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Almost immediately you notice the double standards with Salon.

Salon claims to be an American Progressive liberal website that specializes in bringing unbiased news to the masses. Instead, it is nothing more than a platform for whiny leftards needing a diaper change because they're crying about how everything is misogyny and racism, and a key proprietor of Fake News. Even Fox News doesn't look as biased as Salon. In other words, it's a website devoted to outrage culture and finding everything offensive. It dismisses every non-liberal opinion as being nazi, fascist, misogynist, racist, classist, and all of the other go-to insults for libtards. The website is also infamous for its Islamic fetish and writes that Muslims shouldn't be judged for their actions every time a random Muslim pull a bomb vest out and screams Allahu Akbar on a crowded bus. And yet, it demands every white person apologize to black people over stupid trivial bullshit. Despite the fact that a good 90% of their writers are white themselves (Not really, lulz). Salon is also convinced that transniggerism is a real thing, feminism is about equality for all, and that GamerGate is a cyber-terrorist organization, yet says burning cop cars during a protest over the death of a guy who dindunuffin is a legitimate political strategy.

Salon's main demographics are SJWs with useless gender studies degrees, le redditor atheists enlightened by their own intelligence, lonely white nerds, Islamophiliac liberals with a case of white guilt, angry white feminists from Jezebel, liberal cuckolds who spend 3 days a week explaining why they denounce their male privilege, and overtly sensitive college students that can't think for themselves and are still mooching off their parents at age 25 while spending all day jerking off to porn. The website is also infamous for having the greatest Pseudo-intellectual thinker of our time writing for them, Arthur Chu, when he isn't too busy white knighting ladies in hopes of getting pussy, he writes for Salon bitching about Gamergate and how racist cops are today.



Salon's Founder, David Talbot. This man cares about feminism and gay rights (and by the looks of it, you could probably toss in NAMBLA rights as well).

Salon was founded in 1995 by a college drop out liberal faggot named David Talbot, who was a self proclaimed member of the Hollywood Left. Because of forming this liberal left wing hell hole of the internet, he is praised for being one of the forefathers yielding in the age of internet journalism. Despite failing college and pissing off his ROTC instructor. Because of David being a failure at life and the hard left wing views Salon holds, it's a reason why the website is so popular with Pseudo-intellectual neckbeards and landwhales, such as reddit users from the r/atheism or the r/atheism+ board posting another crappy attack article on Salon towards Christians, or angry feminazis from tumblr needing a reason to hate gamers. David also looks like a child molester, which hopefully will have our hero asking Mr. Talbot to take a seat.

So it also comes as no surprise as to why Arthur Chu writes for this website, he's the definition of your pseudo-intellectual faggot and specializes as Salon's propaganda officer on issues such as gamergate being an Azn in Murica, being a giant cuckold who needs to defend M'ladies, and race relations in America. Especially if it does with niggers getting shot by white cops for stealing shit, White losers walking into nigger churches and shooting the place up or Niggers resisting arrest for selling drugs and then kills himself in custody. Salon, in typical liberal media fashion, specializes almost exclusively in clickbaiting and sensationalized stories, so much so that it puts Gawker to shame, but at the same time, still doesn't rely on clickbaiting as heavily as websites such as Buzzfeed, where nearly everything is clickbait related material that always pops up as "relevant" search results. Like Gawker and Buzzfeed, Salon also never bothers to put citations down unless it's from another Salon article or some liberal website putting feels before facts, but it's safe to confirm Salon just pulls everything straight from their ass and calls it news.

Salon is totally unbiased

Totally not feminist biased.

Despite Salon constantly claiming to be pro-free speech, Salon is noteworthy of blocking out everybody who dares to have an opinion that is non-liberal, anti-communist, anti-socialist or non-feminist. Thinking outside the hivemind will get the banhammer dropped on you faster than any unskilled tarlet with shitty Sonic OCs on deviantfart. Free Speech is an enemy, deep down, the website is nothing more than a church of Political Correctness about everything. As it is their holy duty to tell everybody women are angels and that black people are being hunted like deer as if it's a sport by those evil whitey cops. Other than free speech, the truth is also their biggest enemy. Salon is convinced that women are being paid less than men, they think that all cops are racist or race traitors if they're niggers, Emma Sulkowicz is ahero and braver than soldiers for carrying a mattress for an entire year, and are convinced that gamergate is about doxing and harassment while defending people opposed to gamergate doing this, such as Brianna Wu. They also seem to believe that Jews didn't do 9/11

Salon loves to preach equality despite having almost 90 % white folk writing for them so they have "cultural expert" feminists writing for them. These feminists do nothing but whine about stupid first world trivial bullshit that has no relevance to actual oppression. Rather instead, Salon would rather bitch and moan about how manspreading is a serious issue and that men are the worst thing ever. Other shit that Salon publishes for their "equality" push is saying how [ beards are stupid and have a "culture" around them. In their typical clickbait fashion, they mistake opinions for facts and disregard a fact as an opinion. Which they still hate because non-liberal opinions or opinions that have factual backing to it aren't tolerated at Salon.

Drama at Salon

Drama is guaranteed at this website. While most of the drama happens in the comments section, a lot of the "journalists" have been well known for stirring up trouble. Joan Walsh for example, attacked a conservative blogger who exposed taxpayer dollars covering expenses of Obama's lavish vacations he frequently goes on. To make matters even more liberal and retarded, Walsh called the blogger racist for exposing this issue. In reality, she had no other insults or good comebacks, just pulling the race card in order to "prove" her point and show that, like most liberals and Salon writers, she had no experience in the real world or any understanding of what racism actually is.

Salon "journalist" attacks another journalist and calls him racist

How much bullshit does Salon have to do to make Fox News look tame?

Salon calls Nicki Minaj Savage and generates great butthurt from their loyal readerbase

On August 31st, 2015, Salon posted an article of the 2015 VMAs and commented on Nicki Minaj's performance saying "The look on Miley's face during Nicki Minaj's savage, expletive-laden rant says it all.". This did not go very well with the politically correct thin skinned niggers, kikes, and white guilt transniggers that are loyal and devoted to reading all the propaganda Salon pumps out, and caused them to turn on Salon and created a large vacuum of lulz for hours on end. Eventually it led to Salon editing the tweet to say "raw" instead, but even then, the damage had been done and their readerbase had lost their trust for Salon. Despite the fact that niggers use the word savage on a near daily basis and Salon is extremely racist and in denial of it.

Salon is A-Okay with Pedophilia

Being the type of website to generate outrage culture, Salon decided to cash in on the srhbutts drama by having a sick fuck by the name of Todd Nickerson write an article on why it should be socially acceptable to be a pedophile. Insisting that sexual attraction to children is completely natural and healthy. Salon eventually deleted all the Todd Nickerson articles from the site...but only so they could (rightly, for once in their lives) call out Milo Yiannopoulos's pedophilia without looking like the hypocrites.

Typical Salon readers

The Le Redditor Atheist (or just reddit in general)

"I got 4000 internet points on /r/atheism for posting another Salon article calling Christianity pure fiction. Now my ego has been stroked and M'ladies can come get my dick."

Being the type of website that shares ultra liberal political views and has a large Pseudo-Intellectual following, it comes as no big surprise as to why Reddit loves Salon. Especially the /r/atheism and /r/atheismplus boards. Salon always will have at least one article bashing Christianity and calling Christians stupid, which is perfect fuel for a neckbearded fedora tipper to get tons of le internet points for posting all of Salon's Christian-Bashing articles or any article they churn out regarding republicans doing something stupid, or posting some stupid shit taken out of context about faggots. The website is also popular on the rest of reddit's boards, from /r/LGBT to /r/Politics or /r/news, it's the perfect website to get tons of internet karma as an angsty and edgy acne ridden 22 year old atheist virgin high school drop out still living with mommy while getting pizza rolls delivered to you. They're also pro debaters on subjects such as gay marriage, abortion, and feminism, in which their viewpoints always wound up being a cirlcejerk brigade backing up one reader who took a /pol/ user's bait on the comment section.

The feminazi

"Educate yourself while I link you to this Salon article that has no sources and most of the shit said in it seems to be that of the author's own opinions and not a fact."

Once again like Le Reddit, feminazis love Salon. After all, Salon does hold a deep hatred for all men (except David Talbot, certain celebrities, and their cuckold male writers). Salon Feminists are also notorious for believing women are more oppressed than faggots and niggers, because they believe, as a woman, that they're being denied jobs and basic human rights over their boobs and set of genitals they were born with. Along with having one of tumblr's most popular blogs, they're the perfect material for any edgy feminist caught in an argument over their trivial bullshit nonsense they always want to bitch and moan about. Like the Le redditor atheists, they're also notorious for their legendary and nonexistent debate skills which consist of insults, death threats, spouting buzzwords, blaming it on white people (despite yet again, 98% of them being white themselves), blaming it on men, and linking Feminist Frequency, Jezebel, other Salon articles, Tumblr blog posts, and sperging out to the point of turning the whole comments section into a spaghetti mess. The feminazis will also be quick to call themselves experts on racism based on what they read on tumblr and their gender studies classes they took at Junior colleges and spouting the usual myths of the two main parties of Murica switch sides of the political spectrum, or that nigger conservatives are house niggers and race traitors. Salon feminists also never cover any oppression of third world women because only their trivial nonsense is more important than women being forced into arranged marriages or sex slavery.

The edgy liberal teenagers

"So cool, Salon also shares my ultra-liberal views so I can make fun of my parents conservative views!"

Coming to no surprise is the edgy liberal teenager in their rebellious stages. Usually between the ages of 13-20, they are noted for their extremist liberal, nearly communistic views and undying love for Bernie Sanders, Apple, Steve Jobs, Che Guevara, and an unhealthy obsession with pleb tier cartoons like Invader Zim, Adventure Time, My Little Pony, Steven Universe, and Gravity Falls. They're like the le redditor atheist and feminazi combined. They believe themselves to be experts on politics because they read anything Elias Isquith posted, while making fun of their parents because they can think for themselves, don't believe everything the Mainstream Media says, or don't share their political views. Even worse, they all think Karl Marx was awesome and that Che Guevara was a revolutionary for everybody, despite his hatred for niggers and faggots. A lot of them also used to be OWS faggots that thought they were making change screaming at cops with their sweaty guy fawkes masks on, while holding signs saying "We're the 99%" while going back home to their nice upper middle class suburban homes in their brand new Lexus sedans. The edgy teenage liberals also believes capitalism is the root of all evil, despite a good 85% of them still live with their parents and refuse to get a job, owning at least 1 apple product, going to McDonald's on a near daily basis, consuming liberal media, and being devoted for going to starbucks everyday. They say the world needs a revolution, any sane person would just say these faggots need a basic understanding of how economics work because a $15/h minimum wage is gonna create more problems than fix them. That's not all. They proudly identify as an atheist, even if they don't use reddit. Yet despite being an atheist, they sure love Muslims. They'll call Christians terrorists, yet support ISIS, they whine about the patriarchy, yet defend the most patriarchal religion to ever exist, along with boasting about how pure Islam is while eating a hot dog.

Salon's staff and writers

Salon loves diversity. So much so that you ask how diverse it is to have writers who's only difference is their slight tan in skin. That's just showing how great and progressive they really are! The majority of their writers are still white, however that doesn't make them any less lulzworthy, then again, they have the greatest Pseudo-intellectual thinker of our time on board, sit back and read about Salon and their overtly dramatic writers. Despite loving niggers, Salon has barley any niggers working for them at all. Most their staff are White or Asian.

Arthur Chu

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Arthur Chu.

Ladies contain your orgasms.

Arthur Chu is the one of the few people working for Salon that isn't white and poster child of Salon, for he is everything Salon represents. Fat, Pseudo-intellectual, lacking self-awareness, still a virgin that is involved in Self hatred of his own gender, all for the unrealistic hopes of getting the chance to touch a real vagina at the end of the night. Known for being a former mediocre Jeopardy! player and his constant bitching and moaning about everything related to gamergate and oppression, and being one of the driving forces of race-baiting articles defending niggers every time while proving more that he knows nothing of how the real world even works. He sure loves the attention and the title of being a Salon "journalist". He has a near cult like following of fellow Pseudo-Intellectuals and even a few SJWs from tumblr follow his ramblings and incoherent rants on this liberal hellhole, but they all still reject his pussy patrol when he gets near them. He also claims that every shooting committed by a white male is race driven despite ignoring facts, and in the typical Salon fashion, blames it on the right wing because he can't suck it up and take the criticism, or accept the fact that the left-wing party that he is truly in love with enslaved and oppressed niggers and still enslaves their votes to this day. Because of all of this, Salon believes everything he spoon feeds to them, which in return, they post via his stories or sensationalized headlines.

Elias Isquith

Typical liberal, move along.

Elias Isquit is yet another overopinionated white, middle class, and liberal writer for Salon who focuses mainly on politics, and by politics, the usual Salon-tier politics. Bashing any right wing opinions by calling the opposition racist and sexist and holding highly unrealistic leftist opinions on everything. As an added bonus, he knows nothing of history. He is very well known for thinking the confederate flag is a symbol of racism, slavery, and oppression. Like 90% of every other Salon writer, Isquith himself is also white and suffering from a severe case of White Liberal Guilt and considers himself an expert on race and racism. He is an avid critic of "White Supremacy", but supports Hamas and Palestine like most the other libtards on Salon.

Erin Keane

A guaranteed expert on culture indeed!

Erin Keane is Salon's "culture" editor. Knowing Keane, she most likely majored in gender studies and therefore is a self proclaimed expert on culture. That being said she also suspiciously looks a whole lot like Rebecca Watson and your typical SJW, dyed hair, grandma glasses, crappy fashion sense, chubby and short body, and even the stained yellow teeth are included. Despite being the "culture" editor at Salon, it seems rather she's more of the Celebrity gossip editor that posts bullshit about what celebrities are doing and what they aren't doing. When she isn't writing about actresses not saying the word "aloha" out of fear of cultural appropriation, she's writing bullshit articles on how this stupid TV series is taking race relations to a whole new level of stupid. Once again, it's proven very well that Salon's editors and writers have no interest in journalism and continually mistake their fucked up worldviews and opinions as facts.

Joan Walsh

That smug face expression says it all.

Joan Walsh is the first permanent editor and "journalist" on Salon and was the editor-in-chief of the site from 2005 to 2010. She also works as a political commentator for MSNBC. The self proclaimed "expert" on race and racism, like the majority of Pseudo-Intellectuals everywhere, she is very well known for always calling everything that she doesn't like racist or sexist, even going as far as to physically attack a conservative blogger exposing how taxpayer dollars are spent, all while pulling the race card at the same time in the hopes of "exposing" racism of right wingers. She is legendary for her disdain for all republicans, conservatives, libertarians, and any right wing leaning people or politicians for she believes they're all closet nazi white supremacists and thinks she has won debates against people like Bill O'Reilly. Even moderate people she holds large amounts of disdain for because she believes the liberal narrative that they're the complete opposite of what she is "fighting for." Like most other Salon "Journalists", she suffers from a severe case of white guilt and liberal guilt and feels the need to say that it's all white's faults, while going back and pulling the race card on nearly every subject she could possibly get her hands on. She even has a shitty book that spends 2/3rds of the time crying about every issue ever created by white people. It comes as no surprise of why she is this far left, for she comes from the liberal hellhole of San Francisco and got picked up by Salon and MSNBC when they where starting to take off.

Marie Myung Ok Lee

Smoke Weed, cure autism.

Marie Myung Ok Lee, like Arthur Chu, she is one of the few non-white people working for Salon and one of only two Azns writing for Salon. Hailing from Korea, she is a self proclaimed anti-racist because she has black friends. Her articles are like Chu's, bashing white people and demanding apologizes for every little piece of trivial bullshit that ever happens, even going as far as to call a white cop arresting niggers trespassing a pool party an example of "white rage". She frequently denies her Asian privilege despite living the life in a nice gated community and having jobs at Salon and multiple other liberal blogs and "news" websites. She also gives her son weed in order to cope with his crippling autism and possibly cure it because she's too embarrassed to have an asspie for her son. Even then, her asspie crippled son has far more common sense than her.

Sonia Saraiya

Men are pigs.

Sonia Saraiya is a feminist writer on Salon. She claims to be into "the truth". Which that truth is calling everything she doesn't like rape and is convinced that the media is obsessed with rape. She does nothing but bitch and moan about white people, rape, race, "rape culture", shit she doesn't like, and bullshit "analyzations" of modern media, specifically TV shows. She claims her critics are all MRA no lifer fedora tippers, despite spending all day crying about muh rape culture. Like Arthur Chu, she competed in Jeopardy! at some point. Like Erin Keane, she looks like your typical tumblr dweller. She demands women show their true beauty, yet coats her face in heavy make up and lipstick.


Degeneracy and Double standards of Salon About missing Pics
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Things Salon loves

Things Salon hates

How to troll Salon

As Salon has a comments section that can stir up quite the lulz, here are some good tips on trolling them. It is extremely easy to do.

  • The easiest thing is to say they're only two genders for a guaranteed lutz (no really, they'll completely lose their shit)
  • Say that gamergate is about ethics in journalism and leave. Watch as all the feminazis and white knights come in and throw accusations of racism and sexism at you.
  • Say the term "Cultural Marxism", guaranteed lulz.
  • Call Darren Wilson a hero. Or point out that he was a registered Democrat.
  • Tell them that Obamacare is a failure and is doing more damage than good.
  • Have basic understandings of economics. Remind them that $15 an hour minimum wage will actually do the opposite of creating jobs and making a living wage for people, and that the price of everything will jump up instead.
  • Say communism never works, in theory or in reality.
  • Hate the TV show Girls, 2015 Mad Max remake, Fembusters, The Force Awenkens or Rogue One.
  • Link them to Christina Sommers.
  • Point out their grand-daddy of Progressivism, Woodrow Wilson, was an open supporter of the KKK.
  • Criticize Islam.
  • Own a gun.
  • Tell them the concept of Islamophobia is a bullshit term, as it only exists to silence critics of Islam.
  • Ask them what rights women and minorities in America don't have in the current year.
  • Remind them Muslims still have black slaves.
  • Remind them the NRA was created to protect blacks from the KKK after democratic politicians passed laws saying they couldn't own guns. Bonus points if you remind them how the NRA supported gun control in the past.
  • If you're not a cis white man tell how you're glad Donald Trump is president, and proud to be an American.
  • Tell the writers who have white guilt race traitors.
  • Remind them the term Person of Color was used by the Ku Klux Klan 100 years ago, and call those who use that term closet white supremacists.
  • Say that social justice is a violent practice that causes more harm than good with collateral damage.
  • Talk about how Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, or Carly Fiorina (or any Republican woman for that matter) would make a great president. Bonus points if you tell them the only reason they don't want them in power is because they're misogynist.
  • If you're not white, tell them you thought Obama was a terrible president, even better if you explain in detail about his failed policies, abuse of power or incompetence.
  • Tell them Malala Yousafzai is a retard.
  • Call their "website" fake news propaganda.
  • Praise any republican, especially a minority Republican. Bonus points if they're a celebrity.
  • Remind them the Nazis were socialists, better if every time they push for socialism you tell them they're glorifying Nazism.
  • Remind them white supremacy was a left wing ideology.
  • Remind them a white man freed the slaves.
  • Tell them Donald Trump is the most pro-LGBT president of all time.
  • Remind them the Nazism is a left wing ideology, provide examples for a good time lulz. Bonus points for pointing out that Adolf Hitler was a progressive too.
  • Link them to Thomas Sowell.
  • Ask if they're not racist, why don't they have any colored people working for them.
  • Remind them Jeff Sessions spent years prosecuting Klansmen anytime they bring up how he's a racist.
  • Tell them Weekly World News & the National Enquirer are more trustworthy than them.
  • Tell them that the Spanish language only recognizes 2 genders: El and La.

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