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If you're a male and white, and no matter how big your dick is, she hates you automatically.
So Edgy!

Sarah Jeong is a duck-faced lesbian and a out of control racist South Korean gook that has forgotten the contributions of the Superior White Man when he was giving his life so that The yellow bastards to the North wouldn't March through her inferior, slant eyed ancestors rice paddies to turn her female relatives into comfort women for Kim Jung Il and kill all her Male relatives.

Recently she has been called out for her racist tweets against the white man when she was hired to the New York Times editorial staff.

Is there really an entire race of people so repulsive, so morally repugnant that ... they’re not really human


—Tucker Carlson on liberals redefining race so that it is impossible to be racist against whites

The person you are drunk or stoned is not the person you are 


Bret Stephenson defending Sarah Jeong

In Vino Veritas


20180802 211446.jpg

Jew York Times Reply To Sarah Jeong's White Hate

20180802 211907.jpg

The network’s decision to cancel “Roseanne” over a racist comment will cost it. But when people decide to let racism slide, it costs the rest of us.


—Jew York Times On Roseanne's Racist Tweets

Translated: Only white people can be racist and because she's a woman with a vagina and hired in at 70% of what it would cost us to hire a male editor, we're not getting rid of her.

Sarah Jeong's Excuse For Her Bigotry

20180802 212806.jpg

As an adult and a standardized test taking machine, Sarah was unaware that as a professional writer with her eye on the prize for bigger and better things, such as an editors position on the New York Post, it is her place to always play the adult - especially when she is online and using her Powerword.

Sarah's current excuse is that she was engaging in what she claims was "counter trolling" and merely copying the language, syntax and style of writing of those who had chosen to attack her with their negative language.

Like so many leftards, Sarah refuses to see the error of her ways and instead rationalizes them, ignoring the fact that, if what she said is true, her responses were the same as calling a black man a Nigger because the black man called her a chink.

Quinn Norton

In February 2018 the New York Times announced its hiring of tech-writer Quinn Norton to its editorial board. Despite her having not posted any racist or homophobic tweets since 2014 the New York Times felt that it was best that they part ways and rescinded its hiring of Norton 24 hours after its hiring of her when these tweets had been made public.

Another reason the Jew York Times gave for her dismissal was because of her supporting of a friend online (weev: Andrew Alan Escher Auernheimer) who belongs to the hacker group Goatse Security and is also a staff member on a White Supremist Web-Site The Daily Stormer.

Currently, people are comparing Norton to Jeong; crying foul and saying that both came under fire because of old tweets surfacing but the reason Norton was fired, and not Jeong, is because she is white.

"Having racist friends and family” is “an inevitable part of whiteness"


Quinn Norton


The Racism & Hatred of Sarah Jeong About missing Pics
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On the other hand, in mainland good Korea

As an aside, unfortunately, there are also fucking feminazi active in mainland Korea. They are mainly active in terrorist groups such as Twitter and womad.

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