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Charles Manson Small.png This game contains Charles Manson.
Sad Satan

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Released:Unknown; possibly 2015
Availability:Digital distribution; free download (Tor hidden service)

Sad Satan is a deep web "horror game" where you literally do nothing but walk around in a black, empty space; most of the time, a dimly-lit hallway with distorted sound clips playing in the background and random images periodically flashing up on your screen. The game was supposedly developed by Obscure Horror Corner; however, this remains unconfirmed. The game made its first internet appearance on June 25, 2015 after the Obscure Horror Corner channel on YouTube posted a video called, "Sad Satan - Deep Web Horror Game - Part 1".

Claims have been made that the game is centered around child abuse and that the sound clips in the game are actually children screaming due to said abuse, even though they don't even sound like children at all. The only people making these absurd claims are people that are scared of the deep web, and maybe even the internet in general. The fact of the matter is, there is nothing creepy about this game; most of the shit you hear about child abuse in the game is completely false and is only fabricated by pussies who get scared easily.

It has been reported that every time you launch the game, it creates .txt files on your computer containing "6666666" and so on; this has caused numerous people to stop playing the game.


If I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left.


—The only distinguishable voice clip in the entire game, credited to Charles Manson.

There is no real objective to this game. All you do is walk around in a dark hallway, and as the game progresses, in a black and white maze with patterns on the walls. You can't run, fight, pick stuff up, die, etc. The only action you can perform is opening doors. The game's soundtrack consists of your own footsteps, (which are very loud when compared to the rest of the game) and some distorted sound clips playing in the background which most people think are the muffled screams of children. They're not, but all the retards out there think they are. Occasionally, some non-moving NPCs appear and people actually think that they're children being abused, when in reality, they're just demon-like figures doing nothing.

Why people think the game is centered around child abuse. Apparently, this NPC is a "child".

The Flashing Images

As you play the game, several random images flash up on the screen at random times. These pictures include Margaret Thatcher and Jimmy Savile promoting the NPCC, a poorly drawn picture of Satan, a picture of Franz Joseph who was the ninth prince of Thurn, etc. There are a few others that can be seen in the gallery below.

Along with the random pictures, there is a white screen that flashes up on your screen which contains some random Wingdings characters. As it turns out, these characters aren't random at all; they are actually coded messages intended to threaten the player.

Sad Satan Secret Messages.png

If you're scared by any of this, you may need to GTFO the internet and get your parents/primary caregiver to remove your access to the internet.

Flashing Images About missing Pics
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The Original Series

These were the original series, uploaded by OHC, when Sad Satan first gained internet attention.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (Charles Manson included)

Part 4

Part 5

Sad Satan, Featuring Charlie Manson

The creators of the game decided that it would be cool if they incorporate quotes from Charlie Manson into it. The quotes were apparently from Manson's testimony; one of the most distinguishable ones were "If I started murdering people, there'd be none of you left." and " I went through all that and I seen that was a bigger prison than the one I just got out of, and I didn't really want to go back to prison..." The voice clips, like all other noises in the game, happen at random times.

The original voice clip.


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