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Cat eyes.JPG
Lawlrus with family and "boyfriend"

SapphyDracases, self proclaimed 'AI table guardian/afker', is a lolcow based on DeviantART and Furgaydia who has been bringing the anti-lulz since that fateful day in January, and clearly tries too hard to be an EDiot. Her artistic style involves taking every mainstream anime cliché she can think of, mashing them up with Skittles, and then pouring them onto her retarded anthro-dragon fursona.

She is the sole owner of Axel of Kingdom Hearts fame, and she even goes so far as to state that Disney and Square-Enix stole her OC. This of course, is laughable and sad.

When not drawing fan-art, SapphyDracases can be witnessed taking on the role of the Internet Tough Guy, defending herself and her artwork from trollss with the brilliant argument of, "The mean people are just jealous and have no life." After all, she was in art school, so her art must be good, right?

Sob Stories and Attention-Whoring

Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of being exposed to Sapphirus probably knows that she can't go 10 minutes without self destructing by being caught in a horrible, obvious lie.

Here are some examples!

Over the years, Sapphy has claimed:

  • Her grandparents stole her from her mother and father and poisoned the food they gave her to make her fat.
  • She got into some art college or other, even though her story on whether she's in high school or in college changes from day to day, on a whole $500 scholarship, but they had financial problems so they rejected her.
  • She isn't fat, but she won't post a picture because there are dangerous people on the internet who could look at her picture and automatically know how to find her (or they could just look at all the dox she posts freely to public sites).
  • She has a male stalker, both IRL and on deviantArt, who just happens to make the same grammar mistakes as Sapphy, like writing "mind as well" instead of "might as well."
  • She only got her highschool diploma last thursday in the mail because she didn't walk at her graduation, yet she's supposedly been enrolled in college off and on for at least two years now.
  • She got her name legally changed to Sapphiria Austin.
  • She's totally not black, but black person and Cherokee.
  • Square obviously ripped off her character Sapphirus to make Axel because she totally made Sapphirus first.
  • Someone tried to commit suicide over her because she wouldn't go out with them.

When questioned on any of these topics, she says "I'M TIRED OF TALKING ABOUT THIS" and scuttles her fat ass back to the kitchen.



Sapphy has an overblown ego and actually believes she can draw. She is SO sure that she's God's awesome rainbow-wrapped gift to the world, that pretty much everything she uploads revolves around her, her fuck-ugly rainbow-shitting fursona, and her obsession with Axel.



  • Critique. Her art is awesome. It are fact. No other opinion is valid.
  • Lesbians. Unless you're her close, PERSONAL friend and have a b-cup. Aside from that, lesbians are gay and bad. If she's not worried about them hitting on her, she's worried that they might swoop in and claim the gay men she's been so desperately trying to turn straight for her.
  • Axel yaoi. Gay guys are cool, but Axel is hers, so he can't be drawn with anyone else but her. Just her. Not even by the creator.
  • Niggers. Her excuse? "The Bible tells me African-Americans are evil," ignoring the fact that African-Americans are not mentioned in the Bible at all, and the fact that she herself is black.
  • Getting told the truth: let's see how she handle being flamed.
  • Dragon "hatters".
  • Mychelle, who totally stole her character design
  • Hermaphrodites. "HATES: HERMS HERMS AND HERRRMS, sorry, they're annoying horny fucking ass bastards that have no self control, loving to harrass others sexually."
    • Sappho has had to rethink things, realizing that the world does not exist in the biggoted, cut-and-dry way she believes it does: "Was suppose to be my first herm commision. Drew it For reasons, the commisioner is a herm IRL which came to my attention while having a conversation with her. I Don't go against herms IRL at all, just the characters, but her character was an exception." Too bad the drawing still sucks.

Sapph Doesn't Like Gays, But She Ain't No Homophobe!

Oh.. oh, I see it.

Sapph is of the opinion that being lesbian is a bad, evil, dirty thing, even though her namesake, the Greek poet Sappho, was basically queen of Lesbian Island. Sapph also believes that Axel is a straight character, even though he's clearly banging Roxas and making little bastard children with him when Sappy's back is turned. However, she likes all gay men who don't have sex with Axel, lesbians who are her "friends," and Jesus fucking Satan.

She commonly searches YouTube for Axel porn, but after she gets off on the explosion of buttsecks, her sudden surge of guilt for lusting over two hot, fictional men getting it on can only be assuaged by writing a journal entry about how scary it is...

...Until she unknowingly threw herself out of the closet.

On July 19th, 2008, she was found with a Naruto incest yaoi picture in her DevianTART favorites list (despite the five hundred stamps, taglines, and signatures on her journal and personhood claiming she hates incest and yaoi). Some trivial shit did hit the fan when some TARTlets saw this little delicacy and confronted her on it. This being said, Sapphass immediately removed the deviation from her favorites, but everyone here at ED knows she probably has it printed out and slung onto her wall, where she can forever whack off to it in privacy.

On September 6th, 2008, Sapphy has proven her retardation/hypocrisy to a whole new level. She had uploaded an image of two male characters, speaking of buttsex, and even a poorly drawn diagram. She then proceeded to add more lulz by stating that 'Original characters are okay to draw yaoi with, but animu yaoi is totally wrong'. To this day, you can search in the fat bitch's favorites gallery on DA, finding gems such as Yu-Gay-Ho twincest, Kingdom Farts bareback, and ten thousand images of a gay man's cherry red, wrinkly ballsack and cock.

As of today, when visiting her Deviantart pieces, one might note that her icon is none other than Jasper from Steven Universe.

Relationship Advice

A relationship therapist.

The admittedly 300lb virgin, who's never had an IRL date in her entire life, made a dating-advice site. We have some of the intelligent advice available for you, complete with disclaimer:

WARNING: If you find this offensive towards your own styles and customs then GTFO this page and go somewhere else people, and if you hate Sapphirus which is most of you looking at this do, then don’t read it if it’s too plain and not intelligent enough for ya, and there‘s no HERM, GAY, OR LESBIAN info in here all straight stuff, no offense. =D

Girls must make sure to take their birth control pill the right accurate way to avoid pregnancy if they don’t wish to start a family earlier than they‘re ready. You can’t always trust guys when it comes to condoms because they can poke a hole in the latex material and give you babies on purpose.


—SD, on wishful thinking.

Keep in mind that you must keep yourself from getting your girl pregnant at all costs. Some girls purposely tell you they’re taking their pill but isn’t doing it right. That’s why you should use the condom anyway. (Don’t you dare make that stupid idiotic excuse about your weenie not getting its full feeling, sex is sex my goodness couples!)


—SD trying to convince people that she knows what sex(and, apparently, having a condomned dick)feels like.

Sapph, the Self-Hating black person

Blacksux.png Sapph's saddest trait is her complete refusal to acknowledge her own heritage. In the true Oreo tradition, she insists that she is mostly Cherokee Indian, despite her obvious Negroid features and the fact that nobody actually has a Cherokee Princess grandmother in their bloodline.

Ebonics in action.

She uses every excuse in the book, even blaming her black appearance on a faulty camera, to try to convince others that she is not black:

oh yeah :x (Well if you seen my picture now you wouldn't think I look black, you would see what I mean. I already said I have a bit in me but not enough to call myself one, my Cherokee Indian takes up most of my race (color especially) ...

The camera I was using was a cheap one, it kinda made me darker than i usually am, I'm like a medium Caramel color. As for denying my black bit side, I hate the thought of it, they're such and insult to the world with their attitudes, and shooting their own people, and much more. There is some good to that race though.


—A nigger named Sapphirus.

But not much good, according to her. Sure, a lot of people OTI claim to hate black persons, but Sapph is actually serious:

Well I mad a mistake on that one, I meant to say it as I'm ashamed of my quarter race because of how they are to to eachtoher, and me especially. All but some treat me like shit when I try to be a friend to them, This is why I always prefer being with other race besides them, let alone going out with other races except black dudes (Big reasons)


—A nigger named Sapphirus.

Face it, Sapph. You black as hell.

Name Change

It's true. On October 2nd, 2008, Sapph supposedly got her name changed with her mother's permission.


And just what will her name be?

Darx: Jesus H. Christ.
Darx: You're changing your name to Sapphirus?
Sapphirus: mhm
Coros: You are a fucking retard.
Sapphirus: i know


Sapphirus: gonna be Sapphiria
Sapphirus: not Sapphirus
Lustful Nocturne: Uhhmm
Lustful Nocturne: Err
Jyramiah: ....blink.
Sapphirus shrugs -hates her IRL name

So, per usual, instead of simply failing, Sapph has decided to kick it up a notch and name herself "Sapphiria Austin".

They Stole from Me! GOT IT MEMORIZED?


At this point in the article, if you're saying to yourself "this girl can't possibly get any more stupid," think again. Sapph recently began insisting that her "original character" Sapphirus was created long before Axel of KH2, and denied having ever referenced and based her character off of him. Sapph also claimed that she had been drawing since 1999, the year when she created the character -- at the age of 10 -- despite various proof that she did not. She thought she could get away with lying about this, but several people, both on Furcadia and dA, claimed that Sapphirus had told them she started drawing in 2004, created Sapphirus in 2005, and didn't make any dramatic changes to his features until KH2 was released in 2006.

Sapph uploaded a picture to DeviantART of her character's "old look," which she said dated from 1999. The date written on the piece was 1/16/0-, with the last number conveniently cut off by the scanner -- while it could be a 0, there is a tail that resembles the tail of the 6 in 16. SMOKING GUN. Sapphirus claimed that it was a typo... made with pencil. A group of FurN dwellers recalled Sapph showing the piece on Furcadia in 2006, right after she drew it.

The lulz didn't end there, however. Sapph started telling everyone that Square-Enix, a multi-million dollar Japanese game corporation, stumbled across her DA site out of sheer luck, saw her character, and STOLE her ideas to create Axel -- and that she could PROVE it! Her proof, however, is still only the claim that she created the character back in '99/00, as shown by the picture's incredibly obvious datemark. Even if she had created the character at that time, however, she didn't even join dA until January of 2006, and the picture wasn't loaded there until late February.

Sapphy on EncyclopediaDramatica

After Anonymous raped her page with epic desu and copypasta racism, Sapphy tried reverse psychology to appear like she didn't care. Attempt failed.

Ahhh it feels good to be me! I’ve became the ED hit Article of the page, and it makes me put a smile on my face!! Now I can laugh and be happy about it, COOKIE THRUST DANCE TIME!!!


—please don't

It's just too bad Anonymous was there to take screencaps of her bitching about her ED article weeks ago, thereby fucking her story up.

As usual, despite claiming not to care about her article, Sapphy joined ED as Dragconic2007 and started trying to use it for her own purposes, just like every other butthurt article target out there. Her article about DoladdarKate features such phrases as

Doladdar obviously can't stand SapphyDracases, Snapesnogger or anyone who can draw better than her on the internet.




Slay (Adam) and Doladdar (Kate) made themselves an imaginary world where their (un-attractive) lives are in the furfag world, making Feline intercourse interaction with their Role playing failing anatomy characters. Adam is an Emo guy that she seems to have a emotional obsession with IRL and on Fagcadia, they are rumored to have sexual intercourses with their house cats.


—oh god, not intercourses

We can only suggest that when reading this article, take it in small doses, or at least block out half the screen with your hand to guard against some of the fucking fury.

Recently, ED user Ilurverainbows has been identified as another potential Sapphy sockpuppet. Her article on Winged-Maniac displays all of the worst characteristics of Sapphy's work. Confirmation is lacking, so if you can find any information connecting SapphyDracases and Winged-Maniac, please share it.

If you'd like to troll Sapphy yourself, some delicious copypasta is available here. The results of such trolling are available here.

Does She Love It or Hate It? Nigger, Make up Your Mind!

Despite Sapphy's qualms that ED is lulzy and that trolls are trying too hard to be "an hero", Sapphy continues to contradict herself by every means possible. On October 21, 2008, Sapphy wrote up a long DeviantART article entitled, Encyclopedia Dramatica-Article Victims of Trolling [sic]. That's right. The whiniest, biggest comment-hiding, admin-cock-sucking retard has just made an article about the very thing that seemingly doesn't affect her: her beloved Encyclopedia Dramatica.

The article can be read here. Such gems from the godd-ass include:

ED basically tries to make it so the person who ha an article is gonna have a hard time in life for eternity, which many people think right now.


—She obviously doesn't know the meaning of the site despite the mass amounts of savvy she says she has.

...for a fact, most things are altered on the site to make the person look like an internet criminal all thanks to “too much time“ and 'Photoshopping'.


—Yeah, guys? All those screenshots we have here? We TOTALLY made that shit up! The links, too!

"I have an article, and I choose to deal with it, laugh at it and go one with it in life."


—She forgot to mention the part where she hides all the comments and even goes so far as to delete her own pictures in order not to deal with that mysterious thing called real life.

So, if any of you victims out there want to continue being anime-obsessed, pasty, fat-ass yaoi-loving Wapanese retards, go on and read this article! This self-help was written just for you: for a loser, by a loser!


...Suddenly some random guy came up to me as if he knew me and asked for a “female” sexual-based commission, which was obviously odd.


—Sapphass dun wanna draw dem lesbos.

On 4 December, 2008, Sapphy decided to become an expert on trolling. This time, she wrote again yet another article on beloved trolls, because the "NO U" defense always gets people to stop harassing her fat ass. This one is found on her shitty Freewebs website, so let's see how long it'll take before it gets baleeted -- in which case, here's a handy screenshot.

In this amazing article, you'll find ways to battle those Fagadia and DevianTART trolls! It doesn't help that Sapphass pulled a kingmukatan and tried to make an encyclopedia on all the different kind of trolls there are out there and how they're all trying to be "an hero". She's a double-divined goddess, so she must be all-knowing and right.


So all you failures out there looking for art, just remember: if you ask for a commission of your favorite character with big buttocks, dripping wet, you're most likely a troll. And if you ask to see a sketch before paying the artist, you're a troll too.

Now go bomb this shit DA journal! GOGOGOGOGOGO!!!

Sapphy of the Now

2008 has rolled in, and SapphyDracases is still the lulzy cow we've all come to know and hate. Some recent updates on her? Do you really want to know?

Art College

We all knew that Sapphy was unoriginal, but this is ridiculous.
As stated in this picture, El is a "delicate jock"

Despite there being verifiable proof that Sapph did not get into college because she didn't receive her high school diploma until sometime in mid 2008 (and supposedly just picked it up late January 2009, fake Sapph college is still pretty lulzy.

Oh, And I Dropped out from my college, too much BS with the classes and the people there, plus the financial aid shit. Too many lying bastards about my refund check and crap. So I left... Long epic story, the teachers ar bullshitting with my grads as if I did nothing at all in their classes, they're marking me absent when I was there all the time except for one day, etc. The advisors don't believe me, and my credits are low, so I left, got tired of them setting me up and such...


Everyone's out to get her.

As of August 12, 2008, Sapphass is a deadbeat college dropout. She survived an amazing 5 months of so-called bullshit like lesbians and terrible teachers!! GG, Sapph.

She was enrolled at some nameless art institute at the beginning of 2008. You'd think her art would've improved somewhat from being in classes where you study the very technicalities of art all day, but no. She continued to vomit the dodge-induced Photoshop rape that we all love. Her teachers, however, were no fans of it. Sapphy failed several classes and finals including Color Theory, but of course, THAT WASN'T HER FAULT! She just couldn't supply her own materials! News flash: get a job. Oh wait. She had one but got fired for eating all the food. What a fatass.

We all know that the true reason why Sapph flunked is perhaps because anyone with a pair of eyeballs in their sockets can see that barfing rainbows onto every picture just isn't a great use of color. Or perhaps that she never went to college and just felt like she needed some attention.

However, some good has come out of art college...or has it? Sapphy has taken upon herself to try and do some NEW THINGS with her characters, including:

However, the biggest project the lulzcow has decided to take on is...

SapphyDracases: The Video Game

We kid you not. Sapphy is actually thinking about making a video game...OF HER CHARACTERS. God have mercy on our souls.

She can't go without more strange-ass, unusable weapons!
Well as soon as I pass these classes, I can move up the the Game Art & Design Majority. Thne that's the time i'll develop my character into her own game ^.^!


—Sapphy's plans for art college

After having classes today, I talked with the instructors of the 3D/Character Modeling classes, I asked them about building a mondel for my Character Sapphirus, to be honest; they loved her design. They said I have to work on modeling her in different poses for reference before 3D modeling her first. I got Anatomical things to do now, I feel confident.


—After a nice discussion with a meth-head

Premise... Sort of.

This lovely PRINT of Sapph and her gang is available on DeviantArt today! Buy it! BUY IT NOW, BITCHES!

Sappho is currently still in the midst of fleshing out her video game disaster, but she does have some nice tasty little tidbits out for us to laugh at:

  • The story begins in Japan, at a nameless Tokyo art college (It's now named Sakura College because "Sakura" is obviously the only Japanese name in existence).
  • Sapph is a Native American/Japanese (regardless of the fact that Japan is an elitist country who wouldn't accept a fat native american slut, oops did that come out loud?) human student there, who prefers to be alone and sit out in the rain. She has no friends.
  • She is currently in love with the school's "art jock" (an artist that stinks of jockstraps?), El. Of course, as with every suethor's story, the handsome, most popular man on campus has to TOTALLY be in love with the Sue right back, despite the fact that no one in their right mind would want to spend the rest of eternity with a pessimistic, whiny emo fuck.
  • Meanwhile, in the world of Cruxiaus (how the fuck do you pronounce that?), the goddess Sapphirus (the current winged bitch we know right now) is sealed into a spiritual form by a wicked beast known as Doladario whose name is always being misspelled by SapphyD herself. He did this to the beautiful goddess so that she would no longer be allowed to guard the universe anymore. He is the god of chaos and peril.
  • IT IS UP TO EL AND SAPPH TO SAVE SAPPHIRUS! In ways currently unknown to man, they magically warp to Cruxiaus and gain new supernatural forms, including the ability to have their hair highlights (known as "markings" by Sapphy) GLOW!
  • Along the way, they meet a vampire dragon named Jileon/Dialio, whose name is constantly being changed. He was sent by Doladario to double-cross Sapph, but of course, he becomes so smitten with her that he ends up becoming a good guy. Can this game become ANY MORE cliché? Yes, yes it can.
  • In the end, we all find out that Sapph is the descendant of Sapphirus the goddess. OH GOD, WHO DID SHE HAVE SEX WITH??

We can only hope to God that this game never sees the light of day. It's like Inuyasha, but somehow shittier.


As of late July, early August, SapphicDumbass has been facing some mild controversy over characters that she has recently added to her video game cast. Ladies and gentlemen, we'd like to introduce you to Blara! A lovely picture of her is located in the gallery below, rendered by the game's designer herself.

Here's what Sapphy has to say about her newest edition:

Pictured: reality.

She was born from Germany, but she has a bad hobby of loving nazi things.
No, I won't draw Sapph and her having sex, keep dreaming you pervs.

Blara is a character I based off of this annoying girl I know at my college, won't get into deeper details that'll offend.

She's basically a Nazi-obsessor and like to dominate females. She's pretty much unsanatary for going around with a hung out bush sometimes. Sapph pretty much hate her moe than anything, and avoid her asap.

Name: Blara
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 6'1
Weight: 185 lbs/She's muscular like.
Hair color: Purple
Eye color: Red
Fav color: Rainbows, Black
Sexual orientation; Dyke/Lesbian
Personality: Very Dominant, bitchy, short-tempered.
Likes: Bullshitting on Sapph, a lot. Picking on straight girls. Boxing. Sparring with people. Doing tattoo art.
Hates: El, Men, penises, El being around Sapph period, Jews, Doing homework
Occupation: Tattoo/Peircing artist.
Blood Type: A


—what the fuck

That's right, readers. We can't make this stuff up. Sapphy has created a stereotypical racist lesbian Nazi from Germany whose sole purpose in life is to dominate heterosexuals and to break her and El up! Because we just all know how much Sappho friggin' HATES those damn dykes; now she has to make a character out to rape her and all the pureness that is opposite-sex couples. And yes, people WERE offended.

Sapphy being the "genius" that she is apparently didn't do her research since Nazis were all homophobic and extremely militant meaning her little antagonist would be an oxymoron. Also forgetting that the Nazis were all clean cut militant appearence who wouldn't accept a tattooed, slutty lesbian.

Of course, Sapphy had to turn it around and make it seem as if her character was so badass that it was getting her banned from various Fuckadia forums. No one just sees the appeal of her lesbian Nazi cuntrag, that's all.

She just begs of you: don't draw any SAPPHYxBLARA porn of her!!

If you think that was bad enough, think again. Jackass has recently been under fire due AGAIN to the fact that every. Single. One of her characters hates homosexuals. A curious TARTlet questioned this fact on one of Sapphy's pictures. Other TARTlets soon joined in, agreeing Sapphy was clearly overdoing it and that the characters should at least have some reason behind their hatred. Instead of listening, Sapphass did what she knew best: went on a hiding-comment spree and subsequently deleted her picture. Responses questioning these ballistics have been ignored. Of course, we expected nothing less from the closeted coward. STOP DENYING IT, NIGGER: YOU'RE A HOMOPHOBE.


Pictured: ..dick?
LOL, bluecock

Sapphic has taken up the incorporation of (badly drawn) penis into her art. While it's true she's always practiced this, poorly, she seems to have found a sudden obsession with drawing lopsided dongs that validate suspicions that she's never seen a human penis. Ever. And what's worse, now she's open about it. It's not just the secret lulzy picture leaked into the public now, folks. This is a daily activity.

You'd think that Sapph has been on the internet looking at Youtube Axel porn enough to know what a penis looks like, and be able to replicate it in art form (oh wait no, she sucks.) DeviantART, for all it's lulz, DOES have a policy on what can be submitted and what can't be. And dripping dicks, pictured on the right, are a definite no. Apparently the image was reported and removed. The dumb bitch re-uploaded the image sans drip-dick a small time later, saying in the description "Sorry, whoever reported it didn't win." Because as we know, everyone is out to get her.

To remedy the fear of her future penis endeavors being deleted, she decided to create a Furaffinity account, whilst reminding us none of her characters are furry and shouldn't be referred to as such.

Funny thing is, even the furfaggots on Furaffinity hate her.



On January 26, 2009, SapphyDracarcar finally got banned from dA. While questions arose quickly as to why, she made two whiny journals (one that has since been bawwwwleeted due to the fact that the members over there didn't immediately kiss her pimply black ass) over at FurAffinity, bitching and moaning on how the admins won't respond to unban her fat ass (while at the same time, she called them "fucking idiot admins"), how her alternate account got banned too, and something about her email. However, no one gave a fuck. In fact, she got a good pwning from two members

Sapph was apparently banned for--not tracing, not harassing other members, and CERTAINLY not uploaded porn and hate art--, but was banned for asking commissioners to download and burn Windows XP ILLEGALLY for her in exchange for shitty art.

That's right. She pulled a Crystal-For-Ever. Since she stupidly asked for something illegally on a website, (particularly dA, in this case), if the request was taken out, then deviantArt could have had a lolsuit. This is highly unlikely over a CD of outdated pirated software, but that was their explanation.

Who would be stupid enough to ask for something illegal over the internet in public and not expect anything to happen? Of course, her only defense was, "I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS BAD!!! IT WAS MY FIRST TIME BEING BANNED SO THEY SHOULD GIVE ME A SECOND CHANCE!!", forgetting the fact that she signed the Terms of Service when she signed-up on DeviantART, and it's only her fault if she didn't read the rules. Ladies and gentlemen, it had been proven that Sapphy had reached a new level of incredible retardation.

On Feb 3rd, 2009, Sappy was allowed back into DeviantART, watch for updates.

Sapphirus Yiff Log

"As I said...betray ya cum for me my little slut!


—--Sapphass's e-boyfriend rapist...thing

If you thought this dumb fuck couldn't get any worse, her Furcadian e-boyfriend has finally decided to share with us some of the lulz. Introducing the Sapphirius Yiff Log! This is a nice little roleplaying excerpt the bitch had with her on-and-off "mate", Genbutsu (the naked Gary Stu with the fluorescent drippy dicky you see above). The synopsis? Sapphirus, for some reason or another, is in mortal form and in the middle of nowhere. She happens to find a rich man's house--in the middle of nowhere, mind you--, break into it, where she immediately gets randomly raped by some faggot and ends up liking it.

Now, we all knew that Sapphy can't write worth a damn, but this just brings in a new meaning of fail. Sapphy, while using her shit ebonics sentence formation, manages to cram in every fanfiction cliche into one roleplaying session (who likes getting raped?) while completely showing us that she has absolutely no idea how sex works. You'd think that by reading so many Axel and Roxas yaoi doujins she'd learn by now. Of course, she can't go without the blatant mysogony, either. But of course, this is Sapphy we're talking about: the Self-Hating Nigger. And Genbutsu's shitty writing isn't stellar either. They both blow.

Be sure to spamblast this and make Sapphy aware of her roleplaying disaster every moment you get. Spam her DA page with terrible excerpt pieces and fill your shitty Failcadia descs with it so everyone can laugh at her ass. More to get this dumb B off the internet.

And now we begin our craptastic story...:


It was late at night, during a terrible thunderstorm, and there was no shelter barely around and trees we out of the question, knowing how many people got struck under them…

Sapphirus would walk into a nearby house from the freezing rain outside. Running away from public view; Sapphirus was in one of her mortal phases again which struck her unexpected like every 1000 years or less. Sapph would be soaked to the bone, not having her normal powers to just shrug it off and auto-dry. The house seemed to be in a luxury state, but she didn't care at the moment, she just needed to be somewhere warm.

She walked around til she saw a bedroom far back from the house, and decided to get a quick rest there, hoping the owner wouldn't mind her presence, she was in a mortal state after all, and she was vulnerable to anything right now. She was still Sapph, just without the wings, horns, tails, fangs and her sacred markings.

Some mins away from the house…

Genbutsu was getting soaked by the rain and his crimson hair was matted down. His deformed bat -like wings kept him air bourne, but only enough to not fall as he approached a house off in the distance. Gen could normally move alot faster then this, but he chose not to as a smirk spread across his face as he saw a girl below enter the house. Gen liked to play with mortal girls and mess with them as he suddenly came with range of the house.

Gen wore a crimson Trench coat that revealed his bare chest; crimson baggy pants and no foot wear as he suddenly landed crashing through the upstairs sky roof and entered the house dropping all the way to the ground floor as broken glass fell with him. Gen landed on his knees as he looked to the ground and then looked up toward the girl with a sadistic grin.

Sapphirus would jump up in fear a bit, usually she wasn't the type to fear anything so easilty, but in mortality, that emotion activated on her part more at this time. She didn't expect someone to just drop in like that! The male seemed to look quite strong, and he didn't look mortal at all which was unlucky for her part. She tried to change the look to her face to a bold expression.

"Who the hell are you!!" she said backing up against the wall behind the bed, getting some distance away from him. She unfortunatley couldn't summon her weapon because it was a divine blade and it's weight, she couldn't even bare it if attempted, couldn't use her powers either, not even her tails. She didn't like that grin on his face at all, it wasn't a normal grin, rather, a perverted grin. She wasn't sure how strong he was but she felt uneasy in his presence.

Genbutsu looked at her keeping his sadistic grin as he rose to his feet and stood at 6'4 and his bat wings were fully extended to their tweleve feet. Gen smirked as he walked towards her and his lips parted to speak, "Mmmmm ya look good...and I think I shall fuck ya now!" Gen said as his crimson eyes looked over her body breifly, before he suddenly vaniched. Gen laughed as he reappeared and grabbed Sapph by the arms and threw her to the ground as he turnned her around and sat ontop of her, before ripping off her clothing that she was wearing leaving her in bra and panties. Gen grinned as he roughly kissed her lips then smack her on the left cheek; leaving a red mark, before he grabbed her bra and with one claw slashed the strap, before letting it fall to the ground. Gen then began to roughly suck on the girl's breasts now as his fangs extended and he bit into her.

Sapphirus would growl in disgust at his compliment, taking to offense since it had the "fuck ya now" ending. Sapph would would meep in surpised when she no longer saw him at his normal spot.

Sapph had a bad feeling he wasn't going to leave her all. She felt arms grab against hers, without warning she was thrown to the ground hard, which hurted a lot. It sucked, very, she HATED this mortality state... and he just had to be the one to find her here, a lusting pervert! She would wince in pain from the fall, feeling him shread off her clothes. "What the hell, get the fuck off me!!" she said trying to shove him off after quickly parting from the kiss, she kicked and screamed like no other. She didn't want him touching her. She screeched in pain when she felt he bite into her delicate skin.

Genbutsu murred into her breasts as he heard her screams. Gen released her breasts as blood trailed off them from the wound he left. Gen smiled at his handy work and stood up as he dropped his tranch coat and tossed it aside, before undoing his pant's string and dropping them to his ankles, before he kicked them off. Gen smiled as he looked at her panties her only remaining clothing, before with his claws slashing them and tearing them off. Gen then dropped his boxer's and kicked them aside leaving them both naked now. Gengrabbed her by the hair and forced her up as he tried to force his cock into her mouth as it pressed against her lips.

Sapphirus would gasp as she seen him getting undressed, she didn't want to see more of him at all because at this moment she only feared the worst. As fast as she was thinking about him undressing her undergarment was lashed off before her very eyes leaving her completely naked to his eyes.

She was a nudist type but not literally in public view.... She would take this oppritunity to create a male-weakness plan. Sure he was strong guy even guys have that one point weakness. After painfully being forced up by her hair she's take the chance to go by plan by biting onto his dick hard, getting up and trying to run towards the door. She still felt pain from her back from the fall which slowed her slightly. She would hope this would end right now before it was too late.

Genbutsu growled out in pain at her biting him and noticed she tried running away and couldn't help, but grin. Gen let her get ahead start as he held his cock and growled until her biting him entered his mind again and then he vanished into the wind as he soon repeared infront of the girl causing her to run right into his arms as he slapped her to the ground and tried once again grabbing her by the hair and forceing his cock to her lips as he tried forcing it into her mouth, "Now suck it, bitch! Or I shall kill ya..

Sapphirus would for some reason snicker at his pain, she knew she might regret that one but it was funny afterall. She was almost out the door, til she ran into something, great..... JUST great, it was him?! Not only she had to worry about him being a strong guy, but he has a super speed ability too. That was just the mix that would kick her ass to oblivion in the state, if only she had her powers, she'd kick his ass so badly right now.

She felt a slap come across her cheek from his strong palm, tears came from her eyes a bit from the stinging but only growled as she tried not to show her tears because it was a sign of weakness, and she hated that. She was once again pulled by her hair into the same situation, being threatened at the same time which worried her beyond worrying, never she had to worry about being killed easily at all but she didn't want to die right here, not at all. She just signed and gave up.. temporarly, and sucked on him to please his ego, for now.

"Damn males..." she cursed under her breath quietly. Genbutsu smiled to her as her mouth engulfed his cock and he moaned out slightly,

"Good keep sucking me until I cum..." Gen ordered her as his free hand played with her breasts roughly squeezing them and massaging her nipples. Gen grin widen as from her sucking his orgasmn was coming faster then normally as he murred to her, "Now keep it up...make me cum...and enjoy ya reward!" Gen ordered her as he arched his back slightly and he let out one more loud moan as he cummed into her mouth and grinned to her holding her head firm so he could cum fully, before pulling out of her slowly and grinned wider letting some splatter her face, "Good girl...I hope ya enjoyed it..." Gen said with a wicked smile.

Sapphirus would grumble under her breath, she would act this part for now, but she wasn't gonna enjoy it. She had a deep hate for blowjobs and she wasn't gonna swallow his disgusting bodily fluids. She would spit out his essence on the floor in disgust, still having that aweful taste in her mouth. "How the hell do females find this sexy? It's a male dominance act to poor girls" she thought to herself. "You disgust me" she hissed under her breath. She might of been in her mortal state, but her spunk didn't leave completely. She would wipe the rest of his crap off her mouth completely, being in a rather pissy mood from that act.

Genbutsu smiled as he looked down at her and sniffed the air as his grin widened, "Mmmm a virgin? Interesting...let's fix that then shall we?" Gen said with a smirk. Gen slapped her hard with alot of force as he smiled to her and spread his legs, before posisitions the head of his cock near her pussy as he wanted her to struggle for it would just make it that much more pleasureable when he fucked her.

Sapphirus would hiss at the slap, she was getting quite aggravated enough by that by now. "Yes, a virgin, and what are you, a whore?" she growled, not caring for the insultings now. She would struggle some more, trying to kick him in the groan rather, but her legs weren't in a position to aim for that mark so easily. This would've be childs play to avoid if only she was her true self, just by putting up a fucking barrier around her, that usually kept anything away from her for a long while..., she usually used it during her restorations.

Genbutsu smirked to her as he caught her by the ankle and growled to her, "Not this time ya don't...I am going to make ya my slut!" Gen roared at her as he rubbed his cock on the foot he grabbed to become hard once more, "There now were're ready to begin..." Gen said with an evil smirk, before grabbing her other ankle and spreading her legs apart as he brought her closer to him and he rubbed his cock on her pussy, but he did not enter yet as he wanted to savior his victory just to let her know he could take her at anytime. Gen then pushed the head of his cock up against her her pussy's entrance and grinned to her as he pushed into her slowly, before long he gave a hard thrust into her pussy passing through her barrier and all the way into her.

Sapphirus's attempts were stopped from him which made her feel even more useless in her perdicament. She was soon gonna run out of stamina the more she tried to get out of this. "Fuck you...fuck you to hell" she said. She then realized this was gonna hurt like hell so she tried the last thing she can do, close her eyes and clench her teeth and think of positive things. Sapph would then screech in pain as he entered her, even slowly it hurted, and then when the hard thrust came, she scream so loud, glass would break, if her normal voice was with her.

"DAMNIT, STOP BEING SO ROUGH!!!!" she shouted out of nowhere, tears were forming from her eyes. The pain was unbearable and she bet he wasn't gonna listen to her request either.

Genbutsu smiled as he pounds into her pussy feeling her blood hit his cock as he went and he sped up his pace. Gen grinned, " I think I won't and I shall cum into this tight little virgin pussy as well!" Gen roared at her as he leaned down and began to suck on her breasts as his fangs extended and bit into her. Gen murred into her breasts as he soon unlatched his fangs from them and licked up her blood as he grabbed her by the waist and dug his claws into it as he pounded her some more; going faster and harder with each thrust into her pussy.

Sapphirus would twitch in pain as he dug his claws into her skin, he was too sharp for her to take and more tears formed in her eyes and he went on, jacking more into her delicate body. She continued to keep her eyes closed, thinking of ocean waves and sunsets. I helped, a little bit, but the pain was slowly goign away as he continue. She tried not to moan for his enjoyment, she wasn't gonna give him everthing he wanted. She felt her inner walls rip and she knew she was probably bleeding badly but was too scared to look, to look at him and the expression he might've had from taking her….

Genbutsu smiled as he pounds into her pussy faster and hard as he precums inside of her and got close to cumming as he went on and he grinned to her. Gen loved the feel of her pussy as blood and her wettness covered his cock more and more. Gen smirked as he sucked on her breasts and then sat up and grinned to her, " ya eyes and cum for me!" Gen ordered her as he went back to working on her breasts and biting into them once more.

Sapphirus would deny his so called "command", she wouldn't let no one command her, not even him. She would feel herself coming to climax, and too bad she couldn't stop it because her body reacted on it's own at this time. Her walls would clench around his member. "How about I keep my eyes closed and blur you out?" she said being a smartass once again, she had that quality when needed. Soon she release herself, her blood and jiuces mixed in it. It disgusted her that he had to be her first, a rape to be specific...

Genbutsu smiles as he filled her up with cum and the let out a deep moan as he was proud of what he did to her he would mark her as well as her insides. Gen smiled to her as he let out another loud moan and finally cummed into her already soaked pussy, before pulling out of her and throwing her to the ground to look at her and grinned at his work he had done to her,

"There now that's a sexy goddess..." Gen said with a smirk revealing that he knew about her from the beginning. Gen grabbed her by the throat and lift her off the ground as he flipped her around and put her back on the ground pushing her onto all fours as he spread her ass hole and pushed his cock quickly inside of her ass.

Sapphirus kinda wished her butt had teeth right now..., yeah that was kinda an awkward though but that's what made Sapph Sapph, weird at times.

"Kinda hard to be called that in this state i'm in, but if I wasn't in the state, I would've ripped you balls off by now and feeding it to some dragons....." she sighed under her breath being reminded of her legendary title. Before thinking anymore she was flipped over without warning into that trendy position everyone seems to do these days. Being told it's a really painful thing, especially if a virgin. She thought of a way out of her despair again, dunno if she would call it that, but for some reason, the guy was kinda hott now that she spend more time with him, in an unpositive way... But she'd think of another scheme...somehow.

Genbutsu smiled some more as he pushes into her pussy with no remorse or exitation as he did so. Gen laughed as he pushed hard into her pussy and then took both of his hands and placed them on her breasts, before squeezing them hard and extending his claws as the stuck into her bare flesh once more and dug deep into her. Gen laughed as he held her firm and leaned down and whispered into her ear, "How does it feel? Knowing that ya will be pregnant in ya first sex...and it was rape as well." Gen laughed into her ear slightly as he pushed all the way into her pussy now with a hard thrust and let out an evil laugh.

Sapphirus would grumble from his sudden comment, out of all things, he just had to bring up THAT! What if she did get pregnant, it would be his fault if so, and she sure as hell wouldn't let him touch the child. Technically...Sapph wasn't a fan of babies, but knew how to take care of them after adopting so many in her earlier times in this world.

"If I do, I won't let you by the child, you'll proably rape it too!" she said defensively. A grunt of discomfort would come from Sapph's throat, when he squeezed on her, she didn't like the feeling at all, with that, she bite his arm in defense, of course that was one of the msot weakest attemts she ever tried on a person. She was hoping she would get killed for it, but atleast she kept some dignity.

Genbutsu smiled to her as he blocked out most of what she said and laughed at the end, "Lighten up and loosen up...ya will like it ya pussy is betraying ya words." Gen motioned as her pussy were getting wetter as he went on and soon Gen precame and was almost ready to orgasmn, but he began to hit her in her g-spot and smile as he felt she was going to have her orgasmn first, "As I said...betray ya cum for me my little slut!"

Sapphirus knew he was right..., she was starting to enjoy it, no wait, she was enjoying it, and her ego ass keep trying to deny it. She didn't want him to know that though, but her body was responding to him, giving her away rather, she started jerking with his thrusts. "Shit..." she cursed under her breath. She had a feeling this would set her off sooner or later, damn body. She'll get back to him later on when she turned back to normal, an ass kicking perhaps, on his manhood.

Genbutsu smiles and grunted as he pounded into her, "There show me ya pleasure let it all out!" Gen ordered her as he crassed her breasts retracting his claws as he did so and pounded faster into her pussy. Gen smiled, "Now come on, babe cum for ya pimp!" Gen said with a hint of sarcasmn as he felt his orgasmn cumming so and he felt her release starting as he smiled and bent down to lick the back of her neck with his tongue.

Sapphirus would let out a low growl as finally she came after him, took her some time since she didn't submit so easily the first few moments. She new he was gonna enjoy that, if her expression wasn't in a dazed/pleasured look right now, she'd be rolling her eyes rather. The lick on the neck was one of her hott spots, turning her on more.


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