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Sarah "Auschwitz" Anderϟϟen

Sarah C. Andersen (better known as Auschwitz Anderϟϟen) is an artist who was best known for being the creator of Sarah's Scribbles – an absolutely hilarious webcomic about her horrible menstrual periods, exceedingly poor personal hygiene and overabundance of body hair. Unfortunately for Sarah, this would all change in December, 2016, when the denizens of /pol/ and Anime Nazi Twitter decided to give her comics the Ben Garrison treatment and spice them up with some much-needed racism and meme magick to create Sarah's Shoah – one of the lulziest webcomics evar.

Over the span of a mere few days, Sarah's comics would give birth to at least 6 million high-quality racist edits that would make A. Wyatt Mann shed tears of joy.

Sarah Scribbles

Sarah's first attempt at a comic.

Sarah Andersen began her "career" as a webcomic artist on Tumblr in late 2011 by posting a hilariously meta MS Paint comic about how she realizes that her art skills are shit. Originally entitled Doodle Time, Sarah's shitty comic was a blatant ripoff of Allie Brosh's Hyperbole and a Half with slightly better art, no colours and a fuckton of completely unnecessary and unwanted references to Sarah's constantly-bleeding and extremely hairy snatch.

Sarah eventually gained some artistic talent, renamed her comic to Sarah's Scribbles and decided to cash in on her work by releasing a book of her freely available Tumblr comics and selling it for REAL CA$H MONEY.

The Holocaust is a Myth

LOL that's like SOOOOO relatable!!111
/pol/ attempts to make Sarah Andersen his waifu.

On December 23, 2016, someone began making racially enlightening edits of Sarah's comics and posted them on failchan's politically incorrect /pol/ board. At the time, most of the mentally deficient /pol/itizens had no fucking idea who Sarah Andersen was and many joined in on making new edits solely because they mistook Sarah for that flabby tranny who makes that other hilariously shit comic.

Upon realizing that Sarah is actually a decent-looking, cis-gendered, white female of average weight, many /pol/fags began to suffer from a severe case of troll's remorse and quickly started white knighting for Sarah. Meanwhile, some of the more hardened /pol/acks instead decided that they'd continue with making edits of Sarah's comics in an attempt to "Redpill" her into joining the Alt-Right (i.e. they got a boner for her and think that they actually have a chance of fucking her).

Sarah soon learned of the numerous edits to her comics and made several tweets acknowledging them.

Some people have been editing my comics to display white supremacist texts. I am blocking and reporting as I see them. Please do the same!


—Sarah Andersen, lacking a sense of humour

I don't like to give attention/acknowledge people like that. But I want you to know how much I condemn it and am working on removing it.


—Sarah, giving people attention

The birth of Auschwitz Andersen.

Naturally, this began a flood of people mentioning the Streisand Effect and telling Sarah to stop making it into a big deal – despite the fact that she actually seemed far less concerned about the edits than most of her faggy followers and the overabundance of chanfags who were spamming the fuck out of her Twitter mentions.

At this point, Sarah was trapped between a bunch of beta cuck white knights and a bunch of Anime Twitter Nazis who were essentially screaming "NOTICE ME, ANDERSEN-SENPAI!!111 OwO" into a fucking megaphone.

Sarah fails to internet.
I'm writing this comment to appeal to your humanity and ask you not to edit my comics to be racist, anti-semitic and transphobic. Please stop. I could lose my house, my family, my reputation could be completely destroyed.


—"Sarah", reaching out to /pol/'s conscience

Please, stop. I'm begging you. Stop.

I don't know if you think this is funny or if you're trying to prove a political point or what. But this is really, really stressing me out. Please.


—"Sarah", reaching out to /pol/'s conscience

Sarah here, remove my comics or this sites owner will be receiving a cease and desist letter from my lawyer and a lawsuit for allowing you too tarnish my brand.


—"Sarah", threatening to sue half-chan

Greetings 4chan,

My name is Sarah Andersen. I hear you faggots have been making a lot of racist edits of my comics lately. I just wanted to let you know that I don't appreciate that kind of behavior. You're nothing but a bunch of basement-dwelling virgins who will never amount to anything in your miserable lives. It would be better for the rest of us if you'd just off yourselves now.

What's that? You've come up with some pitiful excuse of a retort? Fuck all of you. None of you would even last a minute against me in a real fight. I would kill every last one of you spineless, white, cis-male shitlords. Just try me.


—Okay, these probably aren't really her


Reviewing Her Book



Sarah Andersen's cartoon form.
@SarahCAndersen Be one of the world's heroes and take down @4chan's /pol/ board. You have a case against them for allowing libel against you


—Maldraw, on his seriously retarded idea of "heroism"

@SarahCAndersen advising you to sue the site for defamation or request them to remove the neonazi board, /pol/ or both. Its the only way to stop defamation of your works and save others from similar raids as well. You can be our hero, Sarah.



Maybe they're trying to stop you fucking faggots from fucking this girl over like you did to Ben Garrison. You fucking jealous permavirgin faggots need to grow the fuck up and stop ruining people's lives because no girls wanted to touch your peepee in high school. Maybe if you spent 1/75 of the time you spend making edits of other peoples comics and put it towards exercising and grooming yourselves you'd actually know what it's like to have sex with a real girl and not one drawn by a perverted Nip. You're all pathetic faggots.


—Anon decides to be a white knight

wow that's fucked up. i can't believe how literally uncreative and asinine these fuckbags are


—Slampiece Prodigy

wow shes cute. leave her alone you guys


—Anon, crushing on Sarah

Be happy, they're actually making your shit funny and relevant.



your comics are crap and can be drawn by anyone with moderate down syndrome

why are you trying to copywrite shit?



actually, the parody edits are hillarious. She should roll with them!



Sorry, kiddo, but there's this thing called Fair Use which protects parodies, you have no legal recourse.


—Ben Matlock

No idea why people are "raiding" @SarahCAndersen by editing her comics. She ain't done nothing. Guess I don't get the "humour" in it all.



If you are the real Sarah, please stay in this site, you might learn some things that will probably make you less retarded.



So, Trixie from The Fairly OddParents created her own webcomic, where she intentionally portrays herself as a hideous Tim Burton caricature, just so all the people who google her name will see her irl picture and then tweet her "Gosh, you're pretty!"



We should draw her getting fucked by dogs. Although that probably wouldn't offend her as much as racism.



I want to fuck the libtard out of her system



I bet she has an ageplay fetish. Imagine bending her over your knee and spanking that tight little ass until it's beet red, crying "I'm sorry daddy, I won't do it again, I promise" with a sneaky little grin that lets you know she dropped her dish on purpose so you'd have to punish her. Imagine she's all snug in bed with her bunnie ears onesie pajamas, you've got the pussy flap open for easy access and she holds you so tight with all the strength her tiny arms can muster and whispers "I love you daddy, I love you soooooo much" in your ear as you cum.



She'll come here an angry liberal, and leave pregnant. Red pilling is optional






I would cum deep inside her on the first fuck.



Sarah's Known Aliases

  • Mrs. Ben Garrison
  • Alt-Right Andersen
  • Sarah C. Aryandersen
  • Sarah "laws should be lax about mowing down blacks" Andersen
  • Sarah 'refugees will swing from trees' Andersen
  • Sarah 'black lives don't matter when there's bones to be shattered' Andersen
  • Sarah "a grave for every slave" Andersen
  • Sarah "Making a lagoon out of the blood of coons" Andersen
  • Sarah "Drown a Chink in the Sink" Andersen
  • Sarah "Speak ebonics she'll go demonic" Andersen
  • Sarah "Adulting is hard, genocide is easy" Andersen
  • Sarah 'chase the coons out with a broom' Andersen
  • Sarah "If he takes it in the ass he gets the gas" Andersen
  • Sarah “if he’s dark, feed him to a shark” Andersen
  • Sarah "USA for the Master Race" Andersen
  • Sarah "If he sucks cock he gets the Glock" Andersen
  • Sarah "smother every Brother" Andersen
  • Sarah "Empty my 9 in the Welfare Line" Andersen
  • Sarah "nuke the coons" Andersen
  • Sarah "I dislike minorities" Andersen
  • Sarah "Stab the fags" Andersen
  • Sarah 'burn the blacks for talking smack' Andersen
  • Sarah 'smack a black' Andersen
  • Sarah "slap a jap" Andersen
  • Sarah "Catch This Anti-Semite" Andersen
  • Sarah 'put the kikes on spikes' Andersen
  • Sarah "Ten Ton Terror of Tel Aviv" Andersen
  • Sarah "heads of kikes on a pike" Andersen
  • Sarah 'a star tattoo for every Jew' Andersen
  • Sarah "Running over illegals in El Caminos" Andersen
  • Sarah "The Sadist to the Marxist Soviets" Andersen
  • Sarah "You can run but you can't hide" Andersen
  • Sarah "Homophobic Hero" Andersen
  • Sarah "Makes niggers go into shivers" Andersen
  • Sarah "Hurting minorities from breakfast, lunch and dinner" Andersen
  • Sarah "Blowing the Lids off the Yids" Andersen
  • Sarah "Nightmare of Blacks from Ghana to Atlanta" Andersen
  • Sarah "Killing non-whites from left to Reich" Andersen
  • Sarah "The Bigger the Nigger the More she Pulls the Trigger" Andersen
  • Sarah "Huey Lewis and the Noose" Andersen
  • Sarah "Shooting the Beaner with a Repeater" Andersen
  • Sarah "The Mongoloid Murdering Maniac" Andersen
  • Sarah "Dragging Shmuley behind my Dually" Andersen
  • Sarah "Pulled a KA-BAR at the Gay Bar" Andersen
  • Sarah "Wrecking Ball the Wailing Wall" Andersen
  • Sarah "The Montanan Grand Dragon" Andersen
  • Sarah "The Anglo-Saxon Purity Klaxon" Andersen
  • Sarah "Ran over a kike with my bike" Andersen
  • Sarah "Nigger Neck-breaking Nightmare" Andersen
  • Sarah "Happy Concentration Camper" Andersen
  • Sarah "Gassing a bunch before lunch" Andersen
    From A to Zyklon.
  • Sarah "Latino Life Leecher" Andersen
  • Sarah "A holocaust a day keeps Mossad away" Andersen
  • Sarah "Itching for a lynching" Andersen
  • Sarah "Running down cucks with monster trucks" Andersen
  • Sarah "Not white, shoot on sight" Andersen
  • Sarah "Sending every black to Iraq" Andersen
  • Sarah "Destroyer of every Diaspora" Andersen
  • Sarah "Peeing on every Korean" Andersen
  • Sarah "Killing spics with bricks" Andersen
  • Sarah "The Meanie to the Sheeny" Andersen
  • Sarah "Let's Get this Shoah on the Road" Andersen
  • Sarah "Y'all Gonna Panic When You See This Germanic" Andersen
  • Sarah "Asians will be terrified when they see this Caucasian" Andersen
  • Sarah "Goin' Mental on the Oriental" Andersen
  • Sarah "The Divider of US and Mexico" Andersen
  • Sarah "The Jackal of Jerusalem" Andersen
  • Sarah "Drowned the Chink in the Kitchen Sink" Andersen
  • Sarah "Unloading my Nine at the Welfare Line" Andersen
  • Adolf Hitler, Jr.
  • Pez, after the above-mentioned "incident". Sarah doesn't like to talk about it.
  • Sarah "Putting a .22 in every Jew" Andersen
  • Sarah "Making a Kite out of a Kike" Andersen
    Sarah attempts to reverse the effects of white genocide.
  • Sarah "Fuck the Korean, be with this European" Andersen
  • Sarah "Make every Spic into a toothpick" Andersen
  • Sarah "Drive by shooter of Compton" Andersen
  • Sarah "The Cambodian Cannibalizer" Andersen
  • Sarah "Muslim Mutilator" Andersen
  • Sarah "Stabbing ice picks at Bolsheviks" Andersen
  • Sarah "The Fourth Reich" Andersen
  • Sarah "The White cornea of Suburbia" Andersen
  • Sarah "Breaking the jaw of every nigger in Crenshaw" Andersen
  • Sarah "The real Zodiac Killer" Andersen
  • Sarah "Givin a stuffin to Dindu Nuffin" Andersen
  • Sarah "Aryan Assassin from America" Andersen
  • Sarah "Getting every hooked nose bastard to be plastered" Andersen
  • Sarah "Everything is going to be all white" Andersen
  • Sarah "dug a hole for every thug" Andersen
  • Sarah "Pop goes the Nigger" Andersen
  • Sarah "Breakdown of the Multiculturalism" Andersen
  • Sarah "Wetting every little Aryan teen girls panties" Andersen
  • Sarah "River to the sea, Aryans will be free" Andersen
  • Sarah "Turning Emos into perfect little whites" Andersen
  • Sarah "The Canadian Cripper of the first world nations" Andersen
  • Sarah "Holocausting the Homosexuals" Andersen
  • Sarah "Unload a Mag in Every Fag" Andersen
  • Sarah "Never Trust A Kike" Andersen
  • Sarah "Around Blacks Never Relax" Andersen
  • Sarah "Melanin is a Sin" Andersen
  • Sarah "You're a Nigger? Get the Trigger" Andersen
  • Sarah "Gas the Kikes" Andersen
  • Sarah "When in Doubt, Throw Them Out" Andersen
  • Sarah "If Your Skin is Brown, Get Out of Town" Andersen
  • Sarah "The Vince McMahon of the Holohoax" Andersen
  • Sarah "You Better Not Shoah Your Nose Around Here" Andersen
  • Sarah "With Jews, You Lose" Andersen
  • Sarah "Bestiality Laws Forbid Racemixing" Andersen
  • Sarah "Chop the dick off every spic" Andersen
  • Sarah "Grab a Spike, Kill a Dyke" Andersen


One of her comics.


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