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Sadie Davila, an 18 year old New York resident was dating a retard with Leukemia when the inevitable happened and he died, probably due to AIDS. This sent her 16 year old girl ass into a fit of depression due to her pity love for him, and made her feel that her obviously dying boyfriend was all she had to live for. As a result, she became an hero. Her parents obviously were liberals since she used an rope instead of an gun. Sadly, the lulz of this death was smaller than normally because she didn't take anyone with her, and her head was still intact.

The copypastas

Note the obvious Internet Disease

Original Myspace Copypasta:

"Sadie Davila August 6th, 2007 a day never forgotten

Sadie Davila who was born in United States on October 31, 1989 and passed away on August 06, 2007 at the age of 17. We will remember her forever.

She was a lovable person. I know that she would bend over backwards to help any of her friends. Whether it was for a ride or just being there listening. She touched a lot of lives. Sadie wanted to start her own band one day and play drums. She knew she wasn't any good, so she felt stupid for wishing that. She would take the best pictures of people and they didn't even know it. She could make something ugly look beautiful. She was artistic. She was in love with a boy named Jacob White. They were engaged and they were best friends. She was so smart, but she kept her ideas to herself, unless you asked her. She loved her friends. Sadie Davila was my friend. She was my best friend and the thought that she is gone and her fiance is gone due to an illness, a part of me has died with them. I will always keep them in my heart. She is looking down on us now.

I remember she said all she wanted out of life was to touch someones life and if that was the only thing she did she'd be happy. She definitely touched mine. I am a better person because of her Who I'd like to meet:

well her and jake were engaged and he was sick with cancer. we all knew. but we had that little hope that he may make it. he didnt. when he passed away we all felt like a part of us died. she took it the worst. she loved him alot and was the closest to him. they were like ying and yang. and she started not eating and being depressed and not wanting to do anything. stay in his room for hours just crying. but in end she end up hungin her self up" Post

The fake boyfriend's collabo

A few trolls from the website's forums managed to cook up some moar postings about the Sadie suicide.

A post titled "My girlfriend is dead" inspired many lulz in its initial posting:

"Sadie ima miss you with all my were my were perfect for me..our ADD talks and jokes..even our fights..idk what im going to do without you.. i thanked god for meeting you and having a relationship with day my time will come and ill see you in heaven at the pearly white gates and ill know everything will be ok..but as for now im completely torn..i loved you so much sadie and ima miss you for the rest of my life..i hope there is a god and everything..never seeing you again would be the worst thing were just a baby girl..i cant believe your were not like everyone else and thats why i loved you more and more..but now im solo..i need to to keep an eye on me when i see u again we will have so much to talk about..i love you baby ='(..RIP 08-06-07"

The lulz inspired from this post were not from suicide by girlfriend hanging itself, but the fact that it wasn't actually this poster's girlfriend; either that or she was cheating on him. He even made a copypasta claiming to be sent from her:

Sean, I just wanted to tell you everything that I really have been meaning to say. I love you so much. No one will ever know how much I do. I know its so cliché how people say that but I mean it. I don’t act like this with boys. If I don’t talk to them I’m fine, I could care less. But with you when I talk to you it makes my day worth it. If im having a bad day, I just cant wait to talk to you. You’re the most important thing in my life. You’re my best friend & the boy who I happen to be deeply in love with. I know I havent been the easiest person to get along with the past couple of months. But knowing that you’re there for me no matter what makes me the happiest girl ever. You really are the love of my life. When we were just friends in the beginning & saw how we’d laugh at each others jokes that like nobody would get & be surprised that we understood them. I was like wow this kid is so amazing who ever is his girlfriend is so lucky. & im her now. J I still get butterflies when I see your screen name pop up on my buddy list. In the past I’ve tried pushing you away bc of the fact I didn’t want to get hurt bc I had a vision in my head that nothing lasts forever. You’re undeniable. & with you, I feel like I could be with your forever until I die. I love your face. I love your laugh. I love your voice. I love your personality. I love it when you speak Russian. ;] I love everything about you. You’re the one for me. Im positive. I wake up in the morning with the thought of you in my head, when im crying about anything you’re the only one I want to talk to. You’re my north star sean… when I feel lost I turn to you. We will get married & idc what other people say if we’re too young, bc it wont matter, it’s for an eternity. We’ll prove those divorces statics to apply to everyone. I’m in with you for the long hall. Right now im smiling bc I actually found a guy who loves me for me and all my imperfections. I didn’t think it could happen. & how it only happens in fairy tales & love stories. But there you are. Everything I want. I love you baby. With everything I have. You’re my whole heart, not just a piece of it.

Love, Sadie. -[1]

LOL, goatse!
Anon leaves a lulzy comment.
Another comment by Anonymous.

"but in end she end up hungin her self up."

The resemblance to the "an hero" quote from the original An Hero's friends is somewhat striking. It seems that all of the friends of an heroes are autistic.

Particularly Lulzy MySpace Comments

Most of the comments on Sadie's MySpace begin with "i didnt noe u but...", proving that she didn't have any friends IRL.

hey i really soryy abou her

but now she is a better place in this world .


—MR fckuu ( jt4la), LOL WUT




—MiiSZ BiiTCH™ EVRYTHNG iiS GUNA BE OK SUMDAY, being a fucktard



—[♥~*~RiiAH BOO~*~™ ♥], being a stupid cunt



—MiSS COOKiE™ [R.i.P SADiE D], providing moar lulz

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