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The great Science Pirate and Dog Fucker, Demethos.
Anuebunnie, an equally vile monstrosity. Don't break the camera there, genius.

A science pirate is someone who breaks the laws of physics and tries to become a rape and pillager, while trying to cure The AIDS and cancer at the same time (Basically, while fucking a bitch from behind, he injects the cure for AIDS, because he spreads it like the mother fucking Plague). #ED finally heard of this God-like class on January 25, 2007 when a man named Demethos walked into #ED, demanding that Science and Pirates be changed, because he was a Scientist and a Pirate. Lulz ensued when others chimed in, finding out about their all mighty skills in life, such as being able to wield the very Anti-Irish Potato Cannon they can make themselves (poor fucking potatoes). The casual dress of the Science Pirate is unknown as of yet, because it's hard to imagine a pirate wearing a lab coat with half of a goggle on him with that side pained all black...wait...THAT'S WHAT THEY DO WEAR!

Science Pirates:

  • Can dual wield Bows and Two Handed Swords (Even the Three Handed Axe!).
  • Can even use Potato Cannons!
  • Have +13 in Piratonomy.
  • Have +6 to rape skill.
  • They work at Merck.
  • Can fuck dogs to regain HP

  • can make goatse's asshole split

Known Science Pirates

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