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This page contains an hero.

So emo

Sam Leeson was an hero and another case that proves that bulling is rabbit on teh internets. He was a typical 13-year old boy from Great Britain who liked to listen to emo music and hang out on Bebo a rope. He was a typical British Emo kid who wore his little sister's jeans, black nail polish, and always tried his best to look unhappy in his MySpace pictures. He spent the last years of his "miserable" life in the suburbs trying to convince the world that emo is not a suicide cult, and depression makes you the cool kid, which ended in epic fail because the internet is serious business and he could not cope with being bullied for his "alternative dress" and his love of the goth-style emo scene online by people he will probably never meet at all. He decided that the best way to say "F you" to them was by becoming an hero.

As of late, he was accidentally the poster child for YouTube's hypocrisy regarding censorship and their Terms of Service, since videos mocking him have been removed, but butthurt emos have been allowed to make all kinds of death threats and generally "cyber-bully" Anons more than Sam Leeson ever likely was. Is this dangerous?

What really happened

According to Sam’s mother, her son was a "huge" music fan with a taste for "emo-style bands like Slipknot, Blink 182 and Good Charlotte" (wat?) as well as rockers The Foo Fighters. He was bullied for being a full blown emo bitch, dressing like a fag, UPDATE: being a fag (his MySpace lists him as Bi)[1]. However, it was not in school where most of the bullying occurred. Sam never learned about the seriousness of the internet, he got several messages over the tubes telling him how stupid he looked and how much his bands suck.

On June 5th 2008, after hanging on bebo for a while, and getting all 'EMO'tional from his schoolmates disapproval, he decided to hang somewhere else, like his own bedroom, and became an hero like Megan Meier and fellow emo Hannah Bond.We all hope he did it for the lulz

The Aftermath

A typical comment left on a tribute in the aftermath
Another, left on his possible lover Matthew Quick's Bebo
A typical retarded sympathizer response (note the inability to actually write a single correct English word
The ACTUAL bullies see a way out, blame Anonymous
A mix of opinions on his final online resting place

The Daily Mail Article was posted on 4chan (as well as other boards) on 11th June 2008. Obvious trolling of anything related ensued, including Bebo tribute pages, YouTubes and friends.

Chaos ensued, with the original bullies deciding to implicate 4chan in his death by posting an accusation on his tribute page (see pic)

Many see this implication of Anon as trying to find a scapegoat, to take the heat off the real bullies, who, as it was reported, went to his school, or lived in the local area.

Anon was however, responsible for one of the tribute pages being shut down which is mentioned in this news article (Line 28). This was viewed as a 'win for the internets'.

As with the an hero'ing of Hannah Bond, the parents tried to increase awareness in the press about all things emo, when all that was reported was black person all emo kids are (just read any comment left by an emo kid on YouTube).

Kelsey un Ting

Soon after the trolling, an attention whore who was clearly annoyed that Sam was getting all the attention, decided to fight back interfere against the trollers and started warning moderators to watch out. Swift justice was dealt out on her bebo.

In the questionnaire on her profile she states she wants to become An Heroine (very insensitive of her considering her 'friend' just became one). It would be rude not to try and help her. Topics of conversation such as her freakishly large forehead and her fat, ugly boyfriend girlfriend will yield the best results (check links).

What the tubes are saying

Boring YouTube videos was created, which people used to troll his friends and YouTube moralfags.

You know, It is fucked he killed himself, if it was really over CYBER BULLYING

who cares lol?

Kid deserved to die if he chose to kill himself over that.


—korey112121 on YouTube

The Cyber Bullying Leaded To His Death!


—JewTube tribute video

he can't handle someone dissing his music taste? he would never survive in the real world. Enjoy your coffin.


—CultureTruth on YouTube

we didn't bully him, Bebo did.

we didn't buy the bunkbed thet leaded to death.
we didn't tie the rope to the ceiling, he did.
BRB Hanging out



Anonymous, trolling expert.

If you are such a faggot that you care what someone on the internet thinks about you then you deserve to die. Also emos should kill themselves its hilarious. I hope the "bullies" are high fiving each other right now.


—transparentmud on YouTube

If you're fucking stupid enough to hang yourself because some pixels on a crappy web-based game didn't approve of your musical/fashion interests, then you deserve to die.


—greyjb, telling it like it is on YouTube

wtf man sum people are so fuckin heartless ther like "im one ov the bullies and i dnt regret it"

ffs man thts jst sick how cnt u regret it u jst bullied sumone till they killed them self ffs R.I.P sam


—EvilTedyZ on YouTube, demonstrating the intelligence level of 13 year old boys, which perhaps explains why saying mean things on Bebo is so lethal to them.

Unlike Sam, we don't quit.


—cheesus00 on YouTube, after a GTFO BAAAAWWW by the videos creator





—David-Jake Rustelford McDoubtry, who just won 666,666 internets for that bit of awesome.

A touching memorial video Baleeted by JewTube re-uploaded by another Anon, though the ending is cut off.

Mirror on Megavideo:

Sam, you are an hero to us all.


Mediafire mirror

The Bel-Air

Now this is the story all about how,

My noose got flipped, turned upside down, And Id like to take a minute just hang right there, Ill tell you how I became the prince of a town called Gloucester.

In the west of England born and raised, In a corner where I spent most of my days, Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool, And all writing some poetry outside of the school, When a couple of guys said were up in no good, Started attacking emos in my neighborhood, I got in one little fight and my mom got scared, And said you're moving with your auntie and uncle in Gloucester.

I whistled for a cab and when it came near, the license plate said An Hero and had a noose in the mirror, If anything I could say that this cab was rare, But I thought nah forget it, yo homles to Gloucester.

I pulled on my noose about seven or eight, And I yelled to my family, yo homles I’ll smell you later! Looked at my kingdom I was finally there, To settle my noose on the end of my bed


— Langfest (Plectrum on ED)

Copy Pasta

Post this on memorial sites:

People didn't cry when the V-Tech shooter killed himself. People didn't cry when the Columbine shooters died. Why the fuck should this worthless faggot be any different? He killed himself, he couldn't handle life. If he had continued living, he would have become a druggie, even more of a failure than he was when he died. It's not the bully's fault, no one blamed the people that bullied the school shooters, just because this kid was a pussy and died alone doesn't mean you should blame others. If anyone, blame his mother- she should not have let his weak, 13yr old ass online, he should have been medicated HEAVILY. Finally, stop saying nice stuff about him, you were all dicks to him when he was alive, you ALL ignored him. Stop acting like you were all his personal friends, you make me SICK. And he wasn't religious, so he certainly is NOT an angel in heaven. He is rotting, soon to be forgotten.

Internet Tough Guys wish Anonymous would die! In a fire!

You are a very lucky man/boy whatever, because the internet gives you a chance to mock and disrespect people without any worry of being harmed yourself. But bewhere, there are ways of tracking you and finding you, IP Pings for example... watch out, because someone might just find you, and something alot worse than what happened to sam will appen to you....


—Wastemanz200grimey, on YouTube

u suck ballz 4 sayin things bout sam. ur disgusting go die in a water drown


—Joe Arland, IRL ROFL

To all the evil scum who have made disgusting comments, remember what goes around comes around. People like you should be permanently REMOVED.


—thebitchisback26, on YouTube, wishing us to get Permabanned IRL

Well Another Bully, Your a Sick Fuckin Bastard, And One Day You Will Get It Back To You, I Wouldnt Be Suprised If u was The Nob That Bullied Him, He's Always Gona Be a Better Person That You, And That Video Is Plain Sick, Your Probably The Most Hated Kid Alive Right Now, Cause Youve Made Me Anoyed, I Never Knew Him But He Seemd a Nice Lad and i Wish I Did Know Him, Now get a Life You Harsh Fucking Bastards !! R.I.P SAM LOVE YOU FOREVER xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


—ZoeBabsx and smegdrs4 on YouTube, where they've apparently learned to prepare Copypasta.

you actually disgust me.

you deserve to die yourself. i don't even know sam but you've just pissed me off so much you are a pathetic, low life evil bastard and need to get a life, some morals and it's people like you who make this sort of things happen.


—carrrlamariepoynter on YouTube


How tha fck can you saii tht bout summink lyke thatt ? Fck you m8 ii hope you all die too


—zcxbvnbmn, again on the YouTubes

All of you have no fucking respect

Its scumbag pricks like you that drive people to doing things like this. Sam was my friend you fucking cunt. watch your back. ur guna get a knife in it . WASTE


—iwantameercat, on YouTube

If I find out who the fuck you are, your going to be the one committing suicide.

You obviously have no life at all; creating something like this. And to all these people that call him a coward for killing himself because he got bullied; You obviously haven't been bullied before. Your a FAG. You should catch aids and die the slowest way possible.

I hope you choke. And die. You sick twisted minded son of a wanker.


—sammyandyooh, another YouTuber.

Fuck Off CHAN 4!!!!!





Hi, i am and officer with the Fedreal Bureau of Investigation , just to inform you, we are currently receiving complaints and we are spliting the bypass of this IP Address.

FBI Comapny Policy

Mike Cannon


—boony1992 on YouTube, failing hard at violating 18 U.S.C. § 912. They obviously took Computer Science III

LOL British Media

On June 18, 2008, some British newspaper from Sam Leeson's neighborhood published a story entitled "YouTube nuisance posts another video about Sam Leeson, in which they completely fail to get the point, as well as demonstrate a textbook example of impartial news writing. The story includes some chest-thumping about their 1337 hax0r skillz in "tracking down" "David"'s MySpace. They accomplished this goal by using the secret technique that only hackers on steroids can successfully pull off, checking imDavidwhoareyou's YouTube profile page and clicking the link to imDavidwhoeareyou's shitty little MySpace. David is currently drawing his curtains and buying a dog to protect himself from the hackers on steroids at This Is Gloucestershire.

To Sam's dad Mr Leeson i am glade you have come of that site i dont know what its like i have never gone on it and i am glade you and your family are ignoring all the horrible comments i just would like to say now is that my heart and love go to your family at this sad time


—Becky from Cheltenham, talking about her favorite brand of house fresheners

The dad then puts out his two cents; inadvertently giving the 'internet hate machine' exactly what it wants, a reaction.

As Sam's dad i would like to that all for their kind words and thoughts. The others do and say as you will. It wont hurt more than i'm hurting anyway. I have had to delete my you tube account and change my e-mail because of the evil and offensive mail i was getting sent. My boy never hurt anyone. He was too quiet to say any thing that could ever raise the sort of hatered we are seeing on the internet. One man who was insulting my "freak" son was a 35yo from the USA. ?. For the record Sam's hair was short and he never wore black nail polish or eyeliner. I look more wiered than Sam and no one say's anything to me. If they can run Big Brother so they can stop offence then surly they can check postings on these sites. I flagged videos and comments on you tube over and over but nothing happened.

Also lets try and get our kids out talking to people face to face and not just sitting on computers 24/7. C Leeson, Gloucester commented on 18-Jun-2008 14:06


On June 19, 2008 The Sun Newspaper printed an interview with Sam's mother, and her attempt to stop other emo kids from becoming an heroes. Learning as her son did that the intarwebs is SERIOUS BUSINESS, she fired off this bollocks:

And she reveals that some internet bullies are still not satisfied, saying: “Bullying is a serious issue – one I don’t think we take seriously enough. Even now, sick individuals have posted disgusting videos on YouTube mocking Sam.

“I’ve contacted the site to take them down but they have done nothing – what sort of message is that sending out?”


—Sally Leeson in The Sun

Not content to stop the evil doers, she also wants to fly in the face of over 9000 years of civil rights and ban freedom of speech. Seems Mr. Failkips (among other Davids) made a bigger impact that first thought.

The terrorists who persuaded him that life is not worth living used what is a good thing – an opportunity for friends to talk to each other – to abuse him and take away his dignity ... They are just as bad as those who throw bombs ... He was killed just as much as if someone had killed him with a gun ... These evil people who fed on Sam's doubts, anxiety and worries are probably even today sending foul messages across what ought to be a tool for good ... They are no better than the terrorists who hide in the dark, who are cowards ... I have likened it to terrorism because it is done in secret and innocent people suffer. It is as bad as throwing a bomb at a teenager ... I feel very strongly about internet bullying, it is worse than bullying because you can't see them, they are faceless.HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I FONDLE DINGO WEINERS


—Canon John Evans, speaking at Sam Leeson's funeral, and to The Citizen.

Aftermath Pics

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