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"TV for indigo children, convicted felons, pro-dommes, and outcasts."

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Sam Hyde needs your donation money so he can blow it on internet gambling and underage tranny prostitutes

Sam Hyde has been a YouTube comedian for over a decade now. Despite the longevity of his efforts, the only group that gave a bloodyfuck about him was /tv/, until 4channers started attaching his picture/name to every mass shooting and leading news stations like CNN to believe he's the shooter. Thus creating the "HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT" meme, which is basically ARROW TO DA KNEE for the modern man, as every summerfag frogposter types the same tired meme in the comment section whenever they're watching a Sam Hyde video.

Sam is kind of a wannabe "shock jockey", which means he wants to earn money by showing people his dick without going to prison for it, but he's not attractive enough to work in the sex industry. He's also not smart enough to write jokes, so he settled for kind of an in-between area where he basically shows people his penis or does other offensive things and tells them he was joking; That is assuming he doesn't just ripoff Tim & Eric and call it a day. In school, Sam was that guy who used to tell you, "Dude, your shoes are gay," even though they were goddamn perfectly fine shoes, and if you told him off about it he'd act like you were the one with the social problems. Also, he's an ethnic russkie. Here's proof

Sam Hyde obviously doesn't bathe, groom, read, or understand subtlety. Because of a massive inferiority complex, it appears Sam's sole goal in life is to bring other people down to his level by being a really annoying inconvenience. If there's a social convention we all follow pretty wordlessly, like "don't let horses fuck you in the ass because they'll perforate your colon", Sam Hyde will be there to break that social convention, forcing everyone to stop and pass some retarded law explicitly forbidding it in the future. Sam will then brag endlessly about what he did because he's just so happy he had a lasting impact on local legislature.

Sam is an Idiot

Charles Carroll
Nick Rochefort

Sam is one of those idiots who doesn't really understand people, so he decides there's something wrong with everyone else and tries to be praised for pointing it out. So basically just your average attention whore, kind of like Brianna Wu but maybe uglier - but we'll talk Sam and Brianna Wu in a second. Sam believes that he got his start so he could troll hipsters, but jury's out on whether or not he could actually tell you what a hipster does. Sam has sort of a reputation for being obnoxious towards certain groups without seeming to grasp what particular aspects of those groups are absurd. He just knows some of them aren't popular for whatever reason, and then he goes and acts like an asshole towards them because Sam is just one of those guys.

Another interesting note is that Sam Hyde considers himself "charismatic", even though ordinary people learn to hate him right away. He most likely arrived at this conclusion by finding friends who were stupider than him, or who were actually, on record, noted as being mentally handicapped. For the most part, all his "brilliant tricks" only seem to work if he's lying about something stupid nobody cares about, because as soon as one of his "satire ideas" involved stealing a few thousand dollars, he got blasted out of the water. It seems like a lot of people in his life just kind of tolerate Sam's behavior and try to ferry him from day without letting him starve to death or run himself over with his own bicycle.

Sam Inconveniences Anime Fans

Sam realized that people sometimes make fun of anime fans, but Sam doesn't give any appearance of knowing why. So Sam decides to apply for a panel at a convention by faking his credentials, and the convention gives him a slot. People who show up to see what Sam is doing wind up disappointed or maybe a little irritated. Sams pats himself on the back as a genius of satire.

Sam Inconveniences Gay People

Sam goes to some sort of event where people wouldn't want him to be by pretending he won't be an asshole. Suprise! Sam is an asshole! As with the anime convention above, Sam appears not to fully understand any real aspects of the whole gay thing, but he knows gay people get picked on sometimes so he wants to do it too because cool kids do that and Sam is on meth. Again, he sort of disappoints everyone and some people get irritated.

About the homophobia: obviously MDE/Sam are not homophobic, in fact Sam is an FTM transsexual (not kidding) who’s fucked all kinds of pansexual beasts and ugly little dykes. In fact as I am writing this, I am getting fucked by an asexual crippled Mujer with a feeldoe. I am about to stop so that I can hop on a Sybian and administer heavy oral to a mentally disabled black male furry.



Sam Inconveniences TEDx Talk

Sam fakes credentials to get a slot on TEDx Talk. Noticing a pattern here? It seems what Sam views as "comedy" appears to be not a whole lot more than just "pathological lying". It's like he grasped the vague idea that comedy sometimes has to do with double-entendre, where it may appear you mean one thing when you really mean another, but somewhere along the way he got confused. He likes to brag he tricked TED Talk, but actually the show he infiltrated was a smaller, local thing. TEDx Talk was disappointed and kind of irritated.

Sam Inconveniences His Fans

Sam asked for money from his fans and promised he'd send T-shirts in exchange. Sam never sent the T-shirts. His fans were disappointed and kind of irritated. A few suggested that if Sam wanted money, he could have just asked for donations, since they were trying to support the dumb asshole in the first place and there wasn't really any need for the scam.

Sam Inconveniences Bronies

Sam decided to escalate to criminal fraud, because nothing is as hilarious as criminal behavior, especially to investigators had this one gone off like Sam planned. Basically, Sam uploaded a Kickstarter promising a pony dating simulator, and he was requesting a few thousand dollars to produce it. Kickstarter can be a vehicle for fraud because it requires investors to hand money over in the assumption of good faith, in the hopes that the product they'll want will be produced even without a contractual agreement. If the project goes bust, then the money vanishes. However, Sam went beyond stupid and started bragging publicly to his fans that the entire thing was a ruse, the demo was a fabricated video of a thing that didn't exist, that he'd faked his credentials as a programmer, and there was never going to be a game. Basically, it was all the evidence they'd need for a charge of "theft by false pretenses" had it gotten that far, but all the same Sam expressed a great deal of excitement over his belief that he was going to get away with it.

He wasn't going to get away with it. Within a week, people figured it out, and it was never clear how much of the money was donated by bronies and how much was donated by Sam and his friends to make it look like the project could be funded with only a little pushing. Almost nobody who kept up with any news on any place that bronies congregate was unaware of Sam. On a personal level.

Not only did the whole thing not work, but they doxxed Sam and somehow some of his private e-mails got passed around the internet. Apparently Sam irritates and disappoints a lot of people. Some pictures showed Sam with some girl he supposedly had on the side, and according to an anon who claimed to be Sam's girlfriend, his girlfriend became irritated and disappointed.

Sam Inconveniences Brianna Wu

Because a simple Google search will now reveal that Sam irritates and disappoints all people, preventing him from tricking anyone about his credentials anymore, Sam now has to do his "comedy" through poor fools willing to trust Sam's actual credentials. Sam convinced his friend, Jan Rankowski, to set up a Youtube channel and use it to act crazy. Under Sam's orders, Jan threatened brilliant, definitely female, programming genius Brianna Wu. At some point Jan crashed his car, and it's unclear how that translated into comedy - Sam apparently thought it was gold, though, so they wove it into the act and made up some story about how the accident occurred while Jan was on a mission against Wu. After they released this insane story and it gained some modicum of public attention, everyone figured out it was Sam who was responsible because the guy's not exactly a clever fox.

The news reported Jan as an "arch villain" working within Gamergate. Apparently, Jan had also been in the news once before due to a lawsuit filed against his hometown in 2004. Jan was diagnosed with autism, and because of his belligerent behavior he was permanently banned from sharing playground equipment with the other kids. Jan's family attempted to sue for discrimination, but a judge likely determined that anyone who would willingly be a part of Million Dollar Extreme or associate with Sam Hyde should not be trusted with the basic social shit we assume normal humans can do. Maine's supreme court reviewed the case and seemingly came to the same conclusion.

After being caught red-handed, Sam apologized and said he'd learned a lesson and would never do something like this again. Anyone who believes him is likely to be irritated and disappointed.

Sam Inconveniences the Jews from Adult Swim

After wasting away making shitty YouTube sketches and sending adult swim love letters since 2005, they finally let him have a sketch TV show. Usually people shit on television shows for using internet humor, but this one gets a pass because it's "artsy". While the show was airing its six episode season, Sam got in a small feud with a Jew from Buzzfeed, Joe Bernstein. After Sam picked on him in a ten minute interview, Bernstein campaigned against his show and got the attention of Tim Heidecker, another unfunny hack that relies on internet humor. Tim had also been getting virtually abused by fags on /pol/, /tv/ and Sam's autistic subpleddit. So Tim sucked a few TV producers old wrinkly dicks, and lied to AT&T saying the show was attracting bad mojo. In a hilarious explosion of lulz, this lead to the show's cancellation & all of Sam's "creative" "friends" leaving him.

After the cancellation, Sam had to rely on his polfag reddit refugee fanbase for cash. He started doing v blogs full time, and put them all under a paywall. In the middle of 2018 his main channel got shut down; in other words his Google adsense money dried up and he desperately tried to hunt down paypiglets. He's now struggling to make money out of sheer laziness and lack of relevancy.

His "comedic" formula:

Sam Inconveniences His Own Subreddit

Sam bragging about banning users from his subreddit
Sam Hyde fan bingo

Sam Hyde is an avid redditor, using the platform to espouse his opinions about society, and facilitate discussion about Million Dollar Extreme via his own subreddit, r/milliondollarextreme. Users of the sub generally hide behind several layers of irony, for fear of possibly having a genuine interaction with another human. Serious posts occasionally show up, but are often just appeals to things Sam likes in the hopes of getting a response from him. Sam and his moderators are known to run a tight ship, making sure only Sam-approved threads and comments are posted. Users are regularly banned for mentioning Tim & Eric, who Sam Hyde hates being compared to due to having desperately begged Tim Heidecker for attention early in his career and gotten none. Users that break the rules or are too critical of Million Dollar Extreme can quickly find themselves in The Pit. As a result of the heavy moderation, genuine discussion about Million Dollar Extreme rarely takes place on the sub, being substituted with rampant ass-kissing and attempts at miming Sam's humor. In September of 2015, an upset user of the subreddit, u/lonelyboyonreddit, branched off and created r/tha_pit, a subreddit where banned or defected users from r/milliondollarextreme congregate to shitpost and criticize Sam Hyde.

Because Sam constantly interacts with his fans via the subreddit, he's cultivated a cult-like mindset in some of them. Threads often appear asking Sam for advice on girls, life, work, and other topics that maybe you should ask your dad about instead of an internet comedian. Despite having achieved some kind of success in life, his advice is usually restricted to lifting weights, not smoking weed, and abstaining from masturbation. The fanaticism of Sam's fans was never more apparent then when World Peace premiered and the Adult Swim subreddit began discussing the show. People simply not understanding the humor of the show or having mixed feelings about it was enough to trigger Million Dollar Extreme fans and send them into a rage. After several weeks of r/milliondollarextreme users harassing critics of the show, r/AdultSwim turned against them, and Sam called off his hordes.

A Tranny Inconveniences Sam Hyde (And Pedophilia)

A Drawing of a Bolshevik.

Sam has done plenty of moralfag/pol shitpost comedy over the years, despite being a fat paedophilic jew himself, having fucked actual pieces of jailbait before. Proofs/screencaps have been posted on 4chinz for years, but no one really ever cared or noticed until he put out a vlog/rambling video throwing around pedo accusations against some unnamed executives, when there's solid evidence of him having anal sex with 15-16 year old girls and trannies

The evidence first popped up on January 2015, where a transexual tripfag from 4chan's /lgbt/ and /r9k/ boards named Edie claimed that she had sexual relations with Sam Hyde. An image compilation began circulating on the chans with screenshots of an email exchange that apparently took place between Sam and Edie, wherein Sam proposed that they do a porn together. Edie's posts on /lgbt/ purport that Sam begged her to go out with him, which she eventually obliged to. She claims that they eventually had a sexual encounter, which included Sam fucking her in the ass and begging her to go out to dinner afterwards. In November 2015, additional testimony came out where she claimed that that she put her penis in Sam's mouth, and "fucked his face". The image compilation was ammended to include the update and began circulating again.

In Summer of 2016, the image began popping up on r/milliondollarextreme. A link to an imgur upload of the image was repeatedly posted as a comment in threads, often getting deleted within a few hours. Eventually enough people on the subreddit had seen the image that the "tranny rumor" became widely known among the Million Dollar Extreme fanbase.

In August, a thread appeared on r/milliondollarextreme noting that a Youtube user was posting a link to the imgur on one of Million Dollar Extreme's Youtube videos. The user inquired if the rumors were true, to which Sam Hyde replied:

And no but the actual story makes me sick to my stomach and is tied to the fbi thing. I have a coalition of girls who have teamed up to fabricate rape hoaxes (and worse). I have a crying apology from one of them that I recorded secretly but she's just stupid not evil and I don't want to ruin her life. It's a serious mess tho and I don't want to get into, I actually had a girl break into my house when trappped and I were out getting groceries and when we got back she was there with her husband stealing my password notebook (I didn't find out til later).. they had driven up from Texas Lisa Nowak style. It's a dark side of humanity that you won't experience unless you start dating older chicks who hang out at tattoo shops and have lots of male friends named johnny and jeff and Dave etc


—Sam Hyde's response to the "tranny rumor", via a thread on r/milliondollarextreme

In October of 2016, a thread was posted on r/tha_pit by a user announcing that he had created a Twitter bot that would tweet the image to any user that tweeted Sam Hyde at his twitter handle, @Night_0f_Fire. The bot was active for several days before being shadowbanned for breaking Twitter's automation rules. A week later, another thread emerged on r/tha_pit claiming that a new bot had been created that could evade Twitter's spam detection and remain active. The bot, @SamHydeTakeTheD, tweeted transgender-themed quotes to its own timeline, and tweeted the image to any user who tweeted Sam. As a result of the constant replying to Sam's followers, Sam's own Twitter threads were inundated with the image.


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