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Serena spots a negro in her kingdom.


Sweet relief!

Sailor Moon is a classic anime, meaning that it features schoolgirls, rape, and enormous fire spouting penises destroying Tokyo that is popular among pedophiles in Japan and America and used by them to condition young girls because it tells the tale of a 22 year old college student making a 13 year old girl in junior high school his girl friend. The first of a series, it revolves around the legend of a "superfiend" that attempts to unite the three realms (Human, Beast, and Demon.)

Director/Screenwriter Hidicki Takayama brought many important modern Japanese cultural memes and motivations to this series , namely schoolgirls, rape, age inappropriate relationships and enormous fire spouting penises destroying Tokyo. Thus, it is no surprise that the series was a worldwide hit, especially with young girls, fags, and boys who don't care about the show and are just looking to jerk off after a long day of school. Gurl power!

There are five seasons; each new season features a new group of nut job villains who suck at their jobs. As the show progresses it gets stranger and stranger but still manages to deliver a pantyshot every other episode. By the end of the series, three shemales come in to help save the day, because everyone knows shemales pwn.

Main Characters

There are many interesting characters that you should already know by now, if you're a pathetic weeaboo. And You probably are.

Watch! Sailor Moon is gonna cast her WTFBBQKTHXBYE!
The show would be even more popular with boys if the Scouts all dressed like this.

The most popular character among desperate fanboys who point to her own research which proved that she has the tightest pussy in the universe. Her attack is the weakest since it only creates thick fog that results in multiple traffic accidents but her strength was demonstrated when she survived a 24hr chess match while fully frozen, without losing a limb to frostbite.

Whatever happened to this guy, he was awesome.
Right now every fanboy is screaming "SAUCE" hoping that they can find and stalk her IRL
File:Sjups by pikminlink-d7gh7jb.jpg
My, what nice long legs you have.

File File history File usage Metadata She can kick your ass, drink you under the table and will even make you a sammich. For those of us here at ED, she's the Sailor Scout that reminds us most of our MOM.
Sailor Jupiter is the drama queen who's always looking for a guy, only to be disappointed that he reminds her of someone with which she's already had sex. In one episode, she stated that her breasts are bigger than the planet Jupiter itself. This has been recently verified by NASA scientists as fact and Carl Sagan wanabee Neil DeGrasse Tyson wants to privately confirm the results.Despite all the toughness and feminine pride they portray her as having, she can find the kitchen, knows how to make sammiches, can cook a steak without burning it and will even give a guy the occasional Blow job while he drinks a beer and plays Call of Duty online.
Loved by fanboys and called a whore by the fangirls of the show because she is the only scout who skips the underwear half of her costume or is in love with the sensation she gets from flossing her ass-crack.
Seriously, this is one of the best examples of autistic basement dwellers with too much time on their hands because what sane person with plans for living a normal life and not being known as that guy who kids are wisely told to not take candy from would investigate this.
There are websites dedicated to this and fantards upload upskirt shots of Sailor Jupiter noting the episode number and time to chronicle this obsession.
Some fans theorize that she is a half-breed Americunt/Japanese military brat or is a 100% Americunt Military Brat Weeaboo that goes to a Japanese School because she's so much taller than the rest of the scouts and because she has two things the rest don't, that being tits.

A back door beauty

The other blonde whore and best friend of Usagi because Astrology says they have to be for the reason that their personalities are so similar. The ironic Sailor Scout because she is supposed to represent love and all the fun stuff that comes with it but has never had a boyfriend or did that awkward 15 minutes in the back seat of a car where 2 minutes is spent trying to get inside her without cumming, getting 9 or 10 strokes and the other 12 minutes compromising staring at the ashtray over the divider before you can come up with a subject for what will feel like the weirdest conversation in your life. (For most of you, I've just explained what it's like to lose your virginity. Now go out. Live the dream.)
Despite being blonde and English, (Or what some people who claim to read the Manga in the original Japanese say), she engages in the traditional activities of Japanese schoolgirls: such as selling her used panties to old men online, selling videos of her waxing her bikini region to old men online and where she teases her cat-guardian Artemis by prancing around in her underwear or getting him to do the occasional milk body shot (see: bestiality). Her "Love Me" chain attack is crucial in making monsters routinely rape her instead of innocent bystanders. She was to first Scout to appear showing that Japan will copy anything if it was done first by an American. Out of all the Scouts she is known for making some of the most hilarious one liners that allude to masturbation or lesbianism in the manga such as making the comment to a boy in her class that when her ear itches, she knows to stick her finger in and scratch it.
She is consistently rated as the Dumbest Sailor Scout, beating Usagi by a huge margin because, to this date, she has never gotten herself a Lawyer and sued for residuals from all the Sailor V media, such as video games and manga, that use her likeness.

  • Meiou Setsuna (Sailor Pluto): She didn't get much screen time due to critics denouncing her appearance as "too old" and thus causing many otakus to lose their erections whenever she was on screen. She became depressed after finding out that Pluto is no longer a planet. Some fans, now, like to ship her with Neil deGrasse Tyson because of an episode of Robot Chicken.
  • Kaioh Michiru (Sailor Neptune): The dyke's girlfriend, art school drop-out and fan of watersports. She is a wanted war-criminal due to the numerous tsunami caused by her attacks. She is blamed for destroying Sri Lanka and is now working underground as a loli artist. Her power is "the sea", apparently ignorant of the fact that Sailor Mercury had the idea first. Favorite Scout of Chris Chan because he is convinced he looks like her in his current tranny phase and this is why he dies his hair that shade of Baby-Barf Green.
  • Tomoe Hotaru (Sailor Saturn): The almost-loli goth who had a secret crush on true-loli Chibi Usa. Her weapon is a giant can opener with which she frequently uses to cut herself. There was also an entire season devoted to her deciding that she was far too emo to be in the world and thus tried to destroy it. Luckily for us, the government converted her to being a Mormon and she was able to stop thinking for herself.
  • Kou Taiki (Sailor Star Maker): Taiki is the one who wears the pants in the group. He, err, she is always seen giving it to Yaten deep in the anus. Taiki also arguably has the gayest attack in the series. Her devastating "Star Gentle Uterus" attack sends out bubbles filled with aborted fetuses at her victims. China is currently studying the attack to help with population control.
  • Kou Yaten (Sailor Star Healer): The bitch of the group. Often seen getting ass-raped by Taiki, Yaten is as gay as they come. She gathers all the kinetic energy collected from the anal reaming and releases it in an attack called "Star Sensitive Inferno" that, while looks cool enough, does shit damage to enemies. A totally useless character who gets overall about 30 minutes of screen time throughout the series.

The Dark Kingdom

  • Queen Beryl: Queen of the Negaverse. The major villain of the first season. Notable for her army of dead souls and her extremely long hair as well as her long fingernails. Beryl tried to destroy Sailor Moon, she failed however, and went into seclusion.
  • Jadeite: Some huge sexist pig that was destroyed when Beryl placed him in the Arctic Sea, where he was later raped by a polar bear and killed.
  • Nephrite: Wanted to get up Mercury's ass but failed to do so so he thought it was wiser to move onto girls with issues like cleptomania. Killed by Queen Beryl but resurfaced as a normal human. He also stalked Usagi's lesbian partner Naru and was about to get laid until Zoisite v& him after becoming inspired by the tree rape scene in the original Evil Dead movie. Might be part Vulcan because he has green blood.
  • Zoisite: The token fag of the group since he's involved in a sexual relationship with Kunzite. They have sex frequently, almost every episode. Surprises people who can actually make it to his introduction in the series because he has an attack gayer than Tuxedo Mask's rose, Cherry Blossoms. Unfortunately the asswipes who provided the English dub decided to turn Zoisite into a girl with no tits which really didn't change anything because Kunzite was still pushing his face into the pillow when they were having sex. Was killed trying to get into the club Hercules, but was recently seen alive, starring in a huge slaught of Gay Pornography.
  • Kunzite: He made Zoisite his uke and had hawtgaymansex every time they could until Queen Beryl Deus Ex Machinaed Tuxedo Mask evil and Kunzite quickly fell into place as his bottom bitch. Kunzite was turned into a zombie by Beryl but was then converted into a normal human. His attempts to destroy the Sailor Scouts were so laughable that any idiot could see through them. The asswipes who provided the English dub changed his original name of Kunzite to Malachite because they felt Kunzite sounded too much like cunt. I wish I wasn't making this up.
  • The DD Girls: Somehow Beryl ended up deciding that the best way to solve things was to fight 5 on 5. So she created the DD Girls, who all malfunctioned and exploded when Mercury hax'd into their l33tspaces.

The Death Busters

Shadow Galactica

  • Sailor Galaxia: Galaxia used to be a sailor scout, that is, until she got possessed by an evil power, which thus made the plotline even more damn confusing. She is a ruthless villain, possibly the biggest evil bitch in the entire series, and also the world record holder of killing the most heroes, as well as her subordinates. This list includes all Sailor Scouts, The Outer Senshi, Chibi Usa, Chibi Chibi, Kakuryu, The Starlights, and Tuxedo Mask.
  • Sailor Iron Mouse: The stupidest of the group, Iron Mouse fails at everything, including proper use of a condom as well as failing to find out the identity of Sailor Moon. This of course, led to her downfall, and just when it was thought Galaxia killed her, she simply removed her male sex organs. She can currently be found preforming as Cinderella at Disney World. She also owned a TARDIS!
  • Sailor Lead Crow: Possibly Hispanic or Pacific Islander, Lead Crow was in a lesbian relationship with Aluminum Siren. After Siren died, Crow went into a deep depression. Forced to work with Sailor Tin Nyanko, she formed a trap, but Nyanko sabotaged it. Crow fell into a black hole which transported her to Oz. She now works in Munchkinland as a tour guide/mail-woman.
  • Sailor Tin Nyanko: Did you know she was voiced by Pikachu? Nyanko was the most annoying of the group. This hyperactive cat bitch was a fan of bestiality. Worked with Lead Crow but caused her supposed death. Sailor Moon used her power to make half of Nyanko pure. However, Nyanko's vagina exploded shortly thereafter, and she died. Galaxia then used her corpse as a rug.


  • Action: 10, Tokyo getting destroyed all over the damn place (but somehow in the end everyone totally forgets about it).
  • Lulz: 10, until you realize that these guys are serious.
  • Furry Gayness: 0, everyone is a demon in disguise so it's otherkin city.
  • Homosexuality: 10, it's basically soft-core lesbian porn for children.
  • An Heroism: 0, they sucked so bad at life none of them were ever able to successfully end it for themselves.

English Adaptation

If you though having Executive Producers and Network Censors cut out all the plot holes and character development from the anime were as bad as the series weeaboo followers, in 1993, Rocky Solotoff, president and founder of Toon Maker Inc. had hoped to capitalize on the success of Saban Entertainment's Power Rangers by creating an American live-action/western-animated version of Sailor Moon. Solotoff wrote, directed, and produced a pilot episode of his version of Sailor Moon for a company called Renaissance-Atlantic, who helped Saban procure Super Sentai from Toei Animation to create the Power Rangers.

Since that day, Solotoff's version of Sailor Moon, which to this day, has not been exhibited publicly because it was shit. Unfortunately, some poor soul had the strength to bootleg part of it and posted on the Internet years later.

A link to this video is being posted because the Jews at Jewtube have figured out how not to share video with the Internet.

Loli got a gun, Her dog day's just begun

Sailor Moon Crystal

Why the long face?
File:Sailor Venus Season III.png
The Sailor Moon Crystsl Scout's legs go up to their shoulders. If you look you can see her tampon string hanging over her broach.

If you have ever just found yourself just sitting there watching Sailor Moon and started thinking that it's just way too long with all the filler plots and wanted an overly fast paced, half assed, poorly written reboot story that ignores the majority of the characters. Then, while your first wish was being granted, you wished that its art style would be so rushed and so triangular that college professors would use the character designs to teach trigometric functions to their first year students.

Before realizing or lamenting over how you wasted the first 2 wishes, you just threw away the third to have Toei Animation license the English language version to the Suicide enducing voices from Viz Media.

Sailor Moon Crystal was pretty much produced using this same exact scenario.

The Sailor Moon Crystal Reboot was produced to commemerate 20 years of people like Chris-Chan jerking their dicks to a 13-year-old Japanese girl that appears suspiciously American with blonde hair, flat chest, poor grades, no discipline and an Eating disorder to keep her mass exactly under 47.5 kilos because like most American Wimmins, Usagi has discovered that you don't need to deny yourself something when you're just going to throw it up later.

When the first episode of Crystal was released in 2014, on Sailor Moon's official Birthday of June 30th, Sailor Moon's 33rd birthday was celebrated so that E-Beggers like Doopie DoOver wouldn't feel so guilty about drawing a 13-year-old-girl getting raped.


It does have one, or at least we've been told it does.

The main purpose of the Crystal reboot is to cannonize the relationships of the scouts. The show's main purpose is to name their boyfriends because as Sailor Moon is with Tuxedo Mask and The Four Heavenly Kings or Queen Beryl's brainwashed bitches were subordinates of Tuxedo Mask, they were, at one time, all hooking up because Soap Opera Rules say that they should.

There's no need to get mad. If you're into the idea of over muscled and gay Sailor Scouts going at it like Cambodian whores trying to get the attention of a rich, Americunt tourist then have no fears because their sexualities have never been outright stated.

So if you're fond of producing Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars Rule 34, to sell online, that has them fortuitously getting together to fuck their nights and days away like they were Charlie Sheen with a couple kilos of coke and a whorehouse on speed-dial, Please! Draw the fuck away and kindly add links below, just remember to say that they're from Crystal because all the Inner Scouts are 16.

Without getting into plot, here are the pairings:

  • Sailor Mercury and Zoicite
  • Sailor Mars and Jadeite
  • Sailor Jupiter and Nephyrite
  • Sailor Venus and Kunzite (pronounced cuntzite)

Sailor Moon Fans generate Perversity

ChibiUsa's Seventh Birthday by Robert Tsunai

This is a hentai story about ChibiUsa. If you don't like Incest, Childsex, lesbian sex, bondage, anal sex, or things like that you probably shouldn't read this. In this story, ChibiUsa has sex of some sort with every senshi. If you want to skip to a certain senshi

Here is the order they do her in:

Mamoru - a good hard incestous fuck, bondage

Rei - An All-too -big rod and some torture.

Haruka First a good spanking then doubledildo sex.

Minako - Tit stuff and kissing and fondling

Michiru - They lick each other's pussies

Makoto Double Fist/double foot Fuck(lots of pain)

Ami - banana fucks ChibiUsa's butthole and whips.

Setsuna - Uses the Time staff on Small Lady

Hotaru - They rub pussies and make out Usagi - 69, tit stuff

Feel free to read this if you're a minor, though, people under 18 should be able to have fun too!

It was CHibiUsa's seventh birthday, June 30th, same day as Usagi. Shewas very happy as everyone gathered around her singing happy birthday. She looked around again at them and noticed something - none of themhad any presents. "Wh-Where are the presents?" She asked, a little dissapointed. "This year you're getting a different kind of present, ChibiUsa," Reisaid to her. "What kind? "Your first sexual experiences," Makoto said "What?" "You will have an orgasm by each and every one of us," Usagi told her. "ChibiUsa, go to the bedroom and wait. We'll decide who goes forst." "I... I'm not sure about this.. I ... no, I don't wanna do this, "Chibi Usa stated. Witrhout a word, Haruka picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She pinned her down and tied each of her limbs to the corners of the bed. ChibiUsa screamed and writhed and yelled, but to no avail. Haruka joined the others in the other room who were deciding who should go first. "I should go first, I'm her mother!" "Can I? I'm her best friend..." "She should have her virginity taken first, I should go." "hey, I just tied her down... So let me go first." Ami spoke up. "I think Mamoru should go first.. He is her father, and she shouldhave her virginity taken. And no matter who goes first, we'll all get to watchanyway." THe others reluctantly agreed. They all stripped down and walked intothe bedroom where ChibiUsa was tied down. The 9 naked girls sat down on the other bed to watch as Mamoruapproached ChibiUsa. She trembled as he approached her. "ChibiUsa, I'm going to take our virginity. This is going to hurt alot, but in the end we'll bith enjoy it." "no.. Mamo-chan.." He positioned his rock hard dick at the entrance to her pussy. "ready, CHibiUsa-chan?" "No!!! MAMOCHAN, NO!!!" He forced his huge dick into his tight, wet, 7 year old daughter'spussy. She screamed in agony as his dick pushed all the way into her. A trickleof blood began flowing from her hole as Mamoru pumped himself in and out of hislittle daughter. Her pussy was dripping juice and blood all over the bed as Mamoru fucked her. SHe was in sheer pain from his big dick. He pushed in and out of her harder and harder, bringing her more and more pain. She screamed as she came, waves of pleasure taking over her small hairless pussy. Mamoru came and pulled out of his daughter, who's pussy was dripping with blood and cum. Rei got up. "my turn," She said with an evil look in her eye. In her hand was alarge dowel, with a diameter about the size of a soda can. She moved over to thecrying ChibiUsa, and without warning, pushed the 12 inch dowel into heraching, bleeding pussy. SHe screamed again in pure pain as the huge objectpenetrated her. Rei began pushing it in and out of her, however, as she did thisshe took ChibiUsa's clit in her spare hand and began pinching it. Thecombination of the two tortures caused ChibiUsa to Sream louder and louder, as Rei beganincreasing the pain factor further by biting her nipples. THe others on the bed,mean while, were all using their vibrators becaus ethey were so turned on.Rei stopped biting her nipples and began pinching and pulling them, andbrought her mouth to CHibiUsa's clit. She took it in her mouth as ChibiUsascreamed, NOOOOOO!!!. Rei ignored her, and began nibbling and biting ChibiUsa'sclit as she pinched her nipples and pushed the huge rod in and o! ut of her pussy. ChibiUSa came violently. Rei pulled the wet rod from ChibiUsa's pussy and returned to the bed. Haruka got up next. She untied Chibi Usa and retied her face Down onthe bed so that she was on her knees. Haruka raised her hand and brought it downhard on ChibiUsa's rear. ChibiUsa screamed as Haruka slapped her little assagain and again. Haruka then turned her around again and got out her doulbedildo. She pushed it up her pussy and set it on VIBRATE. She positioned it atChibiUsa's entrance, and pushed it in. ChibiUsa yelled again as yet antoherobject foced itself inside of her. Haruka pumped the vibrator in and out of herpussy, and at the same time massaged her clit. ChibiUsa actually began to likethe feeling that she was getting from all the sex, and began pumping her hips intime with Harukas. The two fucked each other on the vibrators. ChibiUsa beganmoaning now, as did Haruka. She was pushed over the edge. "HA... Ru.. Ka!!!!!!", she shouted as she and Haruka came. arukapulled the dildo out and tossed it onto the other bed. "We're done now, you guys can use it." Makoto inserted it into her own pussy and began having sex withSetsuna. Minako arose. "Now the goddess of Love get's a turn!" She approached ChibiUsa and untied her. "ChibiUsa, do you like my tits?" "I.. I don't know..." ChibiUsa said blushing. "I know you do because you're always staring at them when I talk toyou..." "You knew that I liked your tits?" "Of course, and if you had asked I would have shown them to you,that's what I did for the others when they asked." "Can... Can I touch them?" "Do whatever you like to them, ChibiUsa." ChibiUsa grabbed one and began squeezing it. She pinched the nipplehard. "ChibiUsa, do that harder..." ChibiUsa began pinching pulling and twisting her nipple harder. "Bite them ChibiUsa!" ChibiUsa took the other nipple in her mouth and began biting itsoftly. "Harder, ChibiUsa!! MAke it hurt!" ChibiUsa began biting hard now, as Minako screamed. At the same time,Minako began rubbing ChibiUsa's pussy. ChibiUsa moaned and kissed Minakopassionately. Minako continued rubbing ChibiUsa's pussy as they french kissed eachother over and over. Minako located ChibiUsa's clit and began pinching it.ChibiUsa moaned and came. "MINAKOCHAN!!!!" Minako returned to the bed and Michiru arose. Michiru approached ChibiUsa. "ChibiUsa, would you like me to show you what Haruka and I do everynight?" "Yes!!" Michiru sat down on the bed next to her. "lie down and spread you legs." ChibiUsa did as she was told. Michiru lowered her face to her hairless pussy and began running hertoungue down her pussylips. ChibiUsa moaned in ecstacy as Michiru's toungue licked her. Michirubegan pushing her toungue into ChibiUsa's hole, tasting her pussy juice. "Can I lick your's too, Michiru-san?", chibiUsa moaned. Michiru got into 69 position. Chibiusa stared in awe at the beautifulpussy in front of her face. She licked it, and Michiru moaned. She bean lickingit more, tasting her juices and sucking on her pussy lips. ChibiUsa found Michiru's clit and cautiously took it into her mouth. She beganflicking it with her tongue and sucking on it. Michiru moaned loudly as ChibiUsadid this, and began lickign ChibiUsa's clit. ChibiUsa writhed under her as shetook it into her mouth and lightly nibbled on it. ChibiUsa began doing thesame thing to Michiru. Both moaned louder and louder as they sucked and nibbbledeach other's clits. "Michiru-san!", Chibiusa shouted as she came, her pussy being taken over by waves of pleasure. As she came, she mistakenly bit Michiru's clit harder than she hadbeen, causing michiru to cum. ChibiUsa licked the pussy juice up, and Michirureturned to the bed. Makoto whent over to ChibiUsa. "ChibiUsa, I hope you like pain..." CHibiUsa nodded. "Yeah, I do actually.. " "Good" Makoto ordered her to spread her pussy wide. She did, and Makotopushed 2 fingers inside her.. ChibiUsa moaned, "More, Makochan!" Makoto pushed a third finger up ChibiUsa, and then a fourth. Chibiusa was writhing on the bed as Makoto put more in her. Makoto finnally pushed her entire fist up ChibiUsa's tight drippingpussy. ChibiUsa screamed as Makoto pushed her fist in all the was past herwrist. SHe pulled it out again, and then pushed it back in. SHe began insertingfingers from her other hand to cause ChibiUsa more pain. ChibiUsa was nowscreaming loudly from the torture. It hurt so much, she felt like she was beingripped inhalf! Blood and cum mixed and flowed from her pussy. Still, though,for some reason, she craved more pain. "Makoto!!! Make it hurt more!!!!!!!!!!!!" Makoto obeyed ChibiUsa and pushed her other fist inside CHibiUsa too.ChibiUsa now had both of Makoto's hands inside of her, and was bleeding allover the bed.Makoto decide to make it hurt even more, and took her clit in hermouth, She began biting it hard. ChibiUsa was still screaming for more pain,so makoto began pushing her foot into ChibiUsa's pussy along with her hands. Sheforced the whole thing in, and ChibiUsa's pussy began bleeding more, with twofists and a foot in her. "Make it hurt even more!!!!!!!!!" Makoto pushed her other foot into ChibiUsa. ChibiUSa was in so muchpain that she came, blood and cum spewing forth from her battered pussy. Makoto returned to the bed, and as soon as she sat down, Rei spreadher pussy and began pushing the rod she had into her. He others joined in andbit her nipples and clit. AMi got up and went to the bed where the bleeding cum covered ChibiUsalay. "ChibiUsa, you're a bit too tender for anything vaginal, so I'm goingto push this banana up your asshole.", she said, holding up a long yeelowbanana. "Turn over." ChibiUsa did, expecting a spanking. Ami began forcing the large bananainto ChibiUsa's ass. "OW! ChibiUsa yelled, as Ami forced the unlubricated banana into her."Ami, can you spank me too?? Make it hurt a lot!" Ami was happy to oblige, and began pumping the banana with one hand,and slapping ChibiUsa's ass with the other. She found that one hand wasn'tenough to satisy ChibiUsa's craving for pain, so she pused the banana intoher pussy so she could ass fuck chibiUsa with it and slap her iwht both hands. Ami was smacking chibiUsa with both hands now as she pumped the bananain and out of ChibiUsa's asshole.She called out, "toss me that whip!" to the others on the bed. They chucked it to herand resumed tortuening Makoto. Ami took the whip and began whipping ChibiUsa's ass hard with it. Atthe pain of the whip on her, ChibiUsa screamed. She abruptly turned around soami's whip hit her pussy instead of her ass. The pain searing through her madeher cum. Ami pulled out the banana and returned to the other bed. Setsuna walked over to ChibiUsa, the time staff in her hand. "Small Lady..." "Puu!! Are you gonna put that in me?" "If you wnat, Small Lady" "Yes!" Setsuna pushed the end without the garnet orb into ChibiUsa's pussy.She pumped it in and out, as ChibiUsa yelled, "Puu!!!!!!!!!!" She pumped it slow at first, and started speeding up. She beganpushing it harder into the little girl. "Puu, that's so good! Faster Puu!" Setstuana pushed it in and out even faster and harder, over and overagain, driving it up the 7 year old. "oh PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!" she screamed as she came. Setsuna removed the Time staff. "Did you like that, Small Lady?" "Yes, thank you Puu!" Hotaru approached ChibiUsa shyly. "ChibiUsa-chan?" "Hotaruchan!!" "I.. I don't know where to begin... ChibiUsa..." "How bout kissing her, Hotaru-chan," Haruka encouraged from the bed. ""Ok.. ChibiUsachan.." She neared ChibiUsa and kissed her on the lips. They began kissing passionately, and ChibiUsa rolled onto Hotaru. "Hotaru-chan," She moaned between kisses, "Let's rub our pussiestogether." "Okay", Hotaru moaned as ChibiUsa kissed her. ChibiUsa positioned her pussy directly over Hotarus and began pumpingher hips. Hotaru moaned adn moved her hips in time with ChibiUsa's. Bith girlswere dripping pussy juice all over each other as their pussylips ans clitstouched again and again. Hotaru moaned as their sexes touched again and again. Both girls cameas their pussies met. "Hotaruchan!" "ChibiUsachan!" Hotaru laid there next to ChibiUsa on the bed for a few seconds as herorgasm subsides. She kissed her best friend on the lips and returned to theother bed. Usagi arose and walked over to her daughter. "ChibiUsa." "Usagi" They both instantly knew what they wanted to do. They assumed the 69position and began licking each others pussies. "Ummm.. ChibiUsa, you taste sooooo god" "Umm, Usagi, oh!!" ChibiUsa began squeezing Usagi's tits as she licked her, pinching thenipples. Usagi began doing the same to ChibiUsa's small nipples. They both came to a climax as they licked each other's clits andsqueezed each other's tits. Usagi returned to the bed and ChibiUsa sat up. "Everyone, that was the best birthday present ever!!!" "So, ChibiUsa, you up for another fuck?," Mamoru asked. "Yea!" She shouted, as she ran over to the bed to have sex with all the others again. The End


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