no Nigger, but Turks. I AM NO FUCKING NAZI!). I hate you and your manners! You have to die! I am made fun of since I turned six! Now you have to pay for it! I know for sure the fascistic police is not going to publish my videos, notebooks, diaries, everything of me, therefore I took this matters into my own hands. At last I want to thank the people who were always important to me and the people who were always good to me, I am sorry for this.

I am gone…

The More You Know

When we change his last name so it becomes more Scandinavian, we get "Bøsse". The Danish word for faggot and rifle. Also the German word Böse means angry. This explains everything!

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