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You can help by not giving her any attention.

I don't understand [why I have an article on ED] either but people have their own separte opinion of me and it's each one to their own.


If you don't like the hostess club bite us!


Am I cute, uguu?, Fat at it's finest

SailorMercury90 is, after Usagi Kou, the most batshit insane Sailor Moon fan in existence. At first glance, Jenny seems like the usual retarded Blasian Tartlet who acts like someone half her age. (If you're curious, she's 23.) But in reality, she's a raging bitch with a personality that makes Dr. Henry Jekyll look sane in comparison, and also continually refuses to accept the fact that THERE ARE NO BLACK PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET. She also seems to be in total denial that she is Fat and Ugly but her alibi is obviously she had a evil curse put on her as a child by an evil witch from far far away.

It's blossom from the Powerpuff Girls!

Batshit crazy Sailor Moon fan?! The Early Years!

How she gained those pounds

According to some people, Jenny actually has a long history of fail and batshit dating back to the early 2000s, when she used to frequent the Sailor Moon fansite "A Sailor Moon Romance". Little is known about this time. But if available evidence is any indication, she probably gloated about how her magnum opus and the bestest Sailor Moon fanfic evar A Sailor Romance (wherein the main character of the show gets knocked up, spits out a perfect little cherub, and hangs out with Denise, her OC.) was world famous and being performed on radio shows all across the country. She also claimed to be pregnant by her boyfriend and named her baby Yucie, who happened to be one of her OCs. Yucie promptly dropped off the face of the Earth once it stopped suiting her needs to pretend she had a baby (a phenomenon that she finally admitted was a prank - that she claims her boyfriend made up as a joke, which her and her friends think is fucking funny.). Then the site went down and she went to jizz exclusively on DeviantART.

Orange Alert: Meanies! Jenny vs SMSues & Fandom Wank!

Jenny's "sisters"

In 2006, the unfunny Mary Sue "sporking" journal SMSues found one of her fics and decided... to write a summary of it and the then current version of her main self-insert, Jenn'e Ichigo Toshiyba-Meioh. Not one to stand having a bio of her character written and have it poked fun of a little, called her "sisters" (including fellow tartlet "Angel Raye", a Sailor Moon fan in her thirties whose characters look like aliens with Downs Syndrome) for backup and went raging in a few hours after it was posted, incoherent flames ablazing. The members of Fandom Wank caught wind and jumped in to mock the whole situation shortly after.

Orange Alert!
"The Cabbit Answer Girl" by Jenny, age 20.

What resulted was a near perfect storm of crazy. Jenn'e and her "sisters" used every trick in the internet argument handbook to counter the racist and jealous "orange alert level meanies" with no life that dared to not believe that she was a world famous fanfic authoress and much beloved "Cabbit Answer Girl". At first, she started off with the usual: deleting the fic and ragequitting FanFiction.Net the first of what would be several times. But not one to let the sporkers continue insulting her character herself, she told one of her sisters to tell the sporkers that she was going to sue them. The sporkers merely laughed and blew her off.

The next few days would see Jenny trying, and failing, to get sympathy by claiming that her father, who died when she was 7, named her Jenn'e and that the heartless sporkers were mocking the only memory that she had of him. When that failed, she used the old method of using her sockpuppets to claim that she had been admitted to the hospital due to stress. After saying numerous times that she didn't care what the "evil Mary Sue society" thought and was going to stop arguing with them, she eventually realized that, when you say you're going to ignore your detractors, it helps to actually do just that. But not before much lulz was had.

SMSues reviewed Sailor Heaven again here and gave her the same grade four years later because Jenny hasn't ever taken any good advice and improved her horrible Sue. Although Jenny and her sockpuppets have yet to respond in person, the comic that was reviewed was deleted. That'll show those meanies!

my name is really spelled like that and it's a name that my father gave to me. so do me a favor and don't make fun od it please. My dad was killed when I was 7 and it's the only memory I have of him.


—Jenny, using her goldfish like attention span to gain sympathy.

Maybe I should give my 100% this time and work even harder on my next story [...] I won't give up and let anyone put me down. That's one thing that I shall never do. *giggle* and besides everyone who read my stories would kill me if I didn't.


—Ganbatte, Jenny-chan! ^o^ You show those evily people who's boss, nya!

And on a side note I can take critcisim. I just don't like it when some people think they can get away with posting some flaws when in all actuallity I have people who like what I write.


—Jenny, experiencing cognative dissonance.

Do me a favor and grow up because I sure as heck don't need no second rate strumpets telling me that I should stop writing.


—Jenny, being sophisticated.

Pwease help me! I am deseperate.


Making Jenn'e out to be some poor fanfic writer...


You dont need to sign at this sight, but we need to give it all we got and show them whos boss.


pwitty pwease


pwease help me


this just in...a member of that horrible society [Jedi_Miki] is an ex-ASMRian. We need to triple our efforts this shall not go on unsolved! *gets the bishinator ready* Who's with me?!


—The now deleted "Orange Alert" post about Fandom Wank at ASMR.

together we'll make them pay for they have done. *miffed because the same person bashed her works* We all have to prove to them that it's not right to be mean and evil


—Floranaturefairy on D... wait a minute...

I am not going to give up so let's all work together and make sure that I will never give up! As of right now I am going to take my position as the Cabbit Answer Girl and Fan Ficition Princess. I will not let a bunch of idiots tell me what I can or can't do. That's not my personality nor is it my way of espacing things.


—Jenny, who is going to create as many sockpuppets as it takes.

excuse me but no one asked for your opinion so back off on his defending what I wrote. because I told all of my friends about your horribleness and they all decided to come here to maybe shut all of you up. but no you all act like a bunch of mean people whom I am sure can't do a single thing without insulting someone. And for his remark about the dieriah of a mad black woman. That is what I am now! I am very mad and I do happen to be black. I wonder thought is if your attacking my fan fic because the title character is black! but I am not pointing fingers...


—Jenny defending "Mege665" and playing the racism card.

Alright listen all of you evil, hateful, spiteful, no good, childish jerks! I have all of my friends posting in this stupid journal so all of you can knock off the hatefest. If I were you I would heed their warnings because they are at least giving all of you chances to back off.


—Jenny, warning people to listen to her sockpuppets.

After a long talk with a few of my friends from ASMR I am going to drop the whole subject. So all you can leave me alone and go on with your lives. Leave me alone and expect alot of you being reported to the authors you so called "sporked"



—The first of many declarations of 'I'm ignoring you now' and confusing FW with the Mary Sue reporting journals.

And for all of you here back off my friend's age because your second hand smoke of negativity is clogging up the air making it hard to breathe.


—A "fan"

I want you all to know Jenn was just admitted to the hospital. the doctor said it was because of stress. I hope you are all happy with what youve done to a really nice girl. My family will be phoning a lawyer tomorrow to get money for treatement. I wouldn't keep this up unless you all like jail alot.


— A "sister", who would rather flame a bunch of people on the internet than be with her dying relative.

Fandom Wank and SMsues can kiss my ass because I am not going to stop what I love to do. ~nyan!


—Jenny, the (then) 19 year old Cabbit Answer Girl

A small word to the Mary sue society and their little minions: kiss my cute little cabbit ass because I sure as hell don't need you to tell me how to do my hobbies or how I write.


—Jenny's last statement before ignoring FW for real.

The story starts off as a Sailor Moon story, but then it slowly changes until the SM elements are non-existent and the whole thing seems like a playthrough of Space Channel 5 with a different character in place of Ulala. It’s quite odd.


—SMSues, the quote that set Jenny off.

You know what? I'm going to draw something about this. I can't stand people harassing me and/or my friends!


—wifeofnaraku on DA

One last hurrah from the suethor: The story was rewritten and put back up and then deleted and moved because smsues put a link up to it. (In it, Jenn'eSue was encouraged by her friends to do her best. Then she transformed and sung a J-Pop song for everyone.)



Duckgate! Jenny vs Papirini!

But the story brought tears to my eyes, oh yes it did, tears of sheer agony. And they burned my face as they sizzled and bubbled down my cheeks,collecting the upper skin layer until my face looked like blistered pig fat, scarring me for life . So thank you, Sailor Ryo-Ohki. I'll be in the Burn Ward if you need to bitch at me.


—Papirini on A Sailor Romance

Papirini's evil writeup of A Sailor Romance

Several months after Jenny finally stopped feeding the sporkers, another one rose up to tell her how much her fics sucked. The newest onslaught of jealousy and meanieness came from Lj-favicon.png papirini, owner of "Making Kousagi Cry", a small, half broken, and now dead site hosting the various pieces of uber shit that Sailor Moon fanfic writers have managed to shit out over the years and her opinions on them. Papirini made a page for both A Sailor Romance and Pastebinfavicon.png Life's Evils, a short story where she Jenn'e is molested by her mother's boyfriend in a failed attempt at an after school special type of story. When Jenny found it in her usual sweep over sites that make fun of her, the few cogs in her head started to turn. Papirini was one of SMSues' subscribers. So the two and Fandom Wank must have banded together in a retarded fanfic lesbian conspiracy to make her cry! She went crying to Papirini about how the "USA Amendment" doesn't apply to meanies and how she didn't even read the stories to begin with. Ignoring the fact that the pages have a fucking summary about the whole damn thing on them.

After flailing like a little child at her didn't work, Jenny farted over to Deviantart to rally her fans to her cause. Of course, she used her innocent princess persona, saying that she was merely sticking up for herself and other hard working authors and authoresses, even faking some generosity by not revealing Papirini's name so her fans wouldn't flame her. (She still linked to the page with her name on it, of course, but it's the thought that counts, right?) Despite claiming that she didn't want to cause drama, she also started a thread on ASMR, calling Papirini out by name this time, for asspats from the users there and her boyfriend. (Who surprisingly does exist and isn't a sockpuppet and not surprisingly, is just as easily butthurt as she is.) Jenny forgot that Papirini was also a member of ASMR as well, and a small flame war erupted. All it accomplished was showing Jenny's, her boyfriend's, and her followers' love of ass-raping people for calling their characters Mary Sues. It also eventually earned her her own section on Papirini's site and more (broken) pages about her shit, including one about more racist jealous meanies telling her her character to go back to Africa for celebrating Kwanzaa. (Even though she often mentions how natural black hair is ugly and modern black culture is a cancer that should be purged from society.)

The title for this section comes from Papirini using the "If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck..." saying sometime during the whole mess. We don't get it either.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

I DO NOT TRACE! The Deviantart Years!

Take note: Money can't buy you humility, the ability to let shit go, or get you into something other than a community college when your grades are shit from spending all of high school writing and pimping your pregnancy fetish fanfic on the internet.
Older, but still can't draw without a base.

Sometime before the Fandom Wank incident, Jenny got a Deviantart account under the name "Floranaturefairy". As she produced picture after picture that could be drawn better by a kindergardener (nearly 20 a day at one point despite being in college), she discovered that it was easier to simply trace over pictures of Sailor Moon characters and use doll bases that were made by tracing over said pictures than it was to actually learn how to fucking draw. All the while not crediting anyone and flaming the shit out of anyone who tried to help her. Because sticking a link in the image description to where you got the base from takes much more effort than just bitching out anyone who tells you to.

Several rewrites ago/later or just didn't have the proper bases to get the characters' looks right? You decide.
She's so sweet and pure and forgiving! (Rikku/Pinkachu was a fellow former "victim" of SMSues that supported her and tried to help her improve and eventually told her to fuck off after even she got tired of Jenny's bullshit.)

Her chronic aversion to constructive criticism and helpful suggestions even caused her to form a club at one point. A commenter by the name of KawaiiED pointed out that, since her character was black and lived in Japan, it would be an interesting idea to write a story about her encountering the usual xenophobic attitudes that many Japanese have. KawaiiED was accused of being racist, flamed to hell and back, and had all of her subscribers PMed by Jenny to tell them that KawaiiED would draw their characters wrong in commissions. (KawaiiED actually did a picture of her shitty OC as part of an art trade later. While she said that she liked it in public, she bitched about how "kinky" the character's hair looked in PM.) Out of the ashes of the comment's remains, the Otaku Senshi Sistas club was created to battle prejudice against multi-culti Sailor Moon Mary Sues who live in Japan. She also plans to combat this racism in real life and show all of her detractors what for by doing what most weeaboos claim they're going to do when they grow up: Move to Japan and become a professional voice actor.

After being called out for tracing and stealing characters and ideas from other people for at least the 4th time by Deviantartsnark in late 2009, Jenny, being a complete pussy, deleted her entire account the day after the post was made. Not having learned a damn thing from her past failures, she also created a sockpuppet "friend" in the form of "spinning-sushi-girl" in order to make those meanies who called her a tracer feel bad. Along with a ED Forums account named "Teletha Testarossa" to make sure the EDiots didn't catch on and ruin her status as a sugar sweety pure maiden further. Unfortunately, most people, including EDiots "Xazyx" and "polarbearsfudgetins", do not have the IQ and attention span of a goldfish and were quick to realize that SSG's name coincidentally matched Flora's Voice Acting Alliance status of "rotating princess of the Sushi Bar". Along with the fact that the account said the same things she did and watched many of the same people. Her cover blown, she attacked the friends of Deviantartsnark poster "neuroindecency" (because confronting the person actually responsible is not pure and ladylike), deleted a bunch of shit, and went crying back to her hugboxs about how the mean old trolls were tormenting her for no reason.

Thankfully, she had made the "SailorMercury90" account over a year beforehand just in case something like this were to happen. So she switched over to that account when all of her clit-sucking "friends" begged their precious hime to come back. (Remember: she's a world famous authoress and actress in many fandubs and shitty radio plays and HOW DARE YOU SAY OTHERWISE YOU HATEFUL MEANIE!)

Not willing to learn how to draw, but desperate to escape the accusations of tracing and art theft, Jenny has taken to solely using DaZ 3D (a paper doll maker, but in glorious 3D!) for her artwork. If you think she actually went and learned how to make 3D models, you are a fucking idiot and haven't been paying attention. Instead, she uses the default models the program comes with and Mommy and Daddy's money to buy models others have made. This gives her characters and pictures the lovely effect of changing styles from piece to piece. And she STILL doesn't credit any of the people who made them! Nevermind. She started doing it after it was mentioned on this page.

Oh, and now she's started blocking people who aren't on her friends list from commenting on her works on the off-chance they might say something evil. This however does not prevent people from seeing her shitty works and critiquing them elsewhere where she can't control the comments, so this is pretty much pointless anyways. She also started adding Photoshop effects to the DaZ pictures to make them look more "drawn". But anyone who has been on the internet long enough can easily tell that they've been shooped.

ok. so the overall pic is a nice render. But im a realistic type person, and being that Jenelle is from africa (like literally), how is her hair so long and "silky"? Is it,like, a weave? Cuz generally pple from africa have kinky hair, and the hair does get too long unless its grown out naturally-meaning no perming, etc.Now if she was half blood, like half-native american, i would kinda except it, but my understanding is she's full blooded african. Again, I don't mean to be mean or picky, but i'm pretty ocd about realism.



I didn't ask for a critique as I did not check the option. I also do not do realism seeing as how my gallery is an anime gallery. Since it's inspired by anime, hair length does not have to have a realistic length to it. I also cannot stand kinky hair as it's ugly and horrible to look at.


Nice picture and interesting idea, but, uh, not to burst your bubble but the fifties sucked for black people. o_o; People were very racist back then. I'm pretty sure interracial relationships weren't even legal, and she definitely would be going to a local, public black school. Like, I know it's a story and all, but you're setting it in a pretty intense time period and if you removed that aspect it'd be ... um. N'awmean? Like. How are you going to handle that? It'd be really hard to just slap an "OH THIS IS AN ALTERNATE REALITY" on it. o_o;... *cowers.* Reply"



I Am not going to write it after all considering that my OVA is taking up all my free time now and I have a few other important things to do which are more important. Also the racism thing is getting pretty old, not everyone is going to go with that aspect of any ideas. Just because you wish it to be like that in every little thing you read I am not going to include it. However this your opinion so I will leave it at that.


—Jenny("Oh noes, criticism! Abandon project!")

"I'm sorry. I wasn't speaking up about that because I wanted it in the story, but because it is historically a huge part of the time period you were going to deal with. I don't consider history an "opinion," really.I've said my piece, so I'll stop bothering you now."



Completely agree with Kawaii. Its histroical fact, so unless you place it rytale happy land, you couldnt really avoid the issue, IF you were still doing the story."



"I Am canceling it and going with the idea a friend of mine gave me. Also keep in mind that you and her don't have read it since it's not to your tastes.


—Racism is optional in historical fiction, don't you know?

Original, ne? The Ouran High School Hostess Club!

Her shit ugly artwork

'Opinions are like assholes. everyone has one and they all usually stink.' We mean this in the nicest of manners. You can say what you want and talk all you want but since our club doesn't affect you directly we don't care what negativity you like to try and bring to us.


—Attributed to "Technopoptart", but she has been inactive for months; Jenny, on the other hand, checks DA at least once a day...

Aside from Otaku Senshi Sistas, Jenny was also the co-founder of a club based on the anime Ouran High School Host Club called "The Ouran High School Hostess Club". The club involved her and 4 other Tartlets (Iristhefaerie, Madame-Onigiri, Technopoptart, and Zenpanteki-Kun) pretending to be super rich high school call girls who only did a sexless version of the girlfriend experience to the other weeaboos of DA of both sexes while making out with the very characters said weeaboos would probably rather pretend to be with. The whole thing is essentially one big unoriginal Mary Sue orgy and they have become deluded enough to think that the whole thing is popular enough to warrant a podcast, a cosplay group (named "Hostess Chi"), a meetup at an anime convention in the ruins of Detroit, another one of Jenny's famous radioplays that won't be finished, and a wiki that will be deleted a few days after this edit is made.

Of course, their idea is so original, that anyone who does the same thing has to be stealing! That's why they went through the trouble of PMing members of the other clubs, telling them that they support thieves and they should join their Mary Sue fuckfest instead. Jenny even went through the trouble of calling one of them out in the Mary Sue thread on ED's very own forums (along with anyone else who crossed her in the past)! Several hours after her own club was mentioned! Hey, she had to get the heat off of her somehow!

On January 9th 2011, Jenny and TechnoPoptart left Ouran Hostesses and started another hostess club called "Maidens of Music Room 3". (Don't worry, they're not stealing from Ouran Hostesses. It's only stealing if someone steals from them.) No one knows why Jenny was kicked because she gave her delete button its yearly workout after it was all over. (Techno was kicked because she spent most of her tenure at the club on hiatus. The fact that Jenny probably used her as a sockpuppet to take down the "haterz" probably had something to do with it too.) Chances are, they probably found this page or just got tired of her bullshit. Either way, many hiatuses from Deviantart and calls for asspats for Jenny were started. A lot of the outside media for the club that Jenny spent time she should have been using to work on school assignments and at an actual job making is still up though. So now her Ouran stuff is a confusing and jumbled mess of half-finished ideas and revisions like her Angelic Senshi crap is.

She also left Otaku Senshi Sistas to one of the new MoMR3 hostesses. But no one gave a fuck about that club anyway.

Oh, you want to read some of her old writings and hear the radio play? Download the RAR file linked at the end of this article.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Meet The New Tools! Maidens of Music Room 3!

Not mention the cheap hello kitty desu desu graphics on their page, the 'maidens' are also lulzcows to maximum extreams.

Could this page get anymoar shinier and sugary?

Jenny "Eats-O-Lot" Moreau. The Fat and obsessive main character of the twisted universe of the hostesses. Who apparently is the main mary-sue of the story. She even came from I'M-BETTER-THEN-EVERYONE-ELSE land. I love suck Kyouya's small asian cock and spend my parents money all day long teehee ^.^. Don't forget she loves having her e-cock sucked, don't forget to juggle her sugar filled nutsack in your mouth, or else the glorious nigger princess won't be happy.

Treasa "Kage" "Emo-Douche-Lesbian" Munro (tsukinokage), apparently a emo Scottish goth...NO! NO! Wait you haven't heard the first part. She's a Linkin Park dyke who apparently sings.

Romey "WHO-THE-FUCK-IS-HER" Meyers (THWT)is a nobody in the group. She's just there for decoration

Shiro "Im-Chinese-But-I-Don't-Know" Yamamato (IzunaUchiha8341) Some water bitch apparently. These bitches get confusing

Sally "Im-A-Non-Existant-Creaton" Moore (MiracleRaverDJMelody) Inactive, doesn't post or does anything.

Crystal "Yeast Infected Rag" Emmersen (maakurinohime)She is apparently the new bitch of the group, who is pretty much another dead weight peice of tainted ass to the group, another sluty nobody.

Muireann "MiMi" "Im-Jail-Bait-loli" McGinnis (Roselite) Apparently another cheap jewelry accessory added to Flora's fat neck. She is apparently a loli.

Victory for the Princess! Go go DMCA!

A year into this page's existence on the old wiki, it became clear to Jenny that it wasn't going to go away on its own. So, armed with her newly created copyright for her DA page and fanfic characters, she DMCAed it. It worked, the page's old talk section was filled with Butthurt EDiots raging over the loss of a gorgeous treasure trove of lulz, and all was right in Princess Jenny's world.

Except for the fact that she used her actual contact information on the DMCA form instead of faking it like a smart person would. So as one last "fuck you", people were able to dox her further and discover that her real first name is just plain "Jennifer", her mother remarried (with one sockpuppet defender alluding to the fact that her parents are divorced) and has a hyphenated last name, and that she lives with her parents in a rundown ghetto somewhere in the middle of Michigan, complete with plywood covered windows. gg, Jenny.

As you can see, that victory didn't last long either, as this page was mostly restored when ED rose like a phoenix after its death at the hands of OhInternet. You can help fully revive it by finding old screencaps and evidence of the incidents detailed here.

I Will Never Stop! PleaseStopCosplaying Incident!

Sometime after this article's revival, someone submitted the Sailor Jupiter cosplay picture at the top of this article to PleaseStopCosplaying, a Tumblr dedicated to posting... well, shitty cosplay. As usual, she found it through one of her hourly vanity searches, the entry was deleted, and she reiterated the fact in another deleted journal entry that ED only made a page on her to be a bunch of big meanies and pick on a completely innocent person for no reason.

uh-huh, well that's nice however if you really want to see who are misjudged by that awful website you could do it in a nicer manner. However my recommendation is that people who stumbles across anything about people on that website should get to know the person or persons mentioned more before making a proper judgement.

But if you're not here to cause trouble please feel free to browse around.


—Her response to a troll

Peasants Revolt! xXFoxGoddessXx Speaks Out!

xXFoxGoddessXx politely calls out a certain fake bitch.

Around Halloween of 2011, xXFoxGoddessXx, one of Princess Jenny's many devoted followers and member of MOMR3, finally decided that she didn't like her much anymore and quietly broke things off and quit the club. With emphasis on the quiet part, as she didn't plan on telling her to her face because she knew how "sensitive" and delicate the fair princess is. Unfortunately, like the Hotel California, you can check out of MOMR3 anytime you like, but you can't leave. Shortly after FoxGoddess left the group and took down all of her art for it, she got several PMs asking for an explanation for why she was leaving the Ouran obsessed Sea Org.

So, like any good former cult member, she wrote a tell-all piece in her journal, taking care not to name names. Since that would be mean. The journal detailed how the person in question talked like a 5 year old but was older than her and was obviously faking the "kawaii desu" act that she put on all the time. While FoxGoddess was eager and often gave asspats when the princess needed cheering up because of the evil trolls that were out to get her, the princess did not return them in kind. Even when the two of them had a loss in their respective families. Princess Jenny even offered to pay for FoxGoddess' convention ticket several months before, since she was not as "fabulously wealthy" as the princess. That is, until she backed out when it came time to go, then turned right around and begged her for a DA subscription. When FoxGoddess told her that she couldn't pay for the con and thought she was going to do it, Princess Jenny went crying to one of her other subjects, thus earning her "Troll" status among the cult and numerous pleas to leave Princess Jenny alone, even when FoxGoddess claims to not have spoken to her or done anything.

For the next few weeks, FoxGoddess' page received a large spike in pageviews, with most of the visitors being Jenny's subjects. After some digging, she discovered that Jenny posted a now deleted journal entry in response, flipped an unprincessly shit on her Facebook, and rallied the peasants to give her their monthly asspat tax. FoxGoddess posted another entry rubbing in the fact that she wasn't going to delete the offending one, causing the cult, lead by fellow MOMR3 admin Roselite to move their offensive there several days later. (Even though Roselite stated several months ago that she is against sending peoples' fans after others. But this was for the Princess Führer, who is clearly exempt from this nugget of morality that she holds.) Roselite claimed that it was against DA's TOS to call people out for being the assholes that they are, that her journal would be reported, and that she should take the argument to PMs so Princess Jenny could deny that anything happened where ED can't see it and add it to this article like a mature adult. Roselite got smacked down and called a "dispictable human being" for cheating on her boyfriend (which Jenny had called her a whore for doing behind her back to another person), and FoxGoddess firmly cemented her place in the army of darkness that wishes to snuff out the pure light of Princess Jenny.

FoxGoddess is adamant that the entries will stay up. But we screencapped them anyway just in case the Cult of Jenny gets butthurt and false flags them.

She removes things that has any ounce of critisim, and then goes on skype to cry to everyone about the [trollface]s and that we the "subjects" should protect our "5'4, size: 2, foot size: 6, disney princess".



But she sat here will a bald face and lied and smiled about it, like I was stupid. THAT'S WHAT SERIAL KILLERS DO .__..


—More like something a sociopath would do.

ED doesn't just pray on the innocent, their are very few butthurt articles, while hers is very well written with proof. Even Cookie said the same thing


—Why thank you.

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Definitely Rich and Headed for California

Original found here
Lived by yourself?!!?!?111? Maybe in a mental hospital

So we all know that mega lard ass Jenny has been planning to leave the anus of Michigan and into the glorious pits of California for sometime now. Her due date for her leave was November, the cunt suddenly says that she didn't want to leave her family. Keep in mind that her big chunky ass is 24 years old, yet she is behaving like a butterballed 12 year old. It doesn't take 2 fucking months to pack a cage(room), which goes to show that she is once again LYING!She is no more then a jungle sized college drop out with no money and no looks whatsoever. So she tell these lies to herself that she is rich, cute, and a well a princess.

She's still having childish fantasies
Sally, sum bitch who doesn't exists....EVER
Dear fucking god she looks like a man!!!!111!!!
How much dodge does this bitch uses?!!!!!

She also claims that she would be inactive for a while, but the bitch certainly has all the leisure time in the world to post her shitty 3D art, and meaningless journals. You can now visit her gallery and see her newest and most shittiest art. The bitch is so nigger lazy that she doesn't add backgrounds anymore

Commissions NANI???!1111? GAZUMAZU?! but aren't I rich?

Basically SailorMercury90 took it upon herself to open commissions. According to our sources, SailorMercury has people commission her fatass and wait about 6 months to a year to ever complete it. Her excuse is that she is in a "creative slump", all in the process of making moar beautiful art. So she ends up scamming you, your mom, and everyone else. Not mention the cunt claimed a while back that she was a rich bitch. Her commission journal is found here it will probably be bawleeted after the fat unwraps her eyes and she sees this added to the article.

Don't worry we screencap'd

There are many ways you can troll by spamming this all over her deviantart page and journals:

  • I thought you were rich?
  • What happened to California?
  • Rich people don't have to do commissions, to gain money for leisure time.
  • What private jet are you taking?
  • What stocks do you own?
  • What's it like living above us commoners
  • SCAM!
  • 6 months + 6 months = 12 months and I still don't see my commission


  • Are some of the maidens real? Like Sally?
  • Why are you the only one who gives a fuck?
  • How are those imaginary friends of yours?
  • Have you ever considered liposuction?

The Epic Raid

After a couple of EDtards raided the fuck out of SailorMercury90's page, the Whore went into coward mode and deleted fucking everything. I'm pretty sure if you go on her page you'll see her personal dildo by the name of Roselite Tsukinokage and much more NOT leave clit sucking comments over the lulz. Not mention her talentless asswipes giving her anal pleasure.

Random love! <3!!!



Extreme random Love!!! ^w^



Of course the cunt is getting all the pussy hopping attention that she wants will probably return This egg just hatched, as said, she did exactly that, was a pussy, after her cunt received attention she returned. Just like any other Attention Whore she will be back thanks to the disney "motivation" her puppet pals are giving her. Of course she deleted fucking everything, thinking that all the meanies of ED can't get her AGGGGGUUUU. Be sure to spam and hide your status. Just for cocks be sure to hide your IP also, due to DevianTARTS new IP perma ban. After getting all the asspats she returned, journal could be read here

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

So you know what? were gonna do something fun around my page, you've seen the negative well let's all overpower it with the positive. That's right everyone positive can overpower anything.


— Jenny

We'll have fun alright.......ORGY!!!!!111!!11 Of course this is all in the journal, of her sugary fight back against ED. She will use her servants as meat shields to push away the 4channers and wipe away ED. Let's all suck each others pussies until we gasm happiness YAY!. If anyone wants to read the fail journal you can read it [here]

I'm famous, mew?

I am an aspiring writer that enjoys writing more than anything. I began writing when I was in the fifth grade for the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in which it was styled like the anime Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. It became a pastime in which I could escape from the world of schoolwork into a world where I could get myself lost in my own imagination. Once I entered high school I began writing in Composition books every single day until they were filled up from cover to cover with every idea I could one up with for chapters. When I came to Deviantart I tried writing a lot but a group of individuals discouraged me and shot down the confidence I had in my ability as a writer. It wasn't until three years ago when I slowly started writing again and came to a realization that it didn’t matter what people thought and that what I thought of myself only mattered the most. Afterwards I took to novel writing with my first full length novel Linnea’s visit to Chronophontia which is one of my favorite novels that I’ve written.

One thing I hope is that I can become a published author one day where I can see my romance novels on shelves and online as an eBook. I know it’s hard to break onto the novel writing scene but I will continue having faith in my dreams coming true. To quote the late and great Walt Disney: "That's what we storytellers do. We restore order with imagination. We instill hope again and again and again."

This tartlet has SOOOOO many projects and just needs to keep working, because she's going to be famous, nya! On top of using the fucking creepy DAZ models for her "art," she can't help working on projects that will quickly be abandoned...

On top of her sitcom project, the Morenos, continues to make shittily thrown together intros to porn.

Super kawaii Mary Sues, nya! Her Characters!

As if on cue, the guys started to drool over Sakura’s figure. She looked like a super model or an idol singer.


A Sailor Romance, Chapter 7

Jiro’s kind smile turned to an evil one once he was close enough to Jenn’e as he “accidently” bumped into her brushing his hand across her chest.


Life's Evils, Chapter 1

If you don't like self-inserts bite me!


To be honest, all of these characters are just thinner and prettier versions of herself. But since every trace of their existence will be wiped out (again) when Jenny sees this page, here they are:

Believe that all of this picture is Jenny's doing.
Dream on, you crazy fucking diamond.

Jenelle Aria Tenou AKA Jenn'e Ichigo Toshiyba-Meioh AKA Jenn'e Ichigo Amour AKA Sailor Heaven - Her main Mary Sue and the cause of the most drama. An orphan who was tearfully left behind by her poor Kenyan parents who eventually gets adopted by the show's rich lesbian couple, rips off the plot of the first season, becomes the queen of the moon, and produces a little hellspawn clone of herself with her white former villain (whom she saved with the power of her love) husband named Yucie, whom she uses to rip-off the plot of the second season. That is, we think that's what it's about. It's so hard to tell when the story keeps getting deleted over and over due to those mean constructive comments that sneak into her hugbox from time to time. There is also a horrible 3D poser comic about her husband knocking her up at 16... just after getting aroused over freaking out over her 16 year old cousin doing the same. Take a guess what happened to that when someone said something remotely negative about it. Jenny keeps saying that she is no longer working on the series, opting to work on Hostess Club stuff instead. (Jenny Moreau even "fired" Jenelle from the "studio" in a pointless story to make it official.) But the latest revision can be read here, where she thinks none of the meanies will find it.

Jennifer Anne "Jenny" Moreau - Her Ouran character. Jenny is a "Pure Maiden" type of hostess "who is pure and innocent but holds an air of princessness to her. She can be a bit on the shy side but she tends to be a damsel in distress whenever her guests requests for her to act like one. She attracts the gamer types who want to feel like a hero saving a princess." (Basically, everything she tries to make people believe she's like in real life.) "She has two hosts vying for her affection. Kyoya Ootori and Kaoru Hitachiin (causing yaoi fangirls who like to watch him and his twin brother fuck each other shit their panties in rage). These two boys will do anything they can to get their pure maiden to be theirs alone." She eventually becomes an actress and announces her pregnancy with Ootori's baby on national television before letting him know first, the bint. (Notice a pattern in her writing?) Oh, and lest you believe that she then gives up on the other dude, Jenny has an "alternate reality" series where she gets with the ginger Hitachiin kid instead. So either way, she's cheating on someone. By the 2nd episode of the radio drama, her personality changes and she turns into a bipolar bitch in Jenny's attempt to counter criticism and give her little extension of herself a character flaw. But all it really does is make her "Pure Maiden" persona seem even more fake. A lot of artwork and stories featuring her are still up since all of them are made with DaZ and most of the Ouran fandom hasn't found out about how much of a thin-skinned spoiled brat she is yet. So it would be a good idea to save that shit in case they ever do.

Denise "Sakura" Matsumoto AKA Sakura Toshiyba AKA Jen Ami "Strawberry Rose" Toshiyba AKA Sailor Sun - A "kind hearted" "sensitive" "Southern Belle" from Louisiana who, when not saving the world, enjoys being barefoot and in the kitchen (or in Jenny's words "planting flowers and cooking for the ones she loves") in the hopes that her fiance (the friend zone only guy who runs the arcade in the show) will knock her up so she can spit out her own little mini-me. Her least favorite subject in school is Drama. Is supposedly the first and only black Sailor Senshi. Has powerful attacks such as "Dance Dance Revolution Whirlwind".

Keisha Amour AKA Sailor Sun - A karaoke lover with a New Orleans accent who does stereotypical girl shit like shopping and hanging out at the beach with the other sailor scouts in a speaker-breaking radio play. Might be a remake of Denise "Sakura" Matsumoto. Has yet to marry her true love and have her own crotch dropping.

Trixie LaRune AKA Tiny Magician Pop - Yet another black girl with a French last name. This one is from the whimsical year of 20XX and fights evil as a magical magician girl in Jenny's completely original story. But no one goes on Deviantart to look at original stuff so who cares. Doesn't have her own white husband or crotch dropping clone daughter... yet.

Princess Tamara Imogene Isolde del Grandivere - A white mage princess from a random one shot picture. "The mage of light tends to be that of a pure hearted soul whose power is to be used for good and not evil. Though many times a mage's power is unstable and needs to be unlocked by an experienced wizard who she trusts. All light mages are female and has been entrusted with a wizard who is often at times male." She says she isn't going to be used for anything. But we are willing to bet that said male mage is white and that they have a super cute daughter that's just like her.

Mi Amour and Country Heart FUCKERS

Flora couldn't even react. Probably because the person was a meanie

Country Heart Lovers is basically about a black chick who gets sent to the country by her father, because she was whoring herself out to random strangers. And so on the farm she meets Zeke the ginger who basically wants to get in her pants but is afraid to. Due to butthurt of the Fag country heart fuckers was removed due to Flora's butthurt and some unknown dykes butthurt. Apparently being removed due to the fact that that she realized that her fan fictions was worse then Shit itself, or she had to go and make the character more of a whore.

Mi Amour I don't even know where to begin with this horrible and shit-riffic of a story. The story itself is lulz. No NEED to quote or grab passages from it. I'll try to sum a decent detail about it. Basically it's obese Jenny ^.^ desu who is now a big big girl who is a successful actress, gets her rich boy toy, and gets rid of the meany in the end. The story was apparently critiqued by someone who had brains enough to call this Shit

Hospitalized for Stress?! Doki Doki Final Solutions!

Her appeal as a lol cow comes from the fact that Jenny has been known to use nearly every cliched internet argument that has arisen since college nerds first started arguing about Star Trek on usenet boards in the 80s. If you can name it, she's probably used it at some point. A short list includes:

Interesting fact: Observant people will notice that when someone is talking about or putting heat on her, artwork related to the situation or just made "as a gift" will show up on her "friends"' accounts as requests from "some people". She also at least once donated a DA subscription to a completely random person to show how "generous" and "sweet" she was at around the same time this page was made.

Evil people can't find me, nya~! Other Aliases!

Desperate to keep her gorgeously sweet fan fiction princess pure maiden reputation intact and become a BNF in spite of all of the drama that surrounds her, Jenny has been known to change and use more screen names than Hugh Hefner has girlfriends. Also like Hugh Hefner, she tends to go for the same ones every time and does little to hide the fact that it's her. She's like a stupider version of Msscribe in a way. (The one this article is based on and her EDF handle are probably the most clever aliases she's come up with.) If you would like to find out where else she's hiding on the intertubes, pasting one of these into Google would be a good place to start.

  • Floranaturefairy
  • Sailor Ryo-Ohki (Probably "retired" due to the FW debacle.)
  • Aisiko Awayuki
  • Teletha Testarossa
  • SuperGalFlora
  • MihoshiKuramitsu
  • Flora_winx_of_nature
  • angel_mina (Sockpuppet "sister")
  • spinning-sushi-girl (Sockpuppet "friend")
  • Flora-chan
  • Floranaturewinx
  • Ranpha-Hime
  • Aihara Yuki
  • AiharaYukii
  • Angel Serena
  • luchiamermaid
  • misssanada132
  • angelic_ai_tenshi
  • Aisiko-chan
  • Aisukirimi
  • Mew_Kitten2
  • Pure Maiden Jenny
  • Ai_chan
  • YukiAsao
  • Ouran_Princess
  • aisukirimiawayuki
  • Aisiko
  • Jenabii
  • Ai_Pii
  • AkihabaraButterflys
  • Lady-Cinderella

So many "styles"! The Galleries of Fail!

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
Gallery of Art About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]
Gallery of Screenshots About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


Her many many accounts:

Hostess Club/MoMR3 Crap

Other Stuff:

[...and then there was a gay orgy.It was a dark and stormy night...]

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