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Anyone up for a round of the crying game?

Sceptre is actually a tranny.

     Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

Hi, my name is Sceptre. I am young, chubby and a virgin. Apparently, that's no longer enough to be an admin :-(

Sceptre (real name Will Noble, tranny name Sarah Noble, alternate alias Sarahlicity) is a former Wikipedia admin from the UK (LOL DENIED and LOL DENIED) racist tranny and pedophile, who spent his entire teen years being obsessed with editing wikipedia and getting beat up IRL at school by the various people he banned. If you think that that's the saddest thing you have heard in your entire life, consider he was so obsessed that, whenever he would get banned, he would spend his free time writing Wikipedia articles in a notepad until he got unbanned. For several years Sceptre has constantly been gaining rollback powers, abusing them, then losing them, and then convincing someone to give them back in an endless cycle that repeats about once a month. However, the reason for his obsession becomes clear when you realize he was using his admin status to seduce multiple underaged girls into sleeping with him and banning his fellow pedophile romantic rivals.

He is also a massive faggot of an Social Justice Warrior, environmental activist, "progressive minded person", and a phony of a human rights activist, as he uses the group's names to hide the fact that he is actually planning a massive Illuminati style white power pro facist global takeover because he really believes that "the rest of the world is uncivilized" and wishes to continue his nation's glorious history of colonizing the fuck out of foreign nations and proceeding to treat their citizens like slaves (wooooooooo big fuckin' surprise). He is also an atheist, so feel free to know that he is also a nihilistic and aimless waste of sperm. Do your part, and let his humanitarian foundation associations know how many skeletons and pro Brit facism memorabilia he has in his closet to let them learn how he really feels about global activism in the long run.

He spent years trying to take down ED and saying he'll kill us with a crowbar, but after getting trolled so hard he became gay and a tranny, "Sarah" lost our interest until (recently) he became involved in GamerGate by creating a blockbot that violates UK law and is currently threatening to call the police on people who are suing him because suing him is harassment.


lol pwnt

In his own words

Wikinazi2.jpg BEWARE VANDALS!

Sceptre in 2008, fully embracing his persona as Nelson Muntz
Hello, I'm Will Noble. I'm 17 years old, and I come from a quaint little town in a quaint little country. My birthday is on March 3, and I was born in 1991, (which makes me a piscean sheep).

I'm a native speaker of British English. I can also understand a little bit of French and German - what is at GCSE level. I wouldn't mind learning more languages however.

Romantically/sexually, I'm heterosexual, and I am currently single.

Personality wise, I'm quite funny, normally with a joke or witty comeback, however, my sense of humor is rather off-color. I'm also full of lots of cultural references, akin to the Tenth Doctor, but with a personality more like the Ninth Doctor - I even have the Northern accent - after all, lots of planets have a north. But be warned, I am rather sarcastic at times. I'm normally very nice, though, but I won't be if you're not, so please don't annoy me.

I'm also a large fan of music - mainly rock and its various subgenres, but a bit of pop - any thing will do. The full list can be seen here, and I'll endeavor to update it at least once a week.

My email provider is Gmail (and I have Google Talk), my ISP is Orange (formerly Wanadoo), and I contribute using Mozilla Firefox, but sometimes use Opera or Internet Explorer if I am unable to use Firefox. My computer runs Windows XP Professional, with Service Pack 2.

From January 2006 to August 2006 I was an administrator of Wikipedia. You are free to look at my logs of my tenure.

I have over 18,000 edits. My wikiholic score is 8886.642381102454, as of revision 93,356,213. I also run a bot, which does tasks too tedious for the human hand.

I also have accounts on the Commons and on Wikiquote, although I edit the former very infrequently and sporadically edit the latter.

If you like any aspect of this design, take it. Most of the page is taken from the Portal skeleton. The small links were inspired by Kyoko, and the icons at the top were inspired by Riana. Conversely, I am always available to do a userpage redesign for you if you ask.


—from Sceptre's (the goat-fucking, pedophile, faggot) user page

Sceptre and Racism

Lol, Sceptre likes this book.
Obviously not racist.
Sceptre is a fan of books that portray slavery reinstated!

Besides knowing the truth about Jews doing WTC and that Osama did nothing wrong, Sceptre also doesn't like blacks much. He doesn't like their music and, evidently, is a big fan of archaic children's novels that make black people out to be monkeys. Despite having a healthy hatred of weeaboos and TV Tropes, he's also displayed a lovely example of why he doesn't like anime with plenty of degrees of priding western world literary supremacy and racist undertones with such passive aggressive attitude you'd be one brain cell from a retard to not notice that shit and makes actual weeaboos more tolerable in comparison. He also has a subpage named "mexican girl" for no apparent reason.

My username comes from the Tintin book King Ottokar's Sceptre, a series of which I have been a lifelong fan.



The Unabridged History of Our Favorite Little Limey Wikinazi

Can you say pity date? Oh, wait! That's Matthew, ennit?

Sceptre was a junior high student named Will Noble and attention whore at the Wikipedia School for Holding the Balls of Information in a Vicegrip. He started his Wikipedia career off by vandalizing the George W. Bush page. He then edited for over a year there without actually writing anything important, such as this revert of obvious vandalism. Nevertheless, he was very successful in the "becoming an admin" process. As one might expect, this didn't really involve a lot of actual editing. It was mostly making friends with popular Wikipedians like Phaedriel, nathanr, and others, voting "support" on all the Requests for Adminship, and voting "delete" on all the Articles for Deletion. He also joined Esperanza, which would later become tragically ironic. He had quite a nice little social network going on.

Before too long, he was made an admin, which was the ultimate step in his little MySpace-like activities on Wikipedia. He even got himself an online girlfriend. Best of all, he could get rid of any users who he didn't particularly care for: Attack me, you're blocked. No questions asked. And blocked they were, usually for ridiculously long times. A typical block would be "indefinite: personal attacks, being a dick", and no one worried because he had spent so much time brown-nosing that people didn't bother with him. Sceptre was especially fond of blocking established users forever for emails that hurt his feelings.

But wait! That second link shows that he blocked nathanr forever! But I thought they were buddies! Read on...

Enter Matthew Fenton

"Being an admin isn't what it's oinked up to be!" - Sceptre

During one of those rare occasions where he was paying attention to his surroundings at his school instead of daydreaming about his wiki friendslist, he met Matthew Fenton, a fellow user who shared several classes with Sceptre -- that is, when Sceptre actually attended class. They had several things in common: both were overweight, sexless slobs, both had no lives, and, above all else, both were addicted to Wikipedia as badly as most dipshits and retards are to Second Life.

The two became fast friends and spread disharmony throughout Wikipedia. In over two thousand separate incidents, Matthew made stupid edits and/or outright deleted user contributions to numerous articles, responding when asked for justification with acronyms like WP:FOAD or WP:IMAFAG. Further questioning was grounds for a block or ban, because Sceptre always showed up within minutes to do Matthew's bidding.

On rare occasions other admins, ones who used their real names and were easily contactable outside of the normal Wikipedia "red tape" methods of appeal, would overrule Sceptre once it became apparent that his article revisions and account blockings were committed without bothering to view the entire context of the situation, but for the most part the duet of corruption and collusion between Matthew and Sceptre continued without any lessening of their joint reign of terror.

Sadly for him, Matthew reaped the consequences of his behavior, as shown in his repeated attempts to gain adminship. Sceptre's downfall, however, was yet to come.

Fighting Nathanr Over a 15 y/o Girl

The Little Hitler himself!

The nathanr dramafest was Sceptre's undoing. Sceptre and the twice-her-age pedophile nathanr (though he claims to only be a hebephile) both took interest in a 15-year-old named Seargeant Snopake, another Phaedriel groupie. Unsurprisingly, after being a cocktease to Nathan for a year and sending him lots of her nude pictures, Snopake suddenly did a 180 and was creeped the hell out by nathanr's wrinkled mancock, so she quit Wikipedia forever and Sceptre and Phaedriel got all pissed off at nathanr. He even went as far as to take nathanr off his friends list (oh noes!).

Despite Sceptre being a dismal failure throughout his life, he did have one success, which was getting laid by the young jailbait Snopake after she left Nathan. Snopake eventually dumped Sceptre and then got knocked up by a different black man every couple of years and she leaves her kids to be raised by her parents while she goes out and parties all day (true story). But Sceptre can count that one success out of the rest of the fetid pit of fail that is his life.

When he got tired of fair competition for booty, Sceptre decided to deal with the problem in the usual way: by getting the other guy banned forever. To do this, he enlisted the help of the overweight and tyrannical admin Cyde, who was only too happy to oblige, and finish the job. This block was overturned, but it didn't stay that way. Sceptre got his last revenge, making his block of nathanr his final administrative action.

Sceptre also ventured briefly into ED territory. He whined and cried here, and threatened editors with a crowbar. Eventually he got bored and left, but not before being the target of an absurd amount of lollery.

When Nathangate finally made it to arbitration, Sceptre backed down on his previous decision:

...Nathan should not've been blocked indefinitely. The block I placed was... twisted... by my relationship with Sergeant Snopake.

Also, I applaud Tawker in unblocking him. I would've done it myself if I had the powers, given the actual reasons (incivility, suspected pedophilia) were unfounded. After all, it is a community ban, and an admin can reverse it, if he was willing to face pressure.

However, I'm a bit concerned about Nathan's anti-wiki stance recently (some over his block), his incivility towards editors he doesn't like, and also his statement about him not going to follow AGF.

I am supportive of Nathan been given a second chance, but I will accept if he is blocked for a period of time (a month, three months, but not forever)




Sceptre engages in some introspection.

In an effort to save face over the nathanr episode, Sceptre gave up his adminship and got all emo. The attention whore move worked, and he got all kinds of tearful "plz come back!" messages. Shortly afterwords, he nominated himself for re-adminship, but he failed miserably. The Wikipedophiles finally got tired of his shit and told him so, and he withdrew his nomination. Feeling butthurt, he decided to relieve his stress by nominating hordes of legitimate articles for deletion. His userpage is still full of self-fappery, but the pathetic humility is only too obvious. In short, Sceptre was pwned by drama. As a result, he is focused on taking down Encyclopedia Dramatica by trying to convince people to sue for calling them Wikipedophiles. He has also become severely depressed due to kids bullying him at school. The bullying is believed to have been done by people he had previously banned, unfairly, on Wikipedia. Apparently he left his crowbar at home. This led him to take a wikibreak of about 8 hours.

Sceptre continues to cry emo tears over his status at Wikipedia with a side order of ED blame. Both he and his buttbuddy, Matthew, have also abused the so-called Right to Vanish feature that Wikipedos created in order to cover themselves after being busted for being - you guessed it - Wikipedos. They even get those who they harass and bully blocked by claiming that their "real identities" have been revealed, even though they've revealed them on their own fucking user pages!

Sceptre’s Latest “Luv” Interests

Spectre’s supposed ex-“girlfriend”

Apparently Matthew’s affections aren’t enough to soothe Sceptre’s broken heart. He’s since taken up two additional partners for whatever excuse for sex he claims to be attempting. One of these is your typical sodomite relationship with Springeragh, a known Wikipedo who’s become Sceptre’s #1 fan and supporter in recent weeks. The name “Springeragh” translates from Gaelic- a language developed in Ireland by its indigenous knuckledragging fags to adapt to being drunk all the time while having one’s tongue up another’s arse and still be able to communicate—as “one who prefers guinea pigs over gerbils for stuffing.” Which explains the mutual attraction, as Sceptre is essentially a big fat pig who smells like a guinea wop whore’s cunt! There are rumors of marriage here on this one, which has caused Matthew no small degree of emo.

At the urgings of his mother—a lesser-class whore in the employ of the House of Commons—Sceptre’s decided to try porking older women just to increase the chances he’ll accidentally contaminate the gene pool as his father did seventeen years ago. But since no female of any species in her right or wrong mind would allow his feeble excuse for a dick to enter any orifice she has to open, he’s been forced to beg really fat, ugly old bitches to offer him a mercy fuck.

Like teh clap, Sceptre Comes Back: The Saga Cuntinues

Double chin, needs a haircut, needs to get out more. The proof of him having no life is here - he made 11,235 edits in March 2008 alone! That's 362.4 edits per day!

Rather than actually editing on TOW, Sceptre has now turned exclusively to harassing innocent people and getting them banned permanently for minor content disputes. Apparently Sceptre has checkuser connections on ED as well.

He's now permanently back at TOW and will be running for admin again soon enough, so be sure to vote no to make him cry again. As part of his propaganda surge to get Jimbo Wales to back his return to adminship, Sceptre has been making pathetic attempts to get on his good side which even include writing a love poem to Jimbo:

There once was a man, Jimbo Wales
And on Bomis was he was having bad sales
So he made up the Wiki
It wasn't that tricky
And to him is now whom we all hail!



—Will (talk) 13:26, 19 July 2007 (UTC)

It's a shame I'm not (an admin) anymore... I do miss the tools



mews lid WCP


War With ED

The celebrity that Sceptre most resembles.

Once again Sceptre has raised his ugly, compacted, mongoloid pinhead when it came to ED's presence on TOW, by instigating and getting Urban Rose banned when she dared to question the ongoing anti-ED circle jerk. He not only reverted her complaint about him on the admin's notice board, but reverted her calling his ass to task on his user talk page, as well as closing her new deletion review on ED's article, due to vandalism apparently. The nasty, fat, ignominious cunt! As Sceptre has been denied OPs on an apparently permanent basis, he got one of his butt-buddies, Anthony to ban UR for him, getting off scot-free with his blatant dishonesty, cowardice and faggotry. He also got some of his e-friends to start spamming UR with emails telling her to quit trying to get TOW to live up to its own bullshit standards, something that it has consistently failed to do. Whether or not it was because Anthony was happy to help maintain the rigid policy of censorship over ED's ongoing internet victories or because Sceptre has photos of him with children is unclear. But the effect is the same; TOW continues to try and protect itself from avenues of honest criticism and its inner-circle clique of incestuous editors from the real world, all the while losing credibility and becoming an object of derision. So here's a big FUCK YOU to Sceptre, Anthony and the Jimbo Wales All-Singing All-Dancing Clusterfuck and Pedo Extravaganza.

In the end however, the TOW circle jerk was able to pull their heads out of their collective asses for a split second to see the light, and promptly revoked Sceptre's rollback function. Naturally Sceptre took this crushing blow to his fragile ego in a calm, polite, and mature manner.

(User rights log); 00:33 . . AuburnPilot (Talk | contribs) changed rights for User:Sceptre from rollbacker to (none) (Per discussion on WP:AN; abuse)

"Per Sceptre's abuse of the rollback function, and the concerns noted above, I have revoked his access. - auburnpilot talk 00:34, 5 May 2008 (UTC)

  • RickK would've loved you. Sceptre (talk) 00:43, 5 May 2008 (UTC)"

As of this writing, it appears that Sceptre has taken his ball and gone home. He blanked both his user and talk page a short time after it was decided to revoke his privileges, proving once again that TOW is fucked beyond all recognition when this shambling tubby pile of teen angst is the sort of material they hand out sysop status to. He made his final concession of defeat like so:

Fine. Let the trolls win.


—Sceptre, 01:12, 5 May 2008 (UTC)

He then recreated his page some 13 hours later and is still active to this day.

Anti-ED Gallery About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Post-ED Article Nonsense

But you get a different result with a different picture.

As if clamoring for the TOW ED article wasn't enough, Sceptre succeeded in making a greater cunt of himself even after the article was recreated. He decided to start repetitively removing the ED URL from the article citing Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration/MONGO as the reason (the request resulted in direct links to ED being banned but not text-based URLs). He claims that the users who want the article to include a URL (which greatly outnumber the users who think it shouldn't) are secretly trying to pave the way for an external link. To add further insult to injury, when Sceptre saw that a poll about adding an external link to the article was going in favor of adding a full-fledged link, he waltzed in and declared the discussion moot because of some stupid statement made by Jimbo. Despite all of this, the article currently hosts both a URL and an external link.

Can't we get something done about ED? I really do not feel safe now editing Wikipedia


—Sceptre, on the Wikipedia Administrator's Noticeboard

ED is to satire as Soulja Boy is to good music


—Being racist again

Do you think I fucking enjoy my personal details being splashed around ED?


—Sceptre, feelin' butthurt

Summer of 2008: Mental Breakdown

The Twinkle Twink!!

In the summer of 2008, Sceptre had one of his greatest meltdowns, plummeting into a downward spiral consisting the following events:

1) He finally loses rollback
For years, he abused rollback and people who complained about his abuse were usually banned. But on August 6, 2008 Sceptre went into battle with SchmuckyTheCat and lost, and then lost even moar when MBisanz took his rollback away. August 23rd, Fritzpoll gave it back but just four days later, took it away again and that was just one day before he got an indefinite block.

2) Bedford
Bedford was a simple, kind, 40-year-old man who only had two hobbies: perfecting articles on Wikipedia about national historic sites relevant to the American Civil War and masturbating to female wrestling. One day Bedford decided to mix it up a bit and added an entry at Wikipedia's Did you know... :

Did you know...

that after Melina successfully stripped Torrie Wilson (pictured) in a bra & panties match at The Great American Bash (2005), referee Candice Michelle stripped Melina and herself as well?


Sceptre did not know this. Being the closeted TPOWIS fetishist that he is, he became extremely excited and had a mental breakdown which pushed him into believing that women do not belong in the kitchen, but should be respected and treated as equals.

What shall I do? I know, have sex with my girlfriend


—Sceptre, "not being a hypocrite"

Even the wikipedos laughed at Sceptre at first but being the weasel that he is, Sceptre managed to find further proof that Bedford was, in fact, insane by lurking on his MySpace. In the end Sceptre pulled some strings and got almighty Jimbo Wales to desysop Bedford.

3) The fight with Kurt
Apparently drunk with hubris, Sceptre begins to harass Kurt Weber over the exact behavior he himself is guilty of. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

4) War on the word "Criticism"
Sceptre officially lost it and started nominating for deletion every single article that contained the word "Criticism". Every single AFD he started was closed as trolling by the administrators and consequently he threw a tantrum on WP:AN.

5) Sceptre hits rock bottom

Where's your crowbar now?

On August 28, Sceptre was hit with the banhammer by Arbitrator FT2. The reason? Abusive cockpuppetry! Will had logged out, and as an anonymous pussy vandalized user pages and policy pages to harass Kurt Weber and Giano, and is also believed to have attempted to cloak his IP. The act of changing “Kurt” to Kunt and adding gayretard to a page was deemed too witty for Wikipedia and his account was suspended. This was only hours after he initiated a drama whoring Requests for Comment on himself. It backfired horribly as after his ban by FT2 it was flooded by people calling for his head.

But it’s very obvious that no one addicted to Wikipedia can outwait a two-month ban, and so he will evade it long before it’s over. Only 7 days after being blocked he was caught editing under the IP he was caught using to fuck around with before ( You would think someone who has been on the site most of their life would know how to vandalise properly and not be the most obvious fucktard ever.

AS IF THAT WEREN'T ENOUGH!! 2 days after getting banhammered, butthurt, and leaving forever, Spectre came back, in sock form. And came back again, in different-sock form. And then he kept socking and his socks talk to themselves, too. Apparently "retirement" now means returning with a sock puppet army.

Despite being blocked for a few months, Sceptre still continued to view Wikipedia daily. He whined on his talk page about his block and about users that he previously harassed being unblocked (LOL deleted). He also checked his talk page daily, as he ended up requesting by email that his page be protected due to vandalism. In short, even when it told him to piss off, Wikipedia was still his life.

6) And just keeps going
After whining about his block to a couple of admins and getting them to start two separate AN threads debating whether or not it was fair, some fucktard eventually allowed Sceptre to return to Wikipedia early in November 2008 (though it looks like even while he was banned he was still writing articles for Wikipedia on Microsoft Word, even going so far as to use perfect wiki markup code and everything).

Despite being totally unfair, the banning was good for him, so fuck you!!!1!

I'm feeling a lot better than I have for the past 24-30 months. Seems like the [forced] break from Wikipedia was helpful. I might be a bit snippy due to residual pain from a recent tooth extraction, and I'm a bit behind the times, so bear with me while I deal with both.


—from Sceptre's user page

He immediately set about the usual shit, this time edit warring to get Wikipedia to stop calling Osama bin Laden a terrorist. Not because Jews did WTC, but because of crucial Wikipedia policy. Cunt. He ended up being blocked again and proceeded to bitch about it in his userspace claiming he was going to quit Wikipedia again AGAIN, though a couple of days later he felt compelled to express his vehement opposition to the censorship of child porn.

Where are they now?

Sex change

After seeing your comment "Riana has brains and balls" on her RFB, I am inclined to oppose - I do not wish for a shemale to be a 'crat


He/she/it used to hate his own kind

After spending a long time laughing at this autist, ED temporarily forgot about him when we felt this lolcow's udders have been squeezed dry after it seemed he had lost his Wiki privs for the final time. When we came back years later to check in on him we realized that he is no longer a "He".

Yes, Sceptre has joined the illustrious ranks of people who got trolled so hard they became trannies, alongside such distinguished individuals as Chris Chan, Jesse Slaughter, Chris Crocker and Alex Wuori. He now goes by the name "Sarah Noble" and looks like John Goodman in a dress.

I'm going to take the name Sarah. I haven't decided my middle names yet. I would prefer, from now on, if you referred to me as "she" or "her". I'll keep you all updated with how things go, and I'd like your acceptance and support in return. It's going to be a long road to walk down and you can help me out if you do so.


(05:04)  ~ Mapshap [[email protected]:180:1::bf6d:3b83] has joined #wikipedia-en
(05:04)   Mapshap: hey sceptre have you cut your weiner off yet
(05:04)   Mapshap: i would do so asap if i were you
(05:04)   SigmaWP: !ops
(05:04)   WikiPuppies: Somebody call a chanop.
(05:04)   Mapshap: seeing as it has 0 use to you
(05:05)  ~ ChanServ sets modes [#wikipedia-en +o Finnegan]
(05:05)  ~ Mapley [[email protected]/shell/] has 
          emopart #wikipedia-en ( requested by Finnegan (Mapley))
(05:05)  ~ Finnegan sets modes [#wikipedia-en +b 
(05:05)   Mapshap: or anyone else

GamerGate and The Blockbot

If this wasn't enough to prove that all trannys are crazy and only crazy people become trannys, "Sarah" recently became embroiled in GamerGate.

His connection to it was only tangential, but nonetheless hilarious. "Sarah" created "The Twitter BlockBot", a bot that allows thin-skinned people to automatically block a list of tens of thousands of people Sceptre (who's skin is ironically thick) has deemed to be "Harassers". But, if you are jumping to the conclusion that I put that word in quotes because what he actually blocked is trolls, you are not completely right. The ones actually blocked are anyone who isn't an SJW. This includes actors, athletes, Barack Hussein Obama, major corporations and Richard DawkinsFedora icon.png.

Dawkins is particularly important to mention because, when pro-GamerGate developer Mark Kern realized that the bot violates UK anti-defamation laws, he used Dawkins' block reasons as the best example since they stated simply: "White Knight, Gross, Racist, Rape Apologist, Child Abuse Apologism, Transphobia, Your A Dick". Proving most of all that Sceptre doesn't know the difference between You're/Your.

Following this, Sceptre proceeded with a panicked deletion of the site after various rewrites of its content, went on by breaking more UK laws by trying to hide evidence and moving where the site is hosted, had a number of his co-trannys resign, and finally, him and others that work on the site began responding the legal notices by threatening to call the police on their senders, claiming that suing them is harassment.

Another group (consisting of 95% trannys) is trying to start their own blockbot, Randi Harper frantically tweeted at Kern in an attempt to convince him not to bother suing him for his own block-bot, and the entire enterprise seems dead now.

Getting Banned From The LDEC

The hits kept coming for Sceptre because, soon after, he was suspended from his local branch of the Liberal Democrat executive committee for the following tweets:

For a sig­nif­i­cant period of time I have been the sub­ject of misog­y­nis­tic online trolling and harass­ment of the most per­sonal and unpleas­ant kind. In response to that I made a series of tweets that I realise now have caused offence. I have now deleted those tweets and apol­o­gise to those I have offended, whether in my own party or mem­bers of the pub­lic. I am also grate­ful to those in the party who have han­dled this fairly and promptly.


—Sarah Noble, issuing an obligatory apology

This is the second time in a week that the Liberal Democrats have been embarrassed by the cadre of abusive Wikipedos in their ranks.

Most Recent Wikipedia Ban

Autogynephilia in a nutshell

Sceptre is still active on TOW (we stopped following xyr shenanigans there years ago) and is still regularly going on power-trips, getting banned, coming back, going on a retarded rampage, getting banned again, coming back again, rage-quitting and returning once more.

His most recent Wikipedia activities include calling other editors pedos, and being blocked for personal attacks on a talkpage for something called Autogynephilia:

Do you have anything to say about the page?— James Cantor (talk) 16:38, 20 March 2015 (UTC)
   Yes: that you and your child abusing friends can fuck the hell away from it. Sceptre (talk) 17:26, 20 March 2015 (UTC)


An arbitration request was filed and declined. In it, Sceptre was found to be in violation of numerous Wikipedia policies, including:

  1. 16 March 2015 Personal attack: Says xhe opposes Dr. James Cantor's presence and his friends crackpot theories.
  2. 16 March 2015 Personal attack (implicit BLP violation): "you and your child abusing friends can fuck the hell away from it"
  3. 20 March 2015 Upholds personal attack/implicit BLP violations at ANI "didn't say that your colleague was a child molester, I said he was a child abuser
  4. 20 March 2015 Upholds accusations at own user talk page after block: "I personally don't think we should extend civility to child abusers and their sycophants"

After receiving a 3 day shortblock for personal attacks that would get anyone else indeffed, Sceptre's block was extended to thirty days with no talk page access, for comparing Wikipedos to Catholic priests. EDiots predicted that after his block expires on April 27, 2015, he would be unable to contain his tranny rage and would unleash his autism on the autogynephilia page again. On April 20, Sceptre's block length was shortened as payment for sucking the cocks of all of the tranny-chasers on Wikipedia. As of April 27, he has avoided the autogynephilia page.

22:24, 20 March 2015 Kevin Gorman (talk | contribs) changed block settings for Sceptre (talk | contribs) with an expiry time of 19:30, 27 April 2015 (account creation blocked, cannot edit own talk page) (Block extension, see talk page)



Hi, I'm Sceptre, but you may call me Will. I'm 15. I can't stand ugliness on my userpage, so...


but then he puts his picture on there

New Year, new start. From now on, I'm going to put some serious work into repairing my reputation


—From Sceptre's user page. 'Atta boy champ!

Wikipedia is rotting from the inside out due to constant bickering between sides (most notably when it comes to Central/Eastern Europe). There comes a time when the general populace becomes sick of the trolls, but they will still persist, because they can wikilawyer and have vocal support from friends and countrymen, who often trolls themselves. Shockingly, even some admins support trolls. ArbCom is becoming decrepit because while decisions such as public denouncement or edit restrictions are being passed, no-one will enforce them, due to fear of the community biting or the troll harassing, and when AC do decide to ban, the troll simply evades.

We need more admins who are willing to do stuff like this. People who will not take nonsense and put the encyclopedia at whole over the rules. Admins like Moreschi, JzG, Neil. If you're an admin, please, don't take nonsense from trolls, use common sense and do what's good for the Wiki. If you or someone you know wants to rectify the problem, but don't have the admin bit, go through RFA. Win the encyclopedia back from the trolls.


—Recently, Sceptre posted this little tirade about the current state of TOW. It is included here for the lulz

But of course, good faith doesn't exist on Wikipedia any more... neither do standards either. Until those two return, I have no incentive to edit. Sorry.


—Sceptre, two days before returning to Wikipedia to edit with three sockpuppets

After seeing your comment "Riana has brains and balls" on her RFB, I am inclined to oppose - I do not wish for a shemale to be a 'crat


He/she/it used to hate his own kind

Romantically/sexually, I'm heterosexual, and I am currently single.


— From old version of his userpage. In fact, he's bisexual now.

Stroking the neckbeard is the only satisfaction I get these days without beating a hooker, and that takes energy I could spend on masturbation and World of Warcraft porn-subscriptions.


—Sceptre, engaging in an editor review on TOW

I do have a sense of humor


—Your reactions to this article suggest otherwise

I thought Rule 36 is "There is a fetish for it. No exceptions." And NOTCENSORED will always win out against editor's sensibilities. That's what it's supposed to do.


—Sceptre shows his mastery of the Rules of the Internet

Oh my, I appear to be homosexual!


—Sceptre, an epiphany after his anus was stretched by having Grawp's massive cock

I applaud your cojones.


—Sceptre likes Hagger's cock as well

Sceptre Cash

Shit was so Sceptre.jpg

Hey Trolls,

My name is Sceptre, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, Dramacrats who spend every second of their day writing attack articles. You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever written any Featured articles? I mean, I guess it's fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than the stalkers at the Wikipedia Review.

Don't be a stranger. Just hit me with your best vandalism. I'm pretty much perfect. I was an admin for a year, and have over a hundred userboxes. What sports do you play, other than "troll sysops' talk pages"? I also enforce BLP, and have a banging hot admin coach (She just gave me a barnstar; Shit was SO featured). You are all trolls who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.

Pic Related: It's me and my admin coach.


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