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Sargon of AkkadFedora icon.png (otherwise known as Carl Benjamin, Soygoy the cuckboy or Carl of Wikipedia) is a fat MRA alcoholic e-beggar and failed game developer who loves to see women cry, probably why he is a notorious wife-beater. He loves to rant about how sand niggers rape white women and destroy civilization, but for some reason named his channel after a dead sand nigger king. Carl has become the main figurehead with over half a million subs in a 'New Wave' of parasitic YouTube Ranters who like to circlejerk each other off to videos that disagree with their ideological world view by splicing in their snarky 'rebuttals' bearing their severe autism over a microphone or camera, for their audience to groupthink themselves into self-delusion as 'intellectually superior'.

The ultimate case study has shown that the dumbest, most obese Americunts will believe anything you tell them, provided it comes from someone with an English accent (because dem limeys are smart people, y'all, Ah'll tell yer huhwut!), Sargon of Akkad records his TL;DW videos with a tinfoil hat on and does "research" by looking shit up on Google and Wikipedia (he gets paid to do it, by the way) and then coming to the conclusion that everything is part of a government, feminist conspiracy. Occasionally he invites feminists hoebags to his "show" and has his ass handed to him by them, because having an actual debate with a real life person is considerably harder than finding a YouTube video you disagree with, pausing said YouTube video and then talking down to it, as if you expect it to answer back; either that, or he engages in circlejerks with his e-celeb friends that can sometimes last up to six hours.

When he isn't making videos about how the social justice warriors are out to get him, he makes a weekly video where he reads internet articles and then yells at them. Seriously, about 90% of his videos are just him reading some boring news article or watching a video and basically going, "Pffft, well, THAT'S stupid.". Sargon likes to cultivate an aura of being a learned renaissance man, expert in numerous topics from science to politics to history, but he is, in actual fact, a high school dropout who never attended college and has no formal qualifications. Most of his videos are riddled with inaccuracies, particularly his videos about history - a topic he seems to have learned about mainly through playing Medieval Total War and Warhammer. Since he has literally nothing better to do, Sargon has made YouTube his full time career. As he has made several hundred YouTube videos about shit no one cares about, he is guaranteed to start showing up in your YouTube recommendations if you watch even a single one of his videos, no matter how many times you tell YouTube that you're not interested in his bullshit. Seriously, he will never go away. It's like a fucking plague of smug, fedora tier self-proclaimed rational "logic".

Necromancer - His shit 'game'

When he isn't busy being a loser on YouTube, he actively begged for money on Kickstarter for his shitty game Kickerstarterfavicon.png Necromancer; a game that will never actually be released as Carl and The Rejects already took the money and abandoned the project, much like the projects abandoned the virgins who gave them the money.

Other Worlds Software Team.jpg
The trio of gay

The game looks like the original Diablo in the lowest resolution and runs at a staggering 10 frames per second. It is supposed to be some kind of multiplayer tower defense game, where you can compete against a total of one opponent. One would believe that the reason for this is that Carl doesn't have any friends except his mom, but in reality it is because of the Crysis 3-like graphics that no computer will be able to handle more than two characters.

Woman-murdering simulator

Of course when called out on it, he claims that it's merely 'late' due to him getting ripped off by his Italian artist called 'Giuseppe'. It had to take two spaghetti-sperging GGRevolt members for him to finally even start showing video evidence of him developing the game. This is exactly the shit that Anita Sarkeesian, feminist cuntlord supreme, pulled.

Four Cunts: The Great Feminist Flame War of 2015

A typical male feminist, Kevin Logan is a pathetic fatass who owns cats.
The Wooly Bumblebee, a competent intellectual.
Laughing Witch when not on YouTube.

Carl's status as an Internet loser with a micropenis reached its lowest point when he YouTube Favicon.png debated a fat euphoric feminist neckbeard Fb-favicon.png Kevin Logan. Kevin confronted Sargon by repeatedly asking him why he didn't publicly shit on the fraud Davis Aurini and instead promoted Aurini's channel and gushed like a fangirl being raped by her senpai about how awesome The Sarkeesian Effect YouTube Favicon.png was going to be. This had the intended result of his gullible 13-year-old fanboys shilling out their mother's money to fund this.

Sargon cowardly refused to acknowledge his error and doubled down with each pathetic attempt he made to rationalize it. Female MRA retard The Wooly Bumblebee, kicked out of A Voice For Men for nicking $5000, stated the obvious: Sargon is a conman, ideologue, and a hypocrite. Soon the 50 year old fat feminist hag Laughing Witch, who has been stalking Sargon for the past few months, mirrored Bumblebee's videos. Sargon made an ass out of himself yet again by claiming he didn't care if a man he supports is a pedophile. Thus his self-righteous crusade against evil feminazis and any credibility he had blew up in his face and will be preserved on the Internet until the end of time.

I don't care if Davis Aurini thinks the best thing to do first thing in the morning is to FUCK children!



Moar Shit With Laughing Witch: Sargon The Professional Victim

Being the professional victim that he is, Sargon immediately blamed the feminist illuminati and social justice warriors for "character assassination", completely unaware that he brought everything upon himself. Naturally he vented his rage on Wooly Bumblebee and Laughing Witch hoping to make them cry. As expected, it didn't work. Middle aged women have been bashed in the face for years by real men for not giving hubby a sammich. You think they're intimidated by some pudgy-downie limey on the Internet?

Needless to say, the old feminazi hagbeast succeeded in ripping Sargon's shriveled balls off and wearing them as a voodoo necklace. Like any respectable JewTuber concerned about ethics, she doxed Sargon's Facebook on her channel to make a petty political point. In this case, it was to show that Sargon is a fedora-tipping asshat with Down's Syndrome. This was a pretty retarded move on Laughing Witch's part since every sub-intelligent moron already knows this.

Sargon's Facebook And More About missing Pics
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The Great Debate

Despite everyone knowing better and figuring out his con game, Sargon kept pissing and moaning to anyone unfortunate enough to hear him. In the meantime, his 13-year-old boy goons demanded Laughing Witch debate Sargon, as if Sargon wasn't already proven to be a liar, fraud, and hypocrite. Laughing Witch accepted if only to shut up Sargon's retarded fanboys once and for all. Since Sargon is incapable of making a rational argument or have any meaningful conversation with another adult the "debate" will consist of him throwing a temper tantrum and whining what cunts feminists are, and generally be a waste of everyone's time.

The Truth

The truth has been spoken.

Possibly the whiniest, cringiest, most embarrassing video ever
made by a grown man with a wife and kids.

Sargon, pls go.

Sargon becomes an SJW

Once again proving himself to be a complete hypocrite, Sargon starts a petition calling for the banning of "Social Justice" courses. Feminists and the regressive left were quick to point out Sargon's stupidity, hypocrisy, and the ineffectiveness of Sargon's petition. A newly-turned SJW called Libertarian Socialist Rants tore Sargon apart like how pit-bulls tore apart your mom's twat.

This britbong explains why Sargon fails
Sargon's laughable response
Liberatrian Socialist Rants Destroys Sargon

Twitter Gay Porn Assault

Sargay has finally sperged out and revealed his anti-white homosexual ideology by spamming a small segment of his interracial gay porn unto Twatter. Inb4 b&. LEL, BANNED. He intended this assault of his to be an attempt at trolling any Alt-right followers, which resulted in thousands of people unfollowing him. He also asked for Child Porn from some of his associates. Which is odd, since Sargon is a frequent GamerGate user, he doubtlessly has CP already.

Saved Tweets:

Sargon Two - Electric Boogaloo

On January 27th, Carl got his Twitter suspended when he once again sent gay porn to his enemies. Of course Carl wasted no time in creating yet another YouTube Favicon.png dumb video blaming the big bad left conspiracy of evil women, that are just out to get him and his opinions. It is totally unrelated to him sending gay porn to everyone.

Sargon Posting Gay Porn January 26 2017.jpg

Garbage Human: A VidCon 2017 insult from Anita to Sargon, then gets hacked on Twitter

Being called a "Liar" and "You Suck" on a daily basis are mean words to her while she calls Sargon "Garbage Human" is not mean words to her.

On June 23rd, 2017, Sargon attended to a feminist panel at VidCon 2017 to try to gets some action from his strap-on lover Anita Sarkeesian and her co-hosts. While Anita queefs out her usual MUH SOGGY KNEES and GAMERGATE DID THIS bullshit she suddenly mentions Sargon, pointing directly at him calling him a Garbage Human with a side of Shitheads, which gave Soygon a raging boner. After getting cucked Sargon cried like a little bitch, milking sympathy from his fanboys like the professional victim he is.

This video highlights some of the panel footage and interviews some of the people/YouTubers who sat in the front row to admire his love interest Anita. At the end it's said that security actually tried to move them to the back of the audience after Anita texted security.

Right after VidCon 2017 Sargon got his Twatter hacked and started to make a lot more sense.

Sorry guys this meth is really getting to me


Vid Con twits

Sargon of a Fraud:Typical Hypocrisy

Sargon, like Christopher Hitchens wannabe Milo Faggotopolis, is fond of saying "Fuck your feelings!" in some form over another. Reals over feels. Words can't hurt you. People saying you suck isn't harassment, etc. etc. - except when it happens to Sargon. Now he is the special snowflake victim. What the stupid neckbeards can't understand is that despite their shitty best efforts, Anita wins in the end. The more attention they give her, the more powerful she gets. The more attention she gets, the more money idiots give her and the longer she stays relevant. If they really wanted Anita to STFU and GTFO all they would have to do is ignore her, but if they did they wouldn't be able to make money whining about her and would have to get real jobs, now wouldn't they?

Later on when people treated Sargon like he treats Anita he started to ask for decorum in discussions and asked to be treated like a human being.

You guys understand I am a Person


—Sargon of Akkad

Garbage Gallery

Garbage Images About missing Pics
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Our Libertarian Lord And Lackwit

File:Shit Trail Eating Ouroboros.png
Like a snake eating its own trail of shit.

Just last Thursday Sargon announced his epic plans to forge a collective of free thinking "skeptic" activists to fight back against the horrible SJW evils plaguing society and to finally take back our bullshit from the evil clutches of those who have made his personal political hit list. Our aluminum God king does not take on this burden lightly, either! He has lamented for minutes on end about how he's forced to take on this arduous position of pontification because the people supporting him the e-mails have requested, nay, DEMANDED that he rise up to the role of ringleader for the retarded masses who just aren't as enlightened and intelligent as our grand savior!

We're joking of course. In reality Sargon has been freebasing his own butthurt, heinie huffing as it were, getting high off his own self-important bushwa as usual and looking to organize more ways to make money off meandering morons in the same sleazy way Sarkeesian has been doing for years.

It's important of course to mention that divisivem little opportunistic imp because they're opposite sides of the same shitwitted coin. You create your own enemies as it were and this entire situation really is the poster pile of puke for that entire platitude.

Funny thing about Anita, something most people have never realized at all... she disables comments on her YouTube videos! :D

No, sorry, that's not what we mean. You of course have realized that she disabled comments on her YouTube videos... what you haven't realized is that she does NOT disable comments elsewhere, like on her FaceBook pages for example. And even if you talk outright shit to her on said FaceBook pages you will be very hard pressed to actually get her to block you.

Now why do you suppose that is? Well, to answer that question all one needs do is fire up any of Anita's videos and then gravitate your gourd rightly about 15 degrees... now what do you see? Response videos! In fact, almost every other video you'll find in the "Up next" section on YouTube will be, you guessed it, whiny replies from the "skeptic" community. From Mundane Matt to Sargon to every other lame ridden little pseudo-intellectual atheist asshat fuckboy: they're all right the fuck up in her dirty business. Because by purposefully disabling replies/comments it effectively forces people to make response videos if they actually want to even remotely entertain her simpering stupidity. In turn every time she makes a video she's effectively leeching off the subscriber bases of every fumbling fuckstick who humors her with some level of acknowledgement, the sly cunt!

She then of course turns right around and uses it to fuel her whole victim narrative as a means of pressuring pedestrian level pukes into donating money/resources/time/attention, further fueling her political and social influence as she becomes more and more the enemy they constantly painted her up to be... all because morons on YouTube, like Sargon, just didn't know when to shut their fucking face holes and simply refuse to even acknowledge her as a sentient presence.

And this is the formula for nearly the entire extremist liberal SJW movement... say stupid outrageous shit in order to gain instant attention, then capitalize off the hard earned viewership of others because, hey, who doesn't love a good rubber neck at a train wreck? They then use the negative attention to whore themselves out as perpetual victims, in turn fueling the entire co-dependent clusterfuck even further.

TL;DR - Sargon wants to start his own SJW group to fight against the very SJW group that he himself spent years on end effectively creating through inadvertent ass hattery and is either too stupid to realize it, or too greedy not to try and actively join in on the sensationalist spooging ouroboros that's become the Internet's "outrage machine" continually feeding off its own fetid feces.

Sargon and the alt-right

Sensing that his videos are attracting members of the alt-right, Sargon has decided that the best course of action is to try and drive them away. To this end Sargon made a video condemning Nazis and white nationalism, making it clear the he doesn't support them. The video naturally caused an uproar with the trailer trash that watches his videos, and cried for hours about how being told Nazis are bad is killing them. This would've been a mere footnote in lulz history were it not for Sargon's next actions.

A dramatic retelling of Sargon vs. the alt right

Race realism debates

As members of the skeptic community and the alt-right sperged over the concept of race realism, a skeptic by the name of Kraut and Tea formed a Discord group centered around thinking up ways to debate the subject and then dox and harass members of the alt-right when they fail miserably. At first Sargon supported Kraut, but later decided to pussy out when it became clear that the doxing could hurt his reputation. This didn't stop Sargon from making a video about Coach Red Pill using information obtained from Kraut's server later on though. Whoops.

After the Kraut saga, Sargon went on the hold a debate with Richard Spencer on the topic of race realism, and did a piss poor job of arguing his opinion; a true feat considering what a sped Richie is.

TL:DW? Sargon becomes a broken man the moment he's told he's not as smart as he thinks he is

After that, Sargon would later be part of a livestream where he had a meltdown where he demanded that people respect him and that people who are mean to him are white niggers.

Your are acting like a bunch of niggers


Didn't bother to read the liberalist manifesto? Here is a 30 minute breakdown

Sargon created a IRL group to try to jew money from european idiots where he started to larp as a politician. When this failed Sargon after trying for less than 3 months, he just abandoned his party he tried to create and wrong a manifesto for and joined UKIP (an idea he stole from Count Dankula). Sargon took joining UKIP super seriously and even bought a big boy suit to speak in front of the EU about how important it was that they not pass article 13. However because Sargon is a failure at everything he does like graduating college, finishing the videogame he ran a kickstarter for, restoring ethics in videogame journalism, winning any debate he's been in, using a meme, keeping a twitter account, making a baby, marrying a woman who isn't raising someone elses cunt turd, getting google to end the adpocalypse, talking to Anita Sarkesian, or convincing his veiwers he has a black grandpa, he fucked up his EU big boy speech.

As a result of Sargons failure, first article 13 passed, then everyone online made fun of his ill fitting suit that he stole from Applebee's, then media outlets in the UK wrote hit pieces about Sargon in the UKIP party and him saying retarded shit like "I wouldn't even rape you", "You all are acting like a bunch of white niggers", and him agreeing that a relationship between a pedo and their sex abuser all depends on the child really, then UKIP insiders leaked audio to the Ralph Retort where not only did they call him out as not having the values of the party and joining to boost his own image and ego, but that he doesn't even read the books he preaches about when condescending to people. How did Sargon respond? Why by sperging out on everyone who made fun of his suit and working with the news outlets that assassinating his political dreams to get back at all those who claimed he had a bad suit.

The Dressening: Vengeance for a dishonored suit

A TL;DR about how this began

While his country is about to have unusable internet and the news outlets he gave interviews to in order to further political ambishion completely smeared and ruined him, Carl would collect himself and focus on what is important, not allow the mean words said about his big boy suit to stand and larping as a politician in IRL. Sargon had been a Mister Metokur dick rider since last thursday, however Jim didn't feel quite the same about Sargon as Sargon would try and tell Jim to fight for things he didn't give a shit about.

Sargon crying because Jim left him too soon
Sargon begging Jim and Milo to tag team him
Sargon sending one of his messangers to do his dirty work then begging Jim to dominate and lead him
"Fine Jim, if you won't love me I'm going to call you a pedo"
"Cool story bro but your suit still looks like shit"
Sargon decides to run away and never come back

This ended for Sargon with him looking like a retard not knowing how to unmute a stream for 40 minutes until the gaurdian (a news paper that has smeared him multiple times) called to let him know to unmute himself, then babling about calling Jim a pedo, talking about how close he is to meeting Trump, all the cool EU fags he met that disavowed him as if he would gain some sort of clout by speaking to them once at a meeting, and talking about what a winner him and his internet friends are. When Jim kept making fun of him, Sargon ran away ending his only successful show "this week in stupid" and quitting his political dreams. This would be where our story ends with Sargon if Sargon hadn't had gotten a dopamine boost from a guest he booked before he torched himself to the ground. Sargon gets really excited when he meets people more important than himself that are the big brain influencers he wants to be, and Sargon met the biggest influencer of the 2016 election, Steve Bannon.


Why bother mentioning this? Well once Sargon had his dopamine reserves restored from basking in the glory of someone who accomplished something in their life other than making the same youtube video over and over again, Sargon had his most big brain big boy suit worthy idea ever...

Gamer Gate 2

behold the master plan that will win back the west

Sargon could barely pull a crowd that cracked 1k to his live stream and he didn't want to waste time posting the vid on posting his plan on his main channels and the old crew not seeing it. Sargon decided to contact Ethan Ralph & Mister Metokur and have an emergency killstream to unleash his master plan.

Steps for victory of winning with Gamer Gate 2:

  • Step 1: everyone else but Sargon tweet about GAMER GATE 2
  • Step 2: Sargon will contact and work with all the news papers who fucked his political dreams into the dirt to cover Gamer Gate 2
  • Step 3: Own the libs, trigger the libs when they write about Gamer Gate 2
  • Step 4: Donald Trump tweets support of Gamer Gate 2
  • Step 5: ???
  • Step 6: Profit! Now article 13 will magicly go away from ruining the internet in the EU, All news outlets will appologize for smearing Sargon, Sargon wins political office under UKIP, Sargon meets Donald Trump, All praise and glory to Sargon!

Clearly, such a well thought out plan with elaborate details you would think every one would not only get it, but be ready to get the band back together and hash tag a thing that has no catalyst or reason to be hashtagged this time. Unfortunately everyone except Sargon is too dumb to understand why this is such a great idea. Some people may think it's Sargon riding a dopamine high taking some passing comment that Bannon probably mentioned about GamerGate too seriously then trying to force the meme in order to gain relavence again and relive the glory days before his political dreams were over, the EU was gonna fuck his internet into the dirt, and people made fun of his suit but those people just don't understand Sargon's genius. Sargon later begged to go on went on The Dick Show episode 124. starting at 1:24:23 Sargon explains that not only is Gamer Gate 2 an amazing big brain idea that we all must work to get Trump to tweet, but it has been a well received success.

Sargon gets support from Andy Warksi about what a great idea this is
Killstream and their callers back Gamer Gate 2 and think its no laughing matter
Mundane Matt is ready to do Gamer Gate 2? There is no way that would be a bad idea.
Jim gets BTFOd by showing he is a small brain that doesn't understand Gamer Gate 2

Dick polietly tried to steer away from Gamer Gate 2 by suggesting we get Trump to tweet out #NOMAAM as it would be funnier. Dick immediately calls out Sargon for trying to start shit with Mister Metokur and calling the guy a pedophile because he made fun of your suit. Sargon then backpedals saying he totally didn't mean he was a pedo when he called him a pedo, he meant a child groomer like a groomer that gives hair cuts. Dick told Sargon to just let the feud go, that in a fight like this you have to want to be the bad guy. You have to love walking into a room of people booing you and when they don't have an austic need to start shit to get the hate fix you need. Dick told Sargon to stick to highbrow stuff, cause Metokur is that guy and he is not. Sargon agreed and said he was going to go back to focusing on high brow stuff and quit flinging shit because people think his suit is dumb.

Sargon's wife kills Sargon's only baby

Don't worry, Sargon didn't waste a single drop of the fruit of his seed
fingers crossed he takes care of the other rotten crotch fruit his wife shat out
Sargon's wife taking out the trash
Sargon's little garbage human being
Even Sargon's friends think Sargons baby dying is lulz
Maybe if he read more Locke his baby would of lived

Sargon has been raising another mans child ever since he was married. After finally becoming financially stable enough to raise not only another mans child, but have one of his own, he put a baby in his roastie ham beast. Sargon took all the correct steps for taking fatherhood seriously like dumping 200+ hours into ARK on steam, streaming multiple hours a day far away from his wife and wifes child, starting a slap fight with internet e celebs, and hitting on trannies behind his wife's back. However, no matter how many internet arguments you fight on the internet, it cannot prevent tragedy from happening.

Sargon's official story is the baby was stillborn. He even went on facebook to write a poem to his dead baby who as an atheist, he believes can't hear or see it in any way and is the delusional ramblings of a weak attention whore who cannot cope with reality.

Sargon's poem for his wifes flushed cunt turd

However Some argue the official story is bullshit. Sargon, shortly after his little garbage human being got properly stored where it belonged, came out against abortion. While Sargon's defenders try to say the loss of a child made him realize that every life is precious, this makes little sense. A bad experience eating undercooked meat and making yourself sick isn't gonna make you vegan and want to ban meat for everyone else. So what really happened? Well, as people know Sargon has a rockey relationship with his wife. He's been publicly chewed on his own streams out for hitting on trannies.

Skip to 6:43

Sargon also has been exhibiting erratic strange behavior ever since the debate with Richard Spencer. Some argue that this is due to Sargon starting to use cocaine to cope with getting his shit pushed in publicly. However this is unlikely as Sargon has never won a single debate he has taken part in since when people deviate from his talking points he runs off and pretends he needs to go to sleep. What is likely is Sargon got a 100% legal prescription to Adderal, and he snorts it for maximum efficiency. Why would he ask a doctor for Adderal? Well, why wouldn't Sargon want Big Brain pharmaceuticals when he is continuously getting publicly shit on by a group that didn't act like the regular tranny other kin blue hairs he can normally go back to his hugbox he can just say he's smarter than. Sargon also is showing many of the symptoms of amphetamine use more than cocaine use.

When you need big brain powers ASAP

What really happened? Chances are Sargon's wife could not stand the idea of bringing Sargon's genetic waste into the world and took matters into her own hands. Why would you wife want to give you a baby when you act like such an embarrassing failure online, neglect her to hit on trannies, play vidya and make youtube videos all day to e-beg, and act like a amphetamine loaded retard from abusing your prescription medication because you are trying to stoop to anything you can to defend you fragile ego. Why permanently tether yourself to him if you decide to divorce him and permanently cut ties? How do you get child support from a man who could crash everything he has online in an instant through his retarded reckless actions? What skills does this man have to support you if he has to get a real job? Honestly, she made the right choice.

Sargon has recently said he does not care about people talking shit about his dead baby. If you want feel free to send dead babies to Sargon, his wife, and his family. After all, when Lilly Allen had a miscarriage he thought is was hilarious. Sargon also enjoys jokes about his wifes dead cunt turd so feel free to make fun of it all you want. Sargon approves.

The Dressening 2: I'm totally not mad bro! You just got BTFO'D

Sargon's 20 year war plan

Sargon had enough and had snapped and decided to declare war on many of those he once considered allies vowing to destroy at any cost. Was it because Sargon's wife deciding his genetic line was not worth allowing into this world and people laughing at this? Jim refusing to join Sargon's harem of capos? Late night steams making fun of Sargon's complex big brain ideas? Amphetamine psychosis? His inability to defeat alt right meme fags in any debate? His political dreams burning before him? People laughing so hard at his political party he gave up on it to destroy another political party? Not being able to have decent opinions on something other than SJW bad?

No, the sin was far beyond any of this. People were still making fun of his suit and he could not allow such a transgression to stand.

Sargon had decided he wanted revenge by any means necessary, even if he needed to abandon all the principals he claimed he stood for. However Sargon had a problem, he tried avenging his suit once before and looked a fool because Mister Metokur and his sweetie squad made fun of him more. Sargon needed a personal army, but knew he could not rely on his mainstream fans to do it. That is when Sargon came up with his fool-proof plan for his personal army:

  • Step 1: get in touch with washed up gamer gate people that Jim eventually made look foolish by laughing at something they were into. Jim left such a large mass grave of ex fans he turned his back on over the years, it would be easy to get ex gamergaters that are furries, vore, ABDL role players, liberals who felt Jim was too far to the right, Kumite hosts who can't make a funny show anymore, disgraced subjects of Jim videos, or ex metokur forum people who were sad daddy Jim had a life after Metokur.
  • Step 2: Have them white knight you and no matter what always say that Jim and co were BTFO'd. Also use BTFO every chance you get, it's totally not outdated like calling shit epic.
  • Step 3: Coordinate in Discord groups, but be sure to have your capo's carry messages for you and do your dirty work that they run across you for final permission.
  • Step 4: If you get caught red handed doing gay ops, play symantic word games to shrug off responsibility and rely on all this drama being too TL;DR for anyone to research.

Sargon to this day is still sperging out and trying to take out the "alt right" racial purist neo-nazis (and totally not doing this because his ego is hurt and he's mad). These targets include Ethan Ralph, a guy who has a Paki wife, Asian co-host and gets a half mexican to fill in when one of his hosts can't show up, Mister Metokur, a potato nigger race mixer, and Andy Warski a portugese south american mud blood.

Notable actions Sargon & Co. have helped Co-ordinate to get revenge for his dishonored suit:

  • Confirming a 3+ year old dox of Mister Metokur was real by paying $2k for proof
  • Tipping off the Wall Street Journal and other news sites like the ones that wrote hit pieces on him, so an SJW writer could do a hit piece that naughty things were said on a charity stream that raised $27k for cancer children ensuring the charity was publicly shamed into refunding the money and Youtube took down the channel.
  • Working with the Kumite, as they were butt hurt they were not getting any attention. Sure, they made fun of Sargon's suit too, but now they were willing to respect the step father
  • Having his Romanian man servant VEE get caught begging in a porn discord server for retweets and likes to make it look like he was winning
  • Doxing underage kids that were fans of the people he was against
  • Feigning victimhood when people laugh at your tragedies while at the same time mocking other peoples tragedies and pretending "lol I ain't mad bro"
  • Run false flagging campaigns
  • Working with the same new orgs and groups that dragged your name through the mud
  • Admitting you are publicly working to dox people while crying and being a victim when people dox you and your friends

How to argue like a Sargon

  • 1) co-opt a meme and make it about your opponent whether or not it makes any sense.
  • 2) accuse people of being pedos even if you are the one who gets caught faking evidence or you have no evidence.
  • 3) Nervous Chuckling when you are looking foolish that you can pretend is condescending chuckles.
  • 4) Never acknowledge where you screwed up and always say every idea you had worked because if you admit anything you do was dumb it might mean you are not as smart as you think you are.
  • 5) Claim you are sleepy to get out of a debate before going on to your own channel and streaming from the safety of your hug box
  • 6) If lore that makes you look bad is TL;DR to fact check, make up shit and say they are a liar. Chances are they don't have the abbreviated proof on hand. If they do have the abbreviated proof, say context is missing and demand the TL;DR proof then complain the TL;DR proof is too TL;DR.
  • 7) Everything you do is a total win and you and your friends totally BTFO'd everyone, even if you didn't.
  • 8) Change the topic if its something you can't worm out of quickly like having a black grandfather.
  • 9) Claim anything that makes you look bad using your own words/actions is misrepresentation and claim you are too dignified to address it.
  • 10) When people say your idea is dumb and break down why your idea is dumb just accuse them of not getting it because they are too much of a dumb dumb small brain.
  • 11) If you get caught doing hypocritical dirty shit you cry about when it happens to you (doxing, false flagging, working with people you claim to hate, getting people fired, getting people de-platformed, submitting reports about them to law enforcement), say you are trolling and it's just a prank bro. You don't have to take responsibility for what you do if you are just trolling and can still pretend to be a high brow intellectual who just has a raunchy sense of humor and can claim if people don't find you reporting people like a whiny snitch funny they just don't understand your epic lulz.

Notable people who are proudly part of Sargon's personal army to avenge his dishonored suit:

  • Kraut and Tea: Yes, the faggot is still butt hurt and still up to his old tricks
  • Kumite hosts Tonka Saw & Failure: When IBS imploded because you can only listen to people screech autsiticly at each other for so long many internet blood sport people saw their revenue and viewership dry up. Eventually all of them recovered, Jean-Francois Gariepy made his intellectual discussion dating show where he continued his love quest to find a boyfriend free tard, Andy Warski embraced his multiple failed attempts at restarting his old show and embraced his image of a drugged out lunatic on a warpath to confront all those who shit on him when him and JF broke up, Ethan Ralph managed to lose weight and stop fist fighting with cops. Tonka and Failure however seemed to never get anywhere as they got boring and stale. Tonka decided to work to help attack everyone doing better than him and got caught making fake evidence to frame people as pedos as well and exposing the entire gay op discord server. Failure his co-host followed cause he is a week bitch with no spine, even when his own co-host doxed his family
  • David Shitrat: The virgin incell who was an MRA to try and slay some Republicunt ended up getting quite a bit dug up on him. Turns out he was the mastermind of starting the gay discord ops because Lauren Southern turned him down for a date. David is now a tranny faggot trying to dip into the SJW pool because it might be easier to fuck retards than better yourself and slay normie puss.
  • Bronx Blogger: An antifa fag who has faggot fuck flu and is desperate for attention. He will claim responsibility for anything negative and call in to the streams he claims to hate just to be a contrarian. He's too unfunny to be a troll, and too much of a faggot to be effective.
  • Short Fat Otaku: Originally scorned by Mister Metokur when Jim wouldn't make a video about Jean-Francois Gariepy, Short Fat Otaku joined Sargon's faggot crusade against the alt right. While part of it may be personal, a lot of it has to do with Gamer Gate being over and wanting to re live the glory days when people watched his videos and he could pretend to be a fat mute lesbian to trick dumb sluts into sending him her nudes.
  • The Quartering: Originally this guy got his start by exposing a magic tournament had convicted pedos volunteering for them, and implied it went deeper and Hasbro is willingly letting this happen for free labor. While this seemed like a big deal at first (especially since the tournament just banned people who brought up their pedo judges) this is less likely due to a secret Magic the Gathering pedo cabal, and more due to cheap ass tournament people not wanting to pay for background checks on volunteers. He is a long time Sargon fan and was willing to open his arms and take in the ways of liberalism.
  • Mundane Matt: While he has always been a Sargon dickrider, when Matt destroyed his career live on The Killsteam he begged for anything he could to get his viewers back, even if it meant going back to being Sargon's bitch.
  • VEE: this has always been Sargon's carrier pigeon. He pretends to be neutral to pass messages back and forth from his master to his enemies, including gay op attempts to set traps.

Some argue this will destroy Sargon's brand as he now has made himself look like a faggot and hypocrite willing to do anything to protect his fragile ego, while others argue so long as his main channel keeps this garbage away from it his fans are too retarded to follow this autism fest and just wanna here an english accent make fun of low hanging fruits. This current gay op Sargon & co. are engaged in is ongoing. YOU can help by updating this article with pictures, screen shots, and updates to add to the list of shit in here.

Sargon loses everyone associated with him their income in order to call people niggers

Last Thursday, Patreon noticed a lot of the stuff Carl was doing during his gay ops to avenge his dishonored suit. Turns out when you piss off autistic manchildren who spend all day watching internet tard fights, chances are they will fuck with you back. Sargon was making a comfy $20k+ on Patreon from people who want to own the libs, trigger the libs however Patreon was tipped off about Sargon saying the n-word. Patreon, despite being run by liberal art retards, was willing to look the other way on the condition Sargon made an apology video for saying the nigger-word. This seems like a complete no brainer for someone fighting the evil alt-right, and if anything a moment to have a win/win for you and Patreon (a service accused of being leftwing operatives): Make a skype interview discussing the situation, disavow use of the word while admitting you were attempting to use shock value on the very racists who use the demeaning slur, discuss the dangers of alt-right and when jokes cross line into hate speech, get clarification in the future for ALL patreon users, promise not to do it again, then collect youtube ad revenue from a video as big as your Steve Banon interview. Sargon however was far too big brain to play with in the rules of Patreon! He has strict morals and Principals that he NEVER EVER STRAYS FROM.

Instead of apologizing for saying the black people slur Sargon:

  • Hide the fact that all Patreon wanted was a public apology statement for saying NIGGER, and make it seem like they targeted him for his beliefs using NIGGER as the excuse to boot him off the platform claiming he was being targeted for political reasons
  • Convinced his high profile friends Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin that he was totally a victim and got them to protest the right to call people NIGGERS, Jordan deleting his Patreon right away, and Dave Rubin making a huge event that he is gonna delete his Patreon on live stream at a future date TBA.
  • Sargon told all his liberlists to stop giving money to Patreon as well as cried to all blogs and web shows about the evils of Patreon de-platforming him (cause it wasn't bull shit when it happened to Null, Encyclopedia Dramatica, 8chan or Lauren Southern)
  • Sargon then promoted a sketchy South American site called subscribe-star with even worse TOS than Patreon involving hate speech, forged and shitty cyber security certificates, and no promises on how they will handle any of your personal banking info.

Sargon's super big brain move cause payment processors to refuse to work with this shitty site. Not only did his big stink cause Sargon to loose all his hipster welfare, those who are closest to Sargon like Count Dankula saw all the temper tantruming liberalists take away their patreon donations, as if it wasn't enough that Sargon helped Candid create the AI bot that took away all of him and his friends youtube ad revenue.

Sargon now makes nothing from anything he does online. He seemed nervous as of late since he has been spending his money on international travel, conventions, raising another mans child, taking care of the woman who aborted his child, getting hand jobs at massage parlors, and paying for dox info to pwn all his enemies who dishonor and slander his suit. No one knows how much money Sargon saved, but assuming he isn't blowing his money on dumb shit he should of have millions stashed away from when he was able to get youtube ads, super chats, and $20k+ a month from patreon. Sargon would be too big brained to not be a millionaire, right?

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