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o harro thar...

Saeto is the commonest online handle of an unusually disturbed Koreaboo who dabbles in fan fic, cosplay, LJ antics, and unsuccessful attempts to seem male human.

Look out! Once she gets her cyber-mitts on you she will NEVER LET YOU GO.

Drama-causing Modus Operandi 1

Friendship, yes, but so much more, too...

This drama whore uses this standard formula to create melodramaz:

  1. Decides she dislikes somebody, usually another cosplayer, and manufactures a huge, delusional crisis centered around this poor schmuck’s existence. Schmuck #1 is always an attractive female.
  2. Tugs on random people’s sleeves, acting like a victim, until another poor schmuck (#2) listens to her whining, feels sorry for her, and gets manipulated into bashing the object of her unreasoning hatred, while she hides in a safe place.
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT. (Digimon pr0n?)

WARNING: If she ever asks you, “Do you consider us friends?” say FUCK NO! and run like crazy, because it’s always better to be Schmuck #1 than Schmuck #2 in her OCD BDSM scenario.

She can't even "hide" her Digipr0n on, because although she changed her user NAME, her user ID NUMBER didn't change, and Yahoo! will still find her via the magic of cacheing.


Drama-causing Modus Operandi 2

  1. Cries on Victim B’s shoulder for three hours, IRL or online, about how mean Victim A was to her.
  2. Cries on Victim C’s shoulder for three hours, IRL or online, about how mean Victim B was to her.
  3. Repeats to the end of the alphabet, then starts over again.
  4. ???
  5. PROFIT!

Fun Facts

  • Was once referred to as “gothtarded”!
  • Gave birth to her own Siamese cat!
  • Only cosplays tall, attractive men, despite being none of those 3 things!
  • Uses a fake name on cosplay entry forms!
  • Drops names in vain attempts to make herself seem important!
  • Lies constantly!
  • Is a "world class costumer" (so say her and her cats!)
  • Won't acknowledge the mere presence of "lesser" cosplayers!
  • Her costumes weigh over 9000 times her body weight!
  • Sends anonymous tattling emails to convention staff about cosplayers she hates!
  • Fears and loathes coffins, hearses, and anything else to do with funerals!
  • Calls people to tell them to stop talking about her, thereby guaranteeing that they NEVER DO!
  • Once in told a professional costume maker for an internationally known company (cirque du soleil)that "she couldn't sew"

Here, she waits for a forklift to come along and get her moving again. Notice how no amount of shiny will disguise the fugly.

Mental Traits

Psychology 101

Lazy; stupid; impatient; vindictive; cowardly; delusional; and batshit crazy. Perhaps her adoptive parents should have had her tested for rabies and syphilis before stuffing her into the pet carrier and shipping her home on the plane. Did we mention compulsive liar? Loves to pull the flounce act and then lurk/snipe anonymously later. Will cover up her lies and uncontrollable mood swings with such recent (approximately 45 seconds ago!) heart-wrenching moments such as "My parents threw me out just for the LULZ."

And there's so MUCH of it, too!

Note her use of outrageous lies in this sockpuppet account. (She uses this one almost exclusively to cause trouble.) Wow, look at that list of awards. She must think the world is pretty stupid to believe that truckload of shit.

Maybe we should have a contest to guess what the "KTDE" letters stand for?

Some theories:

  • Koreaboo Turd Dropping Eater
  • Kan't Take Dramatic Editz
  • Klan That Don't Elucidate

Physical Traits

Her real hair. SERIOUSLY GUYS.
  • Extreme pallor
  • Weighs 15 pounds soaking wet
  • Almost 4 feet tall
  • Vacant stare
  • Bad acne
  • Chewed-up lips
  • Shambles and shakes like a zombie on meth.


  • Anonymous hit-and-run posts
  • Changing online handles to try to avoid detection
  • Whining
  • Sleeping in makeup to appear a "hardcore" costumer
  • Bragging about cosplay awards she wins by default
  • Attention-whoring
  • Writing pornfic
  • Petty revenge schemes
  • Doing vanity searches
  • Burning your soul with her vacant eyes
  • The world coming to a halt to focus on her ZOMG IMPORTANT PROBLEMS LIKE WHO DEFRIENDED HER LJ


  • Popular or good-looking people
  • When her petty revenge schemes epicly fail
  • Hard work
  • Usagi Kou
  • Skin moisturizer or Chapstick
  • Anyone who can sew better than her (EVERYONE ELSE INCLUDING MY DOG)
  • Failing to get a cosplay award
  • Cleaning her filthy apartment
  • Spelling correctly
  • Being defriended EVAR
  • Cold, cruel reality

Costumers She’s Stalked

Yaya Han; Jace Moore; Jezeroth; Castle Blood; Darcy Dillon; Danny T -and his friends Lori Cerda; M. Alice; and others too numerous to mention.

And after all, she created her CatsOnMars forums account JUST TO BITCH ABOUT BEING POSTED, deleted ALL photos being referenced by the bitchy-cats, then flounced out:


So if you want to troll her, just start lolcapping her pix and spreading them around online. She obsessively Googles herself to see who's talking about her, and monitors all cosplay message boards.

Cons She’s Burned Bridges At

NekoCon; KatsuCon; Otakon; Anime USA; Tekkoshokon; any place else she mopes around for too long.

Skankiest Cosplay Cheat

WTF are you people doing in my shot?!?!

Sending in a large group entry, securing the coveted “going on last” spot in the stage lineup, getting booted from the group – and still expecting to go on last as a walk-on, despite being fugly and short.

True Cosplay Drama

Picture it: Nekocon. 2004.

[1] (ED Note: Deadlink)

(Cut and paste if it doesn't work, LOL gotta love the two costumes with one knowing how to drape/pattern according to bodytype.)

Leading up to this convention, Saeto decided that she wanted to do a Castlevania group (ZOMG suprise!) with Valerie and some friends of Val's since she heard of Val recently winning an award for one of her costumes. (Because people don't cosplay together unless they both are consistently winning awards). Saeto informed me of this group she assembled and then asked if I wanted to compete. I informed her that I had no time to cosplay and then she asked if she could send photos of work asking for my opinion on how she was doing. I said sure.

After she sent me some photos and I noticed that she was being a bit unusually critical of herself, I realized that she wasn't sending me HER work, but update photos of Val's that Val was sending to Saeto. I wasn't too impressed and then she (nagged) asked my opinion on her situation: if Val wasn't doing well enough in terms of completing on time, should she compete as a group or individual?

I told her she should compete as an individual if she felt she was the strongest in the group and if she really thought that Val was significantly weaker or her costume wasn't at 75% completion.

Come Nekocon, Val is working like crazy last minute on her costume which is at 80%. The fiberglass armor, albeit very unfinished and nowhere near professional, is still pretty cool considering all the work, the metal details on her costume, and the fact that she did chain mail.

Saturday morning, Saeto walks up to Val and informs her that she doesn't want the group judged as a group (Because there are two others in said group- Val made their costumes as well), so she filled out the paperwork that she was to be judged as individual behind Val's back due to her rushed costume. Val was a bit hurt as she was just missing some minor details and worked very hard on her costume. They were judged, and lined up for the masquerade.

They perform a fluffy albeit slightly unrehearsed walkon and walk off. As they walk off, the emcee also announced that **one of the members wanted the audience to know that the costumes had months of handsewing and months of metal.**

Come judging time, in a moment of divine justice, Valerie wins for Best Craftsmanship Overall. Saeto won nothing.

Fast forward to after judging, Saeto is standing to the side, very (as usual) visibly shaken and upset. She goes on about how unfair it was and how she complained to Tikki and Tikki basically told her that that's the way it was and told her that she was just upset because she didn't win and Saeto couldn't take hearing the truth. She told me her father was coming to pick her up THAT EVENING (Mind you, it's 9PM at this point) because she was so upset and couldn't stay there a minute more.

Two years later (last AnimeUSA), I just happened to ask Val about that walkon and ask whose idea it was for that announcement **re: Metalwork and handstitching as the costumes were decent enough to speak for themselves, as anyone in their right mind would know. Val and her group laughed and told me that it was all her, which I already knew, as Patti was THERE when Val mentioned how ridiculous it was two years ago.

Pre-dramabomb last AnimeUSA, after my conversation with Val, I asked her casually about it, and she lied and said that Val demanded that they announce handsewing and metalwork, which I told her was lame and that her work for speak for itself.

So yeah, that's Nekocon 2004.

-- Ex-friend of Saeto

Evidence of Insanity


At AnimeUSA 2005, where Seato had to cosplay in full crazy goth whiteface, she asked Yaya Han to paint her face completely white and do her eye makeup for her. The next day she tagged along with a group of friends to the mall, STILL WEARING THE MAKEUP. Although she was out of costume and had slept on the whiteface all night, making half of it rub off, she was still wearing it the next morning. She went from a squat, unappealing cosplayer in clown white makeup to a squat, normally-dressed girl with what looked like streaks of flaking, gummy chalk stuck all over her face, peeling off in large patches. No one wanted to ask why she hadn't washed it off, as it was far too strange. We can only assume she meant it as some kind of fucked-up compliment to Yaya's makeup skill. Or maybe she desperately wanted to look like anything but a flat-faced Koreaboo.

Just before the same convention, she picked a new female cosplayer to obsess over and suck up to, calling her and keeping her on the phone to THREE HOURS while she grilled her on her costume entry for the masquerade. Saeto was the director of the masquerade and one of the judges, and spent hours making sure this girl wasn't getting "professional makeup or hair done" for her costume. Then, at the convention, she awarded the girl two separate awards, including her own director's choice, for a costume that wasn't even close to being the best one of the massquerade, OR anime or manga-inspired, making it technically disqualified. All this she did just to have a new "friend" to stalk.

In 2005 she judged Katsu-con’s hall costume contest with an internationally know costume maker. While judging with this Guest she PHYSICALLY attacked contestants’ costumes. Flipping hems and touching them-personally without first asking permission. Contestants were uncomfortable and horrified at her approach. She constantly Name dropped from forums and online chat rooms to contestants and tried to make herself look more important then the other judges. When a group from Canada came for judging, they explained to the judges that their costumes had been man-handled and broken in transport from their home country. The GUEST judge said to them. “We will not take any points for that, it’s understandable,” and then followed that by admiring the details in their costumes. Meanwhile Saeto constantly chatted about and name dropped from conversations there in an attempt to win over the cosplayers in conversation and never looked at their costumes. Afterwards, in an extremely insulting Live Journal rant that was held in the contestants from Canada’s Journal she stated that “the guest judge knew nothing about judging or sewing.” The Guest judge was also misquoted about taking points off for damage done in transport. In the rant later deleted by the Canadian contestant Saeto continued to bash the Guest Judge and the judges costuming abilities.

Not only did her insulting this costume maker at the con and online make on-lookers horrified, but she later called the artist ‘new to costuming’ and ‘unknowledgeable’. She spent the entirety of the convention attempting to get the Guest to say mean things about other costume personalities, and was frustrated when the Guest Judge said only nice things about everyone. (Including “I’m sorry they feel that way about me I’ve always admired their determination.” And “I truly am sad they are not so happy with their work, I think it’s amazing.”) Later in an over dramatized rant she accused this judge as only being a judge because she slept around. It was only after she discovered that the Judge was IN FACT a costume maker professionally for Cirque Du Soleil, Disney, Sea world, Lucas Films, and others that she called and tried to apologies to the head of the Katsu-con Hall costume department and NOT the Guest Judge. The head of department had seen the online rants about the Guest and had told her to stop the insults when they had first started. She had continued them long after that request. The department head then told her, she must call the guest judge and apologize in person to that judge if she wanted to ever be considered to judge Katsu-con ever again. She never called the Guest, or apologized for her scandalous actions towards that Judge. The next year she showed up at the Katsu-con hall contest 'delusional and more then ready' to judge, and was shocked and horrified when she was forcefully turned away at the door. The head of the department told her that she was not judging, had not been invited to judge and would not be allowed to judge again. She just didn't get it! She continued to beg for a judge chair even after the con was over.

Ballsiest Ego-LOLZ


Writing her own recommendation to be “anime con personality of the week” on (The key giveaway word in the writeup? “Insane.” Quelle ironic.) Her weensy attempt at becoming an internet winnar.

Of course, this was BEFORE she stalked poor "heartsib" Jace Moore into blocking her phone number to get her to stop pestering her. After that happened, "friendship and teamwork" took a far back seat in Saeto's book to "random slander and backstabbing of Jace to anybody who would listen."

Commonest Dirty Stalker Trick

Refusing to respond to email, insisting that you phone her, then *69ing YOUR phone number, and using it to call you back endlessly at all hours.

Meanwhile, here's some screencaps of her catfight with drama-whore-nemesis Lori Cerda, aka Usagi Kou, from one of saeto's many sockpuppet LJs, necro_aurvandil:

Note the condescending and snotty tone throughout, typical of all her writing. This despite the fact that she and Lori seem to stick together in much the same way turds do.

Most Annoying Trait

The endless, pointless, whining, complaining, boring phone calls – Because if SHE’S bored or pissed off, she thinks everybody else should be, too.

BONUS POINTS if she calls you while drunk!

DOUBLE BONUS if she IMs you drunk, and you screen-cap it all, to be LOLZed at later!!

Even More Most Annoying Trait

Asking the same question repeatedly when she doesn’t like the answer, as if wearing you down will somehow magically change the fabric of reality.

Batshit Craziest Stupid LJ Trick

Setting up a sockpuppet account, saetogrowup, to bash herself, watching it obsessively to see who threw tomatoes at her, and then trying to frame other people for creating it. This resulted, as always, in EPIC FAIL.

Here are the posts she made bashing herself:

Meanwhile, nobody else on the web OR the real world gave a rat's ass, so nobody else posted. Frustrated at being ignored, she "got the account suspended" (claiming slander), and then started phoning everybody she could trying to pin it on other people.

However, Google's **cached** version of her LJ's userinfo page reveals that she herself created the saetogrowup journal, because hohonora (her post-saeto journal) was the ONLY ONE EVER LINKED TO IT.

You've got to be pretty fucked up in the head to try a stunt like this.

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