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Safeway, where safewords are purchased.

A Safeword is a cheat code used by any SM practitioner with half a brain to make sure that your partner isn't apeshit and won't rape you in the ass with a razor dildo unless that's what you already agreed to do. A common exchange among sane bondage nuts goes as such:

Rape-ee: I don't want anything to go in my ass while I'm tied to the dog. I'm saving it for Santa Claus.
Rape-ist: No problem. You don't randomly call out "Mexico" during sex, do you?
Rape-ee: Not unless I'm getting pissed on by my Uncle Mexico.
Rape-ist: If I even go near your ass while Muffin's big, swollen dog cock keeps his hot load of slimy doggy jizz trapped inside your AIDSily delicious cumdripper, just shout "Mexico" through the cock gag, okay? Then I promise I'll stop there and untie you, not lead Muffin down to the basement dragging you behind him like the bitch you are so I chain you to the wall and whip you with a placenta sandwich. Promise.

The Best Joke In Eurotrip



Safe words do not exist in Japan as can be seen in the funnelgirl movie.

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